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Episode 4 Instructional Assistants with Angela

The I’ve Been Wrong Before Podcast Website Angela is an Instructional Assistant with a local elementary school. She schooled me on what her job entails, why she does it, and why we need more Instructional Assistants in our classrooms. Having 30+ kids in a classroom means the kids who need more help draws the teacher’s attention away from the general class. Angela helps support the teachers meet those higher need students, keeping the learning moving for everyone. She’s putting up with...


Episode 3 Fanfiction with Debra Stansbuy

If you would like to listen to this episode on YouTube Click Here The I've Been Wrong Before Podcast Episode 3 Host: Erin Furian Topic: Fanfiction Quality Guest: Debra Stansbury I am not a huge fan of Fanfiction but Debra is not only fan of it, she writes a great deal of fanfiction also. In this episode Debra tries to help me find the the good in a genre of writing that I am less than enthused about. Looking for Fanfiction to read? Check out An Archive of Our Own and Here's...


I've Been Wrong Before Episode 2 The Wrong Side

The I've Been Wrong Before PodcastEpisode 2Host: Erin FurianTopic: Being on the Wrong Side of History If you'd like to listen to this Episode on YouTube you can catch it over at the Wrong Before Channel There was a huge march in Washington D.C. on April 25th 1993. I was there. This is the story of that day. Sought Out in Virginia Beach, VA, The ex-gay ministry I was once part of, is no longer around. In fact a lot of the ex-gay ministries are out of business now. They manged to do lot of...


Episode 1 Magic the Gathering w/Logan Fischer

The I've Been Wrong Before Podcast Episode 1 Host: Erin Furian Topic: Magic the Gathering Guest: Logan Fischer I'm starting off my podcasting career about being wrong by interviewing a teenager about his passion for a collectible card game that I'm only generally familiar with. It was a good exercise in listening. I hope you enjoy our conversation and learn a little something. To listen to this episode on YouTube go here Want to learn more about Magic the Gathering ? Tapped out The online...


Coming Soon!

Announcing our Launch Date! Sunday September 1st we will Launch episodes 1-3 of I've Been Wrong Before The podcast will then come out every two weeks after that on Sunday evening Click below to hear our first promo!