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Tipsy Tuesday – September 10

On this weeks Tipsy Tuesday, Jordan discusses the fall's photo contests on the forum, some grizzly news in Montana and a few Rokslide articles that will sharpen your elk knowledge heading into the hunt. OnX Hunt Giveaway with Randy Newberg -> Accepting the Challenge of Western Hunting by Justin Smith -> Calling Quiet Elk by Elknut ->...


Stone Glacier Sleeping Bag with Robby Denning

Robby Denning jumps on the phone with us today to discuss the Stone Glacier Chillkoot 15 degree sleeping bag. The testing went a bit further than expected but Robby was very impressed with the outcome. Find the written review here -> Join in on the forum conversation here -> Find more information from the Stone Glacier...


SKRE Clothing Review with Robby Denning

This summer Robby Denning has been using some of the early season clothing pieces SKRE offers. Today he hops on to break those pieces down and discuss what he likes and also what he dislikes. SKRE is focused on providing a quality performing garment for an affordable price. Early Season Clothing review by Robby Denning -> 2017 SKRE Review by Travis Bertrand -> 2019 SKRE...


Tipsy Tuesday Mule Deer Minute – September 3

We have a special episode this Tuesday! Robby hops on with us to talk about the strategy he's going to use this year to hunt a big high country buck he has found. This hunt will be filmed and released later this year! Tyto Spork attachment -> Sig Sauer Kilo3000 -> Sig Sauer 2400ABS review by Justin Crossley ->


First Aid Kits with Travis Bertrand

Today, Rokslide writer and paramedic Travis Bertrand hops on with us to talk about his first aid kit for hunting. We cover some controversial topics, dive into what items Travis carries and also touch on some situations we may find ourselves in. Backcountry First Aid & Survival Kits by Travis Bertrand -> Kifaru Pullouts -> Backcountry First Aid by Richard Rhodes (2018) ->...


Clothing with Tony Trietch

Today we hop on the phone with Rokslide writer and avid western hunter Tony Trietch to talk about clothing. Tony talks about his system and what changes from early to late season. We also dive into some footwear options he prefers. Sitka Gear Apex System review by Tony Trietch -> Sitka Gear Thunderhead & Flash Rain Gear -> Join in on the clothing conversation by...


Tipsy Tuesday – August 27th

Welcome to Tipsy Tuesday's episode 5! Today we discuss new Rokslide articles, hot forum threads, some new products we're trying this year, Grizzly Bear news and what I'm wearing for my mule deer hunt next week. 6.35 Million Acres Landlocked -> Processing Deer in Hot Weather by Ben Baker -> Landlock Report from OnX thread ->...


Broadheads with Jimmy Tippetts

Thanks for tuning in everyone! Today we have Jimmy Tippetts on the phone talking about broadheads. Jimmy is a wealth of knowledge on the subject and has tried a lot of brands and variances of broadheads. We talk about options and some likes/dislikes. Iron Will broadhead review -> Trophy Taker Shuttle T -> Arrow Building by Jimmy Tippetts...


Binocular Harnesses with Justin Crossley

Today, Rokslide assistant editor Justin Crossley joins us to talk about binocular harnesses. Justin and Jordan recall bino harnesses they have tried and what they did and didn't like. Justin's video review of the Marsupial harness -> FHF harness with Razco holster review -> Alaska Guide Creations harness review ->


Tipsy Tuesday – August 20th

On this weeks Tipsy Tuesday, Jordan discusses archery sight and pin options for the hot minute. Also, new news about the National Elk Refuge in Jackson, WY and a new sheep hunting film presented by and Crispi boots. Lathrop and Sons Synergy Footbed review by Tony Trietch -> How to Bowhunt for Predators by John Stallone -> Puffy Jacket Shootout by...


Elk Tactics with Ross Russell

Today, Ross Russell joins us to talk about elk hunting. Ross is a wealth of knowledge and consistently kills 6 point bulls. Mostly hunting north Idaho and NW Montana, he's used to hunting the thick timber and calling elk into his lap. This is an interesting and information packed episode! For more from Ross, visit his Rokslide profile here -> Schnees Granite VI Review by Ross -> Crispi Nevada Boot by...


Dehydrated Meals DIY with Kristin Retterath

We sit down with our friend Kristin Retterath in this episode to talk about dehydrating your own meals. As daunting as it seems to some, including me, Kristin shows that it's a simple process and can save you money. We talk about different meal ideas, dehydrating fruit, what to look for when purchasing a dehydrator and more. Have questions? Join in on the discussion with Kristin over on the Rokslide Forum!...


Tipsy Tuesday – August 13th

Welcome back to another episode of Tipsy Tuesday. In this weeks segment Jordan's hot minute is about packing your backpacks correctly for the pack-in and pack-out. She talks about news, live hunt forum threads and hot Rokslide articles. Swarovski ATX/BTX review by Matt Cashell -> Novagrade Gripper Digiscoping Adapter review by Sam Weaver -> Battle of the 30 Cals by...


Game Bags with Brad Brooks

Today we have Brad Brooks with Argali Outdoors on the show. Argali just released their new game bags and I was interested to hear what Brad had to say about the design. Brad discusses game bags he's used before, what he liked, didn't like and explains why the Argali game bags are designed the way they are. I now have their new game bags in my possession and can't wait to use them in this fall. Argali Outdoors -> Check out the Argali Outdoors line of game bags here...


Sleeping Bag and Pad Ratings with Matt Wymer

This week we sit down with Matt Wymer and talk about sleep systems. Specifically we talk about understanding the temperature ratings that are given by companies because sometimes it's more than meets the eye. A 30 degree sleeping bag from one company may not be the same 30 degree rating from another. Also with sleeping pads, your pad isn't just for comfort! Sleeping pads play a large role insulating as well. All of that is covered on this episode, so tune in! You can find Matt's articles for...


Tipsy Tuesday – August 6th

Today Jordan talks about some new articles from as well as some hot threads on the forum. Then in this weeks hot minute she talks about why learning some basic things about your bow can save you a ton of hunting time in the backcountry. Yeti vs Canyon Coolers - Outdoorsmans Fluid Head review - Yeti Panga 75 review - In the Red Zone by...


Backcountry Gear Lists with Dustin Wittwer and Jordan Budd

Today on Rokcast I'm joined by Dustin Wittwer, known for his own podcast Finding Backcountry and other brands Team Backcountry and Backcountry Logistics. We talk about the gear we use, including brands/models and why we use those items. This is a longer podcast for us, but don't worry we're still trying to stick to shorter podcasts. Gear lists take a while. I did end up skipping what stove and cook system we use but we'll be doing a stove and cooking podcast soon. But my short version is the...


DIY Alaska with Shaun Smith

Today good friend Shaun Smith and I talk about planning your trip to Alaska yourself. Shaun has done a couple of trips including Moose and Caribou, each different ways so we break the different options down. This episode has some great tips and things to consider and think about before booking your trip. Have questions? Join in on the forum thread to ask ->


Tipsy Tuesday! Hot news, articles and advice

Happy Tuesday everyone! Welcome to the first episode of our weekly episode called Tipsy Tuesday's. Nothing alcohol related, we just like the name. We cover some hot news, new articles and gear reviews from Rokslide, current hot threads on the Rokslide forum and also the hot minute. This week's hot minute is about the importance of boots on the ground scouting in a new area. SD restrictions for CWD -...


Kifaru Backpacks with Tony Trietch

More writer and extremely successful eastern and western hunter Tony Trietch talks with us about why he chooses Kifaru backpacks while hunting. We talk about Tony's experience with different companies, which Kifaru bags he's used, differences in older vs newer frames and what he's going to hunt with this year. You can find Tony's 2018 review of the Cavern pack here -> Look at Kifaru Internationals full line of packs, shelters, sleep...