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Successfully Bring Dental Specialists into Your Practice and Learn From Complete Specialty Solutions - Santosh Patel

On this episode of Talking With the Tooth Cop, I interview Santosh Patel, founder and president of Complete Specialty Solutions, a business dedicated to bringing high-quality dental specialists into your practice with as few logistical nightmares as possible. Throughout this episode, he explains the benefits of bringing in outside dental specialists and how you can leverage their expertise in your community. We discuss how to keep patients safe and protect their privacy while incorporating...


7 Reasons Why You Need to be Successfully Keeping Dental Records & Completing Audits

Successfully keeping dental records goes beyond preventing lawsuits and insurance headaches. It’s necessary to provide excellent patient care and operate the best practice for your patients and staff alike. Auditing is required by many regulatory agencies, and having proper audit records could prevent malpractice lawsuits and other issues. On this episode of Talking With the Tooth Cop, I explain 7 main reasons why you must be excellent in the way you’re keeping dental records. I also...


Here’s Your Need-to-Know Information on 3 New Rules for Nitrous Oxide Delivery

The Texas State Board of Dental Examiners has released new regulations regarding nitrous oxide delivery. These regulations are going to change the way your practice handles routine business, and you need to be aware of them. On this episode of Talking With the Tooth Cop, I outline the new 3 main rules, what requirements have not changed, and why your office needs to take these changes seriously. Note that these rules apply to all levels of nitrous oxide delivery and sedation and they are...


Follow These Tips to Protect Your Practice and Keep Data Secure - CentriServe IT Dental Solutions

Keeping data secure is essential for operating an efficient 21st century dental practice. On this episode of Talking With the Tooth Cop I speak with 3 top professionals from CentriServe IT Dental Solutions - Matt Stafford, Jack Wiley, and Jared Galovich. You don’t want to miss their insights on the importance of keeping data secure, how to train team members accordingly, and the best way to spend your security budget dollars. Be sure to listen! Why do dental professionals need to worry...


Management vs Leadership in Dentistry and the Best Practices for Business Success - Chuck Blakeman

Featured on this episode of Talking With the Tooth Cop is author, business coach, and mentor Chuck Blakeman. Throughout the interview, Chuck and I discuss the critical differences between management and leadership, how to avoid falling into the trap of always planning and never executing, and Chuck shares the two most important business words you’ve never heard of. He draws on his 35 years of experience and multiple best-selling books to give you the greatest knowledge in the dental...


Creating Systems for Excellent Pediatric Dentistry Practice Management with Tonya Burns

It can be challenging to balance all of the aspects of pediatric dentistry practices. Patients, employees, industry trends, insurance requirements, and countless other areas all demand your full attention. That’s why people like Tonya Burns, owner of Complete Dental Practice Consulting are such assets in the pediatric dentistry industry. In this episode of Talking with the Tooth Cop, I ask Tonya to share her knowledge of pediatric dentistry management systems. She covers four main areas of...


Why Good Dental Records are Essential and How to Audit Them

On this episode of Talking with the Tooth Cop, I explain seven of the most important things to look for in your dental records. I also describe different types of audits that can be used to ensure efficient and effective record-keeping practices as well as explain why all of these processes are critical in your dental practice. Keeping proper records goes beyond preventing lawsuits and insurance headaches. It enters into the realm of ensuring adequate patient care and doing your best to...


Dealing With Medical Emergencies in Dentistry - Dr. John Roberson

The most horrific thing that could happen in your dental practice is the loss of a patient’s life. Not only will you never be the same should such a tragedy occur, your practice will likely never recover - unless you are adequately prepared for the legal backlash that will undoubtedly follow. Dr. John Roberson is my guest today, a seasoned oral surgeon who is an expert in dealing with medical emergencies in dentistry. The presentation he gives in this episode could make the difference...


HR For Dentists: The Myths, the Facts, and How to Find the Help You Need - with Stacey Bell

HR for dentists has advanced far beyond the old personnel management model from days gone by. There is a myriad of new approaches to managing the human resources aspects of your practice and since your area of specialization is dentistry, you probably haven’t stayed up on them. That’s where we come in! This episode of Talking With The Toothcop covers some of those issues for you, giving you a summary of the things you need to be thinking about when it comes to HR in your dental practice....


Customer Service in Dentistry: The Key to Long-term Success - Dr. David Moffet

In any environment where people are being served, customer service is of primary importance. Dental practice customer service needs to be a huge priority for every dental office because there is already a built-in “fear factor” of sorts that has to be overcome. My guest today is Dr. David Moffet, my long-time friend who is a Dentist and dental practice consultant who has literally made it his business to learn and teach excellent customer service in dentistry. This conversation is fun and...


Compliance Coaching for Busy Dental Professionals: This is Talking With The Toothcop - Zero episode

It’s pretty exciting to me to be bringing you this first episode of my new podcast, “Talking With the Toothcop.” I’ve been wanting to do this for a long time and finally decided it was time to get moving. You’ve happened upon the “zero episode” where I explain a bit of who I am, why I’m doing this podcast in the first place, and what you can expect from it week to week. Dental compliance is something all you busy dental professionals know is important but don’t have the time to learn...