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Stoned Appetit is a podcast of stoners from Colorado, who sit down with guests each week to talk about what they're passionate about. Food, Booze, Weed & Music are our passions

Stoned Appetit is a podcast of stoners from Colorado, who sit down with guests each week to talk about what they're passionate about. Food, Booze, Weed & Music are our passions


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Stoned Appetit is a podcast of stoners from Colorado, who sit down with guests each week to talk about what they're passionate about. Food, Booze, Weed & Music are our passions






S2 E6: Cort Smith, DaVinci Founder & Bungee God Jumps in the Hot Seat

On this episode of #StonedAppetit, Kip sits down with Cort Smith, founder of the DaVinci Vaporizer Company. DaVinci highlights themselves as a high end vaporizer for the serious smoker. If you puff tough, this got has a rig for you. In addition to talking about the launch of their new product, IQ2, we also talk about his tenure in China, the weed scene in Asia, and what makes him the Bungee God of China (I made that name up right now). Check out that and all the other regular antics now, and...


S2 E5: Ripple on Still water... Edibles with Nikki Kujawski

On this episode of #Stoned Appetit we sit down with Marketing Manager Nikki Kujawski, of Stillwater Edible brand. I sit down with Nikki to talk about their recently dropped their "quick-release" dissolvable powder with CBD & THC ingredients. We talk about all things edibles, then dive into the best ways to mix Stillwater with your every day recipes, and conclude with our regular stupidty. Without Chris, there is a lot of be weary, but let us know what ya think about the episode....


S2 E4: "Positivity Is the Ultimate Form of Protest" with Chef Tajahi Cooke

On this week's episode of #StonedAppetit, the guys sit down with Chef Tajahi Cooke, the genius running the Bruto Advocacy Kitchen with Kelly Whitaker. We sit down with Chef Taj to talk about all the things going on in society today, from Covid closing our restaurants to the civil unrest in the streets. And as he said best, what better way to get to know someone, than to sit down and talk over food. "Come have a conversation". We talk about the Ital Dinner Series he's been hosting (two more...


Season 2, Episode 3: Veritas Fine Cannabis with Mike Leibowitz & Jon Spadafora

Veritas Fine Cannabis Co-Founder Mike Liebowitz and Marketing Manager John Spatafora (sp) join me on the podcast to talk about their Luxury Cannabis operation. We talk about how Veritas got started, how they’ve grown their brand, company, and what they have planned for the future. Why they were voted a top cannabis grower in Colorado, how they got involved with the Cookies Enterprise out of California, and what the dumbest name for a strain of weed is. In addition to the biz conversation, we...


Season 2, Episode 2: Pre-Covid Tomfoolery with Drew Watson, Founder of Hops N Pie/ Berkeley Donuts

On this week’s episode, we throw it back to an episode we did back in March, with Drew Watson, Founder of @hopsandpiedenver and @berkeleydonuts… We recorded this right as there were launching the Berkeley Donut concept, and we hadn’t released it cuz the world ended the following week.. Anyways, we talk to Drew about how he & Leah opened up Hops N Pie after tiring out of the fine-dining scene in Cali.. and after all that positive talk promoting the restaurant, Kip railroaded the episode by...


SEASON 2, Episode 1: Ricardo Baca, Founder of Grasslands Agency, The Cannabist & Social Activist.

On the first episode of the second season, Kip & CB sit down with the man, the myth, the legend: RIcardo Baca. Ricardo is a native to CO, and a long time activist of fighting the good fight, and standing up against the powers that be. We talk with Ricardo about his tenure with the Denver Post, the growing cannabis industry, and his new agency The Grasslands Company, which helps companies in MMJ & MMJ-adjacent industries reach their potential. In addition to cannabis talk, we talk the powers...


Ep #108: Quarantine Chronicles with Colorado native & graduate, David Ruin (@MileHighBites)

On this week's episode of #QuarantineChronicles, Kip sat down with friend of the program David Ruin, who runs the Denver foodie account @MileHighBites.. Kip & David start the party talking about David's side gig, working with the Denver Food scene to help spread the good word of local restauranteurs. Growing up a son of a chef, he actually gets to use the term foodie how he pleases.. and after talking about growing up in Colorado, we discuss staying for college only to have graduation taken...


Ep #107: #QuarantineChronicles with the gentlemen behind @LunchesForClinicians

We have a new episode (and last of the week) of #QuarantineChronicles... on this episode Kip sits down with Scott, Dustin & Ethan from @LunchesForClinicians.. these cats decided to use this quarantine and their spare time to find a way to help the community. We talk about how the guys became friends, how they came up with the ideas, all the cities around the country participating.. and the hilarious BETS they're making with one another to help generate some buzz, fun & fundraising.. if you...


Ep #106: #QuarantineChronicles with dear friend and chef, Kelly Whitaker.

On today's episode of #QuarantineChronicles we sit down with JBF nominated chef, Kelly Whitaker, to talk about how the pandemic has hit his team & restaurants. Just 6 months after getting the nod from Bon Appetit as one of the Top 10 Hottest restaurants in the country, Kelly has had to shut his doors to Wolfs Tailor, Basta (Boulder) & Bruto... while only being able to serve his friends, family & patrons with weekly pop ups in Boulder. Kelly has in turn focused all his resources to help the...


Ep #105: #QuarantineChronicles with Chef Alon Shaya, calling in from NOLA

On today's episode of #QuarantineChronicles brought to you by Stoned Appetit, we jump on a zoom with Chef Alon Shaya of Safta & Saba restaurant. Chef is currently working from his home in NOLA and called in to talk about the current situations in both of his cities. Sadly, with the recent pandemic, he has closed his operations in New Orleans, but is doing his part to keep people fed on dank eats. His Denver family is still doing takeout & delivery, and we dive in to their new logistics and...


Ep #104: Chef Mario Vega joins #QuarantineChronicles to talk opening amidst a pandemic

On today's episode of #QuarantineChronicles by Stoned Appetit is a great one. We sit down with Chef Mario Vega of Lakehouse Tavern & Kitchen in Littleton. Mario & his team opened their digs in January right before the pandemic landed in the states. We talk about the crazy circumstances, pivoting his original business model to a takeout & drive thru spot, and his excellent fried chicken. This restaurant will do very very well, as soon as we're allowed to be outside again. Listen to Mario's...


Ep #103: Quarantine Chronicles with Paul Reilly of Coperta and Beast & Bottle fame.

On today's episode of Stoned Appetit's #QuarantineChronicles Kip sits down with Chef Paul Reilly while he is in the middle of baking bread. Light hearted, fun, insightful.. see how chefs who have had to close the kitchen, are coping thru this pandemic... The guys chat it up over casual stupidity, talking about life, food & the new thing we call the norm. We talk about his restaurants, Coperta and Beast N Bottle, both are dank italian food located in Uptown Denver. Then they talk about...


Ep #102: Caroline Glover of Annette Scratch To Table joins #QuarantineChronicles

On today's episode of #QuarantineChronicles, we jump on Zoom to chat with Chef & Proprietor Caroline Glover, to discuss how the pandemic has effected not only her digs, but their whole food hall. We talk with Caroline about the pivot from dine-in to takeout. We talk about how Stanley Market was on the forefront of proactive planning... and how to navigate the uncertain times and ever changing laws. Caroline & team have set up a drive-thru pick up spot available by calling in before your...


Ep #101: Andrea Frizzi of Il Posto joins Quarantine Chronicles

On today's episode of #QuarantineChronicles, we sit down with italian chef Andrea Frizzi to talk about the recent situations in our community. Frizzi owns il Posto italian & Vero pizza both located in the RiNo neighborhood in Denver. We chop it up about getting sauced at home, how we can help the small businesses out & the new amendments that have allowed IP to sell booze too. Frizzi is a dear friend with an unbelievable outgoing personality and infectious zest for life. We could all learn a...


Ep #100: Quarantine Chronicles with Chef Tommy Lee, of Hop Alley & Uncle Restaurants

On our new episode, in our new series.. we will be speaking (virtually) with our friends in the restaurant industry across the Denver metro area. Our first guest, JBF semi-finalist Chef Tommy Lee, proprietor of Hop Alley Restaurants and the two dankest ramen digs in town, Uncle Restaurant. We talk with Tommy about how the citywide shut down has effected business, how his team is making a pivot to help serve the Denver community with take out & delivery, and if this model is sustainable going...


Ep #99: Quarantine Chronicles with @Thursday.Lines

On this week's episode, we're back from the week of nightmare last week that caused the states to shut down (IF YOU'RE OUR PARENTS, DON'T LISTEN THIS WEEK) . We talk about how the quarantine has effected our local businesses, and give a lil insight into what we've been eating & watching while at home. Chris announces his new #SundaySupper segment and it's gonna be awesome (Allison Roman will love us) The second half the episode we call in to the guys of @Thursday.Lines to see how they're...


Ep #98: Whiskies of the World This Weekend

NEW EPISODE DROPPED EARLY! This week we sat down with Doug Smith, leader of the @WhiskiesOfTheWorld Tour to talk about their upcoming event in Denver. This Friday (3/13), 20+ local and global whiskey companies drop in to #Denver to impart some knowledge on our liquor loving community. Kip & Doug chat it up for 30-45 minutes about everything from expectations for the tour to the best way to consume your hooch. To wrap we had a great MFK session with some big name boozes.. real good time &...


Ep #97: We Only Smoke The Good Stuff At Sugarfire Smokehouse

Chris is back from injury!!! On this week's episode of Stoned Appetit, we trekked up to the burbs of North Denver to "Smoke the good stuff" with the founders of Sugarfire Smokehouse. The gang sat down with Chad & Jamie and their team. We shot the shit about slinging meat, how they got in the business and then the usual debauchery. These guys were an absolute hoot as we talked how they created the menu (highlighting the best of the BBQ genres around the country) and their history in the...


Ep #96: MARDI GRAS IN DENVER! Chef Drake Leonards Jumps On Board.

On this week's episode of Stoned Appetit, we reached out to Chef Drake Leonards in Houston TX, who is teaming up with Denver native, Chef Troy Guard to throw Denver's BEST Mardi Gras Party. We talk about our upbringings, where Drake grew up in West Louisiana in Eunice, LA. The conversation dives right in to the dirty dirty, talking food scene in Houston.. then we discuss growing up in the Boot, his move to Houston to open his cajun-styled restaurant & then we dive into the party next week....


Ep #95: Party-Rama with Restauranteur, Chef Jeff Osaka!!

On this week's episode of Stoned Appetit, the gang sit down with Chef Jeff Osaka. Chef is known for his loyalty to growing the Denver food scene, and his success in the hospitality industry with like 7 locations around the metro area. We chat with Chef about his upbringing, how he found his way to the culinary arts (busting his ass), and how he came to call Colorado home. In additions to discussing the journey, we also chat about his upcoming fundraiser, Great Chefs of the West, that...