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Midweek Announcement: Patrons ONLY show with Zach King

On April 28th, 2018 at 3pm EST we are bringing back Zach King from Episode 61: Zach King The Ex-Satanic High Wizard to talk more about experiences he didn't detail on episode 61! This is a can't miss patrons only episode that will have a LIVE call-in number!! We are also bringing on a special co-host for this show, Wes Germer from Sasquatch Chronicles! Become a patron today so you don't miss out on this opportunity! Become a patron here: Website:...


Episode 66: Bigfoot and Conspiracies with Chuck Sutherlin

So many people discuss how hard it is to track down the mysterious creature known as Bigfoot. Some say it is impossible! However this week we bring on Chuck Sutherlin who is new to Bigfoot investigating and has had some really great experiences in such a short time! Is he lucky or is he on to something? Later, we go down the conspiracy wormhole and have some good discussions about the flat earth theory, the moon landings and more! Patreon: Website:...


Crossover Episode: Wes Germer and Tony Merkel Remembering Art Bell

On this special crossover episode with Wes Germer (host of Sasquatch Chronicles) and Tony, they discuss, remember and celebrate the life of a man that inspired generations. Join Tony and Wes as they tip their hats to Art Bell, the sole reason they are able to host the podcasts they host.


Episode 65: The Mysterious Pine Barrens

The Pine Barrens are commonly discussed when talking about the Jersey Devil, a dark tale of evil and misfortune. However, though the Jersey Devil is the most discussed topic of the Pine Barrens, that is not the only thing deep in those woods. From mysterious houses with no roads leading up to them to parts of roads that seem to have a mind of their own. Tonight, Sam comes to the table to share her experiences with the eerie woods and also shares what it was like living in a haunted house...


Episode 64: The Disappearing Church of The Woods

Can inanimate objects travel time? Can they defy logic and reason? What about entire buildings? Tonight, Seth joins The Confessionals to share a wide variety of experiences including a time he witnessed a very real and physical church appear seemingly out of nowhere while hunting deep in the woods. Patreon: Website: Email: Facebook: Twitter:...


Episode 63: The Bigfoot and Dogman of Pennsylvania

Pennsylvania is more mysterious than many realize. Out-of-staters think of Philadelphia and Pittsburgh and then conclude that Pennsylvania is an industrialized state without much wilderness to explore. However, the reality is that between Philadelphia and Pittsburgh there are 300+ miles of deep, dense wild forests. Tonight, Kirk joins The Confessionals to share his first cryptid encounter with a bigfoot while on a hunting trip with his in-laws. Later, he details an unusual encounter that...


Episode 62: The Room Under Stephen Paddock

There was a watered down and edited video released this week showing Paddock's final days in Vegas. But can we learn from these short videos? Yes, but only what they want us to learn. There is a war going on for our minds. We have been manipulated on how and what to think for years. Tonight, we have the opportunity to take our minds back and decide for ourselves what to believe. On this show, we will be bringing on Dave, Annette and their daughter Clar. Clar shares what it was like being...


Midweek Announcement: Patrons ONLY Show This Sunday

On March 25th, 2018 at 3pm EST we are bringing back Lisa from Episode 59: The Other Side of Dogman to talk more about her dogman encounters and her experience with bigfoot! Become a patron today so you don't miss out on this epic show! Become a patron here: Website: Email: Facebook: Twitter: @TConfessionals Tony's Twitter: @tony_merkel


Episode 61: Zach King The Ex-Satanic High Wizard

Is magic something real or fantasy? If it were to be real, then what kind of person could have this mystical power? Tonight we speak with Zachary King who is a self-admitted ex-satanic high wizard. He comes forward to share his life story of how he got involved in magic at a very young age and how that lead him to join a satanic coven. As he shares his life story he walks us into some truths that many would like to keep hidden. From magic to Bohemian Grove insider information, Zach spills...


Episode 60: A Real Life X-Man

Are X-men fantasy or reality? Are there people walking among us that have supernatural powers and abilities? We hear of stories and legends from the past of people being able to use their minds to achieve unbelievable things. Tonight, Jason shares with us how he discovered his ability to summon UFO's and alter the weather such as moving clouds through using his mind. We dive into it with Jason to uncover what some say we've had the ability to do all along. Patreon:...


Episode 59: The Other Side of Dogman

Is dogman evil? Is it a vicious killing machine? What about a paranormal entity? We've heard people detail these creatures for years and most the encounters seem to follow a very similar pattern. However, tonight, Lisa comes on the show to share her interactions with these things and they seem to be of a different nature than most peoples. There are many mysteries still in this world and dogman is most certainly one of them. Patreon: Website:...


Episode 58: The Unwelcomed Roommate

Tonight, Tony analyzes an EVP that came through his audio while recording an interview with a guest that was describing looking directly at a demon. As the guest started describing the physical characteristics of what he saw, the phone line went dead and at the moment they were able to reconnect their lines is things got really weird. After Tony analyzes the EVP he takes the audience into the said interview where his guest, Dale, shares his story of when he looked directly at a demon while...


Episode 57: CERN with Gary Wayne

Tonight we sit down with Gary Wayne to learn a little more what CERN is, how it started and who runs it, really. Patreon: Website: Email: Facebook: Twitter: @TConfessionals Tony's Twitter: @tony_merkel


Episode 56: Bigfoot And The Lady In A Dress

Today we speak with Chance who shares his paranormal experiences and the time he encountered bigfoot. Patreon: Website: Email: Facebook: Twitter: @TConfessionals Tony's Twitter: @tony_merkel


Episode 54: The Basement Spirits

Marc shares his experiences of dealing with spirits in a basement of a house he lived in with his family. Many things happened and those things varied in severity. Join us as we walk with Marc through these haunting experiences. Patreon: Website: Email: Facebook: Twitter: @TConfessionals Tony's Twitter: @tony_merkel


Episode 53: Eye To Eye With Dogman

Tonight we speak with Alicia and she tells us about her dogman encounter when she was a little girl in Michigan. One night she heard apples from the apple tree dropping onto the roof and when she looked out the window she was eye to eye with dogman! Patreon: Website: Email: Facebook: Twitter: @TConfessionals Tony's Twitter: @tony_merkel


LIVE AFTER SHOW PARTY: One Year Anniversary!!!

Welcome to the LIVE after show party! Tonight, Tony sits down with Wes Germer from Sasquatch Chronicles and other special guests as we hangout and discuss the past year of The Confessionals! CALL IN LIVE to talk with Tony and guests at (713) 955 - 0696! Patreon: Website: Email: Facebook: Twitter: @TConfessionals Tony's Twitter: @tony_merkel


Episode 52: Wes Germer - The Bigfoot Encounter That Changed Everything

Tonight on our 1-year anniversary show we bring on Wes Germer from Sasquatch Chronicles to share with The Confessionals audience his dramatic bigfoot encounter! It is only appropriate to have Wes on the show for this very special day because he is the person that encouraged Tony to create The Confessionals podcast! Sasquatch Chronicles: Patreon: Website: Email:


Important LIVE SHOW Announcement

This Saturday night on January 13th at 8pm EST, The Confessionals is going LIVE to celebrate its one year anniversary! We have several guests on to hangout with us and you will be able to CALL IN LIVE at (713) 955-0696!!! Call in to talk with Tony and guest live this Saturday night! See you then!!! Patreon: Website: Email: Facebook: Twitter:...


Episode 51: Entering The Matrix of Lost Time

Tonight we bring on Kayla to share a story of when she and a friend got stuck in a time loop and lost three hours. She details the story and adds that when they were leaving the time loop they came across three blacked out SUV's that added an extra element of suspiciousness to the whole ordeal. Patreon: Website: Email: Facebook: Twitter:...


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