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Tommy Robinson and Islam in the UK

David and Clifton discuss Tommy Robinson and the Islam problem in the United Kingdom


The world after Nietszche.

On this episode of Punching Left! Clifton and David welcome Dr. Stephen Hicks. Dr. Hicks is a scholar on the subject of Nietzsche and his influence on the National Socialists. He has authored a book "Explaining Postmodernism," and is the author of the famous lecture, "Nietzsche and the Nazis." Dr. Hicks is also responsible for many other works. The Punching Left! crew are honored to have such a distinguished guest on the show! We hope you will join us for what we believe will be another...


An afternoon with Dr. David Gordon.

This week Clifton and David are joined by Dr. David Gordon. Dr. Gordon is a distinguished philosopher and intellectual historian. He has authored many papers and books. He is also recognized as an authority on Murray Rothbard and his work. Dr. Gordon's interpretation of Rothbard and Mises works are considered authoritative. Dr. Gordon also brings expert knowledge of Austrian School economics to the table. The Punching Left! crew are humbled and honored to welcome Dr. Gordon on for what we...


Lets talk about guns baby!

This episode on Punching Left!, David and Clifton are joined by Danny a competition shooter and fire arms afficiando. Danny has years of experience, and some very solid opinions around the topic of firearms an their proper usage. We will also discuss the media's insistence on making every shooting incident a topic for gun control and limiting the second amendment. This episode the audience will be subjected to some very strong opinions (because none of the Punching Left! crew have strong...


What is a Rothbardian Covenant Community?

Cliton and David take an hour to discuss the concept of the Rothbardian Covenant Community. This provides a way for people to live in societies which most closely match their preferences. Murray N. Rothbard initiated the idea of creating these communities and Hans Herman Hoppe has elaborated and fleshed out the overriding ideas in which such community might exist and thrive in a Libertarian world. However, many have labeled the Covenant Community as racist and possibly sexist. This could...


The Kids are Alt Right!

This week David, Clifton, and guest host Elliott discuss the Alt Right. In particular, is Punching Left! an Alt Right show? What does it mean to be Alt Right and is being Alt Right white supremacist? What are the goals of the Punching Left! crew and have we achieved any sort of success? This episode coincides with Punching Left's inclusion by FM.Player in their Top 50 Alt Right podcasts of 2018 and the best Alt Right podcasts of 2015. Join Punching Left! on Episode 21 for a discussion of...


The truth about the Crusades.

Join David and Clifton as they host Dr. Bill Warner in an episode about The Crusades. We hope to learn a great deal from Dr. Warner. The general discussion will address misconceptions and out right fallacies portrayed in popular media and public school systems who represent interests that wish to downplay the violent and bloody history of Islam in order to promote “multiculturalism and diversity.” We hare very excited to mark the 20th episode of Punching Left! With Dr. Bill Warner!


Argumentation Ethics

Clifton and David are honored to have Stephan Kinsella on the show to discuss argumentation ethics and talk about his concept, "estoppel." We will get Stephan's full take on argumentation ethics and how it relates to libertarian arguments and principles such as the NAP. Stephan is also the author of the libertarian book, "Against Intellectual Property." Stephan is a fellow at the Mises Institute and a practicing attorney. Join the Punching Left! team for what we believe this should be a...


Catholicism and Libertarianism.

This episode David and Clifton will have a discussion on Thomas Aquinas. Aquinas is both indispensable to the Catholic Church and Libertarianism. He is THE theologian-philosopher of Catholicism. He is also a primary source of influence for Murray Rothbard. Aquinas's largest contributions would be his approximation of Natural Law. There would after all be no western culture or values without the Catholic Church. Join us as we celebrate a great Libertarian Philosopher and Catholic Theologian...


White privilege vs Race Realism

On tonight’s show, David, Clifton will discuss some very controversial topics. Race realism and white privilege are two of the most controversial topics out there. Both are incendiary but race realism is arguably more so by far. Join us for a very candid discussion about race, and power politics. We will most certainly be discuss8ng White guilt, ethano-states, statistics, conspiracy theories and cultural Marxism.


Syria and South Africa and nuclear weapons oh my!

This episode Elliott Wilson returns with Clifton and David to discuss the problems in Syria, and South Africa. Both Russia and China have made it clear they will support each other against the United States. The United States and its allies in Europe and Israel maintain that Syria has used chemical weapons against rebel-held territory and launched punitive missile strikes. In South Africa, plans are proceeding within the Government which is now controlled by the Marxist element to seize...


Trump Derangement Syndrome strikes again!

After a short break, the Punching Left! Crew returns to weigh in on Trumps latest actions. Trump derangement syndrome is in a frenzy this week as Trump send the National Guard to the southern border, threatens 100 million dollars in tariffs against the Communist Chinese government. In other news, Andrew Anglin of the Daily Stormer disavows Chris Cantwell and Paul Nehlen in what should be considered a questionable judgment call. Especially since Cantwell is the voice of reason on the...


Common law and western society.

In this episode, we discuss common law and its application with western society. Clifton and David are joined by Rick Story who holds an advanced degree in law and legal systems. Join the gang as we explore common law and its strengths and weaknesses in an attempt to understand what non legislated law has to contribute to libertarian society and how it might be superior to other forms.


Gender is a social construct: bullshit or not?

On this episode of Punching Left! Elliott Wilson returns to the studio to discuss transgenderism, gender fluidity, and gender roles with Clifton Knox, David German, Orwell & Goode, and Antony Sammeroff (Scottish Liberty Podcast). The gang will discuss transgenderism and the various oddities which surround it. Get your safe spaces ready, and prepared to be triggered because this promises to be one of the most irreverent episodes yet! Join us Thursday the 29th of March live on Blog Talk...


Flat Earth: Bullshit or Believable!

This episode the Punching Left! crew takes a look at the Flat Earth theory and conspiracy. How do everyday people take a step backward from the Newtonian Universe to the Flat Earth theory of the Ancients? There are many different groups who believe in the Flat Earth and even a Hollow Earth. Which is more incredible? The idea that we are on a flat earth or the conspiracies that many purport to be the "lie" of the "round Earth theory?" Join Clifton, David, and guests Antony (from the...


The Dark Enlightenment and Propertarianism

Punching Left! is celebrating its 10th episode! David and Clifton welcome Eli Harmon from the Propertarian Institute to discuss propertarianism and the Dark Enlightenment! AS always there is no telling where the conversation will take us! Please join Punching Left! for this very special episode and we pass a very important milestone.


Equality under the law vs. egalitarianism

Join us for episode 9! Co-host David German rejoins the show along with a return of Elliott Wilson from episode 8, to discuss the feasibility of equality. Is equality something that is achievable in the context of those who desire "equal opportunity" or should human beings concentrate on equality in the application of the law? This and other aspects of equality will be explored by the trio. As always, there are sure to be a few surprises as the show skirts the edge of polite conversation!


Multiculturalism and diversity versus the Ethno-State.

In this episode, Clifton and his guest host Elliott Wilson will discuss the problems which are inherent in the multicultural state and why violence is natural bi-product of diversity from an anarcho-capitalist point of view. We will also touch on the Heimbach controversy. We will also pick a commie bastard this week as we see a little bit of a return to our earlier format. As usual, on Punching Left the conversation could take us anywhere!


Democracy versus Monarchy: when should libertarianism be authoritarian.

Punching Left is excited to bring you a special two-hour long episode! Clifton, David, and their special guest host Johannes Kaiser (Chilean and Austrian Radio and TV personality), Oscar J Oscar, and I AnCap, explore the cutting-edge libertarian philosophical concepts behind Hoppe's groundbreaking work, "Democracy the God that Failed." You can rest assured that a cerebral informed discussion will highlight the most important an relevant points in Hoppe's philosophy. Punching Left is where...


The Austrian schools Triumvirate of capitalism: Mises, Rothbard, and Hoppe.

We will host a roundtable discussion with our guest host as we discuss the primary thinkers of North American Libertarian thought. This is the first in our three-part series. "Right-libertarianism as common sense libertarianism." We have a slight change of format which affords us more time for the primary discussion. We will also introduce our "commie bastard segment" as a rapid-fire "yes and no." roundtable. Its going to be a great deal of fun!