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#26: Traveling With Tots… Takes A Lot!

Traveling with tots, amiright? You need to be prepared for every possible situation, every possible emergency, and every possible form of entertainment. But don’t fret, we are here to help prepare you and bring reassurance, with all of our tips, tricks, and tales from our travels ;)

#25: Mamahood: Makin’ Memories & Milestones

We are always on the lookout for and celebrating our children’s milestones. But as parents, we too, have milestones in our journey, and they are just as important and necessary to applaud.

#24: Toddlers. Tantrums. Take a deep breath, mama - you've got this.

Being in the moment and witnessing your child having a tantrum is HARD. It’s challenging, and it’s incredibly testing of your patience and your own emotions and actions. As we discuss throughout this episode, one of the best things you can do is offer comfort and reassurance to your child. And, to remember, their big emotions they are unleashing onto you? That just means they feel safe with you. They trust in your presence enough to show their frustration, vulnerability, anger and sadness.


#23: What’s Up With Us: An Off the Cuff Convo

This smorgasbord chat is chock full of a little bit of everything from what’s going on in our lives lately. From weaning and nursing and anniversaries to kitchen appliances and pre-school beginnings... all the way to Halloween decor - come join us on this discussion and enjoy!

#22: Each Baby is Uniquely Grown, As You'll See in Their Milestones

In this next episode, we will chat about our children’s milestones and development, alongside our very special guest: Dana, a dear friend who also happens to be a speech pathologist. With Dana in our conversation, we have incredible insight and expertise looking at such an important topic!

#21: Dear Babies, How 'Bout Some Zzzz's - Pretty Please?!

Ahhhh, sleep. Sleep can truly determine the course of your day, your mood: for you, your baby, your partner. And, for the Dunkin’ Donuts employees that are angels on Earth for handing over that beautiful iced coffee.


#20: Feeding Solids is Fun! ...Said No One.

In this next episode, we will talk about all things with feeding solids, what tactics worked best for us, how we transitioned into this new process, and any issues we faced. Anything new and different can be difficult to navigate as a mom and a baby, but we are in this with you and are here to answer any questions you might have!

#19: Whenever, Wherever - You Can Nurse However

Your baby’s hungry, your baby is crying... your baby is ready to eat! And you’re in public. You’re around strangers. What do you do? Feed your baby, and don’t give a second thought to anything else. But, easier said than done - it can most certainly be nerve-wracking to nurse in public, out of your comfort zone, and made vulnerable. While it may be out of your comfort zone, remember - YOU are your baby’s comfort zone, and feeding them and making sure they are comfortable is #1.

#18: Feel Like Makin’ Love (or not...)

In this next episode, we’ll chat all about sex after baby, getting our groove back, and much more! As usual, we don’t spare any detail.... so, just fair warning.

#17: Maternal Mental Health: It's Okay to Not Be Okay

Mental health - regardless of whatever stage of life you are in - is of the utmost importance. For some of us, mental health has definitely been exacerbated postpartum. In this next episode, we will dive into our maternal mental health; the extreme challenges we have faced, and our efforts to overcome internal struggles.

#16: All About Marriage After the Baby Carriage

Relationships are hard work. Of course, they are fun, rewarding, and passionate. But, just like anything in life, they require work in order to stay fruitful and flourish.

#15: Pumpin' Ain't Easy

Whether you’re exclusively pumping, pumping to supplement, pumping at work, etc., we’ve got you covered in our latest convo. We chat about the importance of flange sizing (and how this one component can influence your output!), power pumping, different brands and types of breast pumps, hands free pumping bras, little hacks we learned along the way, and of course, our praise for the haakaa!!

#14: Love on Yourself the Way You Love on Others: Celebrating the Postpartum Body

As women we build up all those around us, and pay special care in doing so, but why don’t we do the same for ourselves? In this next episode, we will dive into our body image, the struggle with accepting our postpartum bodies, and how we’ve learned to celebrate them.

#13: All About Pelvic Floor...And Why We Need to Talk About It More!

In this next episode, we will share our personal experiences with pelvic floor issues and the paths we took to better our bodies. We cover everything from bladder prolapse to diastis recti to pain with sex. Things that were most certainly not on our radar as new, first-time moms.

#12: Dad Tit Bits: Part 2 of the Boob Bros Father’s Day Special

Tune in and listen to the final installment of the Boob Bros’ Father’s Day Special: you’ll hear quite a bit of sports banter, heartwarming perspectives of fatherhood, and more jokes than we can count… cheers to an incredible group of men that are beside us on this journey!

#11: Dad Tit Bits: Part I of the Boob Bros Father’s Day Special

The Boob Bros take over this week’s episode in honor of Father’s Day approaching. But get excited - this is only Part I of a two part episode arc! Who knew these Bros loved to chat just as much as the Broads?!

#10: Whatever Way You Work It… It Works.

Moms, are you a stay-at-home mom? A working mom? Work part-time? Know that whatever way you’re doing it... you’re killin’ it and doing what is right for you and your family!

#9: Mom Dating 101: Givin’ Out Vibes for Your Mama Tribe

We all need that special someone during different seasons of our lives. As mothers, so much of who we are is poured into our little ones. But the beautiful part of becoming a mother is that a new part of us has now been born. And with that, we need companionship. We need support. We need love, laughs, and lots of “I get it” and “You’re not alone”.

#8: Fourth Trimester Part II: All About the Babes, Those Early Days

We’re back to talking about the fourth trimester, and this time, it’s all about the babes and their life on the outside during those early days.

#7: No Other Like A Mother

There is just no other like a mother. They shape us. Nurture us. Guide us. Love us. In a way that no one else ever could.