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Danielle Chevalier, Co-Owner of Urban Surf and AxFit

We have a great entrepreneurial story this week with Danielle Chevalier, who is the co-founder of both Urban Surf Co. and AxFit who shares the story of how she took chances, put herself out there, wasn’t afraid to fail and building her brands with a vision. Danielle is very active all over social media between both companies and you can follow Urban Surf online at, on Instagram or Facebook. Check out AxFit at, Instagram, Facebook and YouTube You can follow the...


The Autumn Kings

On this week’s episode of the podcast I sit down with Jake, Joe and Tibor of the Autumn Kings, a young band from LaSalle who have already toured across Canada, released their debut album and created an impressive following of fans from around the world. Follow the Autumn Kings: Youtube - Autumn Kings Instagram - @autumnkingsband Twitter - @autumnkingsband Snapchat - @autumnkingsband Facebook - Autumn Kings Band Follow Straight Outta Windsor: Facebook -


David Finch, Comic Book Artist

David Finch is a local artist that went from being a high school dropout to a world famous and beloved comic book artist that remains in Windsor, working from his home studio on comic books such as Wonder Woman, Batman, Avengers and X-Men among many others. Facebook: David Finch Artist Straight Outta Windsor: Facebook: Straight Outta Windsor Twitter: @thatwindsorshow


Dr. Andrea Steen, Olympian Turned Doctor

Dr. Andrea Steen graduated from St. Clair College and the University of Windsor before completing her Masters at Waterloo and Medical School at McMaster. She was a track and field athlete that broke the national record in hurdles before representing Canada at the 1984 Olympics in Los Angeles. After completing medical school, Dr. Steen opened her family practice here in Windsor that she still runs today as well maintaning a leadership role as the Vice President of Medical Affairs and...


Jen Oliver, FitMama Global

Jen Oliver is a coach, trainer, Tedx speaker, authour and podcaster…this girl does it all! As the founder of FitMama Global, Jen is helping people reach their fitness, personal and professional goals around the world from right here in Windsor and she shares her story and journey this week. Follow Jen: Twitter: @kaizenwithjen Facebook: FitMama Global Follow Straight Outta Windsor: Twitter: @thatwindsorshow Facebook: Straight Outta Windsor


Mike Kakuk of The Morning Drive on AM800

Mike Kakuk has been co-host of The Morning Drive with Lisa Williams and Steve Bell for over 24 years! He is a local guy that always wanted to be in broadcasting and built his career right here in Windsor! Follow Mike on Twitter @mikekakuk or @mikelisa800 Learn more about Golden Rescue at Follow Straight Outta Windsor on Facebook at Straight Outta Windsor and on Twitter @thatwindsorshow


Corbin Watson, Team Canada Goalie and 2x Paralympic Medalist

Corbin Watson is someone that beat the odds. He went from being in a terrible accident to becoming an amputee, discovering the sport of sledge hockey, to a chance opportunity to be on the ice with the National sledge hockey team, to being named starting goalie for Team Canada at two Paralympic games in a matter of a few years! Follow Corbin on Twitter @CorbinWatson30 and on Facebook at Corbin Watson Follow Straight Outta Windsor on Twitter @thatwindsorshow and on Facebook at Straight...


Windsor Circus School’s Tia Bia

This week’s episode of Straight Outta Windsor features the co-owner of Windsor Circus School Tia Bia and we discuss her gloabl journey to discovering the circus arts, falling in love with them and deciding to bring that passion to her hometown on Windsor and create the Windsor Circus School. Social Media Instagram : windsorcircusschool height.entertainment Facebook : Windsor Circus School Height Entertainment Twitter : Windsor Circus School Snapchat : Windsor Circus [...]


Episode 16 - The Tea Party’s Jeff Burrows

One of Canada’s most successful bands with over 2 Million album sales worldwide, the Tea Party started out right here in Windsor. On this week’s episode we talk with the drummer for The Tea Party about his personal journey, their experiences, lessons learned and the Jeff Burrows 24-hour Drumathon You can follow Jeff here: Instagram Twitter You can follow the show here: Facebook Twitter


Remembering Bob Probert with Dani and Tierney Probert

Bob Probert was one of the most beloved hockey players to ever come from our area. He was as well known for his toughness on the ice as he was for his kind-hearted spirit off of it. In this episode I sit down with Bob’s wife, Dani and daughter Tierney to share some stories, lessons, laughs and discuss the creation of the Bob Probert Memorial Ride, which this year’s event marks the 8th anniversary on Sunday, June 24th More information can be found at or on Facebook Follow...


Episode 14 - David Sobolov, Voice Actor, Producer & Director

This week’s episode features David Sobolov, who is a highly sought after voice actor featured in several animated series, movies and video games. David and I discuss his Windsor upbringing, the early days of his career, learning the ins and outs of voice acting, having to learn the Klingon language, the world of super hoeroes and so much more. Follow David online: Twitter @volobos Facebook David Sobolov Follow Straight Outta Windsor online: Twitter @thatwindsorshow Facebook Straight...


Episode 13 - Ayad Saddy, BB Branded and Win City Co-Owner

Episode 13 features the co-owner of BB Branded and creator of the Win City movement, Ayad Saddy. Ayad shares his story of entreprenership in Windsor, the creation of BB Branded and the start of Win City. He shares his wisdom of not only the retail industry, but business and some great marketing strategies. Check out BB Branded: Online - Facebook Instagram Follow Straight Outta Windsor: Facebook Twitter


Episode 12 - Daniel Victor, Neverending White Lights

This week’s episode features Neverending White Lights singer, songwriter, producer and all around musician, Daniel Victor. Daniel shares his improbable story of creating a unique album concept that includes Neverending White Lights Acts 1-3, the mental health struggles he battled that contributed to a 7-year break before currently working on Act 4. Follow Daniel: Facebook Twitter Music Credits: Neverending White Lights feat. Hot Hot Heat - Ghost...


Fight Like Mason Foundation’s Chantelle Bacon and Iain Macri

On this very special episode of Straight Outta Windsor features Mason Bacon-Macri’s parents Chantelle Bacon and Iain Macri who share their story, Mason’s journey, the life lessons they learned and the creation of the Fight Like Mason Foundation. Facebook Straight Outta Windsor: Facebook Twitter - @thatwindsorshow


Episode 10 - Windsor Military Veterans Eric Dick, Joe Clause and Shelly Clause

In the second part of our 2 part military series we interview three Windsor veterans in Erick Dick, Joe Clause and Shelly Clause to hear their stories and experiences of serving in the military. Why they joined, what did they do and how did they adjust to civilian life back home.


Episode 7 - Yvonne Pilon, President & CEO of WE Tech Alliance #Girlboss

Episode 7 features Windsor’s Top 40 Leaders Under 40 Award winner, the #Girlboss and #MillenialBoss talks about her humble county upbringing to Univervisty of Windsor alumni and the hustle of becoming one of the most influential leaders in our community. Follow Yvonne on Twitter Follow the show on Twitter Interact on Facebook


Episode 6 - Mike DiPietro, Windsor Spitfires Goalie, Vancouver Canucks Prospect

Mike DiPietro is an Amherstburg native that had to overcome tragedy at a young age, making family first a personal motto. Mike used this tragedy as motivation to becoming drafted by his hometown Windsor Spitfires, for whom he went on to backstop to the Memorial Cup Championship on home ice, playing for his home team in front of his home town fans before being drafted by the Vancouver Canucks. This special young man is focussed on giving back to the community and is a positive role model...


Episode 4 - Randa Markos, UFC Fighter

Welcome to Straight Outta Windsor episode 4 featuring UFC Fighter Randa Markos who shares her story of immigrating from Iraq after her being detained for trying to escape, the struggles of her childhood, the draw of being one of the only high school female wrestlers competing in the area, translating that into mixed martial arts, her experience on The Ultimate Fighter, life of a UFC fighter and much, much more. Follow Randa on Twitter - @randamma Follow us on Twitter -...


Episode 3 - Dave Hunter, Dave and Chuck the Freak

Episode 3 of Straight Outta Windsor features one half of the highly successfult duo known as Dave and Chuck the Freak, Dave Hunter. Dave and I discuss his upbringing, his early days as a young reporter and the breaks that helped him along the way, his move to Windsor and initial impressions, how he got matched with Chuck the Freak and why the show is so incredibly popular! Follow the show on Facebook at on Twitter at @thatwindsorshow


Episode 2 - Joe Siddall, Toronto Blue Jays Commentator, former MLB Player

Episode 2 features Joe Siddall, who came up through the Windsor baseball scene before eventually making it as a professional baseball player, including playing catcher for the Detroit Tigers and Montreal Expos among others. A tragedy struck his family with the unexpected loss of their youngest son, which ultimately lead to his big career break in becoming the commentator for the Toronto Blue Jays. Joe shares his powerful story, including dealing with loss as a family and wait until you...