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Sam, Jim, Elspeth and Liam are four movie buffs who love to chat shit about movies. Doesn't that sound lovely?

Sam, Jim, Elspeth and Liam are four movie buffs who love to chat shit about movies. Doesn't that sound lovely?


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Sam, Jim, Elspeth and Liam are four movie buffs who love to chat shit about movies. Doesn't that sound lovely?




Episode 26 - The Kindergarten Teacher, The Ballad of Buster Scruggs, Jurassic World Fallen Kingdom

Oh look - it's another episode of Shit Just Got Reel! for you to listen to! And Elspeth is talking about the upcoming drama The Kindergarten Teacher! And Liam is talking about the new Coen Brothers anthology western The Ballad of Buster Scruggs! And Sam is talking about the dinosaur horror mess Jurassic World Fallen Kingdom! And look at that, the gang talk about their favourite Hammer horror movies - Dracula, Frankenstein Created Woman and Quatermass & The Pit!


Minisode 6 - Suspiria, Mandy, Venom and Ghost Stories

In our unacceptably late Halloween minisode, Liam talks about the upcoming horror remake Suspiria and the supergrimdark antihero piece Venom. And Sam talks about the blood drenched revenge chiller Mandy and the anthology horror Ghost Stories.


Episode 25 - A Star is Born, Doctor Who, The Lost Boys, favourite sequels in new genres

We're back and we're here to chat shit about movies again! Elspeth revels in the film of the moment A Star is Born, Sam saw The Nun but it was terrible so nerds out about Doctor Who instead, and Liam finally got to see the 80s classic The Lost Boys. Then they go into their favourite sequels in a different genre to the originals


Episode 24 - American Animals, BlacKkKlansman, Black Mirror, favourite summer movies

Elspeth, Liam and Sam are back once again to chat shit about movies! Elspeth is talking through her thoughts on the true crime docudrama hybrid American Animals, Liam is mulling on the Spike Lee joint BlacKkKlansman and Sam is hesitantly reconsidering the legacy of Black Mirror. All that plus the gang go over their favourite summer movies (none of which are particularly summmery tbh...)


Episode 23 - Mission Impossible Fallout, Tomb Raider, The Piano, favourite mockumentaries

It's a bad week this week! Elspeth literally walks out of Mission impossible Fallout, Sam trashes the recent videogame adaptation Tomb Raider, and Liam saw the Jane Campion classic The Piano - a has some thoughts! Plus we go into out favourite mockumentary movies!


Episode 22 feat. Holly Tarquini- Ocean's 8, The Jinx, Hereditary, favourite triple F rated movies

In this very special episode, we are joined by a very special guest - Holly Tarquin, creator of the F-rating! We talk about Oceans 8, The Jinx, Hereditary, the aforementioned feminist film rating and our favourite triple F-rated movies (written by, directed by and starring women)


Episode 21 - Sense 8, Coco, Solo: A Star Wars Story, Favourite "grown-up" movies from our teens

In this episode, Elspeth goes into the Netflix cult smash Sense 8, Sam raves about the delightful family bash Coco, and Liam pokes the sci-fi adventure crash Solo: A Star Wars Story. Then they go into movies they loved as teenagers, specifically movies they thought were smart and grown up. How do these movies hold up when you're pushing 30? You'll have to listen and find out!


Episode 20 - Deadpool 2, Annihilation, Paris is Burning, Disney Renaissance

In this episode, Liam goes into the Marvel pisstake Deadpool 2, Sam talks about the Netflix original Annihilation, and Elspeth discusses the little seens 90s documentary Paris is Burning. Plus the gang talk about their favourite movies from the 90s Disney Renaissance


Minisode 5 - Avengers Infinity War Spoilercast

In this spoilertastic minisode, Sam and Liam go in depth into the latest Marvel team up Avengers Infinity War!


Episode 19 - A Quiet Place, Mary & the Witch's Flower, Queer Eye, Best movie with the worst message

In this episode, Sam goes into the horror runaway success A Quiet Place, Liam goes into the Japanese animated family movie Mary & the Witch's Flower, and Elspeth enthuses about the Netflix reality show Queer Eye. Plus expect rants a plenty when they delve into this weeks theme - best movie with the worst message.


Episode 18 - Ready Player One, Isle of Dogs, Twin Peaks, favourite stop-motion movies

In this episode, Elspeth pulls apart Ready Player One, Liam lives on an Isle of Dogs, and Sam goes through the entire mystery of Twin Peaks (from 1990 to 2017). All of that mad mess plus some shit about some stop motion movies the gang are into.


Episode 17 - Paddington 2, Alias Grace, Sorcerer, cinematic depictions of historical figures

We're back with some buzzing positivity for a change! Sam fawns over the family delight Paddington 2, Elspeth buzzes about the Netflix Margaret Atwood adaptation Alias Grace, and Liam wallows in the 70s tension classic Sorcerer. Plus we then go on to talk about three period classics in our theme where we discuss our favourite cinematic depictions of classic figures.


Episode 16 - Black Panther, I, Tonya, Hard Sun, Worst Oscar Winning Movies

What better way to prepare for this years Oscars than by listening to the Academy Award special of Shit Just Got Reel! In this episode, Liam delves into the social and box office phenomenon Black Panther, Elspeth picks apart the tragic biopic I, Tonya and Sam makes some noises with his mouth about the BBC/Hulu series Hard Sun. Plus in celebration of the Academy Awards 2018, they talk about the worst Best Picture winners. Come for intelligent analyses of depictions of ASD, stay for incoherent...


Episode 15 - The Cloverfield Paradox, The Post, The Fountainhead

Sam has seen the Netflix dud The Cloverfield Paradox! Liam has seen the new Spielberg flick The Post! Elspeth has seen the Ayn Rand adaptation The Fountainhead! The gang talk about their favourite romantic movies! Movies! AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAHHHHHHH!


Episode 14 - Molly's Game, Munich, The Shape of Water, favourite films about film

We're back again to chat shit about movies! In this episode we get into Aaron Sorkin's directorial debut Molly's Game, the sombre Spielberg masterpiece Munich, and Guillermo Del Toro's Oscar-hoover The Shape of Water! All of that plus our favourite films about film.


Episode 13 - Favourite Films of 2017

Woo! End of the year! Customary "top movies of the year list" episode! We're just like everyone else! Yay!


Episode 12 - Star Wars: The Last Jedi, Arrival, Harvey, Audition

In the first episode of 2018, the gang chat about Star Wars The Last Jedi and (finally) get around to the results of their movie challenge, and chat about Denis Villeneuve's Arrival, 50s Classic Harvey, and Takashi Miike's nightmare Audition!


Minisode 4 - Brigsby Bear, Blade of the Immortal, Justice League, Favourite Christmas Movies!

In this Christmassy minisode, Elpseth fills up on Brigsby Bear, Liam gorges on Blade of the Immortal, and Sam picks at Justice League. And they talk about their favourite Christmas movies (because it's Christmas yeah? *sigh*)


Minisode 3 - The Florida Project, Professor Marston, Three Billboards, FilmBath Festival

It's another minisode this time. Sam, Elspeth and Liam talk about the films they caught at the FilmBath festival - The Florida Project, Professor Marston and the Wonder Women, and Three Billboads Outside Ebbing Missouri


Minisode 2 - Murder on the Orient Express, Stranger Things 2, Thor: Ragnarok

In this shorter minisode, Jim is flummoxed by Murder on the Orient Express, Sam picks the bones of Stranger Things 2, and Liam sings all about Thor Ragnarok. It's evident that without Elspeth to keep things in check, things rapidly go to hell. There'll be a proper episode next week!