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A homebrew Dungeons and Dragons podcast from the Court of Nerds.

A homebrew Dungeons and Dragons podcast from the Court of Nerds.
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A homebrew Dungeons and Dragons podcast from the Court of Nerds.




Reverse Centaur Episode #52: The Shareholder Meeting

The Poo Crew are riding in cephalopod pods toward what they hope are the ladders of arch. But the pods were built by an eccentric gnome with a squid on his lid, and they don’t seem to be put together very well… Will they drown? Who is the Shareholder? Will Grundle beat up his friends? Tune in for the answer to these questions and more in this weeks blunderful episode. Curmudgeon’s Better Half Brunch by Founders Brewing here. Stuff that can be found here. Game of Throne Pinot Noir by Bob...


Reverse Centaur Episode #51: Elon Mollusk

This week the adventures face puzzles, mysterious strangers, an enigmatic gnome, and a little bit of S&M. Can they make it to the ladders before the world freezes over? Can they agree on how to get there? Can a tree get drunk? Maybe, No, and yes. What Grant is Drinking: Cheboygan Brewing CompanyBlood Orange HoneyhereWhat Marjoire is Drinking: Long Road DistillershereWhat Gregg is Drinking: 21 Amendment Brewing Company Brew Free or DiehereWhat Kevin is Drinking: Connecticut Valley...


Reverse Centaur Episode #50: Arch Madness

The heroes of Harmony-One have a some strange new ally in that of Captain Pink Nose, having alienated the person they meant to help out in the first place. Pink Nose, smitten with Smirk, takes them to Ice Rock Atoll where the poo crew get back to their usual mucking about. Will they uncover secret organizations? Will they find another Middle Aged Cosmic Bardic Tortle? Is wearing a squid on your head fashion? Will Yvanna’s urges get the better of her? Will Pink Nose’s urges get the Better of...


Reverse Centaur Episode #49: The Tides of Arch

The poo crew have escaped the Hallajin, solved a riddle, and stumbled upon a hostage situation they helped cause. Will they make the right choices? Will they sacrifice their morals once again to survive? Will they talk in silly pirate accents? "No", "Maybe," and a definite "Yes." It's been a long wait... but one well worth it. What Grant is Drinking: A warm glass of what can be found here.What Marjoire is Drinking: Long Road Distillers Bourbon can be found here. What Gregg is...


Reverse Centaur Episode #48: The Failing of Pha'Lys

The Poo Crew have escaped the Hallajin and find themselves in another cavern, this time with a riddle. Can our heroes solve the riddle? Will they learn what happened to Orry? Will the DM make a Sonny Bono reference? I won't say yes... but it's not a no. What Grant is Drinking: Coney Island Brewing CompanyHard Root BeerhereWhat Marjoire is Drinking: Long Road DistillershereWhat Gregg is Drinking: Six River's Brewing Sasquatch IPA hereWhat Kevin is Drinking: Banded BrewingCharms &...


Reverse Centaur Episode #47: What the Hallajin are You Doing?

Welcome to the episode that made Sledge pull his hair out. Please excuse the poor audio quality this week. After a nearly complete edit, The raw audio file became corrupted. No fear because Sledge runs a backup, right? Well when he started working on the back up, that too also became messed up forcing him to start over. Not wanting to work on the same episode for another week… he left in all the cross chatter and paper shuffling… more out of anger than anything. Despite all that, we have an...


Reverse Centaur Episode #46: Sooner or Ladder

After saving their friends from a couple of shifty Aeon Guards, the poo crew explores a cave and doesn't question why the Azlanti Star Empire is on Orray and with working with Abadar Corp. What secrets can the "Motes of the Missing" unlock? What powers will someone acquire? What incredible thing will Space Captain Sheriff Hoofenbrock make next? Will they ever get a rest? I'm not promising answers, but I am promising metallic turds. What Grant is Drinking: WaterhereWhat Marjoire is...


Reverse Centaur Episode #45: Mighty Cloridians

This has been a busy week. So forgive the lack of show notes. Next week expect more info. The music from this episode: Sirius Beat and is used with permission. Sampled Good, Bad, and the Ugly soundtrack by Ennio Morricone All other music and sound effects made by Kevin and is used with permission


Reverse Centaur Episode #44: Saloon Showdown

Saddle up pilgrims, this weeks episode takes place in a dusty western themed town. Expect appropriately themed music, costume changes, weapons, and dialogue. Also expect allot of bad, and consequence filled choices. It’s enough to fill your 39 3/4 liter hat. What Grant is drinking: Four Roses BourbonhereWhat Gregg is drinking: Kona BlendhereWhat Kevin is drinking: Infinite Galaxy by Pipeworks BrewinghereWhat Marjoire is drinking: Long Road Bourbonhere. The music from this...


Reverse Centaur Episode #43: Eye-Patches and Double Dealing

After much coaxing from the Dungeon Master, the Poo Crew finally get their act together and decide to start making some progress. But it wouldn’t be an adventure if Smirk didn’t make some drastic decisions without consulting his comrades…. as well as one that might seal all of their fates… This episode has a bit of everything, from arm-wrestling dwarves, slow talking Middle-Aged Cosmic Bardic Tortles, cross-dressing Phentomites, and that mysterious Aeon Guard whom they encountered in...


Reverse Centaur Episode #42:

Yet another episode of Reverse Centaur where the Poo Crew does everything they can to avoid solving the problem before them or completeling a quest in any meaningful way. Listen to the players roll badly. Listen to the DM struggle with the players. Listen to the players disregard of sense and sensibility. Listen to the DM almost give up in disgust. It’s almost all there. What Grant is drinking: hereWhat Gregg is drinking: hereWhat Marjoire is drinking: here The music from this episode...


Reverse Centaur Episode #41: Trading Places

The Poo Crew ended the reign of LaGrunch… but at what cost? Ffrip decides to take matters into his own hands to "save" everyone. But, does his actions save anybody other than one person? Also, can nobody get along? Will Smirk get the appreciation he deserves? How high can Sheri bounce off the furniture? Get the answers to these questions and less on this less than inspirational episode! What Grant is drinking: hereWhat Gregg is drinking: hereWhat Kevin is drinking: here.What Marjoire...


Reverse Centaur Episode #40: Operation Air-Tight Butthole

The end of the LaGrunch Holiday Special. Strap in... it's a long one.


Reverse Centaur Episode #39: The Naughty List

The Epic Battle between Evil and… well the stupid… continues. No matter what tricks the Poo Crew pulls out, nothing seems to be ending LaGrunch’s reign of terror, until a more… unorthodox approach is attempted. In the end... Love... and Hunger... conquers all. Tune in next week to the conclusion of the exciting seasonal story arc.


Reverse Centaur Episode #38: Dying Under the Missle-TOW

So what does a group of heroes do when one of the galaxies most nefarious villians attacks a space station orbiting a shattered world? Maybe we could ask them some time if they every stop dicking around. Listen to part one of the Holiday themes adventure that has so many bad puns, Theodor Geisel is turning is his grave. What Grant is drinking: White ClawhereWhat Gregg is drinking: Yogi TeahereWhat Kevin is drinking: Harpoon BreweryhereWhat Marjoire is drinking: Short’s Brewing...


Reverse Centaur Bonus Episode: Letters to Space Santa

Look at that, we have another bonus episode to fill the void in your life that has nothing to do with us not being able to record during the holidays. Nope, that is not the reason this episode exists. It's because we want to drag out the suspense. Don't Believe us? Fine. It's because we love you. Still don't? Shut up, it's free, just give it a listen. Happy Holidays jerks.


Reverse Centuar Episode #37: Cloro-Bill

The Poo Crew's first day just ended, yet everyone but Grundle and Sheri don't get much rest. Yvanna is about to reap what she sowed, and Smirk is along for the ride. Several teachable moments in this episode including, but not limited to, why you shouldn't fly space ships while high. The more you know.... The music from this episode was produced by Sirius Beat and is used with permission. All other music and sound effects made by Kevin and is used with...


Reverse Centaur Episode #36: Trouble in the Shuttle Bay

Wow, Ffrip finished he tail of woe last week, but Smirk wasn't there to here it. A nude ysoki is running around ship is something we may have all expected, but when someone is trying to open the doors to the Shuttle/Fighter Bay, everyone needs to spring into action... Will they come together? Will they use some of their new toys? Will they show restraint? Common, you know the answers to these questions. What Grant finished drinking: hereWhat Gregg is drinking: hereWhat Kevin is...


Reverse Centaur Episode #35: Mystery Machine / Revelations

After last battle with the UKE Toy’s, our intrepid adventures deserve a bit of down time. A nice comfortable trip across the Drift… But we don’t always get what we want… and they definitely don’t get what they need. Join the crew as they discover the wonders of the Mystery Machine and listen to the story Ffrip has to tell. What Grant is drinking: Saugatuck Brewing Company Maple Blueberry StouthereWhat Gregg is drinking: Founder’s Brewing Company CBS hereWhat Kevin is drinking: Evil...


Reverse Centuar: Bonus Cheese

So Kevin wasn't his Sledge like self, and blew off a schedualed record. That happened a week before Grand Rapids Comic Con, so there wasn't a chance to record a back up episode. So Kevin had to scramble to find some un released content... which he found... sort of... Please enjoy: Grilled Cheese Theater The music for this episode was recorded by SliT for Reverse Centaur and was used with permission. Check out SliT on Soundcloud