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It's time to tap into you creative energy and start building the life that you desire. The Greatness Unlimited Podcast is here to provide you with the action steps and strategies that will change your life and your business forever. Each week new interviews are released and special bonus episodes pop up randomly as well. Subscribe so you don't miss a thing! Your Greatness Awaits


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It's time to tap into you creative energy and start building the life that you desire. The Greatness Unlimited Podcast is here to provide you with the action steps and strategies that will change your life and your business forever. Each week new interviews are released and special bonus episodes pop up randomly as well. Subscribe so you don't miss a thing! Your Greatness Awaits




Ep. 133 How to Price Your Value

How to Price Your Value Save this episode. In this episode, Coach Chris will explain how to price your value. Pricing for entrepreneurs can be extremely difficult. It's something that can differ depending on what market you're in, experience and the actual value of a product. There is no once size fits all for your product pricing. What's most important to understand is that you need a clear understand of the value of your products and services. That's the first key. You also have...


Ep. 127 Action Over Motivation

Action Over Motivation Save this episode. Stop looking for motivation! It’s really a waste of time to be honest. Action is the only thing that’s real! Everything else is just a facade. All the self help books or mindset courses are useless unless you take action. It might sound crazy at first, but think about it, you can't constantly buy courses and ever use anything in them. Slow down and you'll make significant progress in your business. The reason we’re relaunching this podcast is to...


Answering Questions

There is a real difference between answering questions to provide value and not being paid for the value that you provide to the market. I know most entrepreneurs are worried about being paid what they're worth, and with good reason. You want to make sure you get compensated for your time correctly. But that doesn't mean you charge for every single interaction. That mindset actually lowers the value of your expertise! When you answer questions and help people that are in your audience,...


Tyler Basu - Conversion Content

Tyler Basu Tyler Basu is one of the type content creators in the market. He absolutely loves helping other companies and entrepreneurs develop marketing strategies and automated sales systems to attract, convert, and retain their ideal clients. In this episode, you're going to learn: Tyler Basu is honestly one of the smartest entrepreneurs I know. He puts in a lot of work to help entrepreneurs take a leap with their business and make necessary improvements. If you want to learn more about...


Power of Allowing

Are you ready to jumpstart your career as an entrepreneur? Get access to the best content The Greatness Unlimited Podcast has to offer! Get your free tools here. The power of allowing starts with two key components. First, you must carry yourself as that person that you want to be. Instead of working extra hard to be someone else, be you! There are two ways that you begin to understand the feeling of being that person that you want to be. It's also important that you set the correct goals...


Destini Copp - Marketing Your Online Course

Dr. Destini Copp is a marketing consultant with more than 25 years of experience in marketing and online education. A multi-passionate entrepreneur, she makes it her mission to help coaches, consultants and experts succeed in online marketing and growing their online course business. In this episode, you'll learn more about We all know how prevalent online courses are. This market is constantly growing. Destini Copp is ahead of the market because she has the massive skills and experience...


Ep. 117 Facebook Ads with Michael Sullivan

Michael Sullivan joins the podcast to give expert advice on Facebook advertising. Download this episode. Are you an entrepreneur working to set the foundation of your business? You need the Expert Beginners Kit. This entire process will make your journey as an entrepreneur easier than you could imagine! Get the FREE Expert Empire Roadmap here. Facebook ads can be amazing for businesses, if they’re done right. Please don’t waste money simply “boosting” a post. That’s not advertising. It...


Ep. 116 Creating Content for Your Course



Ep. 115 Ben Gioia Discusses Messaging



Ep. 114 Presell Your Course



Ep. 113 Ryan Rhoten and Storytelling



Ep. 112 Test Your Online Course Idea



Ep. 111 Ari Meisel talks Doing Less



Ep. 110 Market Like a Farmer

Farmer marketing is an interesting concept. This is a strategy that all small business owners and growing entrepreneurs should be using. This episode will explain how to generate more leads by marketing with value leading by teaching. The reason why most Facebook and Instagram ads don't work is because entrepreneurs are focused on selling too early. You really turn your audience off when you attempt to sell to them before they like you. Marketing like a farmer means that you're patient....


Ep. 109 Entrepreneur Habits ft Charles Mace



Ep. 108 Benefits of Being an Expert

No one wants to be average. We use this episode to explain all of the basic expert benefits. Expert status is what most entrepreneurs are striving for. This is the best way to make sure you stand out above and ahead of the competition. One of the main expert benefits is being paid for what you know. All of the knowledge and expertise you've developed can be monetized. Also remember that experts rarely discuss price. Part of being an expert is charging what you want because no one else can...


Ep. 107 Podcast Tips with Michael Greenberg



Ep. 106 Batch Producing Content

Entrepreneurs debate all the nonstop whether or not content should be created. No one seems to think it's important to create anymore. This couldn't be further from the truth. Creating content is necessary to build a brand. In this episode, you're going to learn how to start batch producing content. The first step is to list your topics and bullet points in one day. Get all of your great idea out of your head and on paper. This will make it easier to create later. You don't want to get in...


Ep. 105 Allan Dib Marketing for Small Business



Ep. 104 How to Avoid Burnout

We all want to win. Entrepreneurs want to increase sales, solve problems and live a life of freedom. In that pursuit, it's very easy for us to lose direction and do completely too much. This episode give you some tips and advice to avoid burnout. Creating your own version of self care is important in this process. Don't get caught up in the cliche "work hard" or "hustle" culture. That lifestyle isn't for everyone. And in reality, everyone has their own version of hard work. There is no...