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Swipe Right on Elite Singles

This week, Molly and Thomas sip their tea with the fellow elites of Elite Single. Just kidding. Imagine a dating website based on ruthless, humorless German efficiency with a hidden personality test. WELCOME TO ELITE SINGLES! As a result of this dating site, Thomas decides that Angela Merkel is creepy and makes up random true facts about her while Molly shakes her head. Molly reveals how she used to look for dirty words in the dictionary, again because Elite Singles is as sexy as the...


Swipe Right on Kiss Kiss Bangs Bangs

What started out as a simple review of novelty niche dating site Sea Captain Date took a dark and twisted turn as we uncovered the true nature behind its founder, Hoyt Bangs--turns out he's a total hack. Thomas gets major phone anxiety, Molly calls in the lawyers, and we all laugh at the three part web series Paranormal Poops, which is tangentially connected to the dating site Sea Captain Date. Is Hoyt Bangs a con artist in an Enron-like fantasy land full of shell companies? Is he a...


Swipe Right On Bumble

This week, Molly & Thomas take the plunge and review feminist Tinder, AKA Bumble. Learn about the torrid affair that launched a dating site, the sexual harassment case, and the woman who is kicking ass in the world of dating, Whitney Wolfe. Ah Bumble, the app that wants to help keep republicans from reproducing by letting them use political filters on their dating profile. From a man called "Mr. Carp" and multiple potential arousal situations, find out why our review of this app suggests...


Swipe Right on the Craigslist Vigilantes

In the Season 2 Premiere, Molly & Thomas take on the modern day newspaper personals section - Craigslist. Burner phones, fake email addresses, Kik, major creeps and vigilantism. Tune in to hear this outrageous installment! Make sure to look at our Patreon where you can get exclusive rewards for supporting our podcast: patreon.com/swiperightcast Remember to rate, review, and subscribe on iTunes or your streaming app of choice. Follow us on Facebook, Twitter & Instagram @swiperightcast or...



This week, Molly and Thomas tackle a chilling and translucent problem that has been haunting online dating for years: Ghosting. Find out why we do it, who is more likely to do it, and learn some new lingo that helps describes the shades of grey that surround this spooky topic.

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