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The Get More Smarter Podcast is the If you want to get more smarter, subscribe!Hosted by Ian Silverii (@silverii?) and Jason Bane.

The Get More Smarter Podcast is the If you want to get more smarter, subscribe!Hosted by Ian Silverii (@silverii?) and Jason Bane.
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The Get More Smarter Podcast is the If you want to get more smarter, subscribe!Hosted by Ian Silverii (@silverii?) and Jason Bane.






You Can Still Get In Trouble For Saying Nothing

This week, Cory Gardner is very sad, a celebration of saying nothing, one more recall to spell out, a fundraiser mystery (sort of) in Aspen, a clever chess move in a Denver primary race, and thinning out the Democratic Senate primary. Alan Franklin guests hosts because Ian Silverii is out of town. Articles Mentioned Cory Gardner is Very Sad That You Don’t Love BLM MoveA Tale of Two Headlines, Starring Cory Gardner Sen. Gardner cheers Trump administration decision to drop water protection...


Cory Gardner's No Good Very Bad Summer

We find Cory Gardner having a bad time on CNN and in the opinion section of the paper of record, an outgoing Denver Post reporter profiles the GOP's empty bench, Bureau of Land Management staff freak out about the poorly planned move to Colorado, and another high profile recall bites the dust. Mentioned Coloradans push Gardner on gun control ahead of marquee Senate raceEditorial: Now we know Gardner failed to protect Colorado from cuts in addition to failing the U.S. Constitution Can these...


Fake Outrage, Fake Hamburgers, & Fake Town Halls

This week, we talk about the elimination of Mikes from the CO Senate primary, Jason Crow gets his first real opponent in the race to keep CD-6, Colorado Republicans throw a Support Our Stormtroopers rally in Aurora, a local reporter gets taken for a ride by Cory Gardner's comms staff, and fake outrage over fake hamburgers. It's time to Get More Smarter. Follow us on Twitter and Facebook. The Get More Smarter Podcast is hosted by Ian Silverii and Jason Bane. It is produced by Ethan Black.


Modest Culottes and Cory Collisions

John Hickenlooper officially drops a bomb in our hurricane of a US Senate primary, Cardboard Cory Gardner and non-Cardboard Cory Gardner meet for the first time in real life, a bunch of stupid things happen in the Pueblo recall during the state fair, a Republican state senator gets a little ghostwriting help from an oil and gas industry flak in Texas, and whether or not women's pants will be the key issue of the 2020 elections (Hint: it won't). It's time to Get More Smarter. Follow us on...


Tom Steyer Gets More Smarter

Presidential candidate Tom Steyer stops by to talk about climate change, money in politics, and whether or not the US should buy Greenland. Check out Tom's platform here: Follow The Get More Smarter Podcast on Facebook and Twitter.


Inaccessibility is the Brand

We find No Comment Cory in Wheat Ridge and analyze why Colorado's gun violence prevention laws save lives. Follow Get More Smarter Twitter: Facebook: Links Constituents confront Cory Gardner on guns and immigration (Denver Post) "No Comment Cory" (ColoradoPols) Kyle Clark confronts Cory (9 News) Follow up 9 News (9 News) ‘They’re afraid’: Suburban voters in red states threaten GOP’s grip on power (Washington Post)


Republicans Won't Do Anything To Prevent Gun Violence (But What Else Is New?)

This week, we talk about the cowardly responses from Republican leaders to back to back mass shootings in Dayton, Ohio and El Paso Texas. Later on, we try and locate one of the NRA’s top five Senators as he dodges town halls and any major Colorado news outlet in our recurring segment, Finding Cory. And finally, we prognosticate about the 2020 elections, whether gun-violence prevention will be a major electoral issue, and speculate on a possible Senate run from John Hickenlooper. It’s time...


Rep. Ken Buck (R) Does Democrats' Jobs For Them

It's time to Get More Smarter. We talk about Gov Hickenlooper's presidential chances, who's running for the Dem CO Senate nomination, and do our best to follow the corporate money into Cory's campaign bank account. In "Finding Cory," we try and figure out why Cory ghosted VP Pence for his own fundraiser in Windsor to vote for giving the Saudi's more guns and sell our public lands to oil and mining companies. We give credit to the hero of the Mueller congressional hearings, Greeley...


Finding Cory

It's time to Get More Smarter. In the inaugural episode of The Get More Smarter Podcast, we search for our second-favorite Senator from the state of Colorado and tear down the people behind recalls on progressive state senators. Follow us on Twitter Host: Jason Bane (@jason_bane), Host: Ian Silverii (@iansilverii), Producer: Ethan Black (@ethanblack) Finding Cory Links Denver talk radio host Steffan Tubbs laughs at Cory for turning his head to...