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EP 68 - Minal Patel: Creating Generational Health, Building Muscle as a Woman, and Being in the Shape Of Her Life In Her 40s

Today we’re joined by one the members of the RNT Family, Minal Patel, who’s achieved an incredible transformation as a mother of two in her 40s juggling a busy work, family and social life. I really enjoyed talking to Minal here and hearing her incredible insights on creating generational health, and her ways of inspiring her growing children to be more aware of their health and lifestyle. This segment alone will be a game changer for any of you parents listening in here. We also talk about...


EP 67 - Team RNT: The Five Phases On A Transformation Journey

Welcome back to another episode of RNT Fitness Radio, and this week I’m joined by the Hitman Nathan Johnson who’s here to speak with me all about the five phases of an ideal transformation journey, which are: Phase 1 – Clean the Palate, Phase 2 - Process, Phase 3, Consolidation, Phase 4 - Investment and Phase 5 - Reward. We dive into each phase separately and uncover the lifestyle solutions that can help you maximise each one. Where we spend most of our time, and go really deep into, is the...


EP 66 - Paul Carter: Achieving Equilibrium in Relationships, Understanding Attachment Theories and the Reality Behind Muscle Building

Welcome back to another episode of RNT Fitness Radio, where this week we’re joined by Paul Carter, who’s the first guest to come back on after first appearing over a year ago on episode 18. After an email exchange over Christmas about how much life has changed for Pauls since our last chat, we thought it’d be cool to record another episode for you guys. We start by talking about the slow process of natural muscle gain and why building a foundation is so critical if you want to be lean year...


EP 65 - Nimalan Chandran: How Nimalan Achieved More in 16 Weeks than in 10 Years

Welcome back to another episode of RNT Fitness Radio. Today I’m joined by one of our RNT clients, Nimalan, who’s been working with us for the past year and gone through what I like to call the ideal physique journey so far. After a dieting phase where he, in his own words, made more progress in 16 weeks than in 10 years, he’s shifted gears to a lengthy muscle building where it’s now all about PRs on the bar, and PRs on the plate. Having never been lean in the past, we talk about struggles...


EP 64 - Matt Sandrini: How To Become A Time Zillionaire

Welcome back to another episode of RNT Fitness Radio. Today I’m joined by the owner of Time Zillionaire, Matt Sandrini, who’s an expert in helping you do more in less time, focus on what’s important, and take everything in your life to the next level. We talk about how to get out of living the 25 hours day, becoming clear on your one thing, and the best productivity tips that works with his most successful clients. One of the best takeaways from this podcast was the idea of an accountability...


EP 63 - Team RNT: How to Stay in Shape While You’re Dating (and Married)

On today’s Valentine’s day special of #RNTFitnessRadio, I’m joined by the whole team at RNT. This episode came from popular demand in the RNT family group after a long thread about juggling dating with getting into the shape of your life, so we thought we’d come together and discuss this for the single guys & girls out there! Ben also takes the mic and talks about how things might be a little different when you’re married. That said, one thing we’ve always enjoyed as coaches is training...


EP 62 - Tim Johnson: Losing 50lbs, Being Vegetarian & Ending the Yo-Yo Dieting Cycle

Welcome back to another episode of RNT Fitness Radio. Today I’m joined by one of our clients based out in Toronto, Tim Johnson, who’s undergone an incredible transformation to drop 50lbs and get into the shape of his life. It’s been a journey full of highs and lows for Tim, and in this episode, we go right into the early beginnings, his initial struggles and the why behind his transformation. What was really cool to hear about, and what will be very valuable to many of you listening, are...


EP 61 - Cleaning the Pallet and Bridging the Gap With the Art of the Buffer

Welcome back to another episode of RNT Fitness Radio. On today’s episode I’m joined by fellow RNT coach Nathan, and we start by discussing his initial experiences of becoming a full time NOMAD, and his recent exploration into journaling. I also picked up journaling recently when in Thailand, and after seeing the benefits of this style of writing, I encouraged Nathan to do the same when he started travelling. His insights into journaling, and the methods he’s been using to improve his writing...


EP 60 - Ivan Gavranic: How He Got Shredded At 5.9% (DEXA) Body Fat

On today’s episode of RNT Fitness Radio, we’re joined by one of our clients Ivan Gavranic from Australia, along with his RNT coach the Hitman. He’s here to talk all about his journey going from lean vs shredded. Ivan’s a trainer himself and he understands the value, accountability, objectivity and guidance of what having a coach can bring. He came to us at a point where he’s been in good shape before, but he wanted to get into crazy shape this time and set a real example to his clients as to...


EP 59 - Interview with Mark Stokes

On today’s episode of RNT Fitness Radio, we’re joined by one of our clients Mark Stokes, who is a speaker, author, investor and serial entrepreneur, based in London. He’s also got a lot of experience in the past of competing in ultra-marathons up to 100 miles long. He recently joined us at RNT and came to us with a great idea, where we talk about the start of a journey and what it takes to use initial momentum and turn it onto a transformation. He also flips the seat here and asks Akash...


EP 58 - Interview with Biraj and Sital Nakarja

On today’s episode of RNT Fitness Radio, we’re joined by Sital and Biraj Nakaraja. Before the age of 40, Biraj had the goal to get into photoshoot condition, and so in February 2018 he hit his goal. His photoshoot then inspired his wife Sital to do exactly the same where she also got into the shape of her life and got photoshoot lean while being on a vegetarian diet. This episode is jam packed with value from the both of them as they talk about balancing busy jobs that involve frequent trips...


EP 57 - Interview with Kunal Makwana

On today’s episode of RNT Fitness Radio, we’re joined by RNT coach Kunal Makwana and we dive deep into his own journey with his physique and his coaching career so far. We talk about the different elements of psychology he uses to get world class results, so sit back and enjoy! ‘’Coaching is more than X’s and O’s, it’s all psychological ‘’ – Kunal Makwana Subscribe to iTunes! Love the podcast? Leave a review on iTunes! What do you want to hear from The RNT Fitness Radio? Tell us...


EP 56 - 21 Questions with Akash Vaghela

On today’s episode of RNT Fitness Radio, we’re doing some different where Akash will be in the hot seat and the Nathan ‘Hitman’ Johnson fires 21 questions at him.. They’ll be covering various topics from Akash’s background, career path, travelling and a lot more. So, sit back and enjoy this episode! ‘’What we do at RNT isn’t just body transformations, we’re changing lives’’ – Akash Vaghela Subscribe to iTunes! Love the podcast? Leave a review on iTunes! What do you want to...


EP 55 - Interview with Amit Sodha

On today’s episode of RNT Fitness Radio, we’re joined by life coach, speaker, writer and dating coach Amit Sodha. We discuss everything from information overload, exploring your consciousness, mindset and how to overcome dark periods in your life. We also discuss dating, the rise of apps, approaches to dating, how to recover from hard break-ups and how to cultivate meaningful long-term relationships. So, sit back and enjoy this action-packed episode! ‘’We all need to crumble, and those...


EP 54 - Interview with Shalini Desai

On today’s episode of RNT Fitness Radio, we’re joined by one of our clients who’s undergoing an incredible transformation, Shalini Desai. She’s based out of New York, and we wanted to bring her on to discuss how she balances being a mother of two young girls, working long hours and fitting in her own fitness goals. During the episode, we discuss the strategies she’s used to overcome her biggest challenges, why it’s critical for parents to be leaders for their children when it comes to good...


EP 53 - Interview with Derek Natcher

On today’s episode of RNT Fitness Radio. We are joined by Akash’s very own coach Derek Natcher, a bodybuilding and contest prep coach based out of Florida. During this episode we talk all things natural muscle building, why it’s critical to play the long game, realistic rates of muscle gain (beginner, intermediate and advanced) and the mindset required to build your ultimate physique. “Commit. Don’t be half in and half out”. – Derek Natcher Subscribe to iTunes! Love the podcast?...


EP 52 - Interview with Maneet Dharia

On today’s episode of RNT Fitness Radio, today we’re joined by one of our RNT clients, Maneet, to dive deep into his awesome transformation. At the start of this year, Maneet came to us with his life-long goal of getting a six pack, but he said he wanted to take a slower approach and make it seamless with his extremely busy lifestyle as a dentist, moving to a new city. Over the course of the last 10 months, he’s managed to drop a total of 50lbs, get into the shape of his life and complete a...


EP 51 - Team RNT Podcast: Final Phase Fat Loss

On today’s episode of RNT Fitness Radio, we’ve got the whole team on the line in a roundtable format where we cover two areas. 1) Our best tips on approaching the final phases of fat loss, and 2) How to manage the Christmas period, and how to balance enjoyment with staying in shape. We also talk about our own fitness goals, and go round the table to discuss what we’re working on right now. “Motivation isn’t enough. You need to create habits, behaviours and systems in place to carry you...


EP 50 - Interview with Tom Hollis

We’ve hit 50 episodes! Thank you so much for the support so far! To commemorate the 50th episode, we’ve brought on one of our long-term clients to talk about the ‘ideal client journey’, and the importance of ‘investing ‘in your physique. We talk about Tom’s physique journey over the years, the importance of ‘building a bigger engine’ to give yourself more social flexibility with food, and the use of data to drive objective decision making when making changes. “Building a body is like...


EP 49 - Interview with Mike De Santi

On today’s episode of RNT Fitness Radio, I’m joined by Mike De Santi, who’s a life coach based out in Florida. I first met Mike in LA earlier this year during Jason Ferruggia’s Renegade weekend, and I was taken aback by just how insightful he was on different topics related self-mastery and personal development. I knew then I needed to get him on the podcast and share his message with you all. Listen in as we discuss how to deal with paralysis by analysis, how to manage your inner state,...