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The Benchwarmers, Brad Marchund, and more!

Chris, Pete, and Kevin open the second hour of the Producers talking about the release of Breaking Benjamin's new album. The guys review their movie club film of the Week, The Benchwarmers. Later, Pete questions how the NHL should handle the Bruins and their elbow hitting star, Brad Marchund. #FNTSY #NFL #MLB #NHL #NHLAllStar #Bruins #BradMarchund #NBA #ProducerMovieClub #TheBenchwarmers #DrStrange #Netflix


Recap Championship weekend, Kev's Super Bowl Excitement, Concert rankings and more!

Kevin Walsh, Pete Consadori, and Chris Bivona open the program asking the in the polls which movie genre should they watch for next week's show. The guys go one to talk about how the Eagles and Patriots were able to move on to Super Bowl 52\. The guys rank their favorite concerts, with Kev loving 2 Chainz, Pete fond of Disturbed,, and Chris showing sentiment for Jimmy Buffet and Huey Lewis. #FNTSY #NFL #Patriots #Eagles #Disturbed #UberFacts #JimmyBuffet #HueyLewis #SuperBowl #NHLAllStar...


Movie Club, NBA Trade Rumors, and More!

Pete, Chris, and Kevin open the second hour of the show talking about some possible NBA trades surrounding Kemba Walker, and the possibility of heading to his hometown of New York. The Sci-Fi phenomenon, Sharknado, is discussed in too much length during the Fantasy Producers Movie Club segment. The guys question if Kevin should go to the NFC Championship game, and the guys reveal their Movie Club film for next week. #FNTSY #NFL #NBA #KembaWalker #Knicks #Hornets #Nets #FrankieSmokes #Butler...


NFL Championship Previews, Pasta Rankings, and more!

Pete Consadori, Kevin Walsh, and Chris Bivona open the show previewing ther NFC and AFC championship games, with the guys questioning what it would take for Blake Bortles to stop being the butt of all jokes. The guys rank their favorite pastas, while Pete and Chris explain to Kevin how to say certain names of Italian dishes. Later, the guys go how rules in the NHL are being blurred between fighting and cheap shots. #FNTSY #NFL #Jaguars #Patriots #Eagles #Vikings #BlakeBortles #Pasta...


Divisional Weekend Preview, College Food Rankings, Reactions and More!

Pete Consadori and Kevin Walsh react to the outcomes of the Wild Card Weekend games and preview the NFL's Divisional Weekend matchups. Chris Bivona joins the guys to rank the top three meals they had while they were at college. They close the hour with Twitter Facts of the Day! #FNTSYsportsnetwork #FNTSY #FNTSYnetwork #FNTSYradio #fantasyradio #fantasysports #dfs #DailyFantasy #NFL #DivisionalWeekend #Titans #Patriots #Eagles #Falcons #Jaguars #Steelers #Vikings #Saints #College #Food...


NFL Wild Card Preview, Sports Moments of 2017 Rankings and More!

Pete Consadori, Chris Bivona and Kevin Walsh discuss the wildcard matchups this weekend in the NFL. They then rank moments in sports that they liked and disliked in 2017\. The guys talk about how the NHL can step up their game to draw in new fans and how scoring is not the issue. They close the show with a Twitter fact and go over the news surrounding Tom Brady, Bill Belichick and Robert Kraft. #FNTSYsportsnetwork #FNTSY #FNTSYnetwork #FNTSYradio #fantasyradio #fantasysports #dfs...


Oh hai, Producers!

Pete Consadori, Kevin Walsh, and Chris Bivona finish 2017 looking at how Chris got stuck in two Week 17 Championships. With New Years Eve tomorrow, the guys rank their favorite New Years party snacks, and question the difference between an hourderve and an appetizer. Later, the guys give their New Years resolutions, and Chris explains to Pete and Kevin that before seeing the film The Disaster Artist, they must see The Room. #FNTSY #NFL #Week17 #NYE #NewYearsResolution #Pigsinablanket...


A Very Special Fantasy Producers!

Chris Bivona, Kevin Walsh, and Pete Consadori are the Fantasy Producers who wish you a very Merry Christmas and a Happy Holiday season. The guys go through Pete's Picks, including the Ravens vs. Colts. While ranking their favorite Christmas movies, the guys get in to the age old argument about what elements are considered in calling certain films, "A Christmas Movie." The guys finish the show talking about the Packers and the depressing state of fruitcake. #FNTSY #NFL #Christmas #HomeAlone...


Star Wars, Pete's Picks, Christmas Rankings, and More!

Pete Consadori, Kevin Walsh, and Chris Bivona are THE Fantasy Producers. Chris mentions he saw Star Wars: The Last Jedi and the guys ask him how Episode VIII stacks up against the Star Wars series. Pete's Week 15 picks have Chris and Kevin questioning the use of tight ends like Eric Ebron, Hunter Henry, Jimmy Graham, and Travis Kelce. The guys rank their favorite things about the holidays, except Chris, who has too many reasons to love everything about the Holidays, but only three things he...


Stanton, Player on Team rankings, and more!

Pete Consadori, Kevin Walsh, Chris Bivona, and special guest Ashley Abreu open the program looking at the big news involving Giancarlo Stanton heading to the Bronx. The Stanton talk has the guys ranking their favorite athletes today, that they would like to see in their teams respective uniforms. Kevin hopes to change his name, thinking Fernando works well. Petes picks for Week 14 include Russell Wilson going up against the Jaguars defense, and who will run the fantasy game script for the...


Week 13, Game Show Rankings, NBA & NHL

Pete Consadori and Kevin Walsh go through Pete's Picks for Week 13. Martino Puccio joins the guys to rank game shows, talk about injuries in the NBA as well as the Cleveland Cavaliers' 10 game winning streak. Later, Pete and Kevin discuss the NY Islanders and fantasy hockey. #FNTSYsportsnetwork #FNTSY #FNTSYnetwork #FNTSYradio #fantasyradio #fantasysports #dfs #DailyFantasy #NFL #NHL #NBA #GameShows #Rankings #Patriots #Dolphins #Bills #Jets #Steelers #Ravens #Browns #Bengals #Texans #Titans...


Thanksgiving dish rankings!

Pete, Chris, and Kevin rank their favorite Thanksgiving dishes that do not include turkey. Kevin explains how his Mom always holds it down with the mac 'n' cheese, Chris explains what corn soufflé is, and Pete says his family never has turkey on Thanksgiving. #FNTSY #Thanksgiving #Turkey #MashedPotatoes #Stuffing #CornSouffle #Ham


Pete's Picks for Week 11, Thanksgiving rankings, and more!

Pete Consadori, Kevin Walsh, and Chris Bivona open the program with Chris showing school spirit in Rock 'N' Reilly's. Pete's Week 1 NFL picks are broken down by Chris and Kevin, with both guys questioning if the Bucs pass-catchers have any value. Sans turkey, the guys rank their favorite Thanksgiving dishes, and Pete explains why his family doesn't eat turkey on Thanksgiving. Later, Pete gives his take on the slow start of Connor McDavid, and Kevin thinks the Rockets have a solid shot at...


Pete's Picks for Week 10, N64 game rankings, and more!

Pete Consadori, Chris Bivona, and Martino Puccio open the show talking about a few players to use for Week 10, though Chris decides to look at players he doesn't to use. The Producers rank their favorite video games from the Nintendo 64 console. Martino has the latest news in the NBA about the failings of Lonzo Ball, as well as the rise of Ben Simmons. Later, The guys look at some twitter facts, including how to lose weight by sniffing apples. #FNTSY #NFL #Week10 #Bills #Saints #Browns...


Pete's Picks, Winter Olympics Sports, NBA, and more!

Pete Consadori, Kevin Walsh, and Chris Bivona are the Fantasy Producers! This week, Pete gets Chris' and Kevin's take on players in the Panthers-Falcons, Eagles-Broncos, and Titans-Ravens. As per a request, the guys rank their favorite Winter Olympic sports, with all falling in love with curling, and one of Kevin's picks being influenced by a Disney movie. Later, the Producers look at the NBA, zeroing in on great games from LeBron James and Kristaps Prozingis, and Chris, like most Knicks...


Pete's Picks, Halloween Costume Rankings and Basketball with Martino Puccio

Pete Consadori, Chris Bivona and Kevin Walsh go around the world of fantasy sports. Pete picks upcoming NFL games and Kevin tells us which players he likes and dislikes from those matchups. They then get to their weekly rankings. This week the guys rank Halloween costumes! Later Martino Puccio joins the show to discuss possible trades in the NBA. #FNTSYsportsnetwork #FNTSY #FNTSYnetwork #FNTSYradio #fantasyradio #fantasysports #dfs #DailyFantasy #NFL #NBA #HalloweenCostumeRankings


Amari Cooper, NY Rangers, Horror/Scary Movie Rankings and More!

Pete Consadori and Kevin Walsh discuss the fantasy performances of players like Amari Cooper, Cam Newton and Melvin Gordon. Can you rely on them the rest of the fantasy season? Chris Bivona calls in to help them rank Horror/Scary movies. They then move on to the NHL to discuss the start of the season for the New York Rangers and performaces by Connor McDavid and Auston Matthews. They close the show with the Twitter facts of the day and Matt Modica joins the guys to give his prediction for...


GST League, NHL, Pumpkin stuff, and more!

Pete Consadori, Kevin Walsh, and Chris Bivona open the program questioning their tactics for Week 6 in the GST league, having the issue of BYE week hell; the conversation turns in to an all out Browns bash! It's October, and Chris ranks favorite, and least favorite, pumpkin products. Later, the guys talk about the surprise early success of NHL teams like the Devils and Vegas Golden Knights. Pete goes over some twitter facts, looking at how people canget introuble for collecting rain water in...


Fantasy Football Gold - Week 5 Preview pt. 2- Which Tight Ends to Trust?

Tony & Matt preview week 5 and dive into which TE's you should and shouldn't trust


Fantasy Football Gold - Week 5 Preview; Start-Sit

Tony and Matt get you ready for Week 5 and breakdown the toughest start-sit decisions