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Episode 77 - Bad Games #10: Rambo/Conan (NES)

Bringing back a classic Arnold vs Stallone matchup! We did Cliffhanger vs Predator, and now the two face off. In one corner its Conan the Barbarian, ordained by the gods to fight with valor. In the other corner, John Rambo, and he has a gun or something. Are you #TeamArnold or #TeamStallone? Website - Twitch - Patreon - Discord -


TFS Pocket 43 - The Music of Hip Tanaka

We've talked about a lot of these games, but now Chad is taking us on trip through the catalog of Hip Tanaka, and its official: turns out that all of his music whips. All I know is that I want Hip Tanaka to DJ my bar mitzvah. Website - Twitch - Patreon - Discord -


Episode 76 - The Hobbit (GCN)

In a hole in the ground there lived a hobbit. And then that hobbit started clipping through walls and teleporting around even going out of bounds and honestly it all got a bit weird. At some point there was a ring and some elves and a dragon. Never read the books (because we aren't nerds), but sounds like a lot of nonsense just for some jewelry. Website - Twitch - Patreon - Discord -...


TFS Pocket 42 - Trip World (GB)

50% cute, 50% dangerous, 100% Game Boy. In this pocket, John takes you on a TRIP to a gorgeous new WORLD filled with creative bosses and transformations. Are you a bad enough dude to help Yakopoo restore peace to Trip World? Website - Twitch - Patreon - Discord -


Episode 75 - ALTTP Randomizer

Well, here it is. We've been badmouthing randomizers for nearly three years, and it all finally caught up with us. As soon as we looked into Andy's beautiful eyes, we knew we couldn't break his heart with our cruel words, so we told him what he wanted to hear: that randomizer is good and that all dogs go to heaven. Are we monsters? Maybe. Website - Twitch - Patreon - Discord -...


TFS Pocket 41 - Darkman

Our lawyers have advised me (Chad) to release a statement informing you that when I say "I can't feel pain anymore", that I only mean emotionally and am in fact able to feel pain. Apparently it's a liability concern for me to tell people that I'm unable to feel pain. We don't want to get dropped from our insurance coverage. Website - Twitch - Patreon - Discord -...


Episode 74 - SGDQ 2018 Recap

Back with another Games Done Quick recap episode. How is anybody supposed to see everything there is to see at these events? We are actually training a sentient AI to watch GDQ events and tell us what runs were good. So far, all it seems to care about is TASBot, so we need more fine tuning. Website - Twitch - Patreon - Discord - Guest -...


TFS Pocket 40 - Yo! Noid

It's time for two guys, a podcast, and a pizza game. Is pizza a vegetable? Well if you’re asking, this podcast wont provide answers. But what you will get is way too much information about Dominos 1980’s marketing strategy. Jaku joins The Frame Savers to tell you everything you never wanted to know about the Noid! Website - Twitch - Patreon - Discord -...


Episode 73 - Illusion of Gaia

Join us into a journey into an RPG set right here on our very own planet earth, except a version of it where the planet has ceased evolving. Evolution? What is this, some sorta Pokemon game? Bowie joins us in this episode to lend his sharp wit and charming personality, and at some point we eventually get around to talking about the speedrun too, I think. Website - Twitch - Patreon -


TFS Pocket 39 - How Mickey Mouse Saved Sega

A history lesson and a game review all in one; the Illusion series, also known in Japan as I Love Mickey Mouse, is a beloved franchise filled with a number of great Mickey games, but what would you say if I told you that this little cartoon mouse might have just played a part in the success of the Genesis/Mega Drive -- at least until the blue hedgehog came on the scene. Website - Twitch - Patreon -...


Episode 72 - The Magical Quest Starring Mickey Mouse

Join Mickey and the gang for Fashion Week in the Magic Kingdom as our costume designer Goofy whips up the hottest new outfits this season. Our models, Mickey, Minnie, and Donald, will show you how to rock those outfits out on the town. Oh yeah, and there's some video games too probably. Website - Twitch - Patreon - Discord -


TFS Pocket 38 - Super Mario Land

Remember that time Mario travelled to Egypt, Easter Island, and China via UFO to defeat a space monster and save Princess...Daisy? Well, we do! Join John and special guest-host darbian as they dive into all things Super Mario Land for the Nintendo Game Boy. We promise, you will go away saying, "this wasn't even a waste of time to listen to!" Website - Twitch - Patreon - Discord -...


Episode 71 - Star Wars (NES)

Set phasers to stun! In this episode, we boldly go where no podcast has gone before: Star Wars and Empire Strikes Back for the NES. With special guest co-host Toad22484, we take an honest look at whether these games are worth playing -- even casually. As for speedrunning them? That would be highly illogical. Website - Twitch - Patreon - Discord -


Episode 70 - Celeste

Face your fears, climb the mountain, and impress your friends by collecting strawberries. This retro-inspired platformer reminds us that games are only as hard as we make them out to be. Of course, you could find yourself in the situation of being chased by your evil doppelgänger. Then the game is as hard as that guy makes it out to be. Website - Twitch - Patreon - Discord -...


TFS Pocket 36 - The Game Boy Album

The same normal TFS pocket, but with half the annoying talking! Strap on your ear listening devices and listen to five of the freshest Game Boy tunes you have ever heard! Throw out your Bono rock CD's kids, it's time to get jiggy with the chiptunes! Website - Twitch - Patreon - Discord - Download the album -


Episode 69 - Bad Games #9 (McDonald's Games)

We're back to our roots. You want more bad games, you got it! Unfortunately, once we started putting this episode together, we discovered that we accidentally filled the episode with good games. Small clerical error, and we promise that the person responsible for the mistake has been sacked in the most humiliating way possible. Website - Twitch - Patreon - Discord -...


TFS Pocket 35 - We're Esports Now!

Well, it's official: Speedrunning is esports. Esports teams have gone a long way to support some of the top creators in the speedrunning community, and in this episode, we attempt to dive into what this actually means for the speedrunning scene, with the special help of guest hosts GrandPOOBear and Andy from Allegiance. Special thanks to Connor Hall of Allegiance and RagingCherry on behalf of Tempo Storm for providing some background info. Website - Twitch -...


Episode 68 - The Legend of Zelda (NES)

The game that spawned a legacy, as well as a board game, a trading card game, and a breakfast cereal. I guess the thing here is that Zelda is kind of a big deal and it all started here. John and Chad, with the help of guest co-host Lackattack24, are gonna take you on a journey to Hyrule. Website - Twitch - Patreon - Discord - Guest -...


TFS Pocket 34 - Jaws

Jaws! You remember that awesome campy thriller/horror movie about the great white shark. Well this is a video game, and it's not about that movie. It's about the bad one that killed the franchise. Anyways, sorry if we sound a little different. We had a cold. Don't ask. Website - Twitch - Patreon - Discord - Warp World Podcast -...


Episode 67 - Wonder Boy: The Dragon's Trap

Ever just wake up some mornings and feel like you're a completely different person? Ever get cursed by a metal dragon and transform into a giant lizard man? Who hasn't? But what do you do when the unsightly scales start growing, you breathe fire every time you hiccup, and your clawed feet just won't fit in your favorite pair of shoes? Find the salamander cross, of course. In this episode, John and Chad discuss The Dragon's Trap with one of the devs of the game, Sebastien Ronsse, part of...