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Tech Barometer – From The Forecast by Nutanix


Explore the cutting edge of enterprise cloud computing. Tech Barometer is the Podcast affiliate of The Forecast by Nutanix, which covers people and tech trends driving digital transformation. Business Ieaders, engineers and industry experts share insights and anecdotes about the quest to modernize IT.

Explore the cutting edge of enterprise cloud computing. Tech Barometer is the Podcast affiliate of The Forecast by Nutanix, which covers people and tech trends driving digital transformation. Business Ieaders, engineers and industry experts share insights and anecdotes about the quest to modernize IT.


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Explore the cutting edge of enterprise cloud computing. Tech Barometer is the Podcast affiliate of The Forecast by Nutanix, which covers people and tech trends driving digital transformation. Business Ieaders, engineers and industry experts share insights and anecdotes about the quest to modernize IT.






How Hybrid Cloud Helps Healthcare IT

U.S. healthcare expenditures are expected to reach $6.2 trillion by 2028. Still, many CIOs can’t shift their healthcare IT systems fast enough to modern technologies that are proving to benefit providers and patients, according to Geoffrey Bakeman, vice president of Healthcare Solutions at Comport Consulting Corp. His firm works with providers to move the patient […]


Inside a Hyper-Dense Data Center

In this video, explore a state-of-the-art Nutanix data center built with highly integrated hardware and hyperconverged infrastructure (HCI) software. Harmail Singh Chatha, senior director of global cloud operations at Nutanix, explains what went into building the data center. His team wanted to build a state-of-the-art data center that could scale sustainably to meet present and […]

Subscription Businesses Grow During Pandemic

The pace of innovation and change has affected not only technology development but the business models that make those technologies available. The subscription model – which has been around since 17th century Britain when it was used to sell books and even products from traders like the East India company – is spreading quickly across […]


Security Isn’t Something to Set and Forget

In this podcast, David Hake, UC Berkeley lecturer and co-founder of Resilience Insurance, talks about the rise and spread of cyberthreats facing governments, enterprises and individuals. “Every company has a digital footprint, every company – even Bob’s pizza around the corner – relies on the internet to enable their business,” Hake said. “And so, digital […]


Explore the Tiny Universe Researchers See in Topsoil

The world’s farmland is in crisis. The earth is not creating enough new fertile soil to mitigate what our agricultural activity is losing. According to the U.N.’s Food and Agricultural Organization, the world’s topsoil could be depleted by 2080. Scientists are urgently studying how to preserve the topsoil. They’re delving deep into the microscopics of […]


Data Tech Helping Scientists Tackle the Dire Problem of Soil Loss

Humans are depleting the earth’s topsoil at an alarming rate. Scientists say this is not speculation but a measurable fact. If the world continues with current agricultural techniques the farms of the world will lose its topsoil due to erosion in 60 years. With humanity on track to grow to 9 billion people by 2050, […]


Race to Hybrid Multicloud Forging IT Industry Partnerships

Interoperability across owned and rented IT systems is essential and a major challenge for IT departments evolving their hybrid multicloud operations. As more IT leaders ask for tighter integration between Red Hat OpenShift and Nutanix software, the two companies joined forces in 2021 to help customers move more quickly and confidently to what Ron Pacheco […]


How to Fall in Love with Backup: Get Hit by Ransomware

Rick Vanover handles product strategy at VEEAM, a backup and replication services firm. In this segment, learn about the service most companies hope they’ll never need. But Vanover says a good backup service is the best thing ever after a data breach or failed IT system. He shares a story about an emergency flight he […]


Getting a Grip on Supply Chains with AI

As the pandemic exposes the weakness in the global supply chain, companies are building a new one with cloud and AI. The effects of the COVID pandemic have slowed supply chains in many verticals from agriculture to musical instrument makers. But technologies such as the cloud, AI, video and drones are helping manufacturers, distributors and […]


Tech’s Slow, Intertwining Disruption of Healthcare

Medicine has eluded the tech disruptions which seemingly overnight rewrote business models in media, telecommunications, transportation and other industries. That doesn’t mean healthcare is untouched by technology. Hospitals are keen on innovations for diagnosis and medical procedures such as AI doing predictive analysis of patients with COVID-19 or natural language processing algorithms reviewing consumer claims […]


Building Secure Apps for Government Defense

BAE Systems contracts with the U.S. Department of Defense. It’s in the difficult business of handling military and intelligence secrets. And while there is a lot the company can’t talk about, there are plenty of useful insights they can share, which will help leaders across different industries. In this podcast segment with Dr. Nandish Mattikalli, […]


The Catch-22 Cost of Rushing to Public Cloud

In the widely circulated article “The Cost of Cloud: A Trillion-Dollar Paradox,” venture capital firm Andreessen Horowitz showed how the rush to public cloud IT services can eat away business valuation over time. In this Tech Barometer podcast segment, explore the real cost of running a business on public cloud with Martin Casado, general partner […]


Building the Future of Government Defense with Hybrid Multicloud IT

One of the world’s biggest defense contractors, BAE Systems, has to navigate the world of cloud computing just like everyone else. But the stakes are much higher. The company not only provides weapons systems to the U.S. military but cybersecurity protecting highly classified intelligence. In this podcast segment, Dr. Nandish Mattikalli, the chief engineer for […]


Cloud Technologies Speeding Organ Transplant System

If a child, family member or friend was in an accident tomorrow or had an organ failure, there’s a good chance United Network for Organ Sharing (UNOS) can help find a donor with the necessary attributes. Donated organs are managed nationally by UNOS. Their system for finding and tracking available donor organs and matching them […]


Restaurants Order More Tech to Survive COVID-19 Pandemic

Restaurant owners and experts explain how the industry responded to the COVID-19 lockdown with technologies that keep them connected to customers. Two sisters, Shanny Covey and Deborah Mok, tell how they evolved their central California coast restaurants through the pandemic. Find more enterprise cloud news, features stories and profiles at The Forecast. Transcript: Perry Quinn: […]


10 Essential Steps to Hybrid Multicloud IT

In this special full-length Tech Barometer segment, Nutanix CIO Wendy M. Pfeiffer shares lessons learned from leading a significant shift to next-generation cloud technologies. Her team transformed IT operations by fusing hybrid multicloud capabilities, including hyperconverged infrastructure (HCI), with automation powered by machine learning and artificial intelligence. Below are individual podcast segments for each of […]


Business Decisions Are Driving Cloud Technologies

New innovations can quickly become IT sweethearts, but what’s best for the business remains the overriding factor for deployment. The emergence of cloud native was born from developers needing to flexibly deploy resources and reconfigure them as needed. “That’s why we invented containers,” said Steve McDowell, senior analyst of data and storage at Moor Insights […]


Rajiv Ramaswami — Ripple Effect of Infrastructure Innovation

In the real world, infrastructure is railroads, highways and power grids. In the digital world, infrastructure is servers, networks and data centers. Rajiv Ramaswami is a man of both worlds. He grew up on India’s national railway system, which employed his father and mother. As a graduate researcher, he envisioned optical networking tools for the […]


SUSE Flattens the Cloud Native Learning Curve with Udacity Courses

IT leaders are hungry for cloud native technologies but struggle to find expertise because Cloud Native is nascent. SUSE and Udacity team up to feed the need by creating courses to train the next wave of engineers. In this Cloud Coverage segment by The Forecast, meet Sarah Whitlock, the global head of the SUSE and […]


Our Home is Not the Office of the Future… Sorry, Not Sorry

The COVID-19 pandemic proved that video conferencing could sustain businesses even if workers couldn’t work from their company’s office. It also peaked interest in VR, AR and other technologies that will shape the future of work. In this Tech Barometer report, explore the future of workspaces with Nicole Peterson, professor of interior design at Iowa […]