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Episode 79 - Parlez-vous Français

TOPICS: Colt will be taking their AR-15 off of the civilian market because so many are already in circulation. 6ixN9ne starts snitching on everyone to avoid jail time. Is the ESPN’s Body Issue weird? Justin Trudeau apologizes for multiple instances of Brown face. | SEGMENTS | It’s Arguing Time: What is the worst National Day? Why We Have Hope in the World Today: ASU kicker, Robots + Tom DeLonge.


Episode 78 - Roman... Pay Us

TOPICS: The city of Tempe might be introducing co-living spaces for professionals. The Colin Kaepernick Nike ad won an Emmy for Best Commercial. Eddie Money died this past Friday. Lavar Ball calls Lonzo “damaged goods” on their Facebook show. James Murdoch says that his father, Fox News, and other major media outlets are ‘ruining’ America because of how divisive they are. | SEGMENTS | It’s Arguing Time: Who is the most annoying celebrity? Why We Have Hope in the World Today: Bam Adebayo, No...


Episode 77 - A Good Guy with a Vape

TOPICS: Coke and Pepsi cut ties with a plastics lobbying organization. Joker director Todd Phillips says that Joaquin Phoenix as Joker will not appear in a movie with Robert Pattinson as Batman. Microsoft’s President recalls being threatened by Taylor Swift’s lawyer over their failed chat-bot ‘Tay’. The California State Assembly voted 72-0 to pass SB206, which would allow collegiate athletes to make money off of their likeness. Trump comes for vapes, sorry bro. | SEGMENTS | It’s Arguing...


Episode 76 - Twitter Banned Enuff Said

TOPICS: A large increase in lung illness linked to e-cigs and vapes, the CDC urges people to stop. Mac Miller’s drug dealer is arrested. Thoughts about the first week of NFL games? | SEGMENTS | What is the strangest gum flavor/gum in general from past to present? Why We Have Hope in the World Today: Naptown, LEGO + Goals.


Episode 75 - Business is Not Boomin'

TOPICS: Scientists discover that the Loch Ness monster could possibly be an extremely large eel. Several Twitter users called Kevin Hart out for gaslighting Lil Nas X on HBO’s “The Shop” about his coming out. Nicki Minaj is retiring from music to start a family. Antonio Brown causes more drama for the Raiders. A federal judge rules that the terrorist watch list violates constitutional rights. | SEGMENTS | It’s Arguing Time: In a zombie apocalypse, between the two of you, who would be the...


Episode 74 - Fuck Jay-Z

TOPICS: Students at the University of Texas in Austin can now take a class taught by Matthew McConaughey. BangBros bought a porn star doxxing site just so they could wipe the data clean and literally set the company on fire. 50 Cent responds to fans of the hit show “Power” after the opening song was changed with a wack ass remix. A company owned by LeBron James tries to copyright the phrase “taco tuesday” for entertainment purposes. Another mass shooting in America and politicians are...


Episode 73 - Firm for Herm

TOPICS: Special sports only episode. Kobe Bryant says he and Shaq would’ve won 12 titles if Shaq wasn’t lazy. We pick who we think will win each Power 5 conference in NCAA Football, who will make the College Football Playoff and the National Championship. We also pick who wins each division in the NFL, who wins the Wild Card and who will be in the Super Bowl and who will win it. | SEGMENTS | It's Arguing Time: What is the worst sports franchise ever? Why We Have Hope in the World Today:...


Episode 72 - RIP Captain Stabbin

TOPICS: Andrew Luck retires from the NFL unexpectedly. Spider-Man leaves the MCU. Breaking Bad movie ‘El Camino’ trailer; drops on Netflix in October. What’s happening with the Amazon right now? Johnson and Johnson is forced to pay close to $600 million in relationship to the nation’s opioid crisis. | SEGMENTS | What is the best type of fry ? Why We Have Hope in the World Today: Ugly People, Planned Parenthood + Coral Reefs Fucking.


Episode 71 - I Went Back on Wednesday

TOPICS: Drake is being sued over “In My Feelings” and “Nice for What”. Royce White blames Lakers and LeBron for blackballing Melo. Matrix 4 is official according to Variety. Popeyes breaks Twitter and starts a war with Chick-Fil-A, over a chicken sandwich. Why does Trump get a pass for his rampant anti-Semitism? | SEGMENTS | Should the penny be eliminated? Why We Have Hope in the World Today: Sickness, Sempur Fur + Pia Klemp.


Episode 70 - About One Meow Too Many

TOPICS: Billie Eilish’s “Bad Guy” finally dethrones “Old Town Road” after 19 weeks on the #1 spot on Billboard.The NFL reinstated Josh Gordon from indefinite suspension?Amazon promoted The Marvelous Mrs. Maisel’s third season and their Emmy’s push by having a “Maisel Day” in Los Angeles, offering $40 hotel rooms and 30 cent gasoline. The NYPD finally fired the police officer who killed Eric Garner, five years after his death. The FBI arrests three separate White Nationalists who were...


Episode 69 - Ethnocentrism

TOPICS: Jay-Z and the NFL form a new partnership, leaving many people wondering if Jay cares more about his bank account than Kaepernick’s activism and blackballing. Miley Cyrus split with her husband Liam Hemsworth, do marriages in showbiz always seem doomed? Versace apologizes for labeling Hong Kong and other portions of a shirt wrong. Israel bans Congresswomen Rashida Tlaib and Ilhan Omar from visiting after Donald Trump asks them to. | SEGMENTS | If you could sell your fingers, the first...


Episode 68 - Grand Wizard of the USA

TOPICS: Are you going to see the new Dora film? Will it bomb? Megan Thee Stallion says we should stop trying to compare Cardi B and Nicki Minaj. A YouTube star accidentally uploads a video of her abusing her dog and faces swift backlash. A White woman wrote a review about her experience on a plantation tour, she says there was too much talk about slavery. Kenny Stills called out Miami Dolphins owner Stephen Ross for his hypocrisy of fundraising for Trump while also running a social justice...


Episode 67 - Drake Just Doesn’t Do It For Me

TOPICS: More mass shootings reignite the gun control debate. Amazon, 8Chan, & the Internet: Where is the responsibility for these platforms’ promotion of White Supremacy? Hobbs and Shaw are top weekend box office hit, is this a shock or surprise to you with the other films that were out? The Miami Marlins and Tampa Bay Rays twitter accounts take twitter beef too far by invoking Steve Irwin. Did you listen to Drake's album, is this tactic something you expect more artists to try? | SEGMENTS |...


Episode 66 - Joe Biden Sucks

TOPICS: You get the power to turn one movie into a TV show which would you choose? Michael Thomas is now the highest paid Wide Receiver in the NFL. “Old Town Road” set the record for the longest run ever atop the Billboard Hot 100 at 17 consecutive weeks. 1 in 4 Food Delivery Drivers Admit to Eating Your Food. Another 20 Presidential hopefuls debate for the Democratic nomination. | SEGMENTS | Is Shark Week cool? Why We Have Hope in the World Today: CaptainSparkles, Impossible + Nate.


Episode 65 - You Sound Like a Boomer

TOPICS: Fortnite World Cup Finals were this weekend in NYC with a prize pool of $30 Million. Jeremy Lin fears that NBA has 'kind of given up on [him]’. Katy Perry Loses 'Dark Horse' copyright trial. Indianapolis area police accuse McDonald’s employee of biting his sandwich; it turns out, the officer forgot he had already taken the bite himself. Trump tweets more racist shit, this time about Baltimore and Rep. Elijah Cummings. | SEGMENTS | What is the best sauce on a chicken wing? Why We Have...


Episode 64 - Unsolicited Dog Pics

TOPICS: People are comparing Donald Glover to Jamie Foxx for some reason. Steve Kerr is against NBA players requesting to be traded and says it’s “bad for the league.” P Diddy is allegedly dating Lori Harvey, who is supposedly his son’s ex-girlfriend and 27 years his junior. Burglars steal $2 million worth of lady undergarments. ICE locked up an American citizen for almost three weeks. | SEGMENTS | What is the worst food faux pas? Why We Have Hope in the World Today: Dan Le Batard,...


Episode 63 - Occupy All Streets

TOPICS: Marvel expects to release ten new films in 2020-2021, with Mahershala Ali starring as the new Blade. Mariano Rivera becomes first unanimous Baseball HOF inductee. Are A$AP Rocky, Kayne West and Donald Trump the worst collab ever? Equifax fined just under 1% of their total assets over data breach that impacted over 150 million Americans. A Louisiana police officer is fired for saying AOC deserves a “round”. | SEGMENTS | What product would you seriously stockpile if you found out they...


Episode 62 - I Am About That Action Boss

TOPICS: Tom Cruise surprises Comic-Con with first look at Top Gun 2. Nike files countersuit against Kawhi Leonard over ‘Klaw’ logo. Senate Committee passes act that would create another small court system for Copyright disputes. FaceApp takes social media by storm. Trump’s racist and fascist rhetoric is escalating and the GOP is standing back and doing nothing. | SEGMENTS | What’s more worthless? A wet floor sign near a pool or your horoscope prediction? Why We Have Hope in the World Today:...


Episode 61 - Flex on Lex 2019

TOPICS: Rumor is Lashana Lynch will be the new 007, do you think there will be a “Bond guy” in this film too? NFL owners propose expanding season to 18 games, but by only allowing players to play 16 games. Jermaine Dupri criticizes female rappers, says they all rap about the same thing. Is it possible that enough people could actually storm Area 51 and enter the facilities? Trump’s overtly racist tweet storm tells four women of color, Congresswomen, to go back to the countries they came...


Episode 60 - I Am a Cane’s Truther

TOPICS: Toy Story recalls new Forky toy because of choking hazard. NBA will be including a new “challenge” flag for personal fouls, goaltending, out-of-bounds. The Rockets trade Chris Paul to the Thunder for Russell Westbrook. Are you with the original Lion King soundtrack or the new soundtrack? Burger King is now selling $1 tacos nationwide. Trump invites social media trolls and conspiracy theorists to the White House. | SEGMENTS | Marriott is being sued for its ‘deceptive’ resort fees. Do...