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A Conversation About Content Creation

This is a very different episode. Dj and Kaan chat in a restaurant in Minneapolis about their views on content creation. We are a lot more open and about how we talk about things and are going to try and keep it more and more real with our fans as we improve. The audio quality here is not the best but we felt the conversation was worth publishing even still. Let us know what you think on Twitter @TheBenchMobNBA Check out our Instagram @TheBenchMobNBA If you curious about what Kaan's...


Jazz + Heat Trade Deadline

We got another edition of the Mob's Trade Deadline this week, which are becoming more team analysis episodes with a few trade ideas here and there. The Utah Jazz and Miami heat are both fighting for playoff spots in there respective conferences. The Jazz future is looking up while the Heat future is looking stagnant for the next 2 years. What kind of deals could they be thinking about going into free agency, and what kind of deals should they have been considering last month. Hope you guys...


Bulls + Clippers Mob's Trade Deadline

As we continue our mock trade deadline series, Kaan takes control of the Chicago Bulls and Los Angeles Clippers while Will and Dj try to make deals. This was a fun episode to record and we hope you have just as much fun listening. Follow us on Twitter and Instagram @TheBenchMobNBA Learn more about your ad choices. Visit


Sports Business Classroom: Larry Coon, Beau Estes and Dave DuFour

The Mobfather is back! CBA FAQ author and Sports Business Classroom Founder Larry Coon is back again to talk about the event that brought this very show to life. This time we also brought on Beau Estes, voice of the NBA top 10, to talk about his involvement with SBC. Also, friend of the pod, SBC Alum turned instructor, and host of Nerder She wrote, Dave DuFour talks about what SBC has done for him and now what he's doing for SBC. Our very own Kaan also chimes in as a former student and...


#170 The Future of the NBA

Kaan and Sydney were in attendance at the MIT Sloan Sports Analytics Conference where a variety of topics were discussed. Dj and Will also hop on and the guys discuss the future of the league. They talk about how players are understanding the power that they're wielding, tanking solutions becoming more and more complex, the discussion to shorten the season and ideas on how to change up the dimensions on the court. The show ends on a discussion about how AR and VR could be changing the way...


#169 Hawks + Thunder Mob's Trade Deadline

Another double header trade deadline episode, this time we take control over the Atlanta Hawks and Oklahoma City Thunder. Kaan and DJ come together for a solid duet performance with Kaan taking on the Hawks GM role and DJ acclimating himself into OKC Front Office. A decent amount of trades were discussed here for teams that were fairly quiet at the actual deadline. Hope you guys enjoy. You can follow us on Twitter and Instagram @TheBenchMobNBA Learn more about your ad choices. Visit...


#168 Mob Panels: Just Getting Started

Mob Panels: Bringing together Mobbers, media, and listeners that are invested in various aspects of basketball. Whether it be writers and fans of a certain team, to GA's on College programs, we're going to bring multiple people on each of these episodes to talk about what they know best. For the 1st take, we brought on our Philly, OKC, Jazz, and New York guys to discuss their respective teams. Garrett and Dann hop on to talk 76ers, Will and Tim talk Thunder, Mark Wahlen joined us to talk...


#167 Timberwolves/Hornets Mob's Trade Deadline

The Trade Deadline has passed, but NBA front offices never stop evaluating the trade value of the players on their rosters, and neither will we. However, we are going with a new format with a double deadline. The deadlines will only be 10-15 minutes for each team and the cap run downs will remain the same, with a little bit more speed. This week, we take on 2 inactive real deadline teams and activate them in our fake deadline: the Minnesota Timberwolves and Charlotte Hornets. Kaan assumes...


#166 Post Deadline Headlines | MTD Award Show

On this episode of the Bench Mob NBA Podcast we welcome on host Kaan Erel along with Dj Rekstad, Garrett Catalana, and Will Pennington to discuss all the news and notes that have developed over the weekend post trade deadline. We also have our own mini-awards show for our Mega Trade Deadline as well as the actual Trade Deadline. Hope you all enjoy. You can follow us on Twitter and Instagram @TheBenchMobNBA Learn more about your ad choices. Visit


#165 Wait, Let Me Explain: Every trade from each team's POV

The trade deadline has passed, and instead of giving you guys our opinions of the trades, we try and step into the shoes of every team and discuss why they made the moves that they did. Kaan, Jack and Garrett are on call and rotate through every trade that has happened going back to and including the Porzingis blockbuster. Hope you guys enjoy. Follow us on twitter @TheBenchMobNBA Learn more about your ad choices. Visit


#164 Mega Mob's Trade Deadline

2.5 Hour Deadline!! 7 Mobbers hop on a call, Kaan navigates the conversation and DJ, Will, Garrett, Dann, Charlie, and Jack take on 5 different teams and negotiate trades for 2.5 hours. Every single team has a trade negotiation, 25+ teams actually made some sort of move, and the landscape of the league has definitely changed. Has it changed for better or for worse? You decide. If 2.5 hours is too long for you, hop to 2:27:00 for a rundown of every deal that actually happened for each...


Ep. 163: Jess Bogia - University of Memphis Women's Ast. Coach

Dann Gladnick came through with an amazing guest this week as we welcome on Assistant Coach of the University of Memphis Women's basketball team, Coach Jess Bogia. Coach Bogia is also the recruiter coordinator with the team, and we get into her day to day, how a college team is built, and a few stories of how she got to where she is today. We also discuss the evolution of women's roles in the sport and how it still has a long way to go. Hope you all enjoy! You can follow us on Twitter...


Ep. 162: Grizzlies Mob's Trade Deadline

Last week, news came out of Memphis that the front office has put Conley and Gasol on the trading block. This obviously mean that we had to take on the Memphis Grizzlies for our Mob's Trade Deadline episode. Kaan (@iKaanic) takes charge of the Grizzlies front office as Dj (@djrekstad) WIll (@WillRPennington) and Sydney (@syd_rob25) join him in more engaging trade negotiations. There may or may not have been a surprise curve ball thrown in at the end. Hope you all enjoy. You can follow the...


Ep. 161: Draft Panel - Cole Zwicker, Spencer Pearlman, Sydney Robinson

Special Draft edition of the pod today. Approaching the trade deadline i wanted to get an idea of how picks should be valued. and what better way to do that then bring on NBA draft experts Cole Zwicker (@ColeZwicker) and Spencer Pearlman (@frontofficeeye). Fellow mobber and college basketball watcher Sydney Robinson also joins the pods as we briefly tough on guys that are projected to go top 15-20 in the draft, as well as touch on some topics about creating a big board and the process of...


Ep. 160: Lakers Mob's Trade Deadline

The LA Lakers are the victims of our weekly Front office takeover. Kaan (@iKaanic) tries to bring in championship calibre role players as well as hunt for a certain New Orleans based super star. Will (@WillRPennigton) and DJ (@djrekstad) take control of the rest of the league and we negotiate 15-20 possible trades. Hope you all enjoy. You can follow us on Twitter @TheBenchMobNBA and visit our website Learn more about your ad choices. Visit


Ep. 159: Nuggets, Lakers + Surprise Players with Rob Soni

Kaan and good friend of the pod Rob Soni get together and chat about the Lakers and hit on all of the young core. They go into detail on Brandon Ingram, Kuzma, Lonzo Ball, and Josh Hart. Then they move over to the Nuggets and rave over the young talent that the team has over there. Later, both Kaan and Rob pick their surprisingly good and surprisingly underwhelming player so far this season. You can follow the show on Twitter @TheBenchMobNBA Rob - @RobSoniNBA Kaan - @iKaanic Learn more...


Ep. 158: Pistons Mob's Trade Deadline

Kaan absolute blows up the Pistons in this really fun Mob's trade Deadline episode Will Pennington, Sydney Robinson, and Dj Rekstad all join the call as well. You can follow the show on Twitter @TheBenchMobNBA Learn more about your ad choices. Visit


Ep. 157: Pros and Kaans - Nick Lagios, Director of Bball Ops South Bay Lakers

A very special episode here for you guys, and Kaan welcomes on the Director of Basketball Ops and Player Development with the South Bay Lakers, Nick Lagios! We discuss what it's like finding a job in basketball, what his job entails as a key member of a GLeague front office. We also discuss how players handle long term GLeague careers, the dynamics between assignment players coming down from the NBA, as well as LeBrons influence and positive energy around the team. Hope you all enjoy! You...


Ep. 156: Pelicans Mob's Trade Deadline

You guys voted for the Pelicans, so this week Kaan (@iKaanic) took over New Orleans, but this time we switched it up. This time around, we tried a Double Deadline. Where one we put the team in blow it up mode and the other, we tried to keep working around Anthony Davis. Sydeny Robinson is back joining us after 2-3 week hiatus. As always, Dj Rekstad is on updating us with the goings on in Minnesota and talking trade. Let us know what you think of this format. Hope you enjoy. You can follow...


EMERGENCY POD: Immediate Reaction to Thibodeau Firing

Kaan and DJ hop on right after the Thibadeau news breaks and give there quick takes on the news. Kaan had to ride solo for a bit while DJ was out playing dodgeball. Hope you guys enjoy this quick reaction. You can follow us @TheBenchMobNBA Learn more about your ad choices. Visit