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08: Former Special Assistant to President Obama for National Security Affairs and Retired Navy SEAL Jeff Eggers

On Episode 8 of the Rhinomind Coaching Podcast, I’m joined by Jeff Eggers, a retired Navy SEAL, former Special Assistant to President Obama for national security affairs, and the current Executive Director of The Leadership Institute at The McChrystal Group. In this interview, Jeff shares stories from his time as a Navy SEAL, and also describes what he feels were President Obama’s most effective leadership behaviors. We also discuss why Jeff feels that redefining leadership around the...


07: High-Performance Leadership with Former PepsiCo Chief People Officer Mike Feiner

On Episode 7 of the Rhinomind Coaching Podcast, I am joined by one of the world’s foremost experts on high-performance leadership. Mike Feiner was an SVP and Chief People Officer at PepsiCo before spending a decade teaching high-performance leadership at Columbia Business School. Mike is also the author of The Feiner Points of Leadership, where he breaks leadership down into 50 laws across easy-to-use categories, including leading subordinates and bosses, peers and teams, as well as...


06: The Future of Coaching and Leadership with Dr. Alex Pascal

On today’s Rhinomind Coaching podcast, Todd is joined by executive coach and Coachlogix CEO Dr. Alex Pascal, an entrepreneur who lives at the cutting edge of technology, research, and coaching. Alex was one of the youngest coaches ever to coach executives at the Center for Creative Leadership, and with such a broad, insider’s view of the coaching landscape, Alex founded Coachlogix to address inefficiencies in the coaching marketplace. CoachLogix provides a platform for coaches and...


05: Award Winning Filmmaker Mike Zimbalist

Award-winning filmmaker Mike Zimbalist joins the Rhinomind Coaching podcast to talk about his career and life in film. Mike and his brother Jeff are best known for the ESPN 30-for-30 documentaries The Two Escobars (2010) and Youngstown Boys (2013), and the feature film Pelé: Birth of a Legend (2016). Mike and his brother are set to release four films in 2018! Please join Mike and host Todd Iarussi as they discuss Mike finding his calling in film, his perspective on making films that have a...


04: Leadership and Coaching at the Highest Levels with Dr. Richard Levin

In this episode, Todd Iarussi talks to Dr. Richard Levin, one of America's first executive coaches, and the CEO of Richard Levin and Associates (RLA). RLA is the only coaching firm on the 2018 Forbes list of the 50 best US management consulting firms. Richard actually began his career as a psychologist, but at the request of his executive-level clients, began helping them approach business and leadership challenges by observing them in the workplace. In the process, he has helped to start...


03: Falling and Getting Back Up with Chris Colabello, Part 2

How does it feel to be at your highest high, on top of the world, and then take the biggest fall you could ever imagine? Can you bounce back? Can you find the mental strength to keep going? What if your very character and integrity are called into question? You’ll find answers to these questions and more in this episode. Chris Colabello is one of the great Cinderella stories. He was undrafted out of Division II college and played 7 years of independent league baseball in Worchester, MA,...


02: Leadership and the Mental Game of Baseball with Chris Colabello, Part 1

Chris Colabello is one of the great Cinderella stories in baseball. He was undrafted out of Division II college and played 7 years of independent league baseball in Worchester, MA, for the Tornadoes. He made some swing changes with the help of a hitting coach named Bobby Tewksbary, and the two of them began a meteoric rise to the major league level. Chris ended up hitting in the middle of the Blue Jays lineup in the 2015 ALCS, which was one of the best offenses ever. I wanted to have Chris...


01: Mindfulness in Leadership, Education, Sports, and Cancer Recovery with Doug Worthen

Think back to your high school days. How would your life have been different if Mindfulness was offered as a course? It’s mind-boggling, isn’t it? Believe it or not, there are numerous schools across the country that are seeing the need for this training and offering it as part of the curriculum. Today’s show is about one man who is making mindfulness an integral part of the curriculum at his school, and he’s working to bring it about in other schools across the US. Doug Worthen is the...