Gear reviews and tips and tactics for backcountry hunters

Gear reviews and tips and tactics for backcountry hunters


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Gear reviews and tips and tactics for backcountry hunters






The Mule Deer Masters with Robby Denning and Travis Hobbs

This week on the Rokcast we talk about mule deer. I'm joined by Travis Hobbs and Robby Denning in a wall tent late one night while on a late season mule deer hunt. We talk about the giants Travis has hunted over the years along with what to look for on a rut hunt. But first to kick off the episode, Robby shares a couple of stories. Travis Hobbs and Scar -> Robby Denning and the Rok Blog ->


First Lite Specter

Kevin Harlander of First Lite joins us in this episode to talk about the newly released pattern called Specter. Specter is a whitetail specific pattern and Kevin shares the science behind the design.


The Knife Guide with Evan Siembida

Today we're joined by knife maker Evan Siembida. Evan is a custom knife maker and is a wealth of knowledge surrounding the process and materials. In this episode we cover different steels, blade shapes, handle materials plus choosing the fit and function of a knife for your application. Previous episode on knives ->


Kodiak Island Gear with Daniel Horner and James Nash

Today we're joined by two special guests right from Kodiak Island. Fresh off of a Mountain Goat hunt, host Jordan Budd sits down with Daniel Horner and James Nash to chat about the gear the three used on the hunts. James is the host of 6 Ranch Podcast and Daniel is a 3 gun competition shooter. The two of them with Jordan make up the Sig Sauer Hunting team. Earlier podcast with James Nash -> 6 Ranch podcast with Jordan ->...


Catching Up with Robby Denning

In this special episode, Robby Denning is solo and updating everyone on his season. He talks about what has happened with the weather this year and what he's found mule deer to do in those conditions. Ask Robby where he hunts - 1:30 Mid September update - 8:15 If you haven't scouted - 16:00 States Mule Deer round up - 21:00 If you don't have a tag yet - 47:30 Robby's hunts this year - 52:15


Tipsy Tuesday – September 12

This week on Tipsy Tuesday, we catch up with the hunts Jordan has been on so far. We cover hot news, new articles and answer gear questions on the Hot Minute. Long Range Scope shootout -> Seek Outside Silex and U-Turn tent/stove -> Exo Mountain Gear K3 and 6400 pack -> Argali Carbon Knife ->...


Rangefinding Binoculars with Matt Cashell

Today our optics guru Matt Cashell hops back on to talk rangefinding binoculars. He touches on advantages, which ones he has tried and some features. Nikon Laserforce 10x42 -> Vortex Fury 10x42 -> Swarovski EL Range -> Zeiss Victory RF ->...


Meat and Hide Care with Miguela Minto

Today we have Miguela Minto on the podcast to talk about meat and hide care in the field. Miguela is a guide for North River Outfitting in Canada and she is one tough young lady. We talk about cooling meat, salting the hide and a little bit about packing. She also shares some stories from her time as a guide. Moose hunt with Miguela->


Becoming a Backpack Hunter with Josh Kirchner

This week we are joined by Josh Kirchner. Josh recently wrote a book called Becoming A Backpack Hunter, which covers all aspects of backpack hunting from the mental, physical and gear standpoints. The book tailors to beginners and today we talk to Josh about the book and his gear. The BOOK ->


Field Judging Mule Deer with Jaden Bales

Jaden Bales joins us again on this episode to talk about field judging mule deer. Field judging can be very difficult but with some techniques and knowing what to look at, it can be manageable. Ear length: 8" Face length: 10" Ear tip to tip: 22"


Tipsy Tuesday – July 29

Today on the Rokcast podcast is Tipsy Tuesday. Where we cover hot outdoor news, new Rokslide articles and answer your questions on the Hot Minute Q&A. If you have any questions you'd like answered, please submit them to our social media platforms or Stone Glacier M5 Jacket and Pant review -> Soft Sided Cooler shootout -> MTN Ops Protein Bars and...


Lessons Learned with Jason Neuswanger

Today we are joined by a Rokslide forum member, Jason Neuswanger. Jason is a fish biologist and used to live and hunt in Alaska. Since moving to the lower 48, Jason has been in search of mule deer and had a hunt in 2019 that ended with some valuable lessons learned. In this episode we go through that hunt and the lessons that came from it. 2019 Mule Deer hunt story ->


Trail Cameras with Clint Casper

Today we're joined by Clint Casper to talk about trail cameras. We cover everything from recommendations, to flashes, setups, lock boxes and settings. Clint also touches on cellular cameras and their advantages. Stealth Cam Wireless, Trail Camera review -> Want more information on trail cameras? Visit the Rokslide Forums and join in on the discussions about trail cameras and what our members have experienced.


Tipsy Tuesday – July 14

On today's episode we dive into the latest outdoor news and Rokslide articles. This weeks Hot Minute is about choosing the right size pack for an extended hunt and being aware of who you are taking advice from. E-Scouting Masterclass -> Eagle Eye Ammo -> Vortex Viper HS Scope -> What's Buck Pasture? ->...


New Garmin Solar Watches with Mike Herne

Mike Herne joins us this week to talk about some new Garmin watches launching today! Garmin is launching a new line of watches supplementary powered by solar power. I reviewed the Garmin Instinct a while back from S&S Archery that I will link below. Garmin Instinct review -> Garmin Inreach and GPS Watches podcast -> You can find Garmin watches at...


Wildlife Biologist, Sydney Lamb with Robby Denning

Sydney Lamb, Wildlife Biologist in north-west Utah, joins us on this episode to talk about mule deer. Robby Denning joins us as well with some questions for Sydney. We cover fawns, predators, increasing habitat, collaring bucks and how to make better deer hunting. Unit Statistics with Robby Denning -> Utah Wildlife Analytics - a collaborative effort between BYU and UDWR to publish real-time wildlife statistics...


2020 Sitka Gear Whitetail Line with Chris Derrick

Sitka Gear's Whitetail line product manager Chris Derrick joins us today to talk about their new 2020 offerings. Chris takes us through the new Whitetail line packs, Stratus updates and new women's additions. Cargo Box -> Pack Cover -> Tool Belt -> Tool Bucket ->...


Tipsy Tuesday – June 30

Jordan takes us through some new articles and news. This weeks Hot Minute is made of questions and answers from Instagram. Outfitting an ATV for the Mountains -> Mule Deer Statistics article -> Stone Glacier Grumman jacket -> Stone Glacier Helio hoody ->...


East to West Archery Setups with Bill Vanderheyden

This week Bill Vanderheyden of Iron Will Outfitters joins us for a discussion. We talk about how Bill transitioned his archery equipment from hunting Wisconsin whitetail to Colorado elk. We talk arrow weight, the importance of broadhead sharpness and what is new with Iron Will. Iron Will Wide 100 review -> Iron Will Outfitters: Broadhead Review ->


Scouting in June? with Jim Carr

Jim Carr joins us once again to talk about scouting. This episode is focused on the benefits of scouting early in the summer like June and early July versus waiting until closer to season. Early Season Scouting article -> New Areas and Hunting Burns podcast with Jim Carr ->