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SecondWind was created as a resource for change.It is a source to shine light to your darkness by hearing other women talk about their Defining Moment to transform their lives... to hear about their fears, doubts, discouragements and joys. So tune in today and listen to the defining moments that changed their lives and began their brighter tomorrows! SecondWind is a widely listened to radio show with 100,000 plus listeners.


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SecondWind was created as a resource for change.It is a source to shine light to your darkness by hearing other women talk about their Defining Moment to transform their lives... to hear about their fears, doubts, discouragements and joys. So tune in today and listen to the defining moments that changed their lives and began their brighter tomorrows! SecondWind is a widely listened to radio show with 100,000 plus listeners.





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Finding Emotional Resilience and Growth with Sherianna Boyle

Sherianna Boyle is the author of nine books including her most recent Emotional Detox Now: 135 Self-Guided Practices to Renew Your Mind, Heart & Body. She is the founder of Emotional Detox Coaching and the Cleanse Method. She has over twenty-five years experience in the mind/body field, is an adjunct Psychology Professor and has published over eighty articles. In this popular replay, Sherianna shares powerful insights on emotional detox and how prioritizing our emotions can lead to real, lasting change. What You'll Learn in This Episode: FREE RESOURCE: Calm Your Mind Audio Meditation Links from this episode: Website | Facebook | Twitter | Linked In | Instagram


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How to Access All 31 Types of Happiness for a More Fulfilling Life with Pamela Gail Johnson

Creating happiness is not as difficult as one might think. There are 31 types of happiness, and today's episode will inspire you to live a happier, more fulfilling life! This replay of a very popular past episode is just in time for the holiday season, which brings a wide range of feelings, not all of them happy ones. Pamela Gail Johnson is the Practical Happiness Advocate. She founded the Society of Happy People in 1998, created the first three globally celebrated happiness holidays, and is the author of Practical Happiness: Four Principles to Improve Your Life. She started her career working at Junior Achievement, then in the mental health and substance abuse field at the Hazelden Foundation. She was an award-winning salesperson for American Express and Staples, and now helps leaders and teams create happier workplace cultures through her speaking and programs. She lives in Dallas. Her happiest moments are when she's spending time with her friends, and meeting other people who are aspiring to live their happiest life. What You'll Learn in This Episode: FREE GIFT for listeners! Download the happiness counter with the 31 types of happiness here. Links Mentioned in This Episode: Website | Facebook | Instagram | YouTube | Linked In


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How to Banish Burnout and Stress and Start Thriving with Erica Cuni

Nobody is immune to chronic stress and burnout. Thankfully, there are many tools to support healing and recovery and resilience against future stressors. This popular replay episode with Erica Cuni is timely, as more and more people are experience burnout than every before. Erica Cuni, known as "The Burnout Professor," is a stress and burnout expert, integrative performance coach, professional speaker, #SameHere PsychAlliance Expert, social media creator & fellow survivor. She teaches individuals & businesses how to consciously thrive through a holistic approach. Erica is the founder of "The C.U.N.I. Method," which stands for Create Undeniable Natural Impact. She is a former Trauma Psychotherapist, Clinical Director, and Adjunct Lecturer and Clinical Professor at Central Connecticut State University. Her mission is to help make the mental health field more effective, accessible, decolonized, and non-stigmatizing. Erica found her mission in 2014 after being hit by a Mack Dump Truck (literally) while driving to work and having her life fall completely apart over the following two years. This is what she had on her recovery journey - a roadmap that didn't pathologize her for doing her job, life events, her culture and the intergenerational trauma she was carrying around with her. What You'll Learn in This Episode: Find your inner peace. Get a free 25-minute Guided Meditation in Erica's Linktree here. Links Mentioned in This Episode: Website | Facebook | Instagram


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Healing Mental Health Issues Through the Gut-Brain Connection with Erin Kerry

While anxiety and depression are on the rise, there is hope for those suffering from mental health symptoms. This is a replay of a past popular episode featuring mental health survivor and advocate, Erin Kerry. Erin Kerry is on a mission to empower those struggling with mental health issues not to be limited by a label or diagnosis. As a survivor of PTSD, depression, and bipolar disorder, Erin knows firsthand how living with a chronic illness infiltrates every area of life. She now works as an integrative nutrition health coach and studies functional medicine in an effort to provide hope and restoration for mental health. What You'll Learn from This Episode: Featured on the Show: Website | Instagram | Linked In | Facebook


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Turn Your Brain On: New Solutions for Lasting Brain Health with Leigh E. Richardson

This is a replay of a popular episode in recent years which explores the power of neuroplasticity, the importance of understanding our brain's biology, and the potential for creating positive change. Leigh E. Richardson has studied human behavior for over 30 years. Her initial focus was on organizational behavior then shifted to human behavior in 2003 after her son had a traumatic brain injury. Leigh has been in the ICU twice with brain injury and all of this fueled her need to understand how the brain works or why it doesn’t work. She can relate to brain dysregulation on a very personal level and she visualized what could be done for many others like her. Leigh is the founder and clinical director of The Brain Performance Center, utilizing her MBA, MS, Counseling, and board certifications to offer state-of-the-art solutions for “brain problems.” She is currently taking her PhD in Psychology. As a brain health expert, she regularly contributes to radio and television stations across the nation. Whether it is anxiety, ADHD, depression, insomnia, or brain injury, Leigh’s understanding of the brain and the different methodologies that can be used to organically change the brain is immense. And more importantly, they will provide the right solution for the problem. Leigh is the author of Turn Your Brain On – To Get Your Game On, an international speaker, and a popular syndicated radio host. Leigh enjoys educating the general public on how the lifestyle choices and environmental factors impact brain health and the physiology and psychology of your mental state. She has a unique ability to connect with people, understand their situation, and win their trust. Leigh gets inspiration from her friends, family, and clients. It is the positive change that she sees in others that motivates her to continue to learn. She just recently converted her upstairs office to an in-home art studio where she paints as a way to explore her creativity. What You'll Learn in This Episode: Links Mentioned in This Episode: Website | Facebook | Instagram | YouTube | Linked In


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Embracing Inner Values to Create an Authentic Personal Brand with Laura Ballerini

This episode will make you rethink the way you think about authenticity and personal branding - that is, the way you show up in the world. Laura Ballerini is a seasoned creative who has been running a thriving communications firm for over 20 years. During that time, she has become the “perspective shifter.” She is not defined by her design talents, but rather, how she applies unique solutions to client “pain points.” Through strategic communication, tactics, and seamless execution, solutions are inspired by a shift in thinking. Author of The Green Velvet Chair, Laura has written a collection of heartfelt stories depicting how art and design influence and spur creativity not only in our work, but in our everyday lives. Laura has a degree in Visual Communications from The Alberta University of the Arts and is a recipient of numerous awards. While she is a quiet and introverted executive, Laura has recently found her inner badass and radiates her “quietly fierce” disposition in her work and her life. Ballerini lives in Calgary, Alberta with her husband, two daughters, one son-in-law, a granddaughter, and a pretentious cat named Gooey. What You'll Learn in This Episode: Laura's journey of self-improvement and the realization that personal branding is based on inner values, not just external appearanceMaintaining one's essence despite external changesLaura's achievements in visual communicationsLaura's experience of creating titles and covers for their book and seeking feedbackSources of inspiration for content creationThe importance of authentic and relatable presentation styleLaura's desire to connect with her audienceTapping into universal experiences through the bookThe power of joining a networking group and overcoming shynessWhat it means to embrace the tagline "let the quiet ones tell their stories" Links Mentioned in This Episode: Website | Facebook | Instagram | Twitter | Linked In


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Tackling the Stigma of Dementia with Christiana Egi

Today's episode dives deep into a topic that has become a national epidemic and affects countless families - dementia. Did you know that dementia is not a disease itself, but a group of symptoms affecting memory and behavior? Alzheimer's is the most common type, affecting over 70% of people with dementia. Christiana Egi is an exceptional Dementia Advocate who brings a wealth of experience as a Registered Nurse, Diabetes Educator, Registered Natural Health Nutritionist, and Geriatric and Mental Health Specialist. In her endeavor to provide compassionate care for individuals living with dementia and their families, she has established Alexis Lodge Retirement Residences, memory care retirement facilities committed to person-centered and relational care for individuals living with Alzheimer’s and other types of dementia. What You'll Learn in This Episode: Dementia's definition as a group of symptoms affecting memory and behaviorDifferent types of dementia, with a focus on Alzheimer's diseaseChristiana's early experiences with mental health in Nigeria and her realization of the global stigma surrounding mental healthThe absence of family involvement in dementia care facilitiesDifficulties caring for loved ones with behavioral issuesThe emotional toll on caregivers and the need for support Links Mentioned in This Episode: Instagram | YouTube | Linked In | Twitter


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Unleashing Persistence and Navigating the Writing World with Paula Munier

This episode features Paula Munier, renowned author, editor, literary agent, and teacher. Paula dives deep into her passion for writing and shares invaluable insights on persistence and finding support within the writing community. Drawing from her own experiences, Paula highlights the importance of joining a genre association and surrounding oneself with like-minded individuals. From her love for mysteries and classic authors like Sherlock Holmes and Agatha Christie, to her current work in helping authors refine and revise their first chapters, Paula's journey in the literary world is both inspiring and enlightening. Paula also shares her unexpected foray into the world of yoga and how it transformed her life, giving her a newfound sense of vitality and purpose. Joyce and Paula discuss how her passion for writing and yoga intersect, ultimately leading Paula to become a qualified yoga instructor for seniors, including those with dementia. What You'll Learn in This Episode: Importance of persistence and support in the writing journeyPaula's journey as a writer and editorHow yoga has played a role in Paula's life and working with seniorsOvercoming challenges and pursuing writing goalsWriting techniques Paula uses Links Mentioned in This Episode: Website | Facebook | Instagram | Twitter


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Parenting with Authority and Compassion with Kiva Schuler

Parenting is filled with challenges. This episode explores the power of parenting with consistency, compassion, and communication, with a focus on raising children who become brave, voice trusters, risk-takers, and problem-solvers. Kiva Schuler is the founder of the Jai Institute for Parenting which has been training parenting coaches globally since 2011. Most importantly, she is mom to Myles and Charlotte, who inspired her journey toward her life’s work, which is to change the world by changing how parents parent. Kiva’s passion for parenting stemmed from her own childhood experiences of neglect and trauma. Like many of her generation, she had a front-row seat to witness what she did not want for her children. In many ways, Jai is the fulfillment of a promise that she made to herself when she was 16 years old - that when she had children of her own, she would learn to parent them with compassion, consistency, and communication. Kiva is a serial entrepreneur and has been the marketer behind many transformational brands. Passionate about bringing authenticity and integrity to marketing and sales, she’s a sought-after mentor, speaker, and coach. What You'll Learn in This Episode: Links Mentioned in This Episode: Website | Instagram | Facebook | YouTube | TikTok


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From Silence to Courage - A Journey of Healing Through Addiction with Dana Killion

Dana Killion had always struggled with sleepless nights and a deep sense of emptiness. One particular night, while living in a high-rise in Chicago, she found herself gazing down at Lake Michigan, envisioning what it would be like to walk into the water and disappear. It wasn't that she was suicidal, but rather, she felt lost and unsure of how to cope with her emotional emptiness. This moment became the catalyst for her transformative journey, though it wasn't the start of her story. Dana experienced a series of events that led her to this pivotal moment, and it was through writing her book that she chose to share her dramatic journey of self-discovery and healing. An accomplished author of a mystery series, Dana Killion shares in this episode her debut memoir, Where the Shadows Dance: He Got Sober. I Got Broken. It’s a story born of a life in the turmoil of her husband’s alcoholism, a situation where the only way through was to write it. Women ready to find the strength and solace Dana has found through her own re-invention. What You'll Learn in This Episode: Dana's journey of finding courage and hopeThe silence women often face in protecting themselves and addictionHelping others through vulnerability and courageA transformative and dramatic moment in Dana's lifeThe impact of addiction on relationshipsDiscussing narcissism and addiction with a therapistDifferentiating clinical narcissism from narcissistic behaviors related to addictionThe constant suspicion, mistrust, and pressure in relationships with addictsDana Killion's journey and bookThemes of personal trauma in Dana's writing and resonance with other womenOvercoming silence and finding one's truthThe importance of sharing one's truth and ending silence Links Mentioned in This Episode: Book | Website | Facebook | Instagram


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Empowering Parents to Create a Positive and Healthy Environment with Vanessa Kahlon

Vanessa Kahlon is the founder of Kahlon Family Services School, a nonprofit organization that provides education for (K-8) along with resources and support to families with strong willed children, that some would call 2E (twice exceptional). Vanessa is an experienced caregiver who has dedicated the past 25 years of her life to working with children. She is a Family Interventionist, offering comprehensive and individualized coaching and support regularly. Vanessa's natural ability to connect with and support these children quickly became evident, as families consistently sought her help. Despite occasional attempts to pursue different career paths, Vanessa's true passion always led her back to working with children who have autism. Her unwavering commitment and expertise have made her an invaluable asset in this specialized field, despite her occasionally strong opinions leading to challenges in maintaining employment. YEAS YOGA (Yoga Education for Autism Spectrum) is an exciting and personal Yoga Curriculum for children that benefits Self-Regulation. Her book, "Shut Up and Parent" gives parents the tools for managing their kids' daily behaviors. She hosts the podcast, “Parenting With Vanessa Kahlon,” and lectures at numerous schools and organizations. What You'll Learn in This Episode: Discouraging the use of time-outs and instead focusing on building a strong connection with the childEmphasizing the need for parents to be present and engaged with their child rather than relying solely on teaching modeEncouraging parents to take breaks when feeling overwhelmed, rather than resorting to punitive measures like spankingPromoting self-care as a way to recharge and better handle parenting challengesHighlighting the importance of growth and evolution for the whole family, not just the childEmphasizing the need for parents to apologize to their child when they make a mistake, promoting a culture of growth and learningRecognizing that moderate use of technology is not necessarily a bad thing for kids and can even help with social skillsAdvocating for parents to understand their children's technology use and use it as a means of connection and teachingProviding parenting groups and workshops to support parents in getting their children back into schoolInitiating a study with a self-care journal to help teachers better handle classroom situationsAcknowledging the difficulties faced by parents, particularly those who have to juggle multiple jobs or face financial struggles Links Mentioned in This Episode: Grab Vanessa's book here! Website | Facebook | Instagram | YouTube


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Living in Joy: Embracing All Emotions and Raising Your "Joy Set Point" with Lisa McCourt

Lisa McCourt is a joy enthusiast and spiritual teacher who believes that at our core, we are beings of love and joy. Through her studies in comparative religion and various spiritual traditions, she has come to the realization that we are often conditioned to build obstructions that prevent us from recognizing our true joyful nature. This understanding has become the foundation of her work at Joy School, where she helps others identify and gently release these obstructions in order to reconnect with their inherent joy. Lisa believes that joy is not something to be found or created, but is already within us – we simply need to remove the obstacles in our path. Lisa's books have sold over nine million copies, earned seven publishing industry awards, and garnered over 9,000 glowing Amazon reviews. She generously opens her comprehensive toolbox for joyful living in her newest release, Free Your Joy: The 12 Keys to Sustainable Happiness, which takes readers through a full year of vibration elevation practices guaranteed to sustainably elevate their Joy Setpoint. What You'll Learn in This Episode: Special for Listeners: Lisa's newest book, Free Your Joy: The 12 Keys to Sustainable Happiness is available for preorder everywhere books or sold, or right here at Amazon. Links Mentioned in This Episode: Website | Facebook | Instagram


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Fueling the Fight Against Cancer: Uncovering the Role of Food in Treatment and Prevention with Kelly Lutman

Kelly Lutman grew up in a military household, moving frequently and living in multiple countries as well as the US. She originally trained in accounting at Bentley College and UT El Paso, earning her CPA, but after starting a family, she chose to stay home to homeschool her sons. It was then that she discovered one of them had ADHD, and she has been fascinated by the power of food ever since resolving his ADHD by simply changing what he ate. A health coach certified in Applied Functional Medicine, Kelly firmly believes that symptoms are the body’s cries for help, and that the body can heal when provided the building blocks it needs. She meets each client where they are, helps them understand what is happening in their body, and guides them in identifying the changes that will help them experience the vitality they were missing. Her new book is called Thriving Through Cancer: A Whole-istic Approach for Your Journey. What You'll Learn in This Episode: Importance of nutrition and natural substances for the bodyKelly's journey in health coaching and functional medicineEmpowering cancer patients through nutrition and writing a bookPrioritizing self-care and joy for well-beingUnderstanding and supporting individual bodily needs in food practices Links Mentioned in This Episode: Website | Facebook | Instagram | Linked In | YouTube


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The Power of Gameness: Cultivating a Never-Quit Mindset for Joyful Living with David Dennis

David Dennis is the President and Chief Executive Officer of Eckerd Connects, one of the nation’s largest nonprofits providing workforce development, Job Corps, juvenile justice, and child welfare services across the country. His book is called GAMENESS, Land on Your Feet, Not on Your Feelings. Inspired by the word "gameness," which is not commonly used today but was prominent in the 1800s, Dennis explores its rich meanings and attributes in his book. The four defining characteristics of gameness that he highlights are a never-quit mindset, resilient purpose, a fighting spirit, and the will to act beyond one's feelings. David has earned certifications as a licensed professional counselor, marriage and family therapist, and childcare administrator. He holds a bachelor’s degree from Oklahoma Baptist University and a master’s degree in marriage and family counseling from Southwestern Baptist Theological Seminary. He and his wife Becky live in Clearwater, Florida. They have five grown children. What You'll Learn in This Episode: David's personal story and backgroundThe importance of discipline and acting beyond feelingsCultivating a mindset of game and taking charge of circumstancesTurning pain into power and bouncing forwardIntroducing the concept of gameness and its significance Links Mentioned in This Episode: Website


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Reclaiming Strength, Identity, and Finding Healing After Abuse with Kanchan Bhaskar

Escaping an oppressive relationship requires immense strength. On this episode, Kanchan Bhaskar shares a courageous story of her escape from a toxic marriage. Be inspired by her determination to regain confidence, independence, and the freedom to live life on her own terms. Kanchan Bhaskar (Kan-chan Bhas-car), an Indian-American, is a first-time author of Leaving: How I Set Myself Free from an Abusive Marriage. She holds a Master's Degree in social work and a certificate in life coaching. She is also a certified Business Coach. Being a successful Human Resource professional, her expertise is in training and mentoring. She is a certified advocate, speaker, and coach for victims and survivors of domestic violence. Kanchan lives in Chicago. What You'll Learn in This Episode: How Kanchan's marriage turned into a nightmare after marrying a narcissistic man How revolution and hope can bring change, even when it's hard Simple techniques to developing belief in self Finding joy within, spirituality, nature, self-expression How to encourage struggling friends Links Mentioned in This Episode: Website | Facebook | Twitter | Linked In | Instagram


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How to Break Through the Limits of Your Brain with Joseph Selbie

Near-death experiences contradict the idea that there is no realm outside of what we can see on this earth. This episode dives deep into a fascinating new concept of heavenly bodies, and how physics and neuroscience bridge the gap between scientific discoveries and mystical experiences. Joseph Selbie enjoys making the complex and obscure simple and clear. He is the author of Break Through the Limits of the Brain, how neuroscience supports spiritual experience, The Physics of God, a unification of science and religion, and The Yugas, a factual look at India’s tradition of cyclical history. He is known for creating bridges of understanding between the modern evidenced-based discoveries of science and the timeless experience-based discoveries of the mystics. A dedicated Kriya yoga meditator for nearly fifty years, he has taught yoga, meditation, and universal experiential spirituality throughout the US and Europe. What You'll Learn in This Episode: Links Mentioned in This Episode Book | Facebook


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Strategies for Connecting Authentically with Patti DeNucci

Patti DeNucci is an author and entrepreneur known for her expertise in networking. In 2011, Patti embarked on an empty nest project as her son was about to graduate from college. With a desire to share her thoughts on entrepreneurial success, she began writing a book. That book, The Intentional Networker: Attracting Powerful Relationships, Referrals & Results in Business, was dubbed a “success guide.” It earned excellent reviews, two prestigious book awards, and a community of enthusiastic readers. Later, her focus shifted towards networking, emphasizing quality over quantity. Patti believes that effective networking doesn't require constant socializing and superficial connections. As an ambivert, she values enjoying her interactions and leaving them energized rather than drained. Patti's book, More Than Just Talk: The Essential Guide for Anyone Who Wants to Enjoy Better Conversations, offers practical advice on how to network better, making it a valuable resource for professionals seeking to enhance their networking skills. What You'll Learn in This Episode: Links Mentioned in This Episode: Website | Facebook | Instagram


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How Letting Go of Excess Can Transform Your Home and Life with Julie Ann Segal

Does clutter got you down? In this episode, Julie Ann Segal, interior designer and feng shui expert, sharing her secrets to creating spaces that make us feel good. Julie Ann reveals how getting rid of unnecessary items and organizing drawers can bring ease and simplicity into your life. Julie Ann, Interior Designer and President of Metro Interiors, is renowned for her deep commitment to providing clients with state-of-the-art design. Always on the cutting edge, Julie Ann’s dynamic approach is to utilize all resources within reach. Eclectic to classic, modern to traditional – there is nothing she and her team will not do to create that “wow” factor that has exceeded clients’ expectations for over 3 decades. A certified feng shui consultant, Julie Ann infuses elements of the ancient art into all design endeavors, revealing environments rich in comfort, beauty and harmony. For over 30 years, Julie Ann has enjoyed taking the stress out of making design changes. With her “Fun” Shui approach, she makes the design process simple and loveable. Listening to each client’s needs, she’s inspired in a unique way to choose colors, materials, fabrics, and art to create a new space. Trustworthy and dedicated, Julie Ann values relationships formed with clients and designs homes and businesses of their dreams. Her book, Change Your Space to Change Your Life, is available now. What You'll Learn in This Episode: Just for Listeners: When someone purchases the book they can come back to the website and put in their name, email and order number to receive FREE feng shui tips for business! Links Mentioned in This Episode: Website | Facebook | Instagram | YouTube


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From Junkie to Judge: a Recovery Story of Hope with Mary Beth O'Connor

Mary Beth O'Connor has been sober from methamphetamine and other substances since 1994. She also is in recovery from abuse and trauma. The details of her story can be found in her memoir, From Junkie to Judge: One Woman’s Triumph Over Trauma and Addiction. Mary Beth is a Director for LifeRing Secular Recovery. She also is a Director and Secretary for She Recovers Foundation. She develops relationships with organizations supportive of the multiple pathways approach, such as working on joint projects with Women for Sobriety. Mary Beth regularly speaks about her personal story, on behalf of LifeRing and She Recovers, about multiple paths to recovery, and shares her expertise on other substance use and recovery topics. She's appeared on podcasts, radio, and television. She has presented keynotes and workshops at a variety of conferences and events. Mary Beth writes opinion pieces and has been published in The Wall Street Journal, the Los Angeles Times, the Philadelphia Inquirer, and Recovery Today, among others. She's also had numerous memoir writings published. Professionally, 6 years into her recovery, Mary Beth attended Berkeley Law. She worked at a large firm in Silicon Valley, then litigated class actions for the federal government. In 2014 Mary Beth was appointed an Administrative Law Judge. She retired early in 2020 and now devotes her time to her writing and recovery advocacy. What You'll Learn in This Episode: Links Mentioned in This Episode: Website | Facebook | Twitter | Linked In


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Rewriting Your Narrative: Turning Trauma into Empowerment with TK Banner

Terri Banner Fitzsimmons (TK Banner) is the author, motivational speaker, and best-selling author of four books. She has been in the field of education most of her adult life as a teacher of all grades, a Sociology Professor for twenty years, and director of an Independent Study Program, helping adults earn their diplomas. She won many awards, including being recognized for initiating a girl power group, developing innovative career strategies, and working for United Way, helping parolees find employment. She has worked with various Indian Reservations, homeless shelters, and the Cal-Works program at a local college. Her biggest passion is helping women achieve their passion for life, to break free of all the doubts they cling to that stop them from recognizing their worth. On this episode, TK joins Joyce to discuss the camp fire fire that took place in 2018. Terry shares her experience of buying a beautiful home in Paradise, California with her fiancee and staying behind to care for 6 children when others were evacuated during the fire. The conversation then transitions to the importance of teaching social skills to youth, as it is crucial for their success in university and beyond. What You'll Learn From This Episode: TK's personal experiences of writing and careerTraumatic experience of TK losing her possessions and how she dealt with itThe importance of teaching social skills to youth, especially disadvantaged onesTK's experiences and thoughts on spirituality and meditationThe importance of being authentic and not relying on possessionsWriting tips and suggestions, including finding inspiration and sharing writing with trusted friends Links Mentioned In This Episode: Website | Facebook