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True crime and the paranormal with Red and T-Mo

True crime and the paranormal with Red and T-Mo
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True crime and the paranormal with Red and T-Mo




9: Tasty murder chicken, animals do it better and iTunes love!

Buckle up SuperF*cked friends, it's a special celebration episode! After a few rejections, we finally got on iTunes!!!! We are popping some champagne and celebrating with 2 special guests, Dre and Miss Amie. Dre shares the story of the Zankou Chicken murders and T-Mo runs down a list of animal messengers. A magnum of champs and a bottle of wine from Mexico ( that Dre brought ) are flowing throughout this episode, as we talk, laugh and just enjoy each others stories and company! We have...


8: A poltergeist and 2 Peggy's walk into a bar, Dirty Dick does what he wants and 2 aliens start a cult!

Hi SuperF*cked friends it's Super #8. We have revamped our intro, hope you love it as much as we do. T-Mo takes you to England and enacts a step by step account of the 1980, BBC documentary, of the Enfield Poltergeist, with accents and all ( or at least tries to! ) Red's teaser of Heavens Gate will leave your "vehicle" wanting more and this weeks UnF*cked takes a woman's shoe obsession to a WHOLE new level! --- Support this podcast:


7: A Naruto Run, Red's otherworldly ex-boyfriend and a Castor Cocktail

Hi SuperF*cked friends, it's lucky number 7! Stephanie has joined us once again. T-Mo explains what storming Area 51 entails. Red shares her personal encounter with a gray, introduces us to Stacey Castor, aka the Black Widow, and then she gives us all the recipe for the infamous Castor Cocktail. This weeks UnF*cked involves Weezer, the greatest band in the world, that will totally pull at your heart strings. Please go to iTunes and rate, comment, subscribe and share. Once again, thank you...


6: A sandwich loving stalker, Hollywood sadness and real heroes show up for a nice cold glass of lem

Hey SuperF*cked friends welcome back, WOW this is episode 6! Red and T-Mo talk about some super scary shows you can see on the Flix and T-Mo attempts to convince Red that having an Ouija board session is a BAD idea. Join Red as she talks about a SuperF*cked up guy named Richard Farley, who takes stalking to a whole new level. T-Mo takes you to haunted Griffith Park and the Hollywood Sign, and a few little haunted spots in between. Making lemonade out of lemons is taken literally in the...


5: A Hot Hoo Haa, more mustache rides and 2 SuperF*cked guests to just blow your mind!

It's episode 5 SuperF*cked friends. Please join us for an "out of the ordinary" episode, where T-Mo gets real honest with Y'all! Red's sister Stephanie joins us in the beginning and her and Red share a super touching family story about a burnt VaJayJay. Matthew joins us again in Red's final tale of the f*cked up 19th century serial killer H.H. Holmes, and T-Mo sobers up. Thanks again, so so much for all the love and support, and... MUSTACHE RIDES!!!!! --- Support this podcast:...


4: A Matt, a queen and some pickle juice

Welcome back SuperF*cked friends to episode 4. Welcome our first guest, Matthew for some beer, wine and a whole bunch of laughs. Disclaimer, sharing a mic proves not to be a great idea, but hopefully the content will make up for it. Matt shares his ghost hunting story at the Scary Dairy, T-Mo takes you aboard the Queen Mary and Red is along for the ride. We get a little crazy, a bit obnoxious, but hey, it was a...Friday night, we just got paid, party hunting, feeling right...(and yes, those...


3: 2 flashy guys and a Disneyland fight club.

SuperF*cked is back with episode 3. Red and T-Mo talk about some wild SoCal events. T-Mo introduces you to The Hat Man and Red starts you off with a 2 part story about the infamous serial killer H.H. Holmes. It ends with a sweet UnF*ucked story that you can't miss. --- Support this podcast:


Bonus: The Ring!!!

This is a very special mini episode. Something very amazing happened. If you haven't listen to episode 2 yet which is "dad, interrupted, 31 flavors of ghosts and lady pirates," Please stop and go listen to that 1st and then come back and listen to this because you will not believe what just happened. Again, this is an amazing story and we hope it touches you in the way it did to us! --- Support this podcast:


2: Dad, Interrupted, 31 flavors of ghosts and lady pirates.

Welcome back to SuperF*cked. On this episode, T-Mo teaches us all there is to know about ghosts, poltergeists, shadow people and beyond. Red tells us the sad and horrifying story about the Gravlin family murders. Come enjoy the many rabbit holes this episode has to offer, as Red and T-Mo share a lot of insight about these stories, life and all things SuperF*cked. --- Support this podcast:


1: Troop 187, Granny's misty condo and a Cheater Cheater Pumpkin Eater!

Welcome to SuperFcked. Come, listen and become a honorary SuperFcked friend as Red and T-Mo take you on this wild ride of true crime and the paranormal. Red takes us back to when she was a Girl Scout and to when her beloved troop leader goes missing. Not only does T-Mo share her personal ghost experience, but she also tells a tale of scandal and betrayal of SCV royalty. Thanks for listening and don't forget to rate and subscribe. Remember friends, we're all SuperFcked! --- Support this...