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Host Miyoko shares the latest in the world of sex toys and how to keep your relationship buzzing! For this and other great Playboy Radio shows go to

Host Miyoko shares the latest in the world of sex toys and how to keep your relationship buzzing! For this and other great Playboy Radio shows go to


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Host Miyoko shares the latest in the world of sex toys and how to keep your relationship buzzing! For this and other great Playboy Radio shows go to




Dr. Tony O'Donnell!!

Miyoko talks with Dr Tony O’Donnell about Mindful Romance. How to safeguard your relationship from affairs, hormones, and stress. Don’t break up your relationship over an affair. (5.3.16 Ep. 70)


How To Tell Someone You have An STD!

Miyoko talks about Safe sex and how to navigate telling a new partner about an STD. Beyond condoms: how to have all kinds of safe sex play. 1 in 6 people have Herpes, how are you staying safe? Is Herpes curable? (4.26.16 Ep. 69)


Erotic Super Powers!

Miyoko talks with Destin Gerek about what women want and how to find the subtle cues that she’s giving off. Mistakes that men make in the bedroom. The difference between getting in her pants and unleashing her desire for you. (4.19.16 Ep. 68)


The Art of Charm!

Miyoko talks with Jordan Harbinger about how he talked his way out of a kid napping. (4.12.16 Ep.67)


Do Women Want It Too?

How to have wet and wild sex! Tips for wild sex! Do women want sex as much as men?


Singlehood Or Couplehood?

Miyoko talks with Jame Guay and Heather Dawn about how to have great sex whether you’re solo or a couple! What makes sex great? What’s the most important thing for pleasure? Five things you can do to have great sex now! (3.15.16 Ep. 65)


Foria Pleasure!!!

Miyoko talks about whether marijuana is good for sex or not. Does Weed ruin your libido? Does it enhance pleasure and sensuality? What products can be used to make sex better? (3.8.16 Ep. 64)


Pole Dancing, Lap Dances, And More... Oh My!

Miyoko talks about the taboo of lap sitting. Is lap dancing considered entertainment or sex work? Would you sit on your friends lap? Or just your lover?


What do your dreams really mean?

Can dreaming answer relationship questions and help you find the right partner? What do the dreams you've been having really mean? Is there a deeper, hidden meaning behind sex dreams? Dream interpreter and expert, Kelly Walden, is here to enlighten us and answer your questions! (2-23-16)


Which Valentine's Gifts Will Get You Laid?

Miyoko talks about which valentines day gifts will get you laid. Dr Jess O’Reilly, gives Valentine’s Day ideas to ensure you’ll have a sexy morning, day and night. (2-9-16)


How To Make Women Want You!

Miyoko talks with Seduction Coach, Vince Kelvin, ( to get the scoop on hooking up. What women say and what they really mean. Plus, how to get her attention in 10 seconds or less! (2-2-16)


How To Date A Stripper!

Miyoko talks with former and current strippers about strip club etiquette and how to behave if you’re trying to hook up with a stripper. They tackle the stripper stereotypes and prove that strippers are people too. She and Jen discuss the difference between fat admirers and chubby chasers. (1-26-16)


Girl Sex 101

Miyoko talks with Allison Moon about how to drive a vulva. Flirting, communicating, and pleasuring a vulva. What to do and what not to do when you’re pleasuring your lover. What guys can look for to know when she’s aroused. (1-19-16)


Sexy Fitness For a Sexy New You!

Miyoko talks with Leslie Richman, certified personal trainer and brazilian fitness model @leslierichman. Tips for living a sexy healthy lifestyle. And Miyoko interviews creator of the body wheel, and talk about how to incorporate the @bodywheel into your fitness and flexibility routine. How to use fitness tools for your bedroom and amp up your sex routine! (1-12-16)


Wetter, Hotter, Steamier Sex!

Miyoko talks with Jen from Bubble love about sex in the bathtub and other forms of water play! Why we fantasize about water sex, and what the reality of water play can be! Shower sex, sex in the rain, sex in the pool/ocean/jacuzzi…. (1-5-16)


Sex Resolutions For 2016!

Miyoko talks with Kim Airs, and Yana Tallon Hicks about sex resolutions for 2016. How to have better sex, safer sex, more sex! (12-15-15)


Stocking Stuffers For Everyone On Your Naughty List!

Miyoko talks about the best naughty stocking stuffers for 2015. She is joined by Sabrina from Pipedream Products in studio! 12 days of Naughtiness, let’s play the Naughty/Nice game…which stocking stuffers are nice? and which ones are Naughty? (12-8-15)


Let's Have Sex Upside Down!

Miyoko talks about the benefits of having sex while inverted! What tools and equipment can you use to have weightless sex? Do Orgasms feel better upside down? (12-1-15)


What’s Sexy About Women And Power Tools?

Miyoko and guest Megan from Whorehaus studios discuss the appeal of women with power tools. She recovered from a bad break-up by learning how to use a welding torch. Whorehaus designs are sexy, powerful, sleek designs with elements of raw sensuality. Then which power tool is right to get the job done? Miyoko discusses which toys to use to get the job done right ;) (11-17-15)


What do you add to your night for sexy encounters?

Miyoko and guest Connie Savage from Vibe Wines discuss what wines pair well with sex. What things do you like to pair with SEX? Chocolate? Vodka? Weed? Music? Porn? What things are natural aphrodisiacs? (11-10-15)