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TC 135: Beware of the Yucca Man

On todays show we have two guests! First we start off with Dan who describes many experiences that he had that can only be described as Bigfoot experiences. After Dan's experiences we talk to Allan who had a Yucca Man attack his pick up truck in Arizona! Tickets for ParaCon 2019 at Pennhurst Asylum: Subscribe to our YouTube: Subscribe to the Newsletter:...


TC 134: Paranormal Hollywood

For episode 134 we bring on Kristen who works in the film industry! She's worked on many major movies and TV shows but with her success in Hollywood came some paranormal experiences. She talks about staying in famous hotels that were haunted, things that happened with her mother when she came to visit and even being chased out of Area 51! Tickets for ParaCon 2019 at Pennhurst Asylum: Subscribe to our YouTube:...


TC 133: CENSORED with Wes Germer | Timothy Renner | Dark Waters

Wes Germer, Timothy Renner and Dark Waters joined Tony to talk about the 5G effects on our bodies, EVPs coming through on episode recordings, the "Bunnyman" and the censorship we are facing on social media platforms! Don't miss the epic show! Tickets for ParaCon 2019 at Pennhurst Asylum: Subscribe to our YouTube: Subscribe to the Newsletter: Website:...


TC 132: Think Tank: Hollow Earth and What Lives Within

In Episode 132: Hollow Earth and What Lives Within, we “dive in” to hollow Earth with another edition of the Think Tank! Is a hollow Earth really possible? If so, why is it there? Who lives inside of it? What is it being used for? These thought-provoking questions and many more will be covered as Justen Faull, Wes Faull, Chad Riley, and Jim Wilhelmsen join The Confessionals to discuss the mysterious hollow Earth. Tickets for Paracon 2019 at Pennhurts Asylum:...


The Confessionals LIVE!

Tony is going to be a guest host on Bigfoot Odyssey on YouTube June 5th, 2019! We will be speaking to a bigfoot eyewitness and taking Q&A in the videos chat! On July 19th through the 21st, The Confessionals will be a vendor for Paracon 2019 at Pennhurst Asylum! Purchase tickets now to meet Tony at the vendors table and see all the celebrity speakers! There is a great line up of speakers this year such as Grant Wilson, John Zaffis, Steve Gonsalves, Katrina Weidman, Dave Tango, Brian J Cano,...


TC 131: Renegade David Icke

Episode 131 is an exclusive show featuring author and speaker David Icke as he joins The Confessionals to discuss all things conspiracy and paranormal! In this special interview, we dive into what led David from the path of a former footballer and broadcaster to become a full-time exposer of conspiracies, and we touch on a series of compelling questions: What are David’s thoughts and experiences on the subject of Reptilians? Is the moon being used as a landing spot for military excursions?...


TC 130: The Forgotten Graveyard

Today we have Norm coming on the show to share his many experiences from The Confessionals home start of Pennsylvania! He shares different things including a haunted graveyard he explored back in high school. It seems this haunted graveyard have a very unusual effect on animals in the area. Home with us as we talk about mysterious Pennsylvania! Subscribe to our YouTube: Subscribe to the Newsletter: Website:...


TC 129: House of Shadows

On Episode 129: House of Shadows, guest Monica joins The Confessionals to share her experiences in the very paranormally active home in which she grew up. Her whole life sounds like it could be a creepy movie! Listen as she describes the crazy things she witnessed in her “house of shadows.” Subscribe to our YouTube: Subscribe to the Newsletter: Website: Email:...


TC 128: Houston Recap with Wes and Tony

Wes and Tony sit down to discuss their first live show together in Houston, TX. Don't miss this because they tell all!


TC 127: The Rake | LIVE In Houston, TX

We went to Houston for our first live show and here is the audio from it! We had Guy come with to share his encounter with two Rake creatures in the Dallas Texas area!


TC 126: Say It With A Smile

Episode 126 is a two-part show with guests Ricky and Mark. First, Ricky shares with us some of his extreme paranormal experiences. During his interview, there is a surprising disturbance on the recording that may be an EVP! Following Ricky, Mark joins The Confessionals to tell us about a time that he saw a bigfoot in Pennsylvania, and also shares a dogman story and shadow people experiences! Subscribe to our YouTube: Subscribe to the Newsletter:...


TC 125: The Shapeshifting Witch

On Episode 125, guest Charles joins The Confessionals to share a creepy experience he had in North Carolina when he was hiking. As he was climbing in an isolated area known for its many waterfalls, Charles suddenly found himself confronted by an old woman with an unusual appearance. As Charles tried to leave the area, it became clear that this old woman was not only pursuing him, but had very supernatural abilities! Later Charles describes some other unique paranormal events that he also...


TC 124: Moments In Time That Change Your Life

On Episode 124, we welcome guest Rusty to the show! Rusty originally contacted The Confessionals about a UFO experience, but it soon became clear he had many more stories to share! Along with multiple UFO encounters, Rusty also discusses the demonic possession of a girl that he witnessed at a youth convention, and a home he used to live in that was most certainly haunted. Subscribe to our YouTube: Subscribe to the Newsletter:...


TC 123: Island of Lost Souls

On Episode 123, we have two different guests sharing their stories with us! First, Elijah joins The Confessionals to describe the things he experienced in a certain house that convinced him there was something undeniably evil inside it. Next guest David shares the story of how he was put into a coma, and what he saw on the other side of consciousness was absolutely amazing! Subscribe to our YouTube: Subscribe to the Newsletter:...


TC 122: Secret Military Enochian Technology

On Episode 122, guest Charlie joins The Confessionals to share his incredible story of a secret military mission. Charlie is a former military serviceman who was selected for a secret mission that involved traveling into the wilderness, with 15 other team members, to retrieve a downed aircraft. Charlie’s orders were to extricate any available information from the target and then destroy what was left. Upon discovering the craft, it was instantly obvious that it was no ordinary plane - this...


TC 121: Sasquatch, Spirits and Psychos

For episode 121 we have Josh coming on to share when he came across a bigfoot as a teenager and at first glance he thought it was a gorilla. He then shares how he experienced some paranormal activity including a time when he experienced a ghostly entity go right through his body! Subscribe to our YouTube: Subscribe to the Newsletter: Patreon: Website:...


TC 120: The Abduction Cover-up Part Two

Today is a bonus episode for a listener that recently lost his son unexpectedly this week in a tragic accident. Kevin has been listening to The Confessionals to help keep his mind clear and we thought it would be a good idea to give him some extra material to listen to while he and his family are mourning. On this interview we bring back Austin from episode 111, "The Abduction Cover-up" to talk about some newer developments of his memories of serving in a 20 and back program run by...


TC 119: Anubis Is Coming

Anubis was just the beginning for Mel. The life that she has lived you would not wish on anyone, and she comes on The Confessionals to share it all. From a consistent haunting of Anubis, the Egyptian god of the dead, to abductions and other hauntings, our guest Mel seems to be one of those people who has a magnetic attraction for paranormal experiences, whether she wants to or not! YouTube: Newsletter: Patreon:...


TC 118: Taking The Red Pill with Mr. X Dreams

On Episode 118, we welcome Mr. X Dreams from YouTube! He shares with us a UFO encounter he experienced as a child along with other family members. Over time, they each forgot about the experience one by one, except Mr. X Dreams. This specific encounter actually kicked off a life of experiences, some of which include an entity performing what can only be described as some kind of medical procedure, and Mr. X Dreams’ ability to control his dreams and interact with others in them. While...


TC 117: Gorilla Man, Doppelgängers and Demons, Oh My!

On episode 117 we speak with Jim Harold from the Paranormal Podcast and Alika from The Confessionals artistic design team! Jim comes on to share some of his spooky experiences that keep him going in the paranormal realm. Then we bring on Alika from Hawaii as he talks about seeing a gorilla man in his house, dopplgangers, evil reflects, shadow kids and much more! YouTube: Newsletter: Patreon:...