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Join Victoria Caldwell as she interviews effective leaders who share their secrets to getting high performance from their teams and employees. How to attract, develop, and retain A-Players in your organization in a way that will motivate and engage them so that they build your business for you. We also share proven business building strategies and tools, in the areas of sales and digital marketing. Hit subscribe and get ready to up-level your team and business.


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Join Victoria Caldwell as she interviews effective leaders who share their secrets to getting high performance from their teams and employees. How to attract, develop, and retain A-Players in your organization in a way that will motivate and engage them so that they build your business for you. We also share proven business building strategies and tools, in the areas of sales and digital marketing. Hit subscribe and get ready to up-level your team and business.




How To Get Your Best Customers To Come Back Again & Again

4/14/2021 Most businesses think they have great customer service but in reality they don't. A lot of times they focus on improving their marketing and refining their sales process just to get more customers. They forget to give more value to their existing customers through great customer service. Great customer service reflects from employees. Customers won’t be any happier than what the employees are. Your customers can feel it, they know it, they understand it and they will respond by staying loyal to your brand. Happy employees reflect great customer service and the company as a whole. In Episode 23 - Victoria Caldwell interviews Dr. Kelly Henry on how you can increase sales by improving your customer service.


What is Intuition and How To Use It To Make The Right Decisions - Episode 22

3/30/2021 After making a series of bad decision with one leading to a friend being shot and killed, Sunil Godse spent thousands of hours on research and interviews to find out that the reason we waste time making bad decisions is because we ignore our intuition which is subconscious, phenomenon that we are all born with, that help us make the right decisions at a right time in any situation we find ourselves in. In this episode Sunil talks about the steps that show you how to sharpen your intuition so that the only decisions you make are the right one in any situation that moves your life forward.


Biden Tax Plan And What You Need To Know About Tax Planning - Episode 21

3/19/2021 In this episode, we interview Arron Bennett, CFO of Bennett Financials about Tax Planning. Some of the questions we discuss is 1. What is tax planning? 2. What is Biden's tax plan? 3. When is the best time to tax plan? ...and more.


How To Deal With Toxic Employees: Episode 20

6/16/2020 As a business owner, you’ve probably had to deal with a few employees who caused their fair share of trouble. What do you do when you’re not in a position to remove them? In this episode, investment banker turned Energy Healer Sabrina Antou reveals how you can deal with toxic employees. She shares techniques that will help you completely repel the negative energy from your organization or turn that negative energy into a more positive and productive energy.


How To Create A Content Marketing Strategy That Builds Your Authority-Ep 19

4/27/2020 Do you struggle to create great content for your business? Are you wondering what you should you talk about that will resonate with your audience? How will you position yourself as an authority so that they will listen to you? An advertiser since the late 90’s and a historian, episode guest Matt Gordon will share his unique approach on how to create captivating content and authority by leveraging history. Matt joins us today to share how he uses history to help agency marketing agencies and thought leaders We discuss:


How To Lower Your Online Advertising Costs and Increase Lead Quality -Ep 18

4/13/2020 Have you ever run ads on Google, Facebook and any other social platform and got little to no return on your investment? Perhaps you've given up on running ads because they don't work. In episode 18, our guest, Ian Magley, weighs in on the common mistakes small business owners make in running their ads. He explains how larger companies have access to premium data that allows them to target better, and now that information is available to you as well.


Coronavirus: 3 Ways Employees Who Aren’t Working Can Still Help Grow Your Business - Ep 17

3/30/2020 As the world deals with the COVID-19 pandemic, many businesses have been forced to shut down their offices and adopt remote work options for their employees. However, not all employees can work from home. Not being able to generate as much during this period and having to manage your payroll, should you lay off your employees during this period? My advice? No. Instead, focus on the opportunities. Join me as I reveal three ways your employees who aren’t working during this pandemic can still help you grow your business.


Happiness in Pursuit: Why Masters of Craft Earn 10x More and Are Happier Than Most-Ep 16

3/16/2020 Are you currently working hard to make more money, thinking that once you reach your financial goals you’ll be happy? Are you currently making a lot of money but are miserable? For the longest time in his entrepreneurial endeavors, episode guest Doug Foley had constantly been pursuing money to buy happiness. Along the way, he realized that “you’re more happy doing the things you love than just trying to chase happiness.” Doug joins us today to share how to find the endeavors that will bring us fulfillment and happiness. We discuss: Why many people leave their “successful”careers What people who are fulfilled have in commonHow to find your true calling


The One Question: How To Increase Sales And Get More Loyal Customers Without Expensive Lead Generation - Ep 15

3/10/2020 How can your business get more excited and loyal customers and sales without the expenses of lead generation? Guest Mike Scott, CEO of The One Question, turned a failing restaurant into one with a 96% happiness rating and 94% daily occupancy rate, and it all started with asking one question. Mike joins us today and we discuss: How he discovered The One QuestionWhat is The One Question?How businesses can use The One Question software to build a community of loyal and happy customers


Exhibitor’s Edge: Why Exhibiting at Events Should Be Part of Your Marketing Strategy - Episode 14

3/1/2020 Have you ever tried marketing your business at an event, conference, or trade show with no luck? Did you give up, concluding that exhibitor marketing doesn’t work or is not profitable enough? Guest Lisa Schulteis, founder of ElectraLime Marketing, has worked with clients who used both live and virtual events to build their business. Over the last 10 years, she analysed what works and what doesn’t and developed a systematic process for successful exhibitor and event marketing. Lisa joins us today and she reveals: Why you should use events as part of your marketing planImportant steps to take before using exhibitsHow to engage attendees during and after the event


How To Attract & Hire A-Players - Episode 13

2/4/2020 With 45% of employers in the world finding it hard to hire the talent they need and 67% of new hires looking for a new job within 6 months of starting their job, being able to hire and retain top talent has never been more crucial. Guest Dominic Cummins, Founder of RightMind, joins us today to share his six-step hiring process which he developed over years of hiring hundreds of very successful people. We discuss: How to differentiate yourself as an employer How to write your job posting to attract A-PlayersHow to weed out superfluous applicants


How To Attract C-Level Prospects With an Automated Cold Outreach Campaign (Episode 12)

1/27/2020 Guest Morgan Williams, enterprise sales rep and host of B2B Sales Tech Podcast, joins us today to share three simple tips to dramatically improve response rates to your sales messages and book more sales meetings with your ideal cold prospects. At the end of the show, Morgan also shares a gift -- a case study of how he crafted a cold email campaign that netted a 2000% ROI.


How To Reduce Stress At Work: Modern Meditation (Episode 11)

12/30/2019 Episode 11 Guest Jen Johannsen, a certified meditation teacher and licensed school psychologist, joins us today to reveal how you can decrease your stress and increase your happiness through modern meditation, mindfulness, and gratitude practices. Listen in as Jen shares: How she went from being a skeptic of meditation to practising it everydayThe impact of stress on your body and on people around youHow to find the best meditation practice for you


Scope of Business: Setting Clear Boundaries in Business & Leadership (Episode 10)

Episode 10 - Guest Kareem Elgendy started a full-suite digital marketing agency that, within 8 months, was working on Fortune 200 accounts. Then he left it to start another digital marketing agency that focused on just two services. Why? In his words -- “We were all over the place. We had all kinds of skill sets -- writers, designers, videographers, photographers, coders, etc. We would do everything for our clients. [...] It’s very hard to maintain quality across all these services lines.” Today, Kareem is co-founder of digital marketing agency Push Analytics. He offers just two services, but his clients are happier. His secret? Saying no to clients.


Employee Engagement: How To Motivate Your Employees To Perform (Episode 9)

Episode 9 - https:/ Our guest today has successfully led teams of up to 400 in the automotive industry where a delay in production could mean hundreds of thousands of dollars lost in minutes. Senior consultant and employee engagement manager at Seraph, Jay Butler joins us today to share insights gleaned from over 25 years’ experience in the automotive and industrial manufacturing industry on how a leader can get the best out of his team.


How to Successfully Transition From Employee to Entrepreneur (Episode 8)

Episode 008 - Eric Chen, cofounder of Startpad, successfully made the leap from a corporate employee to entrepreneur two years ago. He joins us in this episode to talk about the challenges he faced managing his own business, the mistakes he made, and the lessons he learned.


How to Effectively Manage A Sales Team (Episode 7)

#007 - Full show notes at What can a sales manager do to inspire their sales team and get the best results from them? Managing Director of Jukin Media, Ravi Pillai, joins me in this episode to discuss the challenges a sales manager faces and share tips and strategies on how to effectively manage a sales team. Key Take Aways:


How to Effectively Manage Virtual and Remote Teams (Episode 6)

11/18/2019 Hiring virtual or remote teams has become a necessity for many companies who want to compete in the global economy. Managing Director of Stratecha, Rama Vangipuram, joins me in this episode to reveal how he successfully develops and leads multicultural, global teams while empowering each staff member with the tools and confidence to achieve aggressive business goals.


How To Hire The Right Person, The First Time (Episode 5)

#005 - Hiring the right people and having them in the right roles is a crucial part of effective leadership. Recruiting specialist and Founder of Golden AQS, Desiree Guinto, shares tips for hiring the right person the first time and she reveals common pitfalls to avoid when recruiting.


How To Be a Good Leader When Your Core Values Are Challenged (Episode 4)

004 – When your core values and principles are being challenged at work, would you risk losing your job by standing firm by your beliefs? Or do you compromise your values and beliefs to save your job. Founder of Blue Pegs, Eric Emmenegger, was faced with this situation in his first-ever executive position. In this episode, he shares his experience, lessons learnt, and advice to leaders and managers on how to be a good leader, especially when your core values and principles are challenged. View show notes -