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Episode 81 - Bloodstained: Curse of the Moon

What's in a name? That which we call a Castlevania game by any other name would still be as fun? Well, as it turns out, the answer is yes. Even without the typical trappings of Dracula and the Belmont clan, a classic Castlevania styled-game made in 2018 still rocks. In this episode, we manage to talk for almost two hours about a glorified pre-order bonus, and we aren't ashamed to admit it. This modern faux-retro game has a lot to offer! Website - Twitch -...


TFS Pocket 45 - Ghostbusters Games

October is here, and autumn is in the air. The leaves are changing colors, and the scent of pumpkin spice wafts out the door of every Starbucks, but for us at The Frame Savers, it's time to get out our spookiest and scariest games for your consideration. On this TFS Pocket, Chad breaks down which Ghostbusters games are poltergreat and which are just ghastly. Website - Twitch - Patreon -


Episode 80 - Patreon Special #5 (Shovel Knight)

This is listener selected episode #5, and we are finally digging in to this ground-breaking game. Thankfully, since we didn't know much, MunchaKoopas was happy to come offer his wisdom in spades. We "trowel"ed the map in search of adventure? Shovels. Website - Twitch - Patreon - Discord - Guest - Sponsor: The...


TFS Pocket 44 - Super Mario Bros: The Movie

Do you think this is some sort of game? Well, it's not. It's a movie review. You see, we thought about it, and video games are so 2018. All of those controllers, cables, boxes, pixels -- it's just too much! The future is all about film. 4K picture, 98.6 Dolby surround sound. We're doing it. Goodbye The Frame Savers. Say hello to Two Hot Movie Boys. Website - Twitch - Patreon - Discord -...


Episode 79 - The Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time

"One toot on this whistle will send you to a far away land!" -- one of the great quotes from Abraham Lincoln, and though he never played Ocarina of Time, there is evidence to suggest that he was a big Nintendo fan and probably would have loved this hidden gem. In this episode, we break down the immense breadth of OoT speedrunning with the smartest man alive in the world today, ZFG. Website - Twitch - Patreon -...


Episode 50 - Two Year Anniversary

News flash: it has been two years since the podcast was launched! Back in 2015, the world was listening to Hello by Adele, pizza rat was taking the world by storm, and left shark was on everyone's mind. As fads come and go, TFS remains, here to give you fresh speedrunning content from two goofy guys. Chad and John recap how world records from past episodes have changed, and wax poetic on the history of the podcast. Thank you so much to all you amazing listeners! Website -...


TFS Pocket 20 - Game Boy Collecting

John has completed a full US Game Boy set, and is ready to talk to you about all things collecting, and even give you some tips to succeed on your own collecting goals! If you like hearing a man ramble endlessly about buying 20 year old children's video games, this is the episode for you! Website - Patreon - Discord -


TFS Pocket 19 - Darkened Skye

Broken 3D platformer? Check. Sarcastic, on-the-nose writing? Check. Produced to sell Skittles™? Check. Looks like we got ourselves a TFS classic! Website - Patreon - Discord -


Episode 49 - Donkey Kong Country

With momma Chad away, John takes some time to monkey around with guest host Spikevegeta to talk Donkey Kong Country! A game with a quirky history? Check. Four different tricks with the word roll in it? Check. No Chad to use big words we don't understand. Check. You will go ape for this one! Website - Patreon - Discord - Guest -


TFS Pocket 18 - Bebe's Kids

Yo! It's Bebe's kids! John talks about his journey with one of the worst games ever made for the Super Nintendo. Strap in you listening devices and enjoy! Just make sure you follow the rules: no vibes, no bevis. PS: Since this recording, John put in a two-day, 22-hour grind session and got the world record down to 9:45! Website - Patreon - Discord -


Episode 48 - SGDQ 2017 Recap

John and Chad are joined once again by amazing guest GrandPooBear to discuss all there is to discuss about SGDQ 2017! Hear their thoughts on all of the most exciting runs you saw and recommendations for runs you probably missed. Also get an inside look into what it is like attending a GDQ and how it may be different than you think, and what they think could change to make the event even better! Get ready to fill your YouTube queue with a ton of SGDQ runs you didn't even know you wanted to...


TFS Pocket 17 - The Little Mermaid

The only poor unfortunate souls around here will be you if you don't play this game. Join John as he talks about this classic NES and Game Boy title. That's right, two consoles for the price of one. *Limited time offer. Website - Patreon - Discord -


Episode 47 - Cart Swap #1

Have you ever wondered what it would be like if Chad and John swapped places? Well, if so, you're kind of weird. But in this episode, Chad and John select games for the other to speedrun. Will they be nice, or will they torture each other? Will any new world records be made? Guess you will just have to tune in to find out! Website - Patreon - Discord -


TFS Pocket 16 - Superman 64

Faster than a speeding bullet! More powerful than a locomotive! Able to fly through rings for what feels like an eternity! In this pocket episode, Chad covers the good, the bad, and the unpleasant about Superman's first 3D game. Website - Patreon - Discord -


Episode 46 - Kirby Super Star

Something about this episode really sucks! In this live episode, John and Chad talk about everybody's favorite fluffy, pink marshmallow, Kirby. This time, we guarantee you'll get your money's worth: this episode is on EIGHT different games (sorta). Website - Patreon - Discord -


TFS Pocket 15 - Resident Evil Gaiden

Your favorite podcast FINALLY does an episode on Resident Evil...Gaiden! Seriously?! The weird Game Boy Color one?! The one everyone makes fun of? Stop being mean. Words hurt. And so do zombies. Website - Patreon - Discord -


Episode 45 - Patreon Special #3 (Dragon Warrior)

Sure, we talk about a lot of platformers, but did you ever wonder how RPG speedruns get to be so fast? Thou art in luck! Join John and Chad (with the help of acclaimed speedrunner nescardinality) on a quest to speedrun the grandfather of all JRPGs. Website - Patreon - Discord -


TFS Pocket 14 - Kid Dracula

Time for some pint-sized Dracula action, and I don't mean on Game Boy! (Well, actually, it was on Game Boy, but it's complicated! Look, there was a Castlevania spin-off about Dracula's son and its a really cool Megaman-like platformer, and... you know what? You'll just have to listen to the episode for Chad to explain. There's never enough room in these promos.) Website - Patreon - Discord -


Episode 44 - Getsu Fuuma Den

As the saying goes, "vengence is a dish best served over a bed of jasmine rice." John and Chad take you on an epic adventure to learn about this little-known gem on the Famicom. Are you ready to become Japan's greatest ninja pirate? Website - Patreon - Discord -


TFS Pocket 13 - Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles III: Radical Rescue

Cowabunga TFS listeners! Join John as he once again brings you a sweet Game Boy recommendation. Would you believe that Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles III: Radical Rescue is a metroidvania game, AND that you can see it speedrun at this upcoming SGDQ?! Well grab a Q-tip and clean out your ears, cause you are going to want to hear this one! Website - Patreon - Discord -