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Episode 111: Alexander the Great (Game Workers Unite Against Mortal Kombat)

On the one hundred and eleventh episode of The Hungry Gamers podcast, Brendan is joined by the new co-host of You Game Bro?, Mr. Nato J & filling in for a very sick Ally is her brother Alexander! On this episode the trio dive into: - Australian point and click classic, Paradigm - Brendan living his best life courtesy of Jurassic World Evolution - The latest Sea of Thieves news & updates - Game Workers Unite chime in on the Arenanet controversies - The latest news around the Mortal...


Episode 110: Dawritoes & Tea Etiquette (Where's All The Video Game News At?)

Ally & Brendan team up Bonnie & Clyde style to reign down hell in episode one hundred and ten. In a light video game news week they instead deep dive on what they've been playing, sharing their love for Stardew Valley & more. On this episode they also cover off on: - Brendan's next #snapgame addiction, Jurassic World Alive - Ally's Steam Summer Sale bargains - Fortnite on the Nintendo Switch - We Happy Few now coming to Australia - Fan made P.T on the PC - Hammond the Hampster being...


Episode 109: Painted Walls (Down with the Australian Classification Board)

Ally & The Dream tag team episode one hundred and nine in a fashion that would make the Hardy Boyz proud (Team Extreme for life!!). On this episode they Swanton Bomb the Australian Classification Board in an effort to get the three count. On this episode they also cover off on: - Ally's time with Octopath Traveller & Prison Architect - Saleem STILL playing World of Warcraft - Ubisoft games being "political" - Artificial intelligence about to crush DOTA 2 Plus lots more gaming related...


Episode 108: Norman Reedus is Delivery Man (Recapping E3 2018)

The one hundred and eighth episode of The Hungry Gamers sees Ally, Brendan & Saleem get together to share their highs and lows of #E32018 - providing their own individual top 5 moments, as well as best & worst in show. Plus lots more gaming related banter! ------- Find more gaming related goodness via: WEBSITE: YOUTUBE: DISCORD: Intro/Outro by Michael Moutz from Reset: A Gaming Podcast Be sure to follow the...


Episode 107: The Last 2% (Pokémon Hype in Detroit)

Ally, Brendan & Saleem are united again after what seems like years to record episode one hundred and seven. The episode is full of Detroit: Become Human talk as well as all the massive news tied into the recent Pokémon announcements. The trio also discuss: - House Flipper - Mario Tennis Aces - Early impressions of Vampyr - The latest Street Fighter V character announcement - Bethesda officially announcing Fallout 76 - The insanity that is the Red Dead Redemption 2 Collectors...


Episode 106: Loose Lips Sink Ships (Are Spoilers Ruining E3?)

Episode one hundred and six sees Ally & Brendan united with GC Fabio to recap their time with the latest Destiny 2 expansion, Warmind and if it delivers on any of Bungies promises. They also deep dive on if spoilers leading up to E3 is a good, bad or just par for the course. The trio also discuss: - Call of Duty Black Ops IIII, namely the Blackout mode - The Battlefield V announcement stream - Sea of Thieves finally getting story themed DLC - Single player challenges coming to Friday...


Episode 105: A Meal of Epic Proportions (The Life & Times of CliffyB)

Episode one hundred and five sees Ally & Brendan joined by fabled author, podcaster and all around great guy, Jono Pech. They tackle the show a little differently than usual, combining an entree of smaller news bites with a main course of Cliff Bleszinski - covering off on his career and the recent announced closure of Boss Key Productions. The trio also discuss: - The upcoming Battlefield V stream reveal - Stardew Valley making its what to Nintendo Switch - Rage 2 - Delays for...


Episode 104 (Good Shafts & Vaginasaurs)

The Hungry Gamers one hundred and fourth episode sees Brendan joined by his two personal favourites, Ally & Nato to talk about their love and appreciation of Rare's Sea of Thieves. On this episode they also dive into: - The latest showing for Beyond Good & Evil 2 - DOTA 2 releasing a Battle Royale mode (of course it is) - Overwatch partnering with the Breast Cancer Research Foundation - Bioware providing an Anthem update - Nintendo Switch Online releasing in September 2018 - The...


Episode 103 (Kruse'n USA)

Episode one hundred and three sees the host of ATEBIT's own, It It What It Is podcast, Jack Kruse join Ally & Brendan in a bumper episode of The Hungry Gamers. On this episode they also dive into: - Ally's return to Minecraft - Avengers: Infinity War, a light, spoiler free recap - The latest Red Dead Redemption 2 trailer - ScreenPlay getting cancelled by Channel 7 - Shadow of the Tomb Raider - The Battle Royale Round Up Plus lots more gaming related...


Episode 102 (Campofire Stories With Valve)

Ally, Brendan & Saleem unite to dive into Santa Monica Studios masterpiece, God of War. No spoilers are discussed apart from one, Brendan absolutely loves the game. On this episode they also dive into: - Campo Santo being acquired by Valve (32.30) - Discord and Microsoft team up(36.20) - Nailed it, the best/worst cooking show of all time (39.40) - The Battle Royale Roundup (44.00) - Belgium banning lootcrates (55.45) Plus lots more gaming related banter! #standforWA...


Episode 101 (He's A Writer, Not A Poet)

The Hungry Gamers are back to their usual programming after their monumental hundredth episode. Episode one hundred and one sees the return of Nato, accompanying Ally and Saleem to talk all things video games (and everything else). On this episode they also dive into: - Couch co-op title, A Way Out - Hands on with the latest Hearthstone expansion, Witchwood - Billy Mitchell stripped of all gaming records - Epic removing guides missiles from Fortnite - Call of Duty: Black Ops 4...


Episode 100 (One Hundredth Time's A Charm)

How the hell did we make it this far? One hundred episodes?!? The short version is we made it because of you amazing sexy fans who tune in week after week and listen to us rant/joke/cry about all things video games. We couldn't have done it without your support and we are eternally grateful. **please bare in mind we had to edit 20 different streams of audio in episode 100 so there may be slight volume differences from segment to segment** ------ Massive thank you to our special...


Episode 099 (Snap, Kraken & Pop)

Episode ninety nine sees The Dream & Brendan unite for a tag team episode covering everything from Saleem's trip to the dentist & Brendan's endless love for Sea of Thieves. On this episode they dive into: - The latest Pokemon Go community event - The Final Fantasy XV: Royal Edition - The latest Destiny 2 "Go Fast" Patch - Fortnite now breaking records on YouTube - The 2018 Video Game Hall of Fame Nominees Plus lots more gaming related banter! ------- Shout out to Brave...


Episode 098 (Two Guys, A Girl & A Fortnite Battle Bus)

For what feels like an eternity, Ally, Brendan & Saleem finally reunite on the ninety ninth episode of The Hungry Gamers to share their initial thoughts on their time with Fortnite (4.48). On this episode they dive into: - PUGB Mobile (19.40) - Noctis' debut in Tekken 7 (34.10) - Ninja blowing up Twitch (43.10) - Ubisoft & Vivendi parting ways (51.80) - PUBG & Fortnite taking over mobile devices (55.40) - Sea of Thieves launch issues (59.00) Plus lots more gaming related...


Episode 097 (Rating Each Other Out of Five)

The Hungry Gamers ninety seventh episode sees the new A Team, Ally, Nato & Saleem reunite to bring you another tasty serving of gaming laced banter & shenanigans. On this episode they dive into: - Ally's time playing Humans Fall Flat - The final hands on with the Sea of Thieves beta - The latest update on Mario's employment status (45.07) - Drew Karpyshyn leaves Bioware (again) - Hearthstone's new spooky expansion, Witchwood - Sea of Thieves offering up the "Golden Banana" - The...


Episode 096 (Get it Out or Have a Nap)

The Hungry Gamers ninety sixth episode sees Ally & Brendan joined by The Ghost Pepper Bandit himself, Nato. The trio bond over mobile games, namely WWE Supercard and a new Harry Potter style beta as well as drunken Mario Kart escapades. On this episode they also dive into (NOW WITH TIMESTAMPS): - Monster Hunter: World becoming the best selling Capcom game (35.48) - State of Decay 2 (39.47) - The latest update on Mario's employment status (45.07) - Geralt from The Witcher coming to...


Episode 095 (Pork & Cider)

The Hungry Gamers ninety fifth episode sees Ally & Saleem joined by the man with the hottest takes in the biz, the host of A+ Anime and Divinity 2's biggest fan - Nato freaking J. Does the episode end in celebration or disaster? Be sure to listen in & find out... On this episode they also dive into: - ESRB creating new labels for "in-game" purchases - Changes to Hearthstone - The latest Xbox One X update - ReedPOP acquiring the Gamer Network - Pokemon turning 22 years old Plus lots...


Episode 094 (Droppin Stone Cold Stunners on the DICE Awards)

Making their way to the ring for the ninety fourth time, Ally, Brendan and Saleem seek to defend their podcast title against their toughest challenger yet, WWE Supercard and their expensive microtransactions. On this episode they also get into: - Black Panther - Saint Seiya: Soldier's Soul - Overwatch - Custom PUGB Lobbies - DropMix - The 2018 DICE Award winners - The new PSN profile web browser - Metal Gear Survive doing dumb things with character saves - Hunt: Showdown now on...


Episode 093 (The Origins of the Assassin)

Returning for the ninety third time, Ally and Brendan sit down early on a Sunday morning to discuss just how damn good Assassins Creed Origins is. On this episode they also get into: - Hand Simulator - Stardew Valley on Nintendo Switch - Hunt: Showdown aka Camping Simulator 2018 - The Inpatient, a tale of two games - Fortnite sticking it to PUBG - The Evil Within 2 getting a first person mode - Video games ARE NOT the cause for these senseless shootings Plus lots more gaming...


Episode 092 (RTXXX: Showdown)

Returning for their second episode of The Hungry Gamers (and 92nd in total), Ally & Saleem break down RTX Sydney 2018 for Brendan. On this episode they also get into: - Hunt: Showdown, even great in early alpha - Red Dead Redemption 2 rumour roundup - The Nintendo Labo - The return of Dr. DisRespect Plus lots more gaming related banter! ------ Shout out to B-C-W for being our iTunes Listener of the Week!! ------- Find more gaming related goodness via: WEBSITE:...