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On your journeys of fitness and faith, we are helping you stay motivated to be stronger physically and spiritually on the new RUN THE RACE podcast. Host Jason Dennis - veteran WTVM news anchor, marathon runner and missionary, will talk to experts and people with inspiring stories as we dig deeper into the mind, body and soul.

On your journeys of fitness and faith, we are helping you stay motivated to be stronger physically and spiritually on the new RUN THE RACE podcast. Host Jason Dennis - veteran WTVM news anchor, marathon runner and missionary, will talk to experts and people with inspiring stories as we dig deeper into the mind, body and soul.


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On your journeys of fitness and faith, we are helping you stay motivated to be stronger physically and spiritually on the new RUN THE RACE podcast. Host Jason Dennis - veteran WTVM news anchor, marathon runner and missionary, will talk to experts and people with inspiring stories as we dig deeper into the mind, body and soul.




#135 Hard Work Beats Talent; Are You Reaching Full Potential? (Food 4 Thought)

We dive deeper into the quote "Hard work beats talent when talent doesn't work hard." You have natural skills that are gifts from God, but are you working hard and being disciplined and reaching your full potential? This could be in athletics, your job, etc. Make sure to subscribe to this podcast! This is a shorter Friday "Food 4 Thought" episode. Share it with others. Thanks for listening to the #RunTheRace podcast! Also, write a quick review about it, on Apple podcasts. For more info, go...


#134: Staying Fit Post-Marines, Rucking from Auburn to Bama To Help Veterans

Operation Iron Ruck begins this morning (Wednesday before Thanksgiving), dozens of students veterans from Auburn University and the University of Alabama rucking 151 miles from Auburn to Tuscaloosa, leading up to Saturday's Iron Bowl football game. (3:38) Auburn senior and marine corps veteran Clayton Buchanan - coordinator for that event - is this week's guest on the "Run The Race" podcast. He first talks about what rucking is, and what the combat load was in ruck sacks in the Marines,...


#133: Like Food? This New Dad is Cooking Up a New Show to Rescue Sex Slavery Victims

More and more people are watching shows on the Food Network these days, for entertainment and learning how to cook. Now, a group of church youth in Georgia are having their own cooking competition show to raise money for a ministry and important cause that you'll learn a lot about from this week's uber-talented guest, a new father and pastor, on a podcast that we hope you love and SUBSCRIBE to. (6:19) After some fun clips of him cooking and the competition he's'll meet...


#132: Election Day Chat on Prayer, Politics, Destiny, Voting and Heaven

It’s election day! That’s when this Run The Race podcast episode is being released. And we’re talking with an apostolic prayer leader – who travels the nation – about how faith can drive who people vote for. (3:40) Lynn Alderson, who co-founded Kingdom Authority Ministries Inc., with her husband, is also the Georgia State Prayer General for the Reformation Prayer Network, among a leadership role in numerous other ministries. First, we talk about what “apostolic” means, how it involves a...


#131: I Wish I Was A Little Bit Taller, I Wish I Was A Baller (Lessons from Basketball & God)

In this shorter Friday "Food for Thought" episode, as basketball season kicks off, I talk about the desire to be taller as I grew up, playing that sport and the lessons we can all learn from what we want vs. God giving us what we need. I'm weaving faith and fitness into one of my favorite I wish I was a little bit taller (you know the rest). Tell your friends and make sure to SUBSCRIBE to this podcast for weekly motivation, inspiration, entertainment! Yes, you'll hear me rap/sing...


#130: Lee's Life-Changing Moab 240 Mile Race; Challenge Yourself Too

He'd never run over 100 miles at one time, but Lee L'Oste-Brown recently ran the Moab 240 in Utah, finishing in the top 20 out of 250 participants in the challenging race. This father of 3 and President of a company in Columbus GA (who was born in England) traveled across the country with his wife for this adventure, 8 years after starting with Couch to 5K. (2:15) Lee talks about why he took on this challenge and describes in detail the ups and downs of the nearly 4 days it took him to...


#129: Being Present IN THE MOMENT in Life, Running and More (Food 4 Thought)

How do you live in the present? What is mindful running? Is worrying about the past or future healthy? We answer these questions and more in this shorter episode we call "Friday Food 4 Thought." When you subscribe to RUN THE RACE, you get great faith and fitness insight like this, especially from weekly guests who have inspiring stories and lessons you can apply to your life. I'll tell you the story of an ultrarunning friend who doesn't want to know his pace, instead listening to his body....


#128: How Do We Share Jesus? Pastor Breaks It Down + Racial Unity, Helping Needy

A pastor in West Georgia is getting real and raw about a number of topics and how they relate to our Christian faith: helping others in need without seeking rewards or credit, bridging racial divides and unity, how to share Jesus with people. (2:22) Pastor Chuck Odum, the Pastor of The Verge Church in Columbus GA, is a former juvenile corrections counselor and is also the Muscogee County Clergy Association President. He addresses "come as you are" vs. perceptions of the church. (9:13) We...


#127: Running in Minnesota - My Twin Cities Marathon Recap

Minnesota was the 20th state where I've run a marathon (26.2 miles) so far. Subscribe to "Run The Race" for more fitness and faith content like this. Here's my recap of the Twin Cities Marathon, that went from Minneapolis to Saint Paul. I talk about food before/during/after the race, support from 30,000 cheering spectators and 4,000 volunteers, funny signs on the course, where #TwinCitiesMarathon ranks in top 5-10 favorite marathons I've run, touring Minneapolis after the #marathon, and how...


#126: Make Fitness a Habit, Like This 86-Yr-Old Triathlete Who Competed Worldwide

This 86-year-old (who turns 87 in December) just retired from doing triathlons after 130 races! He happens to be my uncle from Houston TX, and Jim Rosborough is this week's guest on the "Run The Race" podcast. He competed in the World Championships Triathlon in both Chicago and Cozumel. Later this week, don't miss my Friday podcast episode, recapping my latest marathon ran, in my 20th state. (3:01) We first talked about how Jim stays in great shape for his age, being in his 80s. He talks...

#125: Bike Shop Owner & Widower Takes On Suicides, Extreme Sports

You need to hear this powerful story from a man who lost his wife to suicide more than a decade ago, a day that still haunts him. He now is spreading kindness and his passion for cycling around Georgia and beyond. He also finds symbolism for life in the extreme sports he jumps into. make sure to subscribe to the "Run The Race" podcast. (4:15) Bike shop owner Jason McKenzie - who's been in charge of "Ride on Bikes" in Columbus GA since 2009 - is a motivated man. In fact, right now, he's in...


#124: Kicking off NFL with Raiders "Man From Mars" Otis Sistrunk

With the NFL season just kicking off, this week's guest is Otis Sistrunk, defensive lineman for the Oakland Raiders during their glory days in the 1970s. He just got a street named after him and his high school jersey retired in his hometown of Columbus, GA. The former player known as the "Man from Mars" sat down with me to talk about the changing NFL...his 7 years in the league, including what it was like to play for Coach John Madden...injuries and fitness routine then and now...racism and...


#123: Viral Pic Couple Are Missionaries at UGA, as College Football Begins

College football season is here! And a couple who works on the campus of the reigning national champions, the University of Georgia, join me on the “Run The Race” podcast – which if you’re not subscribed to, what are you waiting for? This husband and wife also went viral several years ago, with haters helping them gain some fame on national TV. (2:27) Chris and Ashley Reed, who met at Columbus State University, are both on staff at Chi Alpha campus ministry at UGA – that is Greek, by the...


#122: Run For God and Advice for New Runners (Friday Food 4 Thought)

Ever heard of the program RUN FOR GOD? I spoke to a group at a local church. It is part Bible study and part running tips, having expanded to 49 states now. Learn more about it on this quick episode of "Run The Race." I also offer some insight on what's better than bling you get at finish lines of races, plus some running advice I recently offered up to the "Run For God" group, whether you are aiming for a 5K or marathon, Thanks for listening to the #RunTheRace podcast, which you should...


#121: Losing 125 lbs, then Chris Short Goes Long in Run for MS

We met as teammates on a more-than-year-long virtual running challenge during the COVID pandemic. Before than, Chris Short lost 125 pounds in 9 months. Just recently, he completed the epic challenge of running 8 marathons in 8 days, or 212 miles for a cause bigger than himself. He's my guest this week on the "Run The Race" podcast, which hopefully you'll want to subscribe to. (2:10) Chris Short of PA, over the summer, did an 8-day segment in the MS Run the US Relay, which is overall is 3200...


#120: As Kids Go Off To School, Letting Go and Letting God

Friday Food 4 Thought is back! On this one, I bring in some personal perspective on dropping our son off at the University of Georgia and saying goodbye, which included some tears for yours truly. It's tough but necessary to let go and trust God for our children. Make sure to subscribe to this "Run The Race" podcast for weekly insight and guests talking sharing extraordinary stories and wisdom related to fitness and faith! And on this shorter episode, we have some survival tips from experts...


#119: Mom & Attorney Giving Convicts 2nd Chances, Faith and Hope

Do people deserve 2nd chances? Jesus gives plenty. What about convicted felons? Our guest this week is attorney and mom of 3 who created a non-profit called “Second Chance” – which she talks about, plus blending faith and fitness in her busy life, opening up on the “Run The Race” podcast, which we hope you subscribe to (if not, do that now). After an intro of Jennifer Dunlap, (2:19) she talks about why she started Second Chance Criminal Record Relief, based in Columbus GA along with her law...


#118: Hoots Baseball Player Talks Failure, Food, Fitness, Faith On & Off The Field

We have our youngest guest ever on the "Run The Race" podcast, which you really should subscribe to, for chats like this one with a young baseball star who's learning to put God first in his life while also learning from failure. (2:08) 19-year-old Columbus Chatt-A-Hoots (collegiate summer team in GA) 1st baseman and catcher Conner O'Neal is talking about how he keeps his competitive passion for the game of baseball. He's also focusing more on nutrition, sleep, building muscle to hit more...


#117: Science vs Scripture? Astronomer Dives Into Both + James Webb Telescope

Days after we are seeing the first incredible images from the James Webb space telescope, giving us deeper views of the Universe like we've never seen it, an astronomer joins me for a discussion on that and the age old debate between science and faith, since he's had decades-long journeys in both. Make sure to Subscribe to "Run The Race" to hear inspiring chats like this one. (2:50) Dr. Shawn Cruzen - who's been the Executive Director of the Coca-Cola Space Science Center in Columbus GA the...


#116 Food 4 Thought: Overall Fitness & Steps To Motivate Yourself

Happy Friday! Make sure to subscribe to this pod to enjoy newer, shorter episodes like this week's "Food 4 Thought" where I dive into 5 avenues of motivation for you to focus on overall fitness - not just physically but deeper than that. And the U.S. Army is helping to lead the way with a new approach to holistic health and fitness. Hope these help you! Thanks for listening to the #RunTheRace podcast! Share it with your friends. Also, write a quick review about it, on Apple podcasts. For...