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Welcome to the Everyday Alignment podcast! Joanne Mayhead, Law of Attraction & Alignment Coach helps you to take charge of your energy and your perspective so that you can align with a life you love. Find out more about Joanne at

Welcome to the Everyday Alignment podcast! Joanne Mayhead, Law of Attraction & Alignment Coach helps you to take charge of your energy and your perspective so that you can align with a life you love. Find out more about Joanne at


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Welcome to the Everyday Alignment podcast! Joanne Mayhead, Law of Attraction & Alignment Coach helps you to take charge of your energy and your perspective so that you can align with a life you love. Find out more about Joanne at




62. Raise Your Money Vibration With Blue Money

Raise your money vibration! So here is an idea for you to re-frame your money energy and your money story, an exercise I do a lot to raise my own vibe when I forget how abundant I am. This comes from The Money Alchemist, Ming Chee's Blue Money Challenge - you can check out her blog here and she also has a great Podcast to help with your money vibe (opens in a new window): Blue Money is basically anything that comes to you with a financial value out of the...


61. Lessons From The Button Pushers

So who or what pushes your buttons in your immediate environment? What are the things or the people who are taking your focus day in, day out and affecting your energy. We can view all of these things in our lives as a nuisance or we can see these things as lessons that we need to help us learn something specific and evolve. So instead of reacting in the same way to things over and over again, how about you take a step back and approach it from a different standpoint - from a place where...


60. I Don't Feel Good Enough - Time To Uncover Your Story

I don't feel good enough - time to uncover your story with this simple yet powerful exercise... So let's explore more about your current story when it comes to your sense of self worth and deservingness and I've got an exercise for you to try if it feels good for you to do so - not because we want to beat the drum of what's happened in the past. I'm not one for going back over the past in great detail since I think it's far more important that we work on our present moment and create a...


59. Not Feeling Good Enough? Who Are You Giving Away Your Power To?

Not feeling good enough? How do we feel more worthy - because sometimes a high sense of self worth can feel elusive like its never quite within our reach? But its actually so close that we can't reach out and touch it - because its within us and we have just forgotten it is there. In this episode we look at where you perceive your sense of self worth comes from vs where it actually should come from so that you can become more aware and start to make that shift. You are enough. You are...


58. Feeling Worthy of Everything In Your Life?

Are you feeling worthy of everything that is in your life? Do you think you deserve everything that is in your life or do you feel you deserve even more that is in your life currently? As we know, everything is energy - love, money, other abundance, careers family, home, our day to day world and everything you have in your life right now is underpinned by your sense of worthiness. Yes, your sense of self worth determines what you will allow yourself to experience in your world, your...


57. I Get To Do All This!

I get to do all this - what do you get to do everyday? Lately I have been feeling a little grumpy and frustrated and I didn't want my energy going down that rabbit hole of 'everything is going wrong', things just aren't working out for me - this awareness is just one of the bonuses of being an alignment coach... So I have revived my daily practice of keeping my 'get to do list'. Remember that your life is someone else's dream life and you have far more in your life than you realise if you...


56. So What's Your Story?

Change your story, change your life - starting with awareness. I wanted to cover a subject close to my heart because this really is at the centre of all manifesting - both wanted and unwanted and that is 'our story'. We tend to do things, say things on a day to day basis that are keeping us stuck. A bit like a re-run of an old movie that just keeps playing the same script over and over again. And when we play the same script over and over again, we get the same results over and over...


55. What Do You Want To Do More Of?

So we are continuing with our theme of creating our year instead of traditional goal setting so grab your journal and ponder the question for this session to add to your blueprint for the year ahead. What do you want to do more of this year? So think back over the past year and consider the parts of the year that you particularly enjoyed. This can be something that you did regularly or it can be a one off event that you really enjoyed and makes you smile or feel joyful whenever you...


54. What Passions Do You Want To Focus On This Year

So over the past few sessions we have been adding layers of ideas and questions to help you make this a great year without the traditional goal setting and here is another question for you to help create that blueprint even further. What passions do you want to spend time on this year? And let's face it, it you are anything like me, your life is pretty full in one way or another - organising family life, running a home, your career or whatever else it maybe for you. But are you...


53. What Do You Want To Be Known For This Year?

I hope you enjoyed creating your theme for the year and making that list of the person that you want to be for the coming year and beyond! In this episode I have another question for you to help you create a great year and that is: What do you want to be known for this year? So to do this, you need to imagine for a moment that you are at the end of the year looking back over what you have achieved this year. And you can either do this as a journal entry or you can imagine that...


52. Under Pressure?

Since a virus the whole family had between Christmas and New Year, I have felt the pressure building up in my head - manifesting as blocked sinuses and ears and it has been driving me mad! So why is it only this week that I realised that I am feeling under pressure in general and that maybe the blocked pressure I feel in my head is just a manifestation of what I am feeling inside coming into physical form! As an Alignment Coach I am surprised I didn't think about this before but then we...


51. Who Do You Want To Be This Year

So in the last episode we talked about creating a theme for the year and I shared what my theme was for 2020 and also what I chose for the last couple of years. Doing this really creates a foundation that gives you focus for the year so if you haven't listened to that episode - number 50. Then please do go back to that one later. So let's focus on the next building block. The next idea that can help you to create your year by design, not by default - and this one deserves a lot of...


50. What Is Your Theme For The Year?

What is your theme for the year? So in the last episode I talked about how we need to let ourselves off the hook when we are not feeling inspired about setting goals for the year. So in the next few sessions I will be giving you ideas on how you can create your year without the traditional goal setting or you can use these ideas as the base of your goal setting when you feel ready. And really these sessions are to give you - and the universe - something to work with. As we talked...


49. Goal Setting Leaving You Uninspired? - Letting Yourself Off The Hook

Is goal setting leaving you uninspired? Letting yourself off the hook! As my first podcast for 2020, I was going to talk about goals - after all, it's a new year and that's what we do right, set goals? However as amazing as goals are when you are aligned and inspired, you also may have times when you feel uninspired and overwhelmed. And when times like this happen, the resistance in us can make us feel an even bigger push to do something about it. It can create a force inside...


48. Give Yourself The Gift of Being Present

Today's message is about being more present this festive season. Being present isn't just about meditating or sitting in silence, it's about being in the moment and appreciating everything 'that is' right now. Think more about enjoying this festive season and having that lighter touch. Being with the people you love, being absorbed in what you are doing. We spend most of our life living in the past or future so this year give yourself the gift of being more present and enjoying life...


47. Be More of the Real You

So do you feel like you can truly be yourself? It was something that someone said to me yesterday that really got me thinking about this. So when you are around your family, friends or work colleagues are you who you really want to be or are you being who you think others want you to be. It is easy to take on other peoples energy and start to just be like the people you are with at the time. It's easy to get drawn into the moaning and groaning around you rather than choosing to be your...


46. How To Flip Those Thoughts

This episode follows on from the last 2 sessions so if you have't had a chance to listen to those, please go back In this episode: 44. Stop manifesting What You Don't Want 45. Your Words Are Powerful In this episode I talk through a nice easy exercise using just pen and paper to start flipping those thoughts that you have identified from the last few days. I hope this really helps you to focus on those better feeling thoughts to take you into 2020 strong and in the coming episodes we...


45. Your Words Are Powerful

In this episode, we talk about words and how they are so powerful. After all, everything we say is an affirmation. And as I said in the last podcast, your dominant thoughts create those strong emotions and those thoughts and emotions are caused by the words that you use every day. If you could spend just 1 day minimum jotting down the thoughts that you think, you would quickly see why your outer world is the way it is right now. It will reflect what you are focusing on the most. The first...


44. Stop manifesting What You Don't Want

So how do we stop manifesting what we don't want - and I'm not talking about those times when contrast is very necessary - I am talking more about manifesting by default due to the signal we are omitting day after day. Whatever you are putting out into the world, you are attracting back. Life is a mirror and this is not something you can switch off. It is turned on 24/7 and this does not mean we need to get paranoid about our thoughts - it's impossible for us to be positive every minute of...


43. Your Only Job As A Conscious Creator

So let's talk about your only job as a conscious creator because I know that you sometimes try and control absolutely everything - how do I know this? Because we all do it of course and even I have to keep reminding myself of this! If you just did these few things day in and day out until it became a habit, you will be amazed at the positive changes that come your way. So if you are creating my default instead of design then you might want to get a pen and paper and start getting more...