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Ep 74 - Fab recaps his own journey during 2018

"If you're unhappy about something in your life then do something about it. Err on the side of action and not inaction." - Fab Mackojc Two years ago I had the pleasure of being interviewed by my good pal Zezan Tam to share my story and last year we sat down again to recap my own journey during 2017. We decided to continue the tradition again this year and share what my journey during 2018 has taught me. This is another long episode but worth a listen if you want an unfiltered view of how...


Ep 73 - Kyla Gardner, Moving to Asia because of a reddit post

“I really love being a beginner at things and diving into a new culture.” - Kyla Gardner After graduating college, Kyla Gardner worked as a journalist in her hometown of Chicago for three years, first reporting on crime and then quirky human-interest stories. Dissatisfied with only being allowed two weeks of travel per year in a full-time job, Kyla sought something different: A job that would allow her to work while traveling. She got hired by a remote software startup after seeing the job...


Ep 72 - Highlights from the Top 10 episodes of 2017

Just like I did last year, what better way to end 2017 than to highlight some of the best moments from the podcast this year. This is a clip show episode with highlights from the 10 most listened episodes in 2017. I won't spoil the order, if you want to know who made the cut you'll just have to listen. You can find the show notes here:


Ep 71 - Fab recaps his own journey during 2017

“Everyone is on their own journey.” - Fab Mackojc One year ago I had the pleasure of being interviewed by my good pal Zezan Tam to share my story. I wanted to recap what’s happened since then and what I’ve learned from my own journey during 2017. This is a bit of a long episode but it’s well worth a listen if you want a unfiltered view of what I took away from a year in which a lot of things didn’t go to plan or turn out how I would have liked. You can find the show notes here:...


Ep 70 - Sarah Holloway, Selling matcha green tea powder

“What is the opportunity that won’t be there ever again?” - Sarah Holloway Sarah Holloway started her career as a mergers and acquisitions lawyer at a leading international law firm. Early on however she realized that the corporate life wasn’t for her as the profession and its lifestyle didn't easily reconcile with her personal passions for health, wellness and creativity. After a fateful trip to Hong Kong and a recommendation from her doctor not to drink coffee, Sarah stumbled onto matcha...


Ep 69 - Laura D’Asaro, Getting people to eat bugs

“If you put in a lot more effort than anyone else you’re gonna have good results.” - Laura D'Asaro Laura D'Asaro is the co-founder and COO of Six Foods, a company that specializes in making food from cricket flour, which is a much more sustainable source of protein than beef. Their flagship product, Chirps Chips, are chips made from crickets, and have three times more protein and 40% less fat than a tortilla chip. Laura's journey in social entrepreneurship began at age fifteen, when she...


Ep 68 - Josh Quigley, Suicide survivor and endurance cyclist

“Physical exercise is by far the most effective and practical thing that anyone can do.” - Josh Quigley After a dark and painful battle with depression, Josh Quigley lost all hope and attempted suicide by intentionally crashing his car at over 80 mph. He miraculously survived this suicide attempt and walked away with no physical injuries. After realizing he’d been kept alive for a reason he decided to grab hold of his 2nd chance at life and raise awareness of mental health issues. On the 1...


Ep 67 - Reese Lansangan, Singer-songwriter

“When you work hard the universe will acknowledge that and people will see that as well.” - Reese Lansangan Reese Lansangan is a 27 year old singer-songwriter, visual artist, graphic designer, fashion designer, and published author. Reese’s first love is music and she believes in telling compelling and informative stories through her songwriting. Her debut album, Arigato, Internet! features 13 original songs + 5 remixes by renowned indie musicians from the Philippines. Her body of creative...


Ep 66 - Rabia Sitabi, Working in 10 industries before the age of 30

“Just be open to everyone.” - Rabia Sitabi Rabia Sitabi’s life started in tough circumstances: she lost both her parents by the age of 16 and had to become a mother for her younger siblings. Since then she has taken a very unique journey through her career working across a range of different industries and professions. Rabia is now a international culture ambassador who aims to connect the East to the West through events and education. During the week she runs strategy and operations for two...


Ep 65 - Nick Jaffe, Finding freedom and autonomy through sailing

“With the right amount of time and focus and the right tools there are many more things that you can do than you think you can do.” - Nick Jaffe As a teenager Nick Jaffe started working in software development before deciding to study photography at the Victorian College of the Arts. He soon after went overseas and started hitchhiking through Europe before falling in love with sailing. From 2006 to 2009 Nick sailed solo across the Atlantic and Pacific oceans in a small 26ft boat. This...


Ep 64 - Alexandra Clark, Entrepreneurial chocolatier

“Whatever you do, just keep walking. Don’t actually ever stop.” - Alexandra Clark After working at an ice cream shop at age 14, Alexandra Clark fell in love with the interaction that people have with sweets. Her curiosity took her to Michigan State University where she studied Hospitality Business & Food Processing Technology. After receiving her chocolate certificate from The French Pastry School of Chicago, she left the country on a full scholarship to New Zealand’s prestigious Massey...


Ep 63 - Anna Therese Day, Independent war journalist

"If I don’t buy this $200 plane ticket and miss the Egyptian revolution I’d never forgive myself." - Anna Therese Day Anna Therese Day is an award-winning independent reporter with her main focus being the Middle East. After graduating from college in Wisconsin she went to Israel to do a Masters degree. During her winter break she heard rumors of a revolution mounting in Egypt and jumped on a plane to see the action in person. Sure enough, she was in Tahrir Square during the Arab Spring to...


Ep 62 - Charlene Rhinehart, Corporate America to pageantry

"I didn’t just want my career to be based on income, I wanted to have an impact." - Charlene Rhinehart Charlene Rhinehart has spent a decade working as a Certified Public Accountant in corporate America. What makes her story interesting is that she had the unique personal and professional development goal of competition in a pageant. In 2015 she won the title of Ms. Corporate America and soon after decided to quit her accounting job and travel the world. She went on a six-month world tour...


Ep 61 - Una Gašparović, How a conductor becomes a digital marketer

"You don’t have to agree 100% with the people that inspire you." - Una Gašparović Una Gašparović used to be a music teacher and a conductor. Soon after completing Bachelor studies in the field of Ethnomusicology she founded a ladies choir and taught other people how to sing. Despite the success and joy of working in music, she didn’t feel a sense of fulfillment. She spent years in a quest to find her “true calling”, exploring interests through hobbies and jobs: making jewelry, learning...


Ep 60 - Bryce Adams, Running a Laos nightclub and making software

"You do a lot of things in your life that are so different to where you end up but it’s important to remember those things because they shape you, even if it doesn’t seem obvious." - Bryce Adams Bryce Adams decided to attend university after high school but within a week realized that it wasn’t what he wanted to do. He took a year off to go travelling before giving university another shot: he lasted less than a month before quitting for good. A friend from his travels contacted him and asked...


Ep 59 - Jodie Cook, Introducing children to enterprising role models

"The money has got to be the enabler of freedom and not a goal in itself. You could be on a massive salary but you’re not necessarily free because you don’t choose how you spend your own time." - Jodie Cook Jodie Cook founded a social media marketing agency, JC Social Media, back in 2011. Since then she has grown the company to a team of 15 and now runs the social media campaigns for 500 clients across the world. Jodie has also written five books on digital marketing as well as developed...


Ep 58 - PJ Murray, From mining to tech entrepreneurship

"If you have the mindset to say ‘I am the person to do this’ or at least ‘I am the person who can try and learn it and give it a go’ I think that can get you very far." - PJ Murray PJ Murray started his professional career in civil engineering and spent some time working on a mining site before quickly making the shift to software engineering. A self taught programmer, PJ quickly found his feet working at ThoughtWorks before founding online web development marketplace with...


Ep 57 - Understanding self with Drew Corby

"No one’s written your book. No one’s written ‘How do I define success?’" - Drew Corby This episode is an experiment of sorts. This is the first time where I’ve brought on a subject matter expert to chat about a specific topic related to personal development and career growth. In this episode Drew Corby is sharing a framework with us as to how we can better understand ourselves. Drew spent 10 years coaching frontline teams in sales, marketing, operations and internal communications. He...


Ep 56 - Pixie Weyand, Music venue and cafe owner

"It’s never the situation but your thoughts about it." - Pixie Weyand Two years ago Pixie was still cleaning toilets at a mine in rural Queensland. With a head full of ideas and the drive to do something with her life she has since worked tirelessly to create The Lost Collective, an umbrella for several businesses she is in the process of growing. These include: Lost Boys, a small, organic vegetarian, carbon-neutral café in the Brisbane suburb of Fortitude Valley; The Tree House, a bar...


Ep 55 - Hershey Hilado, Thriving After Being Sold Into Slavery

"We suffer from our own judgement more than anything else." - Hershey Hilado Hershey Hilado understands what it means to overcome adversity. At the age of 12 her father was murdered by her own uncle. She started shoplifting a year later to survive and was forced to drop out of school and provide for her seven siblings. At the age of 16 her mother sold her into an arranged marriage with a man three times her age. After escaping that terrible ordeal she became homeless for two years until she...