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Vernon & Fletch walk Radio Row and talk NFL to Beyo Akinfenwa, Greg Jennings, Alistair Kirkwood, Christian Wade, Neil Reynolds and suck in the sights and sounds of the Super Bowl in Atlanta. For information regarding your data privacy, visit


THE FUMBLE with FLETCH & VERN - NFL London Games & Super Bowl Planning

The boys have got it all covered, from the Championship weekend, the 2019 London games and Super Bowl plans for the trip to Atlanta and Fletch is excited. There may well be a breaking of the cigar virginity with Ditka and Jaws as Vern has pulled a few strings. He also explains why he missed the Bears when they were in London first time and Fletch breaks the news about how Vern may or may not have drunkenly interrupted a Super Bowl broadcast last year. Some old skool British NFL memories...



Sorry, it's ben too long but large glasses of wine got in the way. But the Fumble is BACK and the Championship Weekend is under the microscope. It is Atlanta party planning time and Vernon has big nights set up involving cigars with Ditka and the Foo Fighters. Fletch doesn't sound keen to be honest. The GOAT has a bad hair day an it's not gone unnoticed and Luca's match is called off fifteen minutes before kick off. For information regarding your data privacy, visit



One is is Heathrow, one is in Liverpool but Fletch & Vern manage to hook up for a quick fumble. Vern doesn't want to talk about fantasy football any more, but Fletch does. Fletch tells us who his greatest team of all time are and the playoff hopes of three classic teams are talked up. The Cowboys, Bears and Dolphins. Fletch has some numbers and maybe the Raiders will be ok...maybe. For information regarding your data privacy, visit


The Fumble with Fletch & Vern S2E11 EXTRAORDINARY REVELATIONS

Where do we start?! Vernon's memorabilia or Fletch's opinion of Scott Hanson. The fact that Fletch calls a long shot for the Conference Championships and Vern reveals that Jim McMahon follows him on twitter barely raise an eyebrow in an episode of extraordinary Packers fall out, Fantasy Football, Efe and all the rest. NFL from the UK fans POV. This episode is ridiculous. Also, Fletch has a cold again. For information regarding your data privacy, visit


The Fumble with Fletch & Vern S2E10 - NFL Road Trip & Big Hits

Fletch is back from Oakland and San Francisco while Vern is reliving the glory days. Up for discussion are the Packers, Vikings, Colts & Chiefs and a whole lot more including Fantasy Football and a cameo from Mrs F. We ask which of the 5+5 teams will make the playoffs and send out some love to Neil Reynolds and the NFLUK team. Follow @thefumble on twitter and while you are at it get in touch with Pick 6 topics. For information regarding your data privacy, visit


THE FUMBLE with Al & Vern S2E10 - Tears and Terry Tate

Fletch is off to San Francisco on an NFL road trip so the Big Boss of the NFL in the UK Alistair Kirkwood is in, and boy is it a treat. Stories, then stories and after that, some more stories. The man behind the NFL London Games tells us how they came about in the first place, his own massive personal risk, gives some clues, very small clues, about 2019 and tells us about the time he had to virtually bail Vern out of jail (ok, a slight exaggeration, but only slight). And, yes, there are...


The Fumble with Fletch & Vern S2E9 - NFL London Games Broken Down

It's over for another year but the 2018 edition of the NFL London Games was special. Fletch & Vern recap and look forward to next year and slam the gimmicks that try and over sell the game in the UK. Vern has been on Shahid Khan's boat again and drank too much and left with more than his fair share of bottles of jewel encrusted vodka. The Dallas Cowboys, Cleveland Browns and LA Chargers come in for some analysis and bad news Fumblers, Fletch has moved home and his internet is worse! Gets...


The Fumble with Fletch & Vern S2E8 - LaDailian Thompson guests - NFL in London

Yes LT takes a ride around with VK....and here is the whole lot....and you can watch it on the NFL and NFLUK pages on Facebook too. Fletch is at Wembley with Neil Reynolds and Rob Ryan who have cameo roles in this Fumble episode. Follow us @thefumble. For information regarding your data privacy, visit


The Fumble with Fletch & Vern S2E6 - At the Seahawks Hotel & David Tossell from the NFL sits in

The Wembley NFL games overview from the boys with NFL UK Big Wig David Tossell giving not only some insight into the whole set up but a brilliant William 'The Fridge' Perry story. Fletch tells everyone how he was nearly responsible for the demise of Alistair Kirkwood by either electrocution or a fall from an unsafe hight, and Vernon has some vintage Seahawks memories and merch. Also features two Seattle legends Walter Jones & Jacob Green. For information regarding your data privacy, visit...


The Fumble with Fletch & Vern S2E5 - Live from Wembley

The Fumble is being recorded right outside Wembley Stadium, right where the NFL tailgate will be next week and fans are filing past to go and watch Spurs v Barcelona in the Champions League, but Vern still doesn't know what day it is. Yes, we are so excited about the NFL games at Wembley we have arrived eleven days early. Efe Obada of Carolina Panthers is interviewed on this podcast, and it leaves you wondering what happened on the bouncy castle. Fletch & Vern love the Rams.There is...


The Fumble with Fletch & Vern S2E4 - The Efe Obada Fan Club

Vernon is emotional about the NFL debut of former London Warriors team mate Efe Obada. He had a glass of wine with Tess to celebrate and comes to the studio fully dressed as an Efe Obada tribute act, without the size, speed or skill, but with the right hat. Jimmy G is done but the Chiefs aren't and there are some stories about the Patriots and the USFL from Fletch which allows Vernon to consume two boxes of chicken during the recording. Jump on to twitter @thefumble to stay in touch and...


The Fumble with Fletch & Vern S2E3 - NFL Week 3 with a Guest Kicker

A real life NFL kicker joins us and we kind of change our tune on kickers a bit. Some real insight into the life of the least heralded member of an NFL team from a guy who has lived it, the former Panther & Raven Rhys Lloyd joins the pod. We go live via the telephone to Rhys, after the first attempt to connect ended in a narrow escape for the producer. Yes, we nearly broadcast something illegal. Probably. Anyway, we avoided going live to some guy and his girlfriend in his Florida apartment...


The Fumble with Fletch & Vern S2E2 - We've Seen The Game of the Season

....and it's only week 1. Darren & Vernon talk about their contrasting American Football themed Saturday fun, at the Brit Bowl and NFL Kick Off in Piccadilly when Fletch came face to face with his Bete Noire, the charming Mr Matt Forte of your Chicago Bears. They talk Week 1 and the Browns, Steelers, Packers & Bears. Like everyone they like the Chiefs now especially as they helped Fletch compile a huge fantasy football score. Pick 6 includes questions from @thefumble and the new rules get...


THE FUMBLE with FLETCH & VERN S2 E1 NFL 2018 - Vern Picked a Kicker at 68

The NFL Season is back and so are Vernon Kay and Darren Fletcher who are over excited. Fantasy teams are picked and Vernon has had a nightmare, but not as big a nightmare as the purchase of a plastic Patriots jacket. Fletch has a worse one though. Super Bowl picks and all that stuff, plus the most important player in the NFC is named. Fletch is going to the NFL Kick Off Event in London but Vern is off to the Brit Bowl. Take our advice, listen to Pick 6 and count them, we listened back and...


The Fumble with Fletch & Vern S1E17 We are Going to The Super Bowl

After a two week stint on IR, Vernon is back from his sick bed and is off to the Super Bowl, and so is Fletch. Here they give an early preview of the Eagles and Patriots game and pick different winners, disagree on whether Tom Brady is the greatest athlete of all time and the impact of Jay Ajayi. Fletch trumps Vern in tales of Super Bowl parties past and even left out the fact that Aaron Paul from Breaking Bad and the guy from Entourage was there with an actual entourage. At Vern's party,...


THE FUMBLE with Fletch & Vern S1E16 Wild Wild Card

Vernon lost his Fantasy Football spoilers, listen to find out how. He might get in a sneaky trip to Jacksonville to see the Jaguars Bills as a bit of compensation. Fletch didn't get any NFL merch for Christmas for the first time in memory and we look back at NFL Black Monday and pick our season MVP and for once we agree. Mostly it's all about the Wild Card Weekend plus a very little bit of speculation on the London NFL games for 2018. For information regarding your data privacy,...


THE NEW YEARS FUMBLE with Fletch & Vern A 2017 PICK SIX

Our New Year's Episode as the Pick 6 asks who Fletch and Vern would like to invite over to theirs for New Year's Eve drinks, their best bit of 2017 and hopes for 2018. Plus it's the much anticipated Fumble Man of the Year. As with all festive episodes it was recorded so far in advance that Fletch is still convinced that the Packers can make the playoffs. It's not all fun and games though as we debate where any future NFL London franchise would be based and ask for your take too @thefumble....


THE FUMBLE with Fletch & Vern S1E14 An NFL Christmas

Christmas episode with Fletch trying to get away for a day at the races and Vern in no real hurry to go anywhere, so it all ends up a bit longer than normal. But Jags, Ravens, Packers, Patriots and a bunch of others come up for discussion, as does former Bolton Wanderers midfielder Kevin Nolan. Fletch lays into just about anyone involved in bringing down the Packers and Vern decides that kissing clean shaven NFL players would be so much more enjoyable than bearded ones. Merry...


THE FUMBLE with Fletch & Vern S1E13 Snow News Day

The Wentz Wagon wheels are off and the boys disagree on how terrible this is for The Eagles. The Packers have their quarterback back and Fletch once again plots their route to the playoffs. There's some Jags chat and some stuff about stuffing your Christmas turkey with a chicken. More rule changes are offered up in case Roger Goodell is listening, again. Vernon's voice actually cracks as he describes a bad week for Tom Brady. Ron Burgundy makes an appearance. For information regarding...