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The latest in music reviews, concert reviews and music news. Hosted by Shaun Smith.

The latest in music reviews, concert reviews and music news. Hosted by Shaun Smith.
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The latest in music reviews, concert reviews and music news. Hosted by Shaun Smith.




Episode 9 - Lisa Schaffer

Lisa Schaffer, photographer, DJ and overall Philadelphia-based badass joins host Shaun Smith for this episode of The High Note. We talk about the magic of the Philadelphia Folk Festival, the journey of a working photographer, DJing, vinyl and music! Follow Lisa @LisaSchafferPhotography and @VinylChickie on Instagram and see her photos at Follow @HighNoteBlog anywhere you socialize online like Twitter, Instagram and Facebook. See for album reviews and music...


Episode 8 - Kevin Barrett

Kevin Barrett, also known as H-Pizzle, aka Blue Blur joins Shaun for this episode of The High Note podcast. We reminisce about playing in a punk band in high school, how he began playing drums, how he started creating video game music and his latest projects including recreating the music of "Sonic the Hedgehog" - Blue Blur and for the video game "Beyond Humanity." We also talk about some of the concerts we saw together and our favorite video game music. Follow him on Twitter...


Episode 7 - _the_yearlong_revue

Alex and Elizabeth Sinari from _the_yearlong_revue_ join Shaun for this episode of The High Note podcast - recorded Saturday, April 21 at Ventnor Coffee. We go deep about the songwriting process and what it’s like to make music using more than 700 effects pedals. The opening song is “only hurts me longer” and the closing song is “the weight of the word,” both by _the_yearlong_revue_ and both are available on Bandcamp. Learn more about _the_yearlong_revue_ on Soundcloud, Instagram and...


Episode 6 - Ventnor Summer Concert Series preview

Shaun talks to the members of Boycot and The Mountain Waves about the Ventnor Summer Concert Series. Recorded Saturday, April 7 at Ventnor Coffee with Boycot founders Tyler Gehringer and Ellie Dotson, and CJ Sooy, Kevin Velazquez and Sergio Ripa of The Mountain Waves. To donate to the concert series, see Follow The High Note anywhere you subscribe to podcasts and follow @HighNoteBlog anywhere you socialize online. See for...


Episode 5 - Philadelphia Folk Festival with Baile An Salsa

First, I talk about Mordecai's debut album "It's Never Enough." Read my blog for info and see Mordecai Wednesday, Aug. 30 at Holocene in Portland. Next, I talk about the Philadelphia Folk Festival. I interview members of Baile An Salsa about their crowdfunding campaign for their second album expected by Christmas. Please consider donating at At the end of the podcast, you'll hear "Dancing Bodhrán" from the upcoming Baile An Salsa album. Follow @highnoteblog on Twitter,...


Episode 4: Hittin' The High Note With Amazing Mike

Shaun Smith sits down with Michael Einwechter, Director of Amazing Ventnor and Music Director of Ventnor Coffee. Recorded live Thursday, May 18 at Ventnor Coffee. For concerts in Ventnor see: Twitter: @AmazingVentnor Instagram for Mike: @VentnorMike Special thanks to Ventnor Coffee, Courtney, Christine and Mike.