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Join us as we interview brilliant, fearless, successful women sharing their stories of adversities and success in life, love and business.

Join us as we interview brilliant, fearless, successful women sharing their stories of adversities and success in life, love and business.
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Join us as we interview brilliant, fearless, successful women sharing their stories of adversities and success in life, love and business.






Sherina Shamdasani: How she transformed her life by shifting her mindset, habits, and vision

Sherina is a licensed clinical psychologist, mental health advocate, and a very passionate traveler who currently resides in Barcelona, Spain. The constant self-doubts, insecurities, fears, and comparisons she went through as an adolescent made her suffer from severe anxiety, insomnia, self-sabotage, and confusion. She had no clear sense of self or identity, no purpose in life and no self-awareness nor clear values. She was unable to achieve any of her dreams because the beliefs she had...


Simone Walsh: From Depression to Community Activist

Multi-passionate Entrepreneur, Fashion Designer, and Community Activist, Simone Walsh is driven by a deep desire to transform the lives of individuals and provide the tools for them to uproot the blocks that are keeping them from living their best lives. Creation is at the core of Simone’s transformative mission, as she believes in affecting others’ lives through multiple touchpoints. At a point in her life, Simone too wanted to give up after suffering through harassment and bullying. The...


Kamshuka aka The Warrior Queen: A War Child Survivor Helping Others Live Fearlessly

Kamshuka otherwise known as The Warrior Queen is an award-winning entrepreneur, author, international speaker, healer, certified life coach and founder of the I AM Warrior International. Her mission remains the same - to Elevate, Empower, and Awaken the Warrior within you. To ignite within every beautiful soul the drive & audacity to find purpose on this journey called life and to live fearlessly fearing less each day. She empowers men & women to tap into their inner healing powers &...


Minerva Maharajh: From Professional Dancer to Spiritual Life Coach

Minerva is a Certified Life & Spiritual Coach, Reiki Practitioner, Access Bars Practitioner, and an instructor with the Life Purpose Institute. Previous to Spiritual Life Coaching, Minerva had a professional career as a dancer and actress working for the NBA Toronto Raptors, CFL Argo Cheerleaders, numerous commercials, music videos and live stage performances with celebrity artists. Although she experienced much success, Minerva realized she was not living her true purpose. After a 3-month...


Janeen Brown: From Employee to Multiple Businesses

Straight out of university, Janeen worked for one of the top television companies in Canada and worked her way up to a management role in a short span of time. Learning all of the ins and outs of the industry. While still working a full-time job, she launched Jeluxxe Lifestyle Solutions - an employee concierge startup and took the full-time entrepreneurial route in 2018. From one startup to the next, Janeen then started a balloon boutique which now has three locations within Canada and the...


Vanessa Ortali: Founder of The Ladies Community talks Societal Norms, Living an Unconventional Life and Inner Peace

Vanessa Ortali is the CEO & Founder of The Ladies Community Inc (TLC). TLC is on track to quickly become the #1 online network for women globally, with more than 15,000+ members in just 3 years. As a business school graduate, licensed coach, and expert in events, self-development, and connecting others, Vanessa has been interviewed by many media channels, including CBC, Elle Magazine, Flare, The Marilyn Denis Show, The Toronto International Film Festival, Metro News, Toronto Star, Rogers TV...


Sarah Jai: On How She Fell In Love With Health & Fitness

Sarah Jai believes that health is all-encompassing with a personal mandate to help women transform from the inside out with physical, mental and spiritual health using a variety of holistic health and lifestyle practices. She birthed a passion for health and fitness after her very own transformation which led her to her first Bikini competition with the OPA (Ontario Physique Association) in 2014, fast forward she decided to take action in living out her passion and what she valued most. As a...


Leyla Naghizada: From Co-Founder of Luxy Hair to Spiritual Awakening

In this episode, Leyla Naghizada shares how she decided it was time to move on from Luxy Hair to explore and discover her true calling. Leyla used to be a part of a popular YouTube Hair Channel and was a founding partner of Luxy Hair Extensions along with her sister Mimi and Mimi’s husband Alex. Leyla is now going through a spiritual awakening journey and is allowing life to lead her to her destiny, the first step of which will be starting a podcast that is intended to inspire and empower...