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A homebrew Dungeons and Dragons podcast from the Court of Nerds.

A homebrew Dungeons and Dragons podcast from the Court of Nerds.
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A homebrew Dungeons and Dragons podcast from the Court of Nerds.




Reverse Centuar: Bonus Cheese

So Kevin wasn't his Sledge like self, and blew off a schedualed record. That happened a week before Grand Rapids Comic Con, so there wasn't a chance to record a back up episode. So Kevin had to scramble to find some un released content... which he found... sort of... Please enjoy: Grilled Cheese Theater The music for this episode was recorded by SliT for Reverse Centaur and was used with permission. Check out SliT on Soundcloud


Reverse Centaur Episode #34: Eph Yew

The Poo Crew Manage to get themselves up to yet another bar… this one is just in orbit…. and meet up with Ffrip. Turns out the UKE Toys know that they were coming and want to have an exchange… But, what could they have that Yvanna, Grundle, Smirk, or Ginspring want? Also, Drow Shenanigans, and the newest member of Space Captain Hoofenbrock’s crew: Sheri. What Grant is drinking: Bell’s Best Brown Ale can be found here. What Gregg is drinking: Founder’s Curmudgeon’s Better Half can be...


Reverse Centaur Episode 33: Space Captain Hoofenbrock

The poo crew needs to find a way to get up to a space station to meet Ffrip, but Yvanna needs to look at one last thing before she leaves. Turns out that Mother Terra is still around, but not in the condition that she suspected. Plus, should they trust this Ysoki that seems to reflexively lie to them about silly things like how much money he has? And that Drow named Eph Yew? What can he do for them? Will Grundle get a new hat? Find out the answers to these questions and more, in this weeks...


Reverse Centaur Episode 32: The Ginspring Inn

Questions linger in the smelly sewage air as the aptly named Poo Crew recover from their battle with Grant the Naur. It seems Yvanna and Grundle's new traveling companion seems to get himself in as much trouble as Ffrip used to... The question is, do they care enough about the charming rat-type person to actually save him? What secrets is Ginspring hiding? Will Grundle ever get to take a shower? What is a Middle-Aged Cosmic Bardic Tortle? Can Grundle smile? Find out the answers to most of...


Reverse Centaur Episode 31: Bos-Co

Finially all three players manage to converge in the same location. What's wrong with Grundle? Will Yvanna manage to find some real clothes? Can Smirk charm his way through everything? What kind of material is space station leisureware made from that it rips so easily? Who is that mysterious figure with the ability to open portals? Find out the answer to some of these questions in this weeks latest episode. Music By Kevin Carley and Sirius Beat


Reverse Centaur Episode 30: Nuar Your Business

Grant finally gets to play on the other side of the DM screen. His pressence on Hulg is supposed to be of a clandestine nature, so why is a loudsnouted Nuar making it so difficult? What did his church have to gain? Can he avoid making a doodie? Give a listen and find out the answers to these questions and less in the final solo episode of the Starfinder Chronicles. Music By Kevin Carley and Sirius Beat


Reverse Centaur Episode 29: Grundle, Breaker of Chains

Lets find out if Grundle can break the game like Yvanna did. When you wake up naked in a dirt cell, you might have a few questions... of you might want to punch things. Can the dark and brooding Teifling make a new friend? Will he ignore doors and blindly play follow the leader? Does he get to wear leather? All these questions will be answered, and more in the second solo episode of the Starfinder Chronicles.


Reverse Centaur Episode 28: Bathrobes & Blasters

After Ffrip dissapears into the Kirby Krackle, Yvanna and Grundle dive after him. But portals can be tricky things, and Yvanna wakes up naked and alone… seperated from the group. A familiar face don’t really seem to offer much help, but instead raises only more questions. How does Yvanna get out of a confusing bind with only her magnetic elfish sexuality at hand? Tune in and find out. Music By Kevin Carley and Sirius Beat


Reverse Centaur Episode 27: Into the Stars

Upon returning to their Rose Legion apartment, the Poo Crew faces a new problem. what to do with a halfling that is playing with himself in their shared bathroom…. Plus Yvanna talks to a bush. This is the start of a brand new story arc in the Starfinder Universe. Thanks to our friends at Pazio for this wonderful game system and supplying their latest Armory book which you can pick up here. Music by: Sirius Beat - One Link:


Reverse Centaur Episode 26: Familiar Faces and Last Stands

Meet old friends. Confront the Wraith. Stop the murders. Seems easy enough, right? Tune in to the conclusion of 'the Gallows'!


Reverse Centaur Episode 25: The Task at Hand

Alternate title: "What the Squirrel Saw..." In this episode, the gang gets deeper into the Gallows murders, and come face-to-face with the Wraith. Enjoy the second part of 'The Gallows'!


Reverse Centaur Episode 24: To the Gallows

In this episode we start our two-part interlude: The Gallows! Follow the Poo Crew into the shady part of town to solve a series of murders involving the first-born of rich families. Why would anyone do this? Who is the Wraith? Tune in and find out! Theme music performed by Drew Alkema, whose work you can find HEEEEERE Cover art designed by Scott Wygmans, whose work you can find HEEEEERE


Reverse Centaur Episode 23 - Against Your Will

A cornered animal is at its most dangerous, as our heroes are about to learn. And now, the finale of the Unholy Hostage.


Reverse Centaur 22: A Rock and a Hard Place

Welcome to the penultimate episode of the Unholy Hostage! Things are steamrolling toward the climax as the assault on the small Church of Mother Terra continues. The Poo Crew has a lot of information to process, but the cult members -- led by a familiar Sin-Eater -- charge ahead mindlessly. How do they fight off the people they've come to love? Can they find the source of their ensorcelment? Does Ffrip get his ice cream? Tune in and find out!!


Reverse Centaur BONUS Episode - Prepping for the Stars!

Another bonus episode before we hit the big finale of the Unholy Hostage! Kevin walks Grant through the process of creating a character in Starfinder by Paizo in anticipation of future shenanigans. Fun times for fans of rolling characters!


Reverse Centaur BONUS Episode - When the Cat's Away...

Happy Summer Shenanigans, folks! In today's episode, the merry cast of Reverse Centaur cut loose while DM Grant is away doing whatever it is he does when he's otherwise occupied. Kevin's in charge this week, so hold on to your butts!


Reverse Centaur Episode 21: A Fighting Legion of Invading Friends

We're back! In this episode, we pick up from the invasion of the Church of the Absent Father, and how the Poo Crew responds to fighting an army made up of their friends. Who's ready for some ice cream?


Reverse Centaur BONUS Episode - New Wizards Book Reviews!

Greetings all! We're dipping into the Bonus episodes 'cause it's summer, and summer reading is where it's at! Today Gregg, Grant, and Kevin break down the two newest page-turners from Wizards of the Coast: "Xanathar's Guide to Everything" and "Mordenkainen's Tome of Foes." These are incredible additions to an already impressive catalogue, and we can't WAIT to start incorporating this stuff into our campaigns!


Reverse Centaur Episode 20: A Betrayal of Trust

Unicorns. Jailbreaks. Direwolves. Family? The Poo Crew faces a gamut of challenges in this episode, both physical and emotional. BREAK OUT THE TISSUES!


Reverse Centaur Episode 19: Memory Thief

The Poo Crew find themselves in a precarious position: they passed the third trial under mysterious circumstances, and now the Church of the Absent Father gives them their first mission...of murder.