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The Caring Generation® supports conversations of care between caregivers and aging adults. Gain insights about health, relationships, navigating healthcare systems, advocacy, money, legal matters, and the importance of self-care so you make the best choices for you and your loved ones.


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The Caring Generation® supports conversations of care between caregivers and aging adults. Gain insights about health, relationships, navigating healthcare systems, advocacy, money, legal matters, and the importance of self-care so you make the best choices for you and your loved ones.






Balancing Work and Family Caregiving Responsibilities

Being a caregiver is hard work. Learn how to manage increasing family care responsibilities and careers by applying practical skills from the workplace to the tasks of caring for aging parents and loved ones. Caregiving expert Pamela D Wilson shares ten practical tips.


Caregiving: How to Manage What Life Throws at You

If you are a family caregiver or a person managing health issues, your time may be consumed with ongoing tasks, doctor appointments, treatments, and responding to unexpected challenges. Learn how to manage what life throws at you with five tips to manage emotional ups and downs and gain focus to balance life responsibilities.


Caregivers: How to Stop Avoiding and Start Living

Caregivers often find themselves in a wait-and-see pattern that can last years. Learn how to stop avoiding and start living life. Gain insights about how your environment shapes your thoughts about who you are and what you can accomplish when you focus on your goals.


How to Understand The Differences Between Medicare Plans

Trying to understand Medicare programs can be challenging if you don't understand the long-term financial and health impacts of your choices. If you are a caregiver for an aging parent, an adult enrolling in Medicare, or enrolled and thinking about changing plans, learn how Original Medicare, a Medicare Supplement, or Medicare Advantage offers access to medical care and the providers you see.


The Price Paid by Family Caregivers

Family caregivers pay a high price when trading time and money to care for loved ones. Learn the risks caregivers face and why creating a care plan is essential for having a life while managing care tasks, building a career, preserving mental and physical health, and minimizing financial losses.


When Is Change Good For Caregivers?

When is change good for caregivers? Knowing when you can’t do it anymore is a crossroads moment in caregiving situations. It might be time for a change when caregiving responsibilities limit your potential, damage your self-esteem and your confidence. Caregiving expert Pamela D. Wilson shares 12 insights and suggestions.


Why is Medicaid So Difficult to Understand?

Are you a caregiver struggling with the financial aspects of paying for a spouse’s or elderly parent’s care? Pamela D. Wilson, caregiving expert, offers an explanation of Medicaid home and community-based services (HCBS) and long-term care support services to help caregivers understand the complexities involved for aging parents receiving Medicaid benefits.


How Not to Lose Sight of What is Important

Learn how not to lose sight of what is important. The sacrifices involved in caring for others can result in the loss of relationships and difficulties working with healthcare providers. Caregiving expert Pamela D Wilson offers insights for caregivers, spouses, and friends concerned about the all-consuming responsibilities of caring for loved ones.


Are Caregivers Brainwashed?

Are caregivers brainwashed? Caregivers can focus on fixing or doing things for aging parents or spouses due to societal, cultural, family, or groupthink to the exclusion of their well-being. In this episode, caregiving expert Pamela D Wilson shares insights about how pressures and expectations from others affect the lives of caregivers.


Doing the Best You Can With What You've Got

Being a caregiver is hard. Doing the best you can with the resources and time you have to care for aging parents may never feel like enough. Caregiving expert Pamela D Wilson shares examples of caregiving challenges and offers a resource to help with care and decision-making.


Things That Don't Make Sense to Caregivers Until Later

Learn about the things that don't make sense to caregivers until later in life. Caregiving expert, Pamela Wilson, shares how minor decisions and personal interactions can have major consequences that affect life today and in the future.


What Happens When Caregivers Have Too Many Responsibilities

Too many responsibilities? Caregiving expert Pamela D Wilson shares what caregivers can do about major life changes that result in feeling hyper-responsible for managing the care of aging parents and how to create a new identity when caregiving responsibilities end.


Why Do Persons With Dementia Struggle With Little Things?

Persons with dementia lose the ability to complete simple everyday activities. Caregiving expert, Pamela D Wilson shares why learning about dementia behaviors and personality changes is important to help caregivers understand the struggles of loved ones with memory loss.


How Can Caregivers Hold Onto The Good Things In Life?

The act of caregiving for loved ones can seem like a never-ending job. Caregiving expert Pamela D Wilson discusses how family caregivers can hold onto the good things in life while creating even more things to be happy about.


Can Caregiving Ruin Your Relationships?

How does caregiving affect family relationships? Becoming a caregiver can upend life. Caregiving expert Pamela D Wilson shares why expectation setting and planning your life is essential so that caregiving doesn't ruin your relationships.


Barely Getting By? Tips for Caregiver Survival

What can caregivers do when they're barely getting by caring for aging loved ones or spouses? Learn tips from caregiving expert Pamela D Wilson to keep going when you can't see how to get from here to where you want to be.


Caregiving: Creating the Life You Want

If you are a caregiver, creating the life you want can mean building inner strength. Caregiving expert, Pamela D Wilson, helps you become clear about what you want in life to disentangle yourself from energy-draining situations and expectations that others place on caregivers.


How to Stop Being Easily Influenced By Others

Are family caregivers more easily influenced by others due to high-stress levels? If you are a caregiver, do you ever wonder how to stop being influenced so you can make your own decisions and live your life? In this episode, caregiving expert, Pamela D Wilson shares practical tips for caregivers who want more control over their lives.


Tips to Stop Feeling Distracted and Overwhelmed

Wondering how to stop feeling distracted and overwhelmed or when unexpected events derail your day? Caregivers have an unending list of to-dos for other people, which often means their needs go unmet. Pamela D Wilson, caregiving expert, shares how to reset and regain focus to get back on track with your day.


Why Is Problem Solving So Hard?

Caregivers ask why is problem-solving is hard? Emotions, exhaustion, and managing health care issues can be complicated when caring for aging parents. Caregiving expert, Pamela D Wilson, explains how to identify signs that can lead to problems and take action before issues become more troublesome.