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Robin Long, Pilates instructor and founder of The Balanced Life hosts a place for honest conversations on health, wellness, self-care, work/life balance, and everything in between. We’ll cover it all and provide inspiration, resources, and practical tips to help you create your own uniquely balanced life and become the healthiest version of yourself inside and out.

Robin Long, Pilates instructor and founder of The Balanced Life hosts a place for honest conversations on health, wellness, self-care, work/life balance, and everything in between. We’ll cover it all and provide inspiration, resources, and practical tips to help you create your own uniquely balanced life and become the healthiest version of yourself inside and out.


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Robin Long, Pilates instructor and founder of The Balanced Life hosts a place for honest conversations on health, wellness, self-care, work/life balance, and everything in between. We’ll cover it all and provide inspiration, resources, and practical tips to help you create your own uniquely balanced life and become the healthiest version of yourself inside and out.




48: Being Intentional About Self-Compassion with Lilit Lewis

Today, we’re talking about self-talk and self-compassion - this is something we talk a lot about at The Balanced Life and is so important to our overall health. Many of us will start a health + fitness journey and focus on all the physical components, but sometimes we fail to address what is going on inside our head, thoughts, and mind. We also fail to look at how that impacts the way we feel and act, our relationships, and our self-worth. All of this is connected. It can be a huge mistake...


Bonus: Guided Meditation for Motivation + Self-Care

Sometimes we need a reminder of how truly strong, capable, and beautiful we really are. In today’s episode, Robin walks through a guided meditation to help bring you to a place of relaxation, calmness, and to motivate you to feel inspired to prioritize your self-care. This episode is perfect to start off your day with positivity, or to wind down before bed. Join Robin in this peaceful and empowering meditation. Show Highlights: Finding a comfortable place to start meditationBreathing and...


47: The Biggest Mistake When Starting a Workout Routine

No matter how much we plan, prepare, or try to control, there will always be obstacles. Oftentimes, we take these circumstances as a result of us “not being good enough” or not “trying” hard enough. When life happens, many of us give up. However, obstacles don’t have to define your success. They are simply a part of the process. In this episode, Robin Long shares why we should embrace obstacles as part of the journey. She discusses what it means to “stay stagnant”, the biggest mistakes...


46: The Value of Investing in Yourself

We all need community to support, encourage, and uplift us to be the healthiest versions of ourselves. In today's episode, Robin shares the positive impact The Balanced Life Sisterhood community has created, as well as features from 5 Sisterhood members. These members share what drew them into The Balanced Life Sisterhood, how Pilates has helped them become the best version of themselves, and the reasons they keep coming back and rolling out their mats every day. Join Robin and The...


45: Seeing Progress Beyond the Scale

Working out just to lose weight can leave you feeling discouraged, unmotivated, and burnt out. However, taking a wider approach from the perspective of your health and fitness journey can change that. Today, Robin shares the vast array of benefits that comes with practicing Pilates and these benefits go far beyond the scale. If you want to be proud of your health and fitness journey, and to find a routine that leaves you feeling strong, energized, and less stressed, join Robin Long in this...


44: This Approach to Wellness Might Surprise You

If nothing changes, nothing changes. When you look at the bigger picture, all life changes are built up of small steps and actions. It can be easy to get overwhelmed when you try to take on too much at full-force, but that’s why taking a less-is-more approach is powerful. In today’s episode, Robin discusses what it means to take a less-is-more approach and how to make those small steps. She explains the importance of consistency and following through with habits so they compound over time....


43: Tricks I Use When I'm Lacking Motivation

We tend to put pressure on ourselves to be the best, most motivated versions of ourselves at all times. It’s important to acknowledge that motivation ebbs and flows, and we’ll always have ups and downs. In today’s episode, Robin shares her top tips to get motivated and prepare yourself for the roadblock of sluggishness. She shares how you can create an environment to rely on when your motivations are low and ways to prompt yourself into getting movement. Join Robin and a few special guests...


42: The Biggest Mistakes that Lead to Burnout

A new year brings us new opportunities to align our health and goals. While we’re taking a new approach to goals in 2021, it doesn’t mean we can’t see big changes. In this episode, Robin reveals the biggest mistakes people make when setting goals that lead to burnout. She also analyzes red flags that may be why you aren’t seeing results or reaping the benefits from your health journey that you should be. If you're tired of feeling burnt out and starting and stopping new fitness programs,...


41: Creating Intentional Rhythms & Routines for the New Year

Trying to reach big and flashy goals can be intimidating, especially as we head into a new year that still has a lot of uncertainties. In this upcoming year, we have an opportunity to let go of that need for control and allow ourselves to find peace in the areas of life we can control. In today’s episode, Robin shares how to integrate new rhythms and routines into your daily life to make them a habit. She also discusses how you can set little goals in your day-to-day life without putting...


40: How I Overcame Paralyzing Anxiety

Many of us struggle with the fear of the unknown. The anticipation of what would happen can often be daunting, and for those with anxiety, debilitating. Anxiety can often lead you into a spiral that you don’t know how to escape and while you may feel alone in this experience, you’re not. Today, Robin talks about her experience with anxiety and how she overcame it. She shares logical and easily applicable tactics to help you take control of your anxiety. If you want to learn how you can...


39: Kate Torgersen: Helping Busy Mothers, New Career Paths + Finding Your Healthiest Self

Being a working mom comes with an array of unique challenges. Breastfeeding on its own can be demanding, but mixing it with working-parent life can be a recipe for stress. Today’s guest, Kate Torgersen, knows exactly what this struggle is like, and that’s why she created Milk Stork. Milk Stork was birthed from Kate’s own working-parent struggles and she now uses it to help other working moms who are committed to breastfeeding. In this episode she shares what it’s like for her to be a...


38: Redefining Wellness on Your Own Terms with Robyn Downs

With each day comes a new array of things to do, choices to make, and blessings to count. Today’s guest, Robyn Downs shares how she’s become “brilliant at the basics” and applied her systems to organize and prioritize her life. Robin Long and Robyn Downs discuss the benefits of “exercise snacking”, the inspiration for Robyn’s new book, and overcoming the pressure of the fitness and wellness industry. Join Robin in this episode full of tangible and tasty tips that you can apply to your daily...


37: Lessons Learned During a Pandemic

As the world has slowed down over quarantine, we’ve all learned plenty of lessons. Whether those have to do with appreciation, relationships, time management, or health, it’s likely you’ve discovered things about your day-to-day life that you didn’t know before. In this episode, Robin shares a few of the top lessons she’s learned during quarantine. She shares ways she’s learned to manage her daily consumption of information, the importance of prioritizing your immune health, and how she’s...


36: Does Pilates Work? Real Women, Real Stories

In this special episode, Robin features stories from Sisterhood members as they share what brought them to the Sisterhood and the abundance of goodness it has brought to their lives. Silvia, Emily, Jamie, Julie, Dana, Bryony, and Lauren all have unique stories and perspectives on what the Sisterhood has done for them. All innately relatable, they discuss the dietary restraints, workout pushbacks, and mental strains they were experiencing before the Sisterhood, but how joining in the...


35: The Power of Pilates and How You Can Use It to Change Your Life

Unlike many other forms of exercise, Pilates can be relaxing, quick, and bring fast results. Pilates is a unique type of exercise that is not only powerful, but can reshape your body, how you think, and your relationship with exercise. In this episode, Robin shares how Pilates has helped change her life and how you can use it to change yours. She discusses the various ways Pilates has shifted her day-to-day life off the mat and helped her to manage stress. Join Robin in this episode to learn...


34: Common Misconceptions about Pilates

When it comes to working out, we all have preconceived notions that may not be entirely true. In today’s episode, Robin breaks down the most common misconceptions people have about Pilates and reveals the truth behind these notions. She discusses the difference between yoga and Pilates, why Pilates has no physical or gender restraints, and why your Pilates workout should never be “easy”. Whether Pilates is something you already actively practice, or you simply want to learn more, this...


33: 2020 Goals? It’s Time to Reset and Start Fresh

While 2020 has brought an array of unanticipated events, we still have the power to harness our visions and direct where we are at the end of the year. In today’s episode, Robin shares her 2020 vision guide and walks us through how to reset and reevaluate our end-of-the-year goals. Taking time to reflect on our values and have compassion for ourselves as we journey through this season is going to be crucial for all of us. Despite facing unconventional times, the power to create the life you...


32: Biggest Mistakes I’ve Made That Held Me Back from Being the Healthiest Version of Myself

When it comes to our health, we all have beliefs that may be holding us back from being the healthiest versions of ourselves. Sometimes we have to learn from those mistakes to grow, but sometimes we get an outside perspective so that we don’t have to make the same mistakes. Today, Robin Long shares the biggest mistakes she’s made in her fitness journey that held her back from being the healthiest version of herself. In this episode, she discusses many beliefs she had that proved to not only...


31: Tina Lifford: Self-Talk, Well-Being, and How Our Thoughts Affect Our Lives

When we think fitness, we tend to jump to workouts and diets, but mental health is a major and important aspect of fitness. Having a healthy relationship with our thoughts and patterns is the most fundamental step to creating a happier and sustainable lifestyle. Today's guest, Tina Lifford, is not only a critically acclaimed Hollywood actress from Parenthood and Queen Sugar but is also the CEO of the Inner-Fitness Project. The Inner-Fitness Project gives people the strategies and tools they...


30: A Recipe for Burnout - and How You Can Avoid It

While many of us are currently staying home and being forced to slow down, it isn’t going to last forever. Learning how to avoid the “go-go-go” in our daily lives is vital to avoid burnout. We’re conditioned to think that more is better, but sometimes it comes at the expense of our health. Today, Robin Long shares how we can prevent reaching this place of burnout and jeopardizing our health and goals. There is an array of simple and achievable habits we can practice in our day-to-day lives...