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Host Miyoko shares the latest in the world of sex toys and how to keep your relationship buzzing.

Host Miyoko shares the latest in the world of sex toys and how to keep your relationship buzzing.
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Host Miyoko shares the latest in the world of sex toys and how to keep your relationship buzzing.




How To Tell Someone You have An STD!

Miyoko talks about Safe sex and how to navigate telling a new partner about an STD. Beyond condoms: how to have all kinds of safe sex play. 1 in 6 people have Herpes, how are you staying safe? Is Herpes curable? (4.26.16 Ep. 69)


What do your dreams really mean?

Can dreaming answer relationship questions and help you find the right partner? What do the dreams you've been having really mean? Is there a deeper, hidden meaning behind sex dreams? Dream interpreter and expert, Kelly Walden, is here to enlighten us and answer your questions! (2-23-16)

Sexy Fitness For a Sexy New You!

Miyoko talks with Leslie Richman, certified personal trainer and brazilian fitness model @leslierichman. Tips for living a sexy healthy lifestyle. And Miyoko interviews creator of the body wheel, and talk about how to incorporate the @bodywheel into your fitness and flexibility routine. How to use fitness tools for your bedroom and amp up your sex routine! (1-12-16)

Wetter, Hotter, Steamier Sex!

Miyoko talks with Jen from Bubble love about sex in the bathtub and other forms of water play! Why we fantasize about water sex, and what the reality of water play can be! Shower sex, sex in the rain, sex in the pool/ocean/jacuzzi…. (1-5-16)

Sex Resolutions For 2016!

Miyoko talks with Kim Airs, and Yana Tallon Hicks about sex resolutions for 2016. How to have better sex, safer sex, more sex! (12-15-15)

Stocking Stuffers For Everyone On Your Naughty List!

Miyoko talks about the best naughty stocking stuffers for 2015. She is joined by Sabrina from Pipedream Products in studio! 12 days of Naughtiness, let’s play the Naughty/Nice game…which stocking stuffers are nice? and which ones are Naughty? (12-8-15)

What’s Sexy About Women And Power Tools?

Miyoko and guest Megan from Whorehaus studios discuss the appeal of women with power tools. She recovered from a bad break-up by learning how to use a welding torch. Whorehaus designs are sexy, powerful, sleek designs with elements of raw sensuality. Then which power tool is right to get the job done? Miyoko discusses which toys to use to get the job done right ;) (11-17-15)

What do you add to your night for sexy encounters?

Miyoko and guest Connie Savage from Vibe Wines discuss what wines pair well with sex. What things do you like to pair with SEX? Chocolate? Vodka? Weed? Music? Porn? What things are natural aphrodisiacs? (11-10-15)

Crazy Things You Can Do Naked!

Miyoko and guest Co-host Lou Santini talk about crazy things you can do naked! Zach Cohen from The Acro Shibari project will be in studio teaching us how and why you might tie your partner up and fly them! Enhancing trust and communication through Acro rope play. How much control would you give to someone else? (10-27-15)

Let your freak flags fly!

Miyoko talks with Chelsea La Vone, creator and producer of the Suicide Sirens Burlesque show. What’s the weirdest fetish you’ve heard of? What would you do? What wouldn’t you try? What do chopsticks, ball gags and pubic hair have in common? (10-2015)

Need a new hobby? Rope bondage!

Miyoko talks with Ojipan about shibari and his passion for rope tying. Why do people like being tied up? What basic knots can you learn for beginning rope play? (9-29-15)

Back To School Basics: Kissing 101

Miyoko talks about the history of kissing, what makes a kisser a good or bad kisser, does bad kissing end a relationship? How important is kissing in your relationship?

Back To School Basics - Touch 101

Miyoko is live from Catalyst Con with more back to school basics! This week: Touch 101 (9.15.15)

Back to the basics! (Flirting)

Miyoko talks with founder Colin Hodge of The Down App (formerly bangwithfriends) about online flirting and banter. Comedian Ari Chapman joins Miyoko to talk about do’s and don’t of texting and flirting. 9-1-15

Anal August Wrap Up! Which Sex Toys Are Right For You?

Miyoko closes out Anal August with what toys are right for your anal play, which lubes to use, what types of materials are best for YOU! 8-25-15