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Don McNay on Structured settlements and planning

An audio version of a conversation with Mark Wahlstrom and the late Don McNay from 2008 on the settlement planning and structured settlement profession. A look at how the plaintiff oriented side of planning evolved from two of the leaders in plaintiff settlement planning.


Ben Heineman Jr, The Inside Counsel Revolution

Ben Heineman is a legendary and transformative figure in the field of corporate law. He is also a published author and professor at both Yale and Harvard Law schools, an achievement in and of itself! In this podcast he joins host Mark Wahlstrom to discuss his recently released book "The Inside Counsel Revolution: Resolve the Partner-Guardian Tension" In this book and interview Heineman discusses his experience in the corporate law field and what led to the writing of his latest book. His...


Hillary Clinton's email investigation, Attorney Mark Zaid sorts the facts

Will Hillary Clinton's use of a private email server lead to criminal charges and short circuit her bid for the Presidency? Or, is this a case of confusion over what is an administrative violation vs breaking the law when it comes to handling classified documents. Attorney Mark Zaid, one of the nations leading experts in the law surrounding the use of and handling of classified information joins Speaking of Justice to discuss the facts in this case and what the law actually says. This...


Bowe Bergdahl court martial, did "Serial" podcast bring a harsher result?

In what has become one of the most high profile Court Martial cases in years, Bowe Bergdahl was determined by his commanding officer to have been sufficiently derelict in his duties and actions as to recommend a general court martial for the now infamous soldier who left his post in Afghanistan and then was captured by the Taliban. Attorney Stephen P. Karns of Dallas, TX, a form US Army Major and JAG Attorney joins Mark Wahlstrom to discuss the strange and at time legally confusing case of...


Paul Bland, Executive Director of Public Justice on forced arbitration agreements

Paul Bland, Executive Director of Public Justice is Mark Wahlstrom's guest this week on Speaking of Justice. Paul looks at and gives an analysis of the DirecTV v Imbrugia case that was recently decided by the US Supreme court, with the ruling following a trend in which the use of mandatory or forced arbitration agreements are part of just about every financial, consumer and employment contract, thus eliminating the rights of consumers to sue directly or to join as part of a class action....


Gerry Spence, trial lawyer, author of "Police State"

In this episode of Speaking of Justice, host Mark Wahlstrom is joined by famed trial lawyer, Gerry Spence to discuss his recent book, "Police State". This is a look at how for decades, in cities all across America, rogue police have gotten away with murder. According to Spence the distance that has been created between law enforcement and society is a growing threat best illustrated by an increasingly militarized police who increasingly appear to pose a risk to the civil liberties of...


Civil Action attorney Jan Schlichtmann discusses TelexFree ponzi litigation

In the inaugural re-launch of the SOJ podcast we go old school and bring in Civil Action attorney Jan Schlichtmann to discuss the Telex Free ponzi scheme litigation. Telex Free is one of the largest Ponzi schemes in US history, over $1 billion, and the issues of financial institution liability for fraud by it's customers is at the heart of the case. Read more by going to http://legalbroadcastnetwork.com


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