A twice-monthly anime podcast that delves into the latest anime industry news and community events. Surreal Resolution's official anime podcast.

A twice-monthly anime podcast that delves into the latest anime industry news and community events. Surreal Resolution's official anime podcast.


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A twice-monthly anime podcast that delves into the latest anime industry news and community events. Surreal Resolution's official anime podcast.




Episode 129 – The Spring Dub Rundown Bonanza!

With our last show before diving into the spring season, it's only fitting that we have a giant slate of spring season dub casts to run down for this show - hence the surprised Anya face to serve as Andrew's exhaustion over cobbling together all of that information. And along with that, we have a wide discussion over Netflix's very bad week, some movie talk over what and what not to go see, pondering how deep that mysterious Blu-ray master vault really goes, and trying to find a way to end...


Episode 128 – The Perplexing Season Padding Plan… PAIN.

Many years ago, people were comparing Attack on Titan to The Walking Dead in tone and structure. Today, those comparisons continue, only in a different form with its recent announcement. But to go along with that bafflement, there’s a lengthy discussion on some other rumblings in relation to the anime dub production scene as the spring season prepares to launch, along with some interesting updates to various productions, the latest one-shot from the cinematic auteur known as Tatsuki Fujimoto...


Episode 127 – The Announcement Barrage & The Spring Ruminations!

April means many things to many people, but in this case it means the end of the winter season and a long list of announcements to talk about from AnimeJapan, in which there were plenty - for good and bad - to go along with the usual rundown of Netflix projects getting revealed and dated, a small bit go house-cleaning of the winter season, an assessment of some good and awful April Fools shenanigans, and maybe, just maybe, some cursed energy sprinkled throughout. All very sudden and all...


Movie Night: Jujutsu Kaisen 0

It's time for another installment in the Movie Night sub-series, this time talking about the latest shonen blockbuster gracing the big screen: Jujutsu Kaisen 0! And with it comes an interesting twist to the discussion, as two in-the-know fans talk with two new-ish-comers about how the world of JJK actually works, all while having fine discussions about salmon, kelp, and Christmas; yes, this is an unofficial Christmas movie, that's just how it works. start - intro 8:03 - our theater...


Episode 126 – The Anniversary of Discotent!

The lesson of Toonami turning 25 is that, in 2022, people will yell over everything they do, be it for the good or bad or indifferent. But that's where this show comes in, to lay out a grounded overview of what to expect from the block in the future, be it for the good or bad or indifferent. And along with that lengthy discussion, there are more details over the Crunchyroll-Funimation whatever-it-is and what to (not) expect going forward, information regarding the Toei hack, more details on...


Episode 125 – The Week of Consortiums!

So... yeah, it's been a busy week just about everywhere for everything. But as it relates to this subsection of the world, things are about to get a lot more consolidated with the house of Sony. Expect things to be clunky for a while, as we lay out our various questions and concerns in our lengthy discussion of the final form of FuniRoll 2.0. Such is life in this weird and strange world, some would say. And along with that, we also have an array of upcoming shows and movies to discuss,...


Episode 124 – The Crunchyroll APATHY Awards… Again.

“Here’s to a better show next year,” we said. Things couldn’t get any worse, we thought. Turns out, there wasn’t even an awards show event of any kind to talk about. What a letdown for what may be the final year of the Crunchyroll Anime Awards, either as this current incarnation or altogether. But at least there’s happier topics to discuss, like big time athletes turning into real life anime heroes, that banger Attack on Titan opening charting on Billboard, some unsurprising upcoming seasons...


Episode 123 – The Fashionably-Late Winter Assessment!

Yes, yes, we know this is super late, we have reasons for it. But we're here to bring out our takes on the winter season of shows... some of them, as it's become too much for us to go through 30-plus shows every season to find that there are too many "meh whatever" shows with not a lot to say. So we're trimming the fat, going forward, and we'll be bringing the most prime cuts going forward - with the occasional trash fire to roast, that won't ever go away. And it's a good thing this is out...


Episode 122 – The Week of Nominal Recognition! (aka the Anime Awards Deep Dive)

What a way to cap off a week that really didn’t feel real, due in part to a lot of really dumb and insane things making headlines everywhere. But that’s where we come in, to ease the ship back on course and bring in some more normal discussion, namely with an over-long discussion about the Crunchyroll Anime Awards nominations list. At least it will make for an interesting awards show in a few weeks… right? There will be an awards show after all, right? But at least our winter season show...


Episode 121 – The New Year’s Darling Roar! (Season 10 Premiere)

2022 has arrived, and with it comes... well, some more of the same still lingering around from last year. We'll deal with that over time. But for the first show of this new season, we have plenty to talk about, including the sudden sale of Sentai to AMC Networks, Toonami's premiere plan for the next few weeks, Aniplex making some interesting-slash-puzzling moves with a certain show of theirs, and the return of the original best girl: LUM IS COMING BACK with a new Urusei Yatsura anime later...


Movie Night: PROMARE (Encore Edition)

NOTE: Originally released on September 24, 2019 as Episode 55 - PROMARE: The Burning Passion! Merry Christmas and/or your holiday of choice from your friends at PodcastONA! As a fun bonus for the holiday, we're going back to one of our favorite shows with our discussion of the 2019 TRIGGER film PROMARE, now with some new edits and added soundbites for our Movie Night subseries - enjoy this trip from the not-too-distant past and we'll catch you all back here in 2022 for the new season and...


Episode 120.5 – A Holiday Break Bonus

Yes, it’s Christmas Eve. Yes, there’s another show up because Jump Festa decided to come back with a vengeance and also because awfulness keeps happening and this was too much for us to put off until our planned return in mid-January. So here’s 50 minutes of extra audio running down some of the biggest news items and announcements to close out the year. It’s also a solo show, recorded under not ideal circumstances that are explained in the show proper. And stay tuned for something extra...


Episode 120 – The Not-So-Live Closer! (Season 9 Finale)

Another year has come to a close, and with it so does this season of the show, a season that’s seen as many highs and lows as the year itself has. But before we turn the calendar over to the new year, we have a few more strands of business to attend to, namely the fact that Discotek continues to be absolutely mad and we cherish them for it. Discotek Day happened again, as did… well, a certain show on Netflix for about three weeks, and we’ll be talking about that as well. The first one to say...


Episode 119 – A Third New York Minute!

As the year draws closer to a close, so does this year's convention season, capping off with Anime NYC to... interesting results, in some regards. Fun was had, enjoyment was shared, and panels brought with them plenty of fan experiences and announcements, and we're here to recap the happenings and goings-on - plus plenty of upcoming home video talk, a look at the 2021 Oricon sales rankings, Seven Seas brokering a big deal for a popular manga series with another company, and plenty more in...


Movie Night: MHA World Heroes Mission

As a special holiday weekend treat, this is the first installment of PodcastONA Movie Night, a new side-series for this program just for and all about movies, and for this inaugural pilot (of sorts) we are talking about the latest feature film with everyone’s favorite teenage superheroes - My Hero Academia: World Heroes Mission! Yes, there will be spoilers abound. Make sure you’ve seen the movie before listening in full. intro - pre-movie ramblings 5:02 - our viewing experiences 11:18 -...


Episode 118 – The Autumn Roundtable Feast! (Part 2)

After some inopportune delays and some schedule arrangements, the fall season preview-slash-review is finally here, ready to tackle the last season of a rather loaded year and close out 2021’s anime offerings the only way we know how! In the second half of this two-part episode, it’s all about Funimation’s offerings on both their own and with their newly reunited union with Crunchyroll, containing plenty of talk about hockey, vampires, and MAXIMUM EDGE before easing things down with the boy...


Episode 117 – The Autumn Roundtable Feast! (Part 1)

After some inopportune delays and some schedule arrangements, the fall season preview-slash-review is finally here, ready to tackle the last season of a rather loaded year and close out 2021’s anime offerings the only way we know how! In the first half of this two-part episode, there are plenty of discussions to be had about how Netflix is handling their titles this season, possibly the only fan left standing for Yashahime, the reward for suffering through mediocre Digimon for better...


Episode 116 – The Flame of the Festival!

Back after an extended break away (more on that in the intro), there is a LOT to unpack for this extra-loaded show. Between Netflix's recent announcements and acquisitions, SPYxFAMILY getting an anime next year, plenty of dub plans from both Funimation and Crunchyroll (ODDTAXI DUB IN JANUARY), and the long-awaited release of Ninja Robots happening very soon, there's not much time to preamble here. Enjoy the show and we'll be back for the fall season next time! intro - what’s been going on...


Episode 115 – Love and laughter, always.

In Memoriam Christopher Ayres 1965-2021 intro - love and laughter, always 1:21 - why another show so soon? 3:41 - Disney officially enters the game in 2022 35:09 - Mob Psycho 100 S3 announced 42:53 - Tokyopop continues to be terrible 48:48 - China seems to have a problem with Ultraman and… Peppa Pig? 52:28 - Kuroko’s Basketball: Last Game hits Netflix on November 15 58:40 - Catwoman: Hunted DC animated movie previewed 1:03:07 - Dirty Pair Kickstarter update 1:08:21 - Cowboy Bebop Netflix...


Episode 114 – The Dirty Pair Return!

As the fall season begins and as we start taking our notes on the season at large, we have a good bit on the docket for this show - NYCC events, an update on the Cowboy Bebop rollout on Netflix, a sudden delay for... uh, an *interesting* show for the fall season, and a Kickstarter project well worth your time for checking out: DIRTY PAIR on Blu-ray with a new English dub for the classic 1985 TV series. And it's guaranteed to deliver a much stronger performance than Comcast does with their...