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A collaboration program by TOKYO FM and Yelp, introducing the real life, culture, news, and must go spots of the big city Tokyo and of Japan. Discover Tokyo as an untourist!

A collaboration program by TOKYO FM and Yelp, introducing the real life, culture, news, and must go spots of the big city Tokyo and of Japan. Discover Tokyo as an untourist!
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Tokyo, Japan


A collaboration program by TOKYO FM and Yelp, introducing the real life, culture, news, and must go spots of the big city Tokyo and of Japan. Discover Tokyo as an untourist!




Coffee Talk : Sarutahiko, Blue Bottle, Tokyo Coffee Festival, and more Ep52

In this episode we introduce a couple of noteworthy coffee shops in Tokyo and the connection between third wave coffee and kissaten culture. [The shop introduced in this episode] 6:47〜 Blue Bottle Coffee Kiyosumi-shirakawa Roastery & Cafe 15:20〜 Sarutahiko Coffee Omotesando 22:50〜 STREAMER COFFEE COMPANY SHIBUYA 31:45〜 AOTIGER Coffee 43:00〜 bricolage bread &...


Tsukiji to Toyosu Fish Market Ep.51

We went to go visit the new fish market down in Toyosu, checking the free markets and delicious restaurants [The shop introduced in this episode] Ichiba Sushi Sushi Dokoro Yamazaki Marutake Mosuke Dango


Tsukiji Outer Markets: Must See Sushi Shops & Markets Ep.50

Tsukiji inner markets just started their move to Toyosu last week. In this episode, we’ll talk about the reasons for why they’re moving, where they’re moving, and notable places to check out in Tsukiji even after the move. [The shop introduced in this episode] Tsukiji Uogashi Tsukiji Suzutomi Sushitomi Tsukiji Itadori Bekkan


Tokyo Yakitori Scene: Michelin Restaurant in Ginza, Yakitori Stadium, Authentic Izakayas Ep.49

Check out this episode where Alex and Emily experience a wide spectrum of Yakitori dishes from fine-dining to cheap authentic izakayas.


Akihabara Gourmet Trip Ep.48

This episode featured a restaurant "Akihabara" represented by animation, games, and otaku culture! Emily who is a specialist in Akihabara and is also in charge of tour guide, Recommended unique restaurants such as maid cafe, sushi shop, and meat building where various meat dishes sukiyaki, Wagyu beef etc… can be eaten! [The store introduced in this episode] @home cafe: nadeshiko-zushi: Mansei-Akihabara:


Best Kakigori in Tokyo: Yelo, Ice Monster, Yuki no Shita Ep.47

Shaved Ice is one of the most popular desserts during summertime in Japan. In this episode, we introduce luxury kakigori shops from Harajuku, Roppongi, and Ginza that serve different twists to the age old dessert.


Art Exhibits: Immersive Art with TeamLab, Naruto & One Piece at Mori Art Museum Ep.46

Alex introduces the major hubs in Tokyo to visit for modern art exhibits as well as Teamlab's immersive art experiences


The Specialist Ep 3: Enter the World of Sake

In our New Segment, “The Specialist”, we interview John Gauntner. Mr.John was Born in Ohio, USA. When coming to Japan in 1988 it became attractive for sake, Serial sake column in English text newspaper "The Japan Times". He is carrying out various activities to convey the wonderfulness of sake. This time, we’re interviewing plenty of application knowledge that that can be used when you came to Japan from introductory knowledge such as charm and type of sake!


Tokyo : Japanese Summer Festival! Ep.44

This time Rana visits a Japanese summer festival and reports from the scene. Takoyaki, okonomiyaki, and more summer food and eats just begging to be tried! Lastly, an interview from German backpacker Johan! And his personal tips into some interesting and dark sides of Japanese history. Finally, a quick recommendation on a must-see festival in Kyoto!


Pizza in Japan Pt2: Domino's Weird Pizza, NYC vs Chicago Deep Dish.Enjoy with tokyo craft beer. Ep.43

In part two of Pizza in Japan, Alex shares his two favorite pizza joints in Tokyo as well as the weird pizza flavors provided by Dominos. Enjoy with Tokyo original craft beer. [The shop introduced in this episode] pizza slice(daikanyama) pizza slice2(omotesando) devil craft(hamamatsucho,kanda,gotanda)


Netflix's Ugly Delicious says "Best Pizza in the world is in Tokyo", Sushi Wagyu Pizza, Prime Minister's Favorite Ep.42

We saw Netflix's original Ugly Delicious with David Chang. David says the best pizza in the world is in Japan,so we went to go check those places out! and We will also introduce the unique and best delicious pizza specialty shops that only eat in Japan. [The shop introduced in this episode] Seirinkan(nakameguro) En Boca(yoyogiuehara) Savoy tomato-cheese(azabu-jyuban) Instagram account @realtokyofm ※you can...


The Specialist Ep2: Craft Beer in Tokyo, Hoppy, Ji-Beer, & History of Beer in Japan Ep.41

In our New Segment, “The Specialist”, we interview former Country Manager of Yelp Japan, Tomo Takada, about the wonderful world of Craft Beer that’s taking Japan by storm. Tomo also talks about the history of beer in Japan, the influence of the four dominant beer companies: Asahi, Kirin, Ebisu, and Suntory, as well as Japan specific beer phenomenons like “Ji Beer” and Hoppy. Check out his impressive list of recommendations below: [Pioneer] Baird...


working in Tokyo,learn japanese language & culture through famous anime,special interview from a listener visiting Japan from Germany Ep.40

This time, the return of Rana! Who has just started working in Tokyo Japan at a new job. This time she will talk about some important points to be aware of when looking for a job in Japan from her personal experience. Important for anyone who wants to work in Japan. Also learn Japanese language and culture through famous anime as Rana first did. Along with some of her favorite anime, she will let you in on the surprising benefits that learning Japanese through anime has to teach you...


The Specialist #1 All of The Charm Japanese Ramen Ep.39 Introducing thoroughly from best ramen shop in Tokyo to ramen broth types tonkotsu,miso,shio,shoyu…

From this podcast onwards, we will be starting a new segment called “The Specialist”. 「The Specialist」・・・ Tokyo is a melting pot of cultures, cuisines and technologies. In every episode, this talk show will feature a “specialist”, someone who has pursued their interest in a specific field to the extremes. These “specialists” will provide listeners with a deeper understanding of the various charms that Tokyo has to offer. Developing independently from the original style, Japanese...


Special Interview: LANY's first Japan Tour Ep.38

Famous for their songs such as Good Girls & ILYSB, LANY has been one of the hottest new artists in the music industry. Their first appearance in Japan was at Summer Sonic, but this is the first time LANY has held a tour in Japan. Check out this episode as we ask them a bit about their experience performing to a Japanese audience, and their favorite spots in Tokyo. The shop introduced in this episode About Life Brewery (Shibuya) Ichiran...


Ginza's 100 Year Restaurants Pt2: Founder of Edomae Sushi, Michelin Star Unagi, the Perfect Omurice Ep.37

We’re going to take an even deeper look at historic shops in Ginza, with over 100 years of history! This will include a sushi restaurant that’s been protecting the edomae-zushi style, the only unagi restaurant to receive a star of excellence by the Michelin Guide, and a restaurant that serves a near perfect omurice that I’ve ever seen. recommend shop list: Shiseido Parlour Ginza Restaurant (TOKYO,GINZA) Chikuyoutei...


Ginza's 100 Year Restaurants Pt1: Tempura, Omelette Rice, and Anpan Ep.36

Ginza, the luxury shopping district of Tokyo, is often compared as the Beverly Hills of Japan. In part 1 of our Ginza series, we explain the history of the city, as well as a few restaurants that have been offering customers the service and traditional taste for over a century. [recommend shop list] Rengatei(TOKYO Ginza) [omurice(omelette and rice)] Tenkuni (TOKYO Ginza) [Tenpura,Tendon] Kimuraya(TOKYO...


Valentine's Day Spinoff: Japanese Craft Chocolate, Matcha Chocolate, Bean to Bar Chocolate ep.35

Japan's unique holiday, White Day, is coming around the corner. It's a spin-off of Valentine's Day. The way Japan has interpreted these two holidays has created a unique norms such as gender roles and obligation chocolate. On top of an explanation of this holiday, we're introducing some amazing chocolate places in Tokyo,Kyoto,and more, such as SF's bean to bar chocolate shop, Japanese interpretation of chocolate making, and a "chocolate museum" making a perfect harmony of Japanese tea and...


Wagyu Pt3: The Perfect Yakiniku Restaurant & Affordable Wagyu in Tokyo ep.34

Yakiniku is the king of meat cuisine in Japan. In this episode, we talk about the ways to enjoy wagyu yakiniku as well as two recommendations: One premium and one affordable options recommend shop list: yoroniku(TOKYO Omotesando) jiromaru(TOKYO Akihabara ) jiromaru are located in various places. ex.Shibuya,Shinjuku,Ikebukuro,Nakameguro,Yokohama,Otemachi etc..


Wagyu Pt2: $200 Sandwich at Wagyu Mafia, Burgers, and A5 Steak Ep.33

This is part 2 of our Wagyu series, covering non traditional ways which wagyu has been used from burgers to cutlet sandwiches to meat sushi. recommend shop list Kuroge Wagyu Burger BLACOWS(TOKYO Ebisu) WAGYUMAFIA THE CUTLET SANDWICH (TOKYO NAKAMEGURO) POUND-YA Nikuzushi Ebisu Yokochō(TOKYO EBISU) Nikuzushi are located in various places.