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Pop culture from the perspective of an introvert who found a way to speak about random topics using movies and other forms of media entertainment.

Pop culture from the perspective of an introvert who found a way to speak about random topics using movies and other forms of media entertainment.
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Pop culture from the perspective of an introvert who found a way to speak about random topics using movies and other forms of media entertainment.






State of Fear 2018

Halloween has a newfound popularity rooted in a remake that is a sequel (a remakequel) to the beginnings of a franchise relaunch. Not new material, but there’s a case for simplicity with horror movies that over time lost to the evolving use of special effects and jump scares. Halloween (2018) wasn’t a great movie; however, it is what this genre needs as a reflection back to when simple storying telling thrilled the masses. This, That, Other News, and Crytoids Weekly Gratitude: Thanks to...


Hollywood, We Have a Problem with Movie Franchises

Remakes and Franchises make movie watching boring these days. Same ol’ this and with a sprinkle of that thing already imagined. Jurassic World and Ocean’s 8 are two examples of films —this summer— whose failure to deviate from the plot and character development of it’s precursors to produced a final product that hit all the marks of fanfare but lacked originality. What's In This Episode We’re always open for suggestions and/or a favorable comment But Machete don’t tweet. Okay, well...


Subscribe Me to Movie Pass - TWB83

We're always open for suggestions and/or a favorable comment. But Machete don't tweet. Okay, well leave us a voicemail or email: Phone 520-775-1690 Email In This Episode... The movie theatre is a venue; a luxury, to which only some of us can afford to indulge regularly. Subscription services, like, Movies Pass, Stubs, and Cinemark’s Movie Club make that indulgence a more considerable option than waiting for movies to premiere on Netflix. No...


Black Panther is The Only Black James Bond We Need - TWB82

Black Panther is the only black James Bond we need. He has the tech, a suave demeanor, and the well intent to undermine criminal minds who threaten his nations. It would be great to have a black James Bond character on the big screen but as long as he or she is not James Bond and more Bond-like. I’m bored of remakes and studio attempts to reinsert old titles into the modern day film industry by way of cultural appropriation: Female Ghostbusters, a black James Bond. Good ideas. Lazy...


Solo is The Ultimate George Lucas Clapback - TWB81

Solo is an entertaining movie and could possibly be more to audiences if we could accept him --the individual, Solo-- as the main character rather than a sidekick who just so happens to be the baby daddy to certain Skywalker progeny. This movie isn't necessary to the canon, however, has the potential to payout and entertaining storyline if we care to wait for forthcoming sequels. People “riding’ Solo for the all wrong reasons. Solo is not a bad film, only unnecessary to the storyline we...


Thanos featuring The Avengers - TWB80

In two movies, Disney and Marvel, (kinda) redefined or rather reintroduced the sympathetic villain into the mainstream zeitgeist: Kilmonger and Thanos. We may not like the pain Thanos inflicts on Earth's Mightiest Heroes in Avengers Infinity War but you gotta like the guy; he has conviction and purpose. Sure he's crazier than a raccoon climbing a skyscraper, vicious, and a bit of a psychopath. However, he's also compassionate and empathetic. Violence is just the result of the many...


Blade Runner and The Search For Existential Life - TWB79

Blade Runner continues the conversation it began thirty-five years ago with an even deeper questioning into the morality of creating life. Life finds a way. Since Jeff Goldblum stuttered those words in the first Jurassic Park, the question of life coming into being outside the control of its creator is not just a popular quote but a think well consideration. If we[humans] are to be the next creators of life then we must take the responsibility of allowing life to live, breath, and think...


Alien Free Fire in The Phoenix Sky - TWB78

Aliens, they fit into neither the category of monster or creature but fall into the unknown. We don't fear them as much as we are intrigued by them. Give us a reason to be afraid and I'm sure we'll piss our pants. But until that time comes curiosity will have to reign supreme within the space of our feeble minds. For full show notes visit: We're always open for suggestions and/or a favorable comment But Machete don't tweet. Okay, then leave us a...


Mummy Curses The Dark Universe - TWB77

Let's stir up some ancient Egyptian dust with The Mummy circa 2017 starring Tom “The Maverick” Cruise aka the last of the action hero and answer the question this failure should not be the end all for Universal Dark Universe. Comment on this episode, ask a question, or share what entertains you at FOR STARTERS What The Mummy does for Dark Universal is make it harder for the studio to establish some credibility with audiences. And as inconceivable as...


Colossal Kong and The Creature Feature - TWB76

The 80’s welcomed in a different type of horror movie which steered away from the fear of the atomic 50’s and the boujee-ness of the 1960’s Euporean bloodsuckers. Horror did not necessarily include monsters but monstrous figures committing monstrous acts. In the late 70’s and 80’s, the movie monster replaced cheesy storylines with utter suspense and terror, like, Jaws (1975) and Alien (1979). Long were the days of monsters coming from far outer space to terrorize earth. Now the monsters...


Wunza Movie, Wunza Singer - TWB75

Wunza a movie and wunza a podcast about buddy films, James Cameron, and Taylor Swift. Also, what happens when your favorite show ends or gets canceled? How long do you sulk and what steps can you take to move on with your life. Comment on this episode, ask a question or share what entertains you by visiting our website. EPISODE MENU [1:18] Roger Ebert and the wunza movie. [1:50] Hitman's Bodyguard and don't you think the roles should have been reversed. [3:02] One of my favorite wunza...


State of Fear- TWB74

Horror movies of 2017 with This, That, and Other News.


Freddy Krueger Got Fingered on Elm Street -TWB73

In September of 2016, we recorded an episode that never made it to post-production. Sometime during this awesome recording of Freddy galore, the recording stopped and we lost the better part of our program. Although we could never recreate that moment, I pieced together an episode filled with a semblance to our true intentions on that faithful afternoon. Comment on this episode, ask a question or share what entertains you by visiting our website. FOR STARTERS Here is a twenty-minute...


IT Rhymes With Coulrophobia - TWB72

What is it about fear that intrigues us? Is it the mystery of the unknown or the thrill of the experience that we find so alluring? Some people are born fearful while in others fear comes with living our everyday lives and encountering things that make us feel uneasy or apprehensive. Either manifested from our now psychosis or an event, fear is natural and actually healthy. But how we deal with fear is what defines how we as individuals bloom from its seed. Episode Menu 00:49 - The...


Annabelle Was Here - TWB71

Dolls make bad roommates, however, if you really feel the need to own such an empty vessel with no personality and frightful glaze, then get a cat. No, not a cat instead of the doll. Buy a cat once you purchase the doll and protect the only real investment you can claim as an asset: your soul. Episode Menu (Outline) 00.33 Annabelle 08:20 Glass Castle 14:15 Emoji Movie is Wreck it Ralph 15:54 Emoji Movie is Bee Movie 18:43 Emoji Movie is Inside Out 20:39 The Salsa loves The Emoji...


Baby Ducks In The FP - TWB70

The FP is like Breaking: Electric Boogaloo set in a dystopian society of young twenty somethings who think the world's flat and nothing exists outside the confines of their California subdivisions. Frazier Park and the 248 Frazier Park, a subdivision somewhere in the greater state of California where wars aren’t fought over color or race but by county lines and dance. Not the Samba, not ballet, no crunk, but video game dance battles. Hero is In The DNA JTRO, brother to BTRO and witness...


BirdSong - TWB69

I wrote a story called King Up High about a man who must make it from opposite ends of the city to a high-rise building during the most dangerous day of the year: Purge Night. This short story became an audio drama that is now a podcast episode, Birdsong. I hope you enjoy this special presentation and don't be shy to tell me what you think. Special thanks goes out to Alysa, Mikey, and Chris "The Rupel" for helping voice characters in this story. Birdsong is long overdue but worth the...


Wonder Woman Triumphs - TWB68

Is Wonder Woman as much a triumph for women within the Hollywood industry is it just a much-needed victory for Warner Bros. and the DCEU universe? Unlike the movies from its cinematic predecessors, Wonder Woman opened the weekend to prescreening praise and that highly sought after Rotten Tomatoes score. With so much animosity over the validity of critics these days and the effect they have on a film's opening success at the box office, one can indeed argue that good word of mouth can and...


Guardians of The Galaxy 2, A Celestial Opus - TWB67

Guardians of the Galaxy is a celestial space painting that maintains the fun of the comic book genre with bright lights, witty banter, and a great soundtrack to overlay what is another great achievement for every VFX artist, writer, and cinematographer who worked to make this film an enjoyable and successful sequel. If you strip away the cosmic space battles, celestial beings, and a talking trash monkey, you have a western and the Guardians of the Galaxy are just cowboys. So, for my...


Under My Shell is A Ghost - TWB66

White washing aside let's talk about how the live action Ghost In the Shell rinsed away the essence of a completely good storyline for the appeal of everyone who did not read the manga, watch the 1995 anime or the Standalone Complex series and likely never will. In other words, the mass audience of movie goers who could care less about a cyborg who feels. I know, lets cast Scarlett Johansson! That'll bring butts to the theater seats. Also, a man marries a robot and how that might be a...