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Climate justice. System change. Grassroots movement-building. Fun! All the latest on what's going on in the Friends of the Earth network across Europe.

Climate justice. System change. Grassroots movement-building. Fun! All the latest on what's going on in the Friends of the Earth network across Europe.
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Climate justice. System change. Grassroots movement-building. Fun! All the latest on what's going on in the Friends of the Earth network across Europe.






The one where we hear from the students striking for climate

Over the last few months, climate protests have erupted across Europe and the world, forcing governments to pay attention - if not making them take action yet. We spoke to school and university students from across Europe who started organising and protesting for the first time. Why now? And what will it take them to stop?


Episode #21 - Working with communities affected by environmental injustice

Many communities in the world are fighting for their right to live in a safe and natural environment. Some weeks ago, during Young Friends of the Earth Europe’s training in Ireland, we spoke with Lynda Sullivan and V’Cenza Cirefice about their experiences working with communities affected by environmental injustice. They not only reflected on common obstacles and struggles for these communities, but also shared with us some strategies and advice for anyone looking to support them. This...


Episode #20 - Getting to know FoE Slovenia!

Our Friends of the Earth family has grown bigger! Focus Association for Sustainable Development has recently joined our wonderful network, and to celebrate it, we talked with Živa Kavka Gobbo about her organisation’s past, present and bright future. Listen to our podcast and welcome Friends of the Earth Slovenia with us!


Episode #19 - Speaking up for refugees in Croatia (and elsewhere)

#RefugeesWelcome - Voices of solidarity with refugees have recently been drowned out by hate speech or even systematically silenced through criminalisation. This happened in the Balkans, where hundreds of thousands of people in need have arrived, but also in the rest of Europe. Now is the moment for us to be louder! Marija from Zelena Akcija/Friends of the Earth Croatia gives us some clues on recent developments and presents options for everyone to show solidarity even beyond hashtags. (C)...


Episode #18 - How Hambacher Forest was saved from coal chaos – for now

An ancient forest in the West of Germany was on the verge of destruction to expand a coal mine - until the hard work of activists from local communities and further afield paid off.


Episode #17 - Is Ireland about to ban drilling for oil and gas?

We follow the remarkable progress of the #fossilfree movement in Ireland. Ireland is one of Europe's climate change 'laggards', but a powerful grassroots campaign could be about to change that. In just a few short months, a well-organised group of people has sprung up to protest oil and gas drilling, and they're on the cusp of what could be a major victory - to get Ireland to outlaw new drilling for fossil fuels. Ireland would be the fourth country in the world to do so. Aideen Ó...


Episode #16 - Preventing a 'Dirty Brexit'

This episode is about Brexit – the United Kingdom’s withdrawal from the European Union. We explore what the decision means for the environment, and for our network, with interviews with representatives of Friends of the Earth member groups in different constituent parts of the UK. What does Brexit mean for the environment? How can we stop “a dystopian Brexit scenario”? What does it mean for Scotland specifically? And Northern Ireland? How can we make sure dirty industries don't take...


Episode #15 – Earthquakes, sinking houses and climate change: tales from Europe's largest gas field

What happens when a town strikes gas? 30 years after Shell and ExxonMobil opened up Europe's biggest gas field for drilling, the residents of Groningen are finding out – near-constant earthquakes are destroying people's homes, leaving them too dangerous to live in and too expensive to fix. Meanwhile, while north-west Europe continues to burn fossil gas, the low-lying region sits perilously close to the sea level.


Episode #14: School of Sustainability – a heart-to-heart approach to activism

How can popular education methods help environmental and social justice activists? Friends of the Earth groups from Russia, Bulgaria, Slovakia and Latvia explain what these techniques are, how they work in practice, and what they've learned along the way.


Episode #13 - The battle to save Kresna gorge

The twisty-turny story of how a spectacular nature haven in southwestern Bulgaria, home to twice as many butterfly species as the whole of the UK and protected by EU nature laws, is under threat from an illegal EU-funded motorway from Sofia to Greece. Meet the people in Bulgaria working round the clock to #SaveKresna...


Episode #12 - Energy Democracy Now! Building a movement to create solutions

In September 2017, energy experts and activists from 20 countries gathered in Spain and explored how clean, renewable energy can remain in people's hands. Listen to Lavinia, Alexa, Dirk and Angel talk about energy efficiency, cooperatives, mobility, remunicipalisation and much more!


Episode #11 - tales from FoE Sweden's climate camp

Special guest episode! Jöran from Friends of the Earth Sweden takes us behind the scenes at the climate camp they organised this summer...


Episode #10 - 10 years of Young Friends of the Earth Europe!

To mark ten years of Young Friends of the Earth Europe, we gathered inspirational & funny stories from those who’ve been involved since it started in 2007.


Episode #9: reflecting on 10 years directing our network

Our director, Magda Stoczkiewicz, stepped down last month after ten years at the helm of our European network. We caught up with her in her last week at work to talk about her reflections on her time with us and the broader environmental movement, and her advice on how to tackle the challenges we're facing today.


Episode 8: Putting the Eco before the Ego: a look at feminism in the environmental justice movement

This episode looks at feminism and how it relates to our work for environmental justice. We talked to four members of our network. Ivana brings us to Bosnia-Herzegovina where they started integrating the work for gender justice within their own campaigns for environmental justice. Shenna gives us a bit of an insight on the School of Sustainability work on power and privilege, giving us another perspective on equity for all and how we can achieve this. Louise and Sinead bring us to Ireland...


Episode #7 - The people power behind a fossil free Europe

This episode introduces four stories from individuals – the people power behind the transition to the fossil fuel free future we need. We talk to people involved in three Friends of the Earth groups, on the potential for community-owned and managed renewables in Denmark, on the perfect plan for transitioning Estonia away from dirty oil shale, and on how local resistance and perseverance has turned a small Czech town into an example of the just transition we need to move away from dirty...


Episode #6 - Zagreb: European Capital of Trash

This episode is a story that touches on giant bags of fake money, the actual mafia, and plans to clean up the capital of Croatia. While cities in Denmark and Cyprus enjoy the status of European Capitals of Culture in 2017, Zagreb has been blessed with a rather less sought-after title by Zelena Akcija/Friends of the Earth Croatia: the EU capital of trash. The city came last among EU capitals for separately collecting and recycling waste in a 2015 study, with recyclable material worth an...


Episode #5 - stopping the "dam tsumani" in Bosnia & Herzegovina

In Bosnia & Herzegovina, almost 300 dams are built, under construction or planned for the country's 244 rivers. Here's the story of how they're being resisted from the grassroots.


Episode #4 - how to stop CETA: instruction pack

In this episode, we walk you through the different stages of the #StopCETA campaign. Going from Bratislava to Dublin, passing by Brussels and Luxembourg, the movement has had quite an intense autumn 2016. CETA might be signed, yet people still have a few tricks to stop this free-trade deal between Canada and the EU.


Episode #3 - how to broaden the environmental movement

We talk intersectionality – what it is, and how we can (practically!) make the environmental justice movement broader and more inclusive. Let’s not mince words: we mean less white, male, straight and middle-class.