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The Fumble with Fletch & Vern S1E17 We are Going to The Super Bowl

After a two week stint on IR, Vernon is back from his sick bed and is off to the Super Bowl, and so is Fletch. Here they give an early preview of the Eagles and Patriots game and pick different winners, disagree on whether Tom Brady is the greatest athlete of all time and the impact of Jay Ajayi. Fletch trumps Vern in tales of Super Bowl parties past and even left out the fact that Aaron Paul from Breaking Bad and the guy from Entourage was there with an actual entourage. At Vern's party,...


THE FUMBLE with Fletch & Vern S1E8 Eat The 'W''

Tony Boselli joins us again for a bit of Jags chat and everyone cracks up at the attempt at a team talk from Jameis Winston. Physicality comes into the conversation in a very big way, several times, and for a few moments, the very future of THE FUMBLE is in jeopardy as Fletch & Vern fall out. But it's ok now. Jaguars will play the Eagles next season in London* and Fletch is off to Chicago to see the Bears against the Packers and promises to return with gifts. Vernon apologises to the Jets...


THE FUMBLE S1E7 NFL Trade Frenzy

The International Edition of the Fumble as Fletch and Vern are joined together from separate continents. Harrison Smith of the Vikings makes a cameo appearance which only thickens the plot of what may, or may not, have happened in San Francisco. We play historical fantasy match-up and Reggie White and John Randle get a mention, as we talk Twickenham 2 and dream of the London Games next year, where Vernon surprises no one by wishing Tom Brady would come over again. Fletch just wants to...


THE FUMBLE WITH FLETCH & VERN S1E7 Between Twickenhams

It's Twickenham time and Fletch & Vern are BUZZING about their day out, despite the blow out. The Rams are for real, and the thrill of being up close to the action is as real as ever as the boys thank their lucky stars, and Sky TV, that they got pitchside. ERIC DICKERSON appears on the podcast. That is huge for us. So huge we got an autograph. Pictures on our twitter @thefumble. And despite the dismissal from Fletch, Vern stacks up an argument why the Browns & Vikings will put on a London...


THE FUMBLE with Fletch & Vern S1E5 Jordy Nelson and the Grassy Knoll

In a shock move, the 31 owners of the NFL installed Vernon Kay as League Commissioner (Jerry Jones abstained from voting) and he's got a plan so shocking it leads to a very long pause from Fletch (Assistant Commissioner) Plus the boys ask if the Giants should tank, pay tribute to the Jaguars and talk up the best player to grace the British Leagues in recent history. It's someone you've never heard of. And the tale of Jordy Nelson and what he did the day before the Super Bowl in Dallas.


THE FUMBLE with Fletch & Vern S1E4 A fans-eye view of the NFL from the UK

The boys strip down Wembley, the London Games and the future of the NFL in the UK and they think it's all pretty good. But Jay Cutler isn't and Brandon Weeden is even worse. Darren and Vernon go backstage at theTailgate and bump into a Miami Dolphins legend, Cheerleader Holly and drag Neil Reynolds away from autograph hunters for a few words. The Patriots won't win the Super Bowl this season but the LA Rams are looking like the real deal. There is a mention for Shakin' Stevens and Cherry...


The Fumble with Fletch & Vern S1E2

All aboard! Darren Fletcher and Vernon Kay are off to Shahid Khan's luxury yacht party, although the Jags owner may be disappointed by Vern's plus one. We have Week 2 reflections and Vernon fumes at stupid questions to NFL players while Fletch talks fantasy football and makes some deep picks. The boys write a new song for Jamie Cullum and it's just awful. He won't ever record it.


The Fumble with Fletch & Vern

It's S1 E1 of The Fumble. Two NFL obsessives, Darren Fletcher and Vernon Kay, meet in a basement in Nottingham to discuss Week 1 in the NFL, Tony Romo's commentary debut, a naked Matt Forte, Speak to Whitney Mercilus of the Texans and make their Super Bowl picks. Tony Boselli also checks in from Jacksonville but bails out of a story when his wife walks in.


THE FUMBLE with Fletch & Vern TRAILER

NFL Obsessives Vernon Kay and Darren Fletcher trail ahead to what's to come on THE FUMBLE