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Each Tuesday, the Global Shuffle podcast shares global perspectives that you wouldn't normally hear on TV or your news feed.

Each Tuesday, the Global Shuffle podcast shares global perspectives that you wouldn't normally hear on TV or your news feed.
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Each Tuesday, the Global Shuffle podcast shares global perspectives that you wouldn't normally hear on TV or your news feed.




Tracy Elop, CEO Of Carizon

Tracy is CEO of Carizon, a major non-profit organization in Kitchener-Waterloo, Canada joins The Global Shuffle and we discuss: -Her journey from her corporate career at Deloitte into the non-profit sector -The decision for her family to take a year off from regular life and travel around the world to each continent -Why she decided to join Carizon, and what excites her about the organization -The unique role non-profit CEOs play today in 2017 About Carizon: Carizon is a source of hope for...


Stephen Hurley, Founder Of VoicEd

On this week's episode I was privileged to interview Stephen Hurley, the founder of VoicEd radio. We chatted about his journey into education initially as a teacher, and how after retiring he today looks to be an educator, conversationalist and connector within the education space. Stephen has a great perspective on learning, on bringing different voices together and on where education needs to go. Stephen's bio: In elementary school, I was often cited for daydreaming in class. I like to...


Christine Renaud, CEO of e180 on how to have a great braindate

Christine is the CEO of e180, which turns events, organisations and communities into peer-learning hubs through braindates: one-on-one & face-to-face knowledge-sharing conversations. Before creating e180, Christine graduated from the Harvard Graduate School of Education as a Knox Fellow, focusing on informal learning, and worked was a Podcast producer for New York-based Learning Matters. Christine was recognized in 2016 by Startup Canada as the Female Entrepreneur of the Year (Quebec). She...


Joost Van De Loo on Best Practices for Lifelong Learning

Joost Van De Loo joins The Global Shuffle to detail how he spends over 16 hours per week on lifelong learning. We then debrief a recent survey that I sent out to 120 people on their approaches on lifelong learning and discuss what items we each want to take forward from that. To see the full results of the survey go to:


Dave Inglis on Peak Performance, Building Partnerships & Bridging the Learning Gap

Dave's bio: After selling his first business, Dave studied with Steve Blank and Jerry Engel, professors at Stanford University, to become an educator in entrepreneurship. He has fallen in love with helping business leaders and subject matter experts apply best practices in design thinking and innovation to make the impact they want in the world. What guides his work is the joy he feels in seeing transformation and growth in the people he is helping. This focus has provided him with...


Leor Rotchild, Executive Director of Canadian Business for Social Responsibility

Leor joins The Global Shuffle after his recent appointment as Executive Director as CBSR. Leor is a sustainability expert, entrepreneur and someone who is at the intersection of social responsibility, innovation and storytelling. I had the privilege of first meeting Leor when he worked at Cenovus and he came to one of our AIESEC conferences as an AIESEC Alumnus. On the episode we spoke about what he's learned in each of the various steps of his career, and where he's looking to take CBSR....


Richard Peddie - Chairman Of The Toronto Foundation and former CEO of MLSE

Richard Peddie, Chairman of the Toronto Foundation and former President & CEO of Maple Leaf Sports & Entertainment joins The Global Shuffle to share his insights on his journey into #citybuilding and #philanthropy.


3 Steps for Better Public Speaking

In this episode I share my public speaking journey and provide a 3 step process to become a better public speaker.


David Bernard-Stevens on his journey from the Nebraska Senate to enabling youth leadership in Kenya

David Bernard-Stevens served in the Nebraska State Legislature for nine years. He was the 1982 Nebraska Teacher of the Year and named one of the top five teachers in America by the National School Boards Association. He has served as the President of a Community Chamber of Commerce and is currently the Co-Leader of the New Generation Leadership training within the International Peace Initiative - Kenya. It is in this position he and Dr. Karambu Ringera work to create an entirely new...


City Councillor Sarah Marsh - Learnings in the Nonpartisan Level of Gov't

My City Councillor Sarah Marsh opens up about her journey to become a city councillor. I’m personally fascinated by this non-partisan political level and wanted to understand better the role and her experience. Sarah is the councillor for my riding and she graciously took the time (on a Friday afternoon no less) to share her thoughts with me. We spoke about: -Sarah’s path that led her to become a city councillor, what this non-partisan political level is like, the biggest surprises in her...


Fernando Lanzer on culture and how to build effective multicultural teams

Originally from Brazil and now based out of the Netherlands, Fernando Lanzer is an expert on culture and leadership. He's an author, previous executive at ABN Amro, a consultant and an executive coach. We talk about his journey to where he is today, his thoughts on building effective multicultural teams, his process for writing books and how culture impacts the EU today. For more info check out


Nonprofit Technology Network (NTEN) - CEO Amy Sample Ward And Board Member Jason Shim

Amy Sample Ward, CEO of the Nonprofit Technology Network (NTEN), and Jason Shim, Board Member of NTEN and Associate Director of Digital Strategy & Alumni Relations at Pathways to Education are this week's guests! We speak about NTEN's model of helping nonprofits to use technology to effectively and efficiently meet their missions. We also speak about the importance of access to the internet, the future of technology and what nonprofits ought to do to make the best use of technology. Amy...


Jan Muehlfeit, former Chairman of Microsoft Europe and Author of The Positive Leader

Jan joins this week's podcast from the Czech Republic for one of the most insightful podcasts I've had the privilege to host to date. We talk about: -His rise within Microsoft -His period of depression -How he approaches leadership and energy management -His current work doing executive coaching, teaching, writing, speaking, advising tech companies and acting as the mental coach for the Czech Olympic Team -His thoughts on the technologies with the highest potential (and risks) for...


(Rebroadcast) Michael Sheldrick, Global Advocacy Director of Global Citizen

Michael joins The Global Shuffle from New York and tells his story of growing up in Australia, and how his upbringing shaped him to enter into advocacy and to dedicate himself to the fight against extreme poverty. He details the founding of the Global Citizen movement (formerly known as The Global Poverty Project) and explains how their impact model works, how they measure success and how they gamify activism. Global Citizen today has engaged millions of people around the world as well as...


Kevin Groen - Leading behavioural change in orgs, individuals and in himself

Kevin joins The Global Shuffle from Amsterdam. He's a very thoughtful individual who after a successful corporate career, left it to begin freelancing and working with organizations and individuals on behavioural change. He's extremely authentic and opens up about how he prepares and recovers from each engagement he does, how he came to develop an interest in poetry, his shift to focus on his personal well-being and what his TED talk would be on.


(Rebroadcast) Akira Sakano from Japan explores how can we build zero waste cities of the future

Akira Sakano is the Chair of the Board of Directors of the Zero Waste Academy, the Co-Founder of RDND and the Curator of the Osaka Hub of the Global Shapers Community. She provides a snapshot into the tremendous work being done to create zero waste cities and more integrated communities in Japan. She also comments on the big trends Japan is going through as a country, and how she believes impact begins at the local level.


Sue Gillespie - CEO Of Pathways To Education

Sue Gillespie joins The Global Shuffle to share the story of Pathways to Education's innovative approach to improving the graduation rate of high school students across Canada. We talk about her path to Pathways, her leadership style, personal approach to learning, building in reflection to her day and why she is passionate about what she does. We also speak about how she leads and facilitates such a diverse group of stakeholders to move the organization forward It's truly a deep dive into...


Arya Sajedi on the future of work and how he balances 3 companies at once

My good friend Arya joins The Global Shuffle, and he explains how he ended up working at one company and starting 2 on the side, all at the same time. We talk about flexible working arrangements, the future of work in the age of automation and historical parallels. For more information on his companies please visit: -Quantum Lead - -First Touch Consulting -


(Rebroadcast) Hadeer Shalaby on wearing the hijab and working at Careem

The most popular episode of the podcast to date. Hadeer Shalaby calls in from Cairo to discuss how she tried to change people's mindsets when she lived in Europe about Muslim women, and her perspective on wearing the headscarf. We then shift gears and discuss her start-up Taxi El Sa7el, her merger with Careem, a ride sharing application and look at her dreams for entrepreneurship in the Middle East


Montgomery de Luna – Seeing the World Through the Eyes of an Architect

Monty joins the podcast following a great TechWaterloo Region talk that he did in February with me. Monty is an architect by trade, and has a fascinating perspective on urban design, building great cities and the future of transportation. We talk about past projects he’s worked on (including a project in Rotterdam I recognize from my time there), his work on the Elon Musk Hyperloop competition, and his thesis on urban design.