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electronic jams from all across the spectrum. Don't like the music? Wait 3 minutes. @radiostrangefellow on Insta, @djstrangefellow on twitter

electronic jams from all across the spectrum. Don't like the music? Wait 3 minutes. @radiostrangefellow on Insta, @djstrangefellow on twitter


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electronic jams from all across the spectrum. Don't like the music? Wait 3 minutes. @radiostrangefellow on Insta, @djstrangefellow on twitter




Radio Strangefellow presents: Kipo's Age of Wonderbeasts Unofficial Wonderbeats Playlist Mix

Dreamwork's new animated show, 'Kipo and the Age of Wonderbeasts' has a playlist that fits perfectly into a short 22-minute mix. Tune in for a short bust of amazing tunes to provide inspiration for the next thing on your list; cook dinner, go for a ride, wash the kids, pay the bills; this fits it all!


'Free-Falling' a Tom Petty reMIX Tape

Sometimes the ideas others share with you that you act on immediately end up being the best art. A Zoom cocktail with dear friends during quarantine inspired this mix. If you DON'T like electronic music, then this episode is for you. A half-hour of remixed Tom Petty, along with a few special guests. Comfort music for the soul during the lockdown.


Hellllooo 2020! Wow!

Who knew! After a brief 11-month hiatus, Radio Strangefellow is back just when you need him! Featuring a deep house electronic set complete with pure bliss beats, deep grooves, and a few train wrecks- we hope you enjoy my 'comeback podcast' , with many more on the way!


Florida Sunset mix

Radio Strangefellow is on the road this week, and is bringing you this fresh mix full of complex yet chill sounds from the comfort of his Hyatt hotel room in Orlando, Florida. Florida is weird and this music makes it even weirder. Plug it in during your workout, commute or as you drift off to sleep- I guarantee it will fit the vibe everywhere! For a tracklist, email


The Year's Getting Away From Us (tikka masala mix session)

Quiet your mind with this groove-filled gem! Playlist below: Recorded 3/4/2019. Tracklist: Sunset Lover / Petit Biscuit Monster Lead Me Home / Sara Hartman Play On (original mix) / Scott Diaz What I Do (Burnski Remix) / Subb-an, Burnski Doubt (Summer Edit) / Shallou Torn / James TW Soft Landing / David Hohme, Jodi Wisternoff Sun Is Shining / Jude & Frank, Bob Marley Square Miso (Anjunadeep 09 Mix) / Dusky Drifting Spring / Kieran Apter, Leon Power Afghanistan Dan's Skating Stand...


Radio Strangefellow presents Soul BPM

Let your inner needle settle into the deep groove of house music with this special podcast of 2019. We went all deep house with this mix, with no interruption. Drop the needle on this podcast a soulful, moving soundtrack to the next 52 minutes of your life. **Special note: I recorded this mic live and did a live broadcast on Instagram in early 2019** Tracklist: (air traffic commentary provided by Mark Farina) Nightmares on Wax Sebb Junior ATFC Nebraska Ross Couch Soulsearcher Honey...


Divided Sky 20 Year Throwback Sampler

20 years ago the first 'Divided Sky Radio' aired on a small community radio station in Grand Junction Colorado. In 2019 we will celebrate 20 years of chill jams with special 'throwback' mixes peppered into our normal episodes of electronic and chill. In these episodes, we sample what made the Divided Sky great - and still does. This episode is long - almost 2 hours - as the original radio shows were almost 3 hours. Track list: 1. Q-Burns 2. Dido 3. Gorillaz 4. St. Germain 5. Purple...


Mix: 2018's Most Listened To Albums

To round out a great year of podcasting and music, here are tracks from Strangefellow's 11 most listened to albums in 2018. Not all new music, and maybe not all the best, but interesting and entertaining, nonetheless. Thanks for supporting Radio Strangefellow's first year in podcasting!


Divided Sky RE-RELEASE: 'The Red Pill' (2004)

Jump back in time with a special release of one of the original Divided Sky mix cds. This mix, from 2004, features a slippery journey of chill beats and positive jams from beginning to end, complete with a legit takeoff and landing, and a special appearance by Johnny Goldenshaft. Track List: Lux Lemonjelly Maxxi Jazz Dzihan & Kamien Mark Farina TFL everything but the girl Journeyman 3000 Ganga Giri Nina Simone Michael Franti Want more? Send an email to,...


Ryan Adams Faves MGMX!!!!

...another guilty pleasures mix, highlighting 12 Ryan Adams crooners into a quick 30 minute megamix. Go ahead, we won't judge!


'Divided Sky' Fall 2018 LIVE MIX

A blast from the past! However you remember tuning in to the Divided Sky, #Radio Strangefellow is bringing it back. Plug in this musical journey of a podcast to be your biggest fan for the next 46 minutes, whether it's to celebrate everything awesome in your life, or just hold off the impending doom.


...the Divided Sky returns!

In this special edition of Radio Strangefellow, we feature a new podcast edition of the legendary Divided Sky radio show and mixtape! Could it be a comeback for this esoteric and eclectic random sampling of musical epicness?


Strangefellow's 1980s New Wave MEGAMIX!

A tight, moody mix of 18 different epic new wave/modern rock artists, bringing wave after wave of nostalgia, angst and feels.


2018 Summer Sessions, Volume 2

Keeping your summer rollin' steady with this mix. Movie clips courtesy of Johnny Castle. Track List: Umi Copper The National Kasbo Tyler the Creator Mark Kitchen/KC Lights Faithless Nora En Pure Janelle Monae Tinlicker Tycho Portugal the Man/Passion Pit


2018 Summer Sessions, Volume 1

A poolside episode perfect for all things summer. Chill, dance, grill, ride, float, love. Featuring mixes from Ramses, M83, Biggie Smalls, Empire of the Sun, Tycho, Talking Heads, Beyhude, Taylor Swift, Prince, The National, Elfenberg, and sound bytes from Dazed and Confused.


Strangefellow presents; Dance/Pop Early Summer Mix (5.18.2018)

I had fun with this one. Taking some new and not so new pop tracks that I love and blending them into 45 minutes of hip-grinding, fist-pumping early summer jams, appropriate for anything; pool parties, a long drive, late-night roughhousing, or martini BBQs. While previous episodes were live recordings with a live voice track, I took more time with this one to ensure complete continuity and very few speed bumps. Enjoy friends!


'Rockthebody Again' Strangefellow remixes Moby's 'Play'

For this episode of #RadioStrangefellow, Strangefellow chose to pull together various interpretation's of songs from Moby's 1999 album 'Play,' and re-worked them into the original album song order.


DJ Strangefellow 'Tarantino Wrap Party'

In winter of 2015, DJ Strangefellow DJed Quentin Tarantino's wrap party for 'The Hateful Eight' at the Deep Creek Mine in Telluride, Colorado.