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Episode 59 - Alfred Stark

I sat down with my grandfather, Alfred Stark, and he told me some of his stories. I grew up listening to some of these and even got to hear a few new ones! This episode really means a lot to me and I am very happy that it was able to come together! Note - The audio on this one will sound a little different than my usual episodes. I recorded this on a Tascam DR-40 using the intergral mics on the unit. It turned out pretty good but can definitely be a little echo-y at times! Website:...


Episode 58 - Comic Talk with Rod

I got together with Rod and we set off with the intention of discussing the many Donny Cates titles on our pull lists. But we went into the weeds right off the bat and never really found our way back. Eventually we discuss a lot of different books in our pull lists! As always I had a blast chatting with Rod! Website: Facebook: Twitter: @TheTubbyNinja Email: StarkCast Intro & Outro Music...


Episode 57 - Joe Vitale

I had an awesome time talking with Joe Vitale of The Supercast. It's been a minute since I recorded an episode and it was great to chat with Joe. We ran the gamut with subjects on this one and bounced all over the place. Enjoy! Website: Facebook: Twitter: @TheTubbyNinja Email: StarkCast Intro & Outro Music by James Wetzel This podcast is powered by


Episode 56 - Dana Mahanay

I had a fun conversation with Dana that went all over the place. We talked MCU rankings, ghost stories, movies, comics, and a true story about the Bog of Eternal Stench. Be sure to check out Dana's regular podcasts; GeekMode and Shoot The Sh%t. Website: Facebook: Twitter: @TheTubbyNinja Email: StarkCast Intro & Outro Music by James Wetzel This podcast is powered by


Episode 55 - Jake Elliott

I had an awesome time chatting with Leftover Jake. We talk music, crazy cat ladies, and the unintentional comedy of Justice League. We also discuss the video for This Is America, by Childish Gambino. We barely scratched the surface on things I wanted to talk with Jake about so I'm already looking forward to the next time I have him on! Be sure and check out Pop Culture Leftovers to hear more of Jake every week! Website: Facebook:...


Episode 54 - Comic Talk - The Hard Place

Jordan and I talk The Hard Place with comic book creator Doug Wagner. The Hard Place is an Image comic created by Doug Wagner and Nic Rummel. We also get into some spoiler territory for Infinity War at the beginning of the episode. The Hard Place: Website: Facebook: Twitter: @TheTubbyNinja Email: StarkCast Intro & Outro Music by James Wetzel This podcast is...


Episode 53 - Rod Claerbout

Rod and I eventually get around to talking a little bit about Avengers Infinity War (Spoiler Alert!!!) and the 1991 Jim Starlin comic Infinity Gauntlet. Website: Facebook: Twitter: @TheTubbyNinja Email: StarkCast Intro & Outro Music by James Wetzel This podcast is powered by


Episode 52 - Sage Kelley

I had a lot of fun recording this episode and getting to know Sage Kelley. We talked about Star Wars, zombies, aliens, conspiracy theories, all kinds of fun stuff! We ran into some Skype issues, but we pushed through and had a good time regardless. I hope you enjoy listening! Website: Facebook: Twitter: @TheTubbyNinja Email: StarkCast Intro & Outro Music by James Wetzel Break...


Episode 51 - David Isaac

I had an awesome time talking with podcaster David Isaac. Catch David on The Supercast, Tales from the Yard, and The Jedi Council. We talk all sorts of difffernt stuff on this episode; from drunken shenanigans and pop culture to the shitshow that ius american politics. Good times! Website: Facebook: Twitter: @TheTubbyNinja Email: StarkCast Intro & Outro Music by James Wetzel This...


Episode 50 - Rod Claerbout, Jordan Lekan

We set out with a plan to talk Regression, an Image comic by Cullen Bunn and Danny Luckert, as well as Dark Nights Metal, the recent DC Comics event headlined by Scott Snyder and Greg Capullo, but ended up just having lots of random conversation! I talked a bit about my experience at C2E2 last weekend, we give praise to Dustin Nyugen and his awesome artwork in Descender, an Image comic he created with Jeff Lemire, and we discover how hostile Jordan gets when you bring up foreign films. We...


Episode 49 - Dave Fajman

I learned a lot this episode. Dave Fajman from Smugglers Coffee tells me all about the ins and outs of creating barrel aged coffees. We also get into craft beers, punk rock, and the woes of hard water. This was a really fun episode for me and I had a blast getting to know Dave! Smugglers Coffee: Website: Facebook: Twitter: @TheTubbyNinja Email:...


Episode 48 - Comic Talk - Lazarus vol. 1

Rebekah, Rod, and I had the intention of talking the first volume of Lazarus, an Image comic by Greg Rucka and Michael Lark. We eventually get there with some very StarkCast detours along the way. We also talk Batman/TMNT II, Star Trek: Boldy Go, a little bit on Deathbed #2, and Marvel's new Legion miniseries. Somehow we even discuss DC charaters on a golf course. Yeah, that happened... Lazarus comic: Batman / TMNT II comic: Stark Trek,...


Episode 47 - Doug Wagner

I talk with comic book creator Doug Wagner! Plastic and The Hard Place are two of my favorite mini-series and it was an absolute joy getting to discuss them with the writer, himself. We get into all sorts of comic book talk; from conventions to our favorite ongoing books. I also ask Doug about his creative process and the beginnings of 12 Gauge Comics. Doug is a really cool guy! I had a blast recording with him and I hope you enjoy listening! Don’t forget to check out Doug latest books:...


Episode 46 - John Hawxby

I had an awesome time getting to know Hawxby! John and I talk MMA, cats, pinball, and beards before tackling the idiotic worlds of Alex Jones and flat earthers. John tells me all about his research and trolling of their internet groups. It is seriously pretty, damn funny and at the same time tragic that people believe this stuff! Website: Facebook: Twitter: @TheTubbyNinja Email: StarkCast Intro &...


Episode 45 - Comic Talk - Frostbite

Rod and I are joined by Paul Hart to talk Frostbite. A six-issue Vertigo comic by Joshua Williamson and Jason Shawn Alexander. It's a Comic Talk episode so it goes without saying that this episode is full of spoilers! Frostbite is a great book and I had a lot of fun discussing it with Rod and Paul. We go into the weeds a lot on this one so bear with us! We also talk Vengeance, Nevada #1, an independent comic by B.J. Mendelson, as well as a handful of other...


Episode 44 - Kevin Shanks

I talk science with Kevin Shanks, a forensic toxicologist. We get into all sorts of weird, interesting stuff! He shares some wild stories of cases he was involved in before we get into an epic conversation about psychedelics, "toxins", and the opioid epidemic. I'm not gonna lie- this was one of my all time favorite episodes! Kevins blog - The Dose Makes The Poison: Website: Facebook:...


Episode 43 - Comic Talk - Men of Wrath

Rod and I talk comics and other random topics for nearly two hours before discussing the advertised content, Men of Wrath, an Icon book by Jason Aaron and Ron Carney. And by discussing I mean spoiling the hell out of it! If you haven't read Men of Wrath, I highly recommend you check it out!! Website: Facebook: Twitter: @TheTubbyNinja Email: StarkCast Intro & Outro Music by James Wetzel Break...


I Become Death - Bonus Content!

I read the first chapter of my book, I Become Death. "Several years after a zombie apocalypse, people have figured out how to deal with the undead and have started clearing cities for rehabitation. I Become Death follows a team of professionals tasked with escorting a young assassin through uncleared territory. His target: a brutal warlord that has been holding a small town hostage." I Become Death on Amazon: Website: Facebook:...


Episode 42 - Bridget

I talk with Bridget, a friend from The Leftover Army, about Wicca, Tarot readings, and fan fiction among other things. Bridget is really funny and she had me cracking up the whole episode! I had an awesome time getting to know her better and I hope you enjoy listening! Website: Facebook: Twitter: @TheTubbyNinja Email: StarkCast Intro & Outro Music by James Wetzel This podcast is powered by...


Episode 41 - Comic Talk - Nemesis

I talk Nemesis, an Icon comic created by Mark Millar & Steve McNiven, with Rod Claerbout and Rebekah Dahling. Rebekah talks a little about Kill Or Be Killed and Rod tells us about Men Of Wrath. These are some crazy comics and we get into some equally weird territory on this episode! Nemesis: Kill Or Be Killed: Men Of Wrath:...