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The latest news from public broadcasting in a new, quick and daily podcast from Public Media Fans.

The latest news from public broadcasting in a new, quick and daily podcast from Public Media Fans.


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The latest news from public broadcasting in a new, quick and daily podcast from Public Media Fans.




PMD #32: Michigan Radio's 70th birthday!

Welcome to the weekend and Episode #32 of Public Media Daily, now in your podcast feed. Highlights from Thursday, July 5th include just two things... 01) 91.5 KUSU-FM Logan introduces a new program on science and bringing scientists together to talk about science and life. 02) Michigan Radio's 70th birthday! Please subscribe to this pod wherever you find it just by searching "Public Media Daily" and leave us a rating and a review as well. Your feedback is vital to this podcast and how...


PMD #31: WDET now reads part of the U.S. Constitution.

It's the 4th of July edition of Public Media Daily, Episode #31. Not much happened during the holiday but some highlights from Wednesday, the 4th of July, 2018 include... 1) 101.9 WDET Detroit is trying to start an NPR-inspired tradition by reading the Preamble and the Bill of Rights of the United States Constitution. 2) 90.5 KUT Austin listeners get to decide which program will take over the Saturday 2:00 p.m. timeslot to replace Marketplace Weekend, which has ended production. 3) WBAA...


PMD #30: Happy 4th of July!

It took forever but its now Episode #30 of Public Media Daily in your podcast feed. Highlights from Tuesday, July 3rd include... 01) 94.9 KUOW Seattle and NPR are working on donations made by listeners tuning in through Amazon Alexa-enabled devices. 02) Two retirements... Radio Kansas' music director Mark Simmons and WKNO's chief engineer Russ Abernathy. 03) Two tower maintenances... WGVK-TV 52 Kalamazoo and 90.7 WMFE Orlando. Both were brief. 04) NPR will continue its 30-year...


PMD #29: We're back... AGAIN!

After a long period away, we're back! This is Episode #29 of Public Media Daily, now available on your podcast feed for the first time in weeks. Highlights from Friday, June 29th-Monday, July 2nd include... 01) Texas Standard had Current's Dru Sefton on about the struggles PBS is having in Texas. 02) KBYU is no longer a PBS affiliate. KUED is Utah's ONLY PBS affiliate now. 03) 91.5 WUNC Chapel Hill adds The New Yorker Radio Hour and the How I Built This/Planet Money combo to its Sunday...


PMD #28: Bill Littlefield is retiring.

We go Episode #28 of Public Media Daily inserted into your podcast feed. Check it out as we have the latest public media news inserted into here. Highlights from Thursday, June 7th include... 1) Bill Littlefield is retiring after 35 years in public radio and 25 years hosting NPR and 90.9 WBUR Boston's Only A Game. 2) KLRU 18 Austin is scheduled to move into its new building in 2020 and will be shared with the Austin Community College District. 3) All of Northwest Public Broadcasting...


PMD #27: The shortest episode ever.

A very short episode of Public Media Daily for you today, Episode #27, for your Thursday morning. Highlights from Wednesday, June 6th include a new report from The Pew Research Center indicating the state of public media on various factors including investments into newsrooms, economics and audience figures. That report can be found on our twitter page @PubMediaFans with a link detailing more information. Also, 89.3 WFPL Louisville will launch a new podcast next week that's similar to a...


PMD #26: KPCC's longtime president and CEO is stepping down.

We now have Episode #26 of Public Media Daily for you on your feeds. Highlights from Tuesday, June 5th include... 1) After a 19 year run leading 89.3 KPCC Pasadena - Los Angeles, Bill Davis has decided to step down as President and CEO in December 2019. He has turned KPCC around into become the most-listened-to NPR News outlet in Southern California. 2) WGVK-TV 52 Kalamazoo, WGVU Grand Rapids' satellite station, is doing some maintenance for an hour later this morning. Yep. The episode...


PMD #25: WAMU's schedule changes, WVXU using a local brewery for Triple-A music on HD2, tour the WCNY studios and Robert Siegel is back for this week.

Episode #25 of Public Media Daily from Public Media Fans is now available on your podcast feeds. Highlights from Monday, June 4th include... 1) A slew of programming changes at 88.5 WAMU Washington, D.C. starting June 25th. The changes mainly affect weekends with one change on weekdays. Listen in for more details. 2) 91.7 WVXU Cincinnati is changing up the source on its HD2 subchannel, playing Triple-A Music, from XPoNential Radio to a local Cincinnati brewery. 3) If you're in the...


PMD #24: We're back!

We're back after a long break! This is Episode #24 of Public Media Daily and we're glad that your patient enough to stick around. We took some time off and upgraded our equipment to sound better than before. Highlights from Friday-Sunday, June 1st-3rd, include... 1) 90.7 WMFE Orlando delivering another successful "silent drive," its fourth victory in a row. 2) NPR is shutting down five news blogs, "The Two-Way," "All Tech Considered," "Parallels," "NPR Ed" and NPR Music's "The...


PMD #23: More public radio ratings and WCVE will celebrate the launch of WCVE News and WCVE Music.

Episode #23 of Public Media Daily is here. Before you get lost because its the weekend, highlights from Thursday May 17th include... 01) Day 4 and the final day of April 2018 public radio ratings. Today, we look at Austin, Raleigh, Indianapolis, Milwaukee, Nashville, Providence, Jacksonville, Greensboro, West Palm Beach, Memphis and Hartford. 02) WEIU-TV 51 Charleston, Ill. suffered a technical problem yesterday. As of this episode, its still off-the-air. 03) WSKG-TV 46 Binghamton...


PMD #22: Marketplace Weekend is ending, more public radio ratings and Clifford The Big Red Dog is making a return.

This is Episode #22 of Public Media Daily and highlights from Wednesday, May 16th include... 01) WKAR East Lansing receives 12 regional Michigan Emmy nominations. 02) Marketplace has announced the end of Marketplace Weekend, hosted by Lizzie O'Leary. 03) Vermont Public Radio (VPR) is upgrading its audio equipment over the weekend so they'll be in automation. 04) Day 3 of public radio ratings. Today... Portland, Charlotte, San Antonio, Sacramento, Pittsburgh, Salt Lake City, Las Vegas,...


PMD #21: Public radio awards and ratings and NPR Politics is going to Charlotte.

This is Episode #21 of Public Media Daily on your podcast feed and highlights from Tuesday, May 15th include... 01) 90.9 WBUR Boston, Montana Public Radio and 89.7 WUWM Milwaukee won 2018 Associated Press Media Editors awards. 02) Janae Pierre is moving from hosting A.T.C. for 89.9 WWNO New Orleans to doing the same thing for 90.3 WBHM Birmingham starting June 18th. 03) Day 2 of Public Radio ratings. This time, from D.C., Boston, Miami, Seattle, Detroit, Phoenix, MSP, San Diego, Denver,...


PMD #20: NPR staffers want transparency on two key issues and public radio ratings.

This is Episode #20 of Public Media Daily and higlights of this episode, from Monday, May 14th, include... 1) A detailed report from Current about transparency for pay equity and sexual harassment trainings that NPR staffers are asking for so badly. 2) KDLG Dillingham, Alaska has just added a new radio station to expand its reach. 3) 91.5 KIOS Omaha is renovating its studios, mainly its spaces and outside its on-air studio. 4) Public radio ratings! Day 1, covering N.Y.C, L.A., Chicago,...


PMD #19: KTCA/KTCI CEO Jim Pagliarini is retiring and technical problems from KGOU and WFSU.

Episode #19 of Public Media Daily is now available. Highlights from the weekend, Friday-Sunday, May 11th-13th includes... 01) Twin Cities PBS (KTCA/KTCI) CEO Jim Pagliarini has decided to retire after 21 years at the helm. He'll stay until a successor is named. 02) Technical problems include two of 106.3 KGOU Norman - Oklahoma City's Ada, Okla. transmitters not working on Friday and WFSU-TV 11 Tallahassee getting kicked off-the-air for over-the-air viewers yesterday. Yep, today's...


PMD #18: Amanpour and Company, Royal Wedding Watch, KGOU's new info metadata system and WBEZ's big schedule shakeup.

Episode #18 of Public Media Daily from this shortened week. Due to personal commitments, there was no episode on Wednesday or Thursday. But we're catching up with highlights from Tuesday-Thursday, May 8th-10th including... 01) Amanpour is sticking around on PBS with a new hour-long late-night program called "Amanpour and Company." NPR's Michel Martin and PBS Newshour's Hari Sreenivasan will be among the contributors. 02) Royal Wedding Watch, a five-part event on the upcoming Royal...


PMD #17: An STLPR evening host passes away and Amy Walter will also host The Takeaway.

This is Episode #17 of Public Media Daily. Highlights from Monday, May 7th include... 1) WYIN 56 (Gary, Ind. - Chicago), known as Lakeshore PBS, lost power at its offices. 2) Advanced tower maintenance coming to 91.3 WLTR (Columbia, S.C.), one of South Carolina Public Radio's "News and Music" stations. 3) 90.7 KWMU (St. Louis Public Radio)'s longtime evening host Gerry Rohde passed away unexpectedly yesterday. He was only 55. 4) Amy Walter will also host The Takeaway, mainly on Fridays...


PMD #16: Two KJZZ executives are suspended, WABE's Denis O'Hayer is retiring, WLVT will soon air a new newscast and Tanzina Vega's debut on The Takeaway.

Episode #16 of Public Media Daily is now here and we're ready to start the week off right. Highlights from the weekend of Friday-Sunday, May 4th-6th include... 1) Two 91.5 KJZZ Phoenix executives are suspended on paid leave due to "anonymous allegations" against them. 2) KBDI 12 Broomfield - Denver (CPT12: Colorado Public Television) is upgrading its studios to HD. 3) 90.1 WABE Atlanta's Denis O'Hayer is retiring after nine years at WABE and 42 years in Atlanta broadcasting. 4) WLVT 39...


PMD #15: NPR/WNYC/WBEZ/TAL acquire Pocket Casts, WPLN's AP awards, a new news director for KUER and ATC's 47th birthday.

Episode #15 and the final Public Media Daily for this week. Its now on your podcast feed so before you enjoy your weekend, highlights from Thursday, May 3rd include... 1) NPR, WNYC Studios, 91.5 WBEZ Chicago and This American Life team up to buy the popular podcast app, Pocket Casts. 2) 90.3 WPLN-FM Nashville wins 21 Tennessee Associated Press awards. 3) 90.1 KUER-FM Salt Lake City has a new news director, Andrew Becker. Julia Ritchey will remain as Managing Editor. 4) PBS has...


PMD #14: Public TV's new interconnection system, KRWG gets awards, SCPR is the best in Charleston and WMKY is down.

This is Episode #14 of Public Media Daily, now available and ready for you to listen. If you don't catch up on public media, then thats okay. This is the podcast where you'll hear the latest news from inside the world of public media. Highlights from Wednesday, May 2nd include... 1) Public Television will soon have a new interconnection system that'll probably provide programs between stations much cheaper. New Mexico PBS and KSPS-TV 7 Spokane are the test stations. 2) KRWG-TV/FM Las...


PMD #13: WGVU's G.M. is retiring and 14 stations receive CPB grants for a special veterans series project.

Episode #13 of Public Media Daily is now on your podcast feed. Highlights from Tuesday, May 1st (our first birthday) include... 1) U.K.-based PBS America has moved on Sky from Channel 534 to Channel 160. 2) WGVU General Manager Michael Walenta is retiring after 30 years with the PBS/NPR member stations for West Michigan. 3) 14 stations have received a CPB grant to cover a special series on veterans coming home and transitioning to normality. Listen to find out which stations received...