A twice-monthly anime podcast that delves into the latest anime industry news and community events. Surreal Resolution's official anime podcast.

A twice-monthly anime podcast that delves into the latest anime industry news and community events. Surreal Resolution's official anime podcast.


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A twice-monthly anime podcast that delves into the latest anime industry news and community events. Surreal Resolution's official anime podcast.




Episode 85 – The Everlong Dichotomy of Life

In Memoriam Kirby Morrow 1973-2020 As we step closer and closer to finally closing the book on the year 2020, it’s important to know the tremendous weight it has brought along with it has been, in so many ways, insurmountable. From the major calamities to the more personal struggles, this year is leaving a gigantic impact on just about everyone. And as we step closer to casting this year off, it is just as important to remember the calamity that wreaked havoc, from the macro to the micro,...


Episode 84 – The Way of the Pile!

Let’s keep it real, it’s been a VERY long week. A very long and drawn-out week that’s just about worn everyone out. But the cycle for this show continues in earnest, all in spite of an ever-shifting climate or climates. So, for this show, we have the low-down on the Netflix anime presentation event and a certain househusband that’s coming along with it, some dub casts with some wishes being granted, those damn MONKEY PAWS curling up time and time again, and the latest on just how much money...


Episode 83 – The Autumnal Round Table Buffet!

It’s finally starting to cool down, the leaves are changing colors, and pumpkin spice lattes have been back on the menu for a while now. Yep, it’s fall, and with it comes an absolutely LOADED anime season for us to dig into – so loaded, in fact, that we had to call on some outside help just to get through most of these shows. So join us, along with Megan from Dub Talk and Sketch from… well, everywhere on the internet, as we go through the highs and lows and everything in between for the fall...


Episode 82 – EVA’s 25th Anniversary Jackpot!

You would think that we’d install some kind of fire-retardant materials of some kind to make sure our newsroom doesn’t explode when something big happens. Alas, it keeps happening, hence why another episode is coming out so soon. Such a cause of an explosion? Several, actually – a GODZILLA anime, Log Horizon seemingly finding a new home over here, the first look at the latest installment in the Gridman universe, and the long-awaited return of… THE BEAST. The impossible dream has been...


Episode 81 – The Progressive Future Outlook

In Memoriam Kosei Tomita 1936-2020 At the heart of it all, this is a very silly show where a group of folks come together to talk and snark about anime, so please keep that in mind when listening to some very hammy and over-exaggerated reactions happen over certain shows. With that in mind, as we prepare for our fall season undertaking, we’re also looking ahead to see what the winter season has in store for us while also taking some detours into the world of strange Kickstarter project...


Episode 80 – The Discotek SmackDown!

Even in the midst of cataclysmic chaos the world over, Discotek finds a way to bring us all together to join in the glory of old-ish anime titles coming back for a second chance at fandom life, and with how big of a deal these Discotek Days are you just know that we’re on the case to dive deep into the announcements, the plunder, and all of the joyous wonderment that such a day can bring to all of us. And also on deck, rounding out a fairly-sized show, are the announcements of Funimation...


Episode 79 – The Virtual Crunchy Hook-Up(s)!

2020 sure has been all over the place, and nowhere is that more evident than with the shift to “virtual” anime conventions. Such was the case with VCRX, or the Virtual Crunchyroll Expo, an event that certainly did happen and that people watched from the comfort and safety of their own homes. There were some pretty significant announcements made throughout that weekend, as well, from the surprising to the REALLY surprising, and an old relationship seems to have been rekindled once again…...


Episode 78 – The Confidence of the Pretender!

In Memoriam: Chadwick Boseman 1976-2020 While it may seem that on the surface we’re just a good-natured group of folks who like talking about this fascinatingly strange interest of ours. the seedy truth is that we’re really a bunch of corporate shills. Why else would we be so vehemently against piracy, besides the risk of computer viruses that come with associated illegal platforms? Nope, we’re just deep in the pocket of the big companies, getting paid in clout more than anything else....


Episode 77 – The Power is Back On! (Mostly)

Power outages sure do suck, and because we had to deal with a few of those quite recently it’s messed with our schedule going forward. But we’re back, even as a three-man group, to discuss the latest happenings that have been backlogged in the newsroom, from both the good and bad with a bit in the ugly department as well. And if you’re into soundtracks, there’s a lot of upcoming releases to look at, along with a long-requested show finally getting a dub, a look into upcoming shows for 2021,...


Episode 76 – The Summertime Pizza Party Buffet… Thing… Yeah. (Season 7 Premiere)

We’re in the deep of summer now, that’s for sure. The days are getting hotter, the storms are coming in quicker than you can predict, and the seasonal anime offerings are starting to heat up a little bit more – just wait for fall, it’s gonna get even nuttier. You know, because of the whole scheduling delays and postponements and stuff. But even though this season feels a lot slimmer than usual, there is still plenty to talk about from both the good and bad, and even a bit of the ugly as...


Episode 75 – The Virtual Con-Goings! (Season 6 Finale)

Hard to believe that it’s been four months since the world, as we knew it, completely changed to a sudden standstill in the wake of… well, everything. Not that you’d notice it in some areas, but trust me, things are still pretty bad out there. It’s also lead to the shutdown and suspension of the anime convention circuit – that includes YOU, Anime Matsuri – but thanks to the power of the internet the shows are still able to go on… if only a bit smaller than usual. But that means you don’t...


Episode 74 – The Return of the King!

As many have said already, 2020 has been a wild year. “Unpredictable” is putting it lightly, and there have been plenty of surprises throughout to help keep our minds somewhat distracted from the continued tire fire that is the real world in the year 2020. Nevertheless, as we approach the halfway mark of the collective dumpster fire of a year, plenty of future developments have been laid out for when we all escape this year, such as a pair of big projects: The Promised Neverland going...


Episode 73 – The Lost Legendary Pitch of the Galactic Heroes

Picking up where the last show left off, as it was yet another super-long recording, we have a full discussion of the upcoming Dragon Quest anime, a pair of virtual conventions happening in the wake of CRX 2020’s cancellation, some surprising announcements coming from across the pond, and a long-lost dub finally coming to the surface for what could have with Legend of the Galactic Heroes – for further details, visit here:...


Episode 72

There is no clever title to this show. There is no real point to describe what this show is about. It’s not a show that anyone really needs to hear, but if anyone wants a momentary distraction from the events happening out in the real world right now, this show will supply it. But do not let the events happening outside to escape your mind, and do not let this show serve as the means to an end to ignore what is happening, as we are not ignoring it either. We know where we stand, we know what...


Episode 71 – The Future Aligns in the Stars

In Memory of Zac Bertschy The morning of May 22 seemed like any other morning, at first glance. Just a simple day in our new normal, nothing too out of the ordinary. And then the word broke that Zac Bertschy from Anime News Network had passed away. Without the groundwork that had been laid in for ANN and programs like the ANNCast, a show such as this would never have been made into reality, and we join his friends, family, and colleagues in mourning over his passing. An incredible member of...


Episode 70 – THE Biggest Surprise of 2020: The Return of Inuyasha!

2020 has been a wild year. We didn’t see this coming, you didn’t see this coming, NOBODY saw this coming. But sure enough, on Friday night (May 8), the world was shocked and stunned to hear about a new project involving an old friend to many a long-time anime fan: YASHAHIME: PRINCESS HALF-DEMON, a spinoff/sequel to Rumiko Takahashi’s grand shonen masterwork INUYASHA, coming this fall – THIS FALL. So enjoy 50 minutes of loose discussion all about this new project, from the reveals and the...


Episode 69 – The Virtual Train to Infinity!

Yeah, yeah, go ahead and laugh like a middle-school kid at the episode number. Done? Good, now onto business. It’s an doubly-packed show for such a milestone number, talking the latest and final preparations for the Streaming Wars kicking off later in May, the latest on what’s happening with the convention circuit, a triple shot of Demon Slayer discussion, and a good amount of dub casts to talk about – mostly courtesy of the Dub Talk duo of the group. And, of course, we have an extensive...


Episode 68.1 – Bonus Audio

The following is an assortment of segments from our last episode that were cut from the show, mostly because it was already 3 hours in length and there was no reason to go any longer than needed. Enjoy the extra bits of random tangents and general silliness that this show is known for, and stay tuned for a new episode coming next week – in the meantime, enjoy the festivities at Anime Lockdown 2020, the first remotely-produced anime convention of its kind, this weekend of May 1st through the...


Episode 68 – The Springtime, uh… Take-Out Delivery?

In Memoriam: Keiji Fujiwara 1964-2020 You don’t need us to tell you that this spring anime season is a little bit stranger than others. As we continue to roam through a new world of isolation in the prolonged wait for the “all clear,” nothing is for certain and everything is incredibly fluid. This also applies to the spring season, with shows being postponed at any moment; it’s very possible that more shows will be announced to be postponed after this episode has been released. As it...


Episode 67 – The Fool’s Grab-Bag!

Sometimes, a show has to happen with enough material present. And with a few more announcements of upcoming projects coming out after our last show wrapped, why not get one more show under our collective belt before the spring season kicks off? And our good friend Sketch is also here to join us in our grab-bag rundown, sharing some insight on the upcoming Lupin the Third: The First film from GKIDS, the sudden news regarding Masaaki Yuasa and Science SARU, some more reasons to stay home...