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Episode 158″ What’s good at the Honey Grove?”

Well we have been sitting on this interview for a while now. This time we slow things down and find out what makes great bread. Mark from Honey Grove bakery sits down with us to discuss’s his products, where he makes it and what makes it so good. Enjoy this episode as we learn about taking your time to make something right and using only the best of ingredients.


Episode 157 “Can Sustainable Seafood Save the Courtenay River Salmon? ”

On Sat. May 26 at Locals Restaurant, Canadian celebrity Chef Ned Bell headlined a special gourmet “estuary luncheon” to benefit Project Watershed’s partnership with the K’omoks First Nation to restore the old sawmill site on the Courtenay River. Returning this land back to nature will help save local wild salmon populations in one of BC’s top chinook estuaries - and fundraising is essential to “unpave a parking lot and put up paradise”. As founder of Chefs for Oceans and the Executive Chef...


Episode 156 “Where to eat?”

This week the boys have the chance to catch up and talk with each other. Darren takes time to go over of few of his favourite places around the valley that he has had the chance to visit in the last little while. If your looking for a new spots or revisiting an old one ,you may have to check out this episode. With over 100 places around to visit we chat about restaurants, pubs, food trucks, cafes and more. Jonathan also drops some hints of his next venture.


Episode 155″ Where is Wood Mountain Lodge?”

There are those places in town where I ask myself “How did I not know about this sooner”? We take a drive up to Forbidden Plateau to talk with Martina & Max of Wood Mountain Lodge . Do not let their not too distant location keep you away from this breathtaking gem. This Vancouver Island boutique style lodge and spa includes a full commercial kitchen and is open to the public on weekends. They are working towards creating an environment which will encourage a creative yet down to earth...


Episode 154 “What to drink? Heavenly Libation”

It’s time to quench your thirst! We are lucky enough to have Jessica Macpherson of Heavenly Libations come to the studio to talk about shrubs. What’s a shrub, you ask? You’ll have an to listen to Jessica explain their make up, history and flavours. From sodas to cocktails, this old school way of preserving will touch your taste buds


Episode 152 “Why as you like it?”

This time we head down to Union Bay where we find out what’s happening on the Hazel Creek Farm. We take time to talk with chef and “As you Like it” owner, Laura Agnew, to learn about the wonderful things coming out of her kitchen and great eats that are available in Union Bay. Her company offers gourmet products, take home meals, and special event catering throughout the Comox Valley.


Episode 150″ What’s on a food label?”

This episode 150 we are lucky enough to have Shannon Simpson from Shannon’s Tool Box and Huband Salad bar fame to discuss the joys of food labels. We take time to learn not just what the ingredients are but what they mean from serving sizes, fat to sugar and everything in between. We also have some helpful suggestions of what you should be eating. After listening here is a list of the Dirty Dozen; Strawberries, Apples, Nectarines, Peaches, Celery, Grapes, Cherries, Spinach, Tomatoes, Sweet...


Episode 149 “What’s to eat? Getting back into food.

With a few big changes in both their lives, Jonathan and Darren take some time to talk about what is getting them back into cooking. This episode is all about food, great dishes and having some amazing meals around the home.


Episode 148 “What are restaurant overheads”

The final in our three part series questioning restaurant expenses . We are looking into restaurants overheads and talking about the expenses that come with running a restaurant. From renting to cleaning we discuss what these expenses are and what you can do to make things run just a little bit smoother.


Recipe Time: Spelt Pancakes

Spelt Pancakes Ingredients: 1 3⁄4 cups spelt flour 2 tablespoons sugar 1 tablespoon baking powder 1⁄4 teaspoon salt 1 egg


Recipe: Roasted Curry Butternut Squash Soup

Soup Time, warm yourself with this one.


Episode 147 ” New Season New Year Lets start cooking again”

With the new year upon us Darren and Jonathan spend time discussing 2017 and the events surrounding it. This is a chance for the two to reminisce about the previous year. From farming to food banks, they discuss all the interesting events and people they had the fortune of meeting. Darren and Jonathan also spend some time planning for upcoming food challenges, topics, and their ability to interview and learn more in the upcoming year. Feel free to join with us.


Episode 144″ How do you set food cost”

Ever wonder how chefs come up with menu prices? Or what goes into creating the dollar amount you see on menus and how exactly restaurants make their money? On this episode, the first of three, we examine the ever fluctuating cost of food itself. Please enjoy, and as always we enjoy your feedback and reviews.


Episode 142 “What to pack in my kids lunch?”

Chef Jonathan Frazier and Darren Howlett may be the hosts of the Edible Valley Podcast, but they are also fathers. This time of year, when the kids have all gone back to school, it’s easy to get caught in the habit of sending your kids to school with the same lunch, day after day. Tonight (with recurring guest, James McKerricher) we talk about all of the options with kids’ school lunches!


Episode 141 “What is an agricultural Co-op?”

Lucky us! Tonight, we get to talk to Eduardo Uranga and Thierry Vrain (and Ivan Loubier) of the CCAC - The Community Created Agricultural Co-op. An ambitious venture - they aim to acquire agricultural land to grow pesticide and antibiotic free foods for 300 families. Listen in and see just how far they’ve come, how well planned and sourced this project is, and how you can still get involved before it’s too late!


Episode 140 ” Where have all the cooks gone?”

Looking for a chef? Looking for a cook? join the club with it becoming more and more difficult to find staff Jonathan and Darren discuss whats happening to the back of house.


Episode 138″ Is there a dinner happening in Downtown Courtenay?’

Long table? Dinning downtown? What is going on? Well for the first time on Duncan ave we are setting up a long table and inviting other to join us to sample some of the fine food of the Comox Valley. Our own Chef Jonathan Frazier has created an menu and with Dawn Postnikoff organizing and Atlas cafes own Connie Earl beverage pairings this should be an amazing event. Sunset on the Street Long Table Dinner Downtown Courtenay Sunday, September 17th 5:00 pm 4 Course Gourmet Din [...]


Episode 136 “What makes good Bread”

Today on the Edible Valley podcast we’re learning about bread and who better to learn from then the experts at Cake Bread. Jorden Marshall (owner) and Ian Harris (head baker/pastry chef). We learn what they are doing and the many products they carry.


Episode 135″Is there support for women in the food industry?

With many kitchens and chefs being referred to as “old boy’s clubs”, Les Dames d’Escoffier is much needed organization supporting women in the food industry. We are lucky enough to have former guests Gaëtane Palardy and Lesley Stav (members of the local BC Chapter) join us to discuss some of the great benefits of this organization, its history, and its important future. Check out their site at :


Episode 134 “What is a popup”

A growing trend in the hospitality industry are pop-up restaurants or dinners. Darren and Jonathan examine some of their own experiences and adventures in this field. Our hope is to encourage you to get out and find some of these amazing meals that are in produced by some many talanted chefs.