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What To Avoid While Podcasting

Thank you for visiting The Life Awesomeness Podcast. Tune into this episode to learn about some pitfalls to avoid when podcasting, especially starting out. While creating this podcast, we ran into some technical problems and found solutions for them. While common to the people who run a podcast, this information may be useful for beginning podcasters or people who aim to get into podcasting. Come listen to see what type of equipment you need for a podcast, how to go about getting that...


How Bad Bosses Can Be Really Good For You

Thank you for visiting The Life Awesomeness Podcast on the web. Tune in to this episode of The Life Awesomeness Podcast as we discuss how having bad bosses can be really good for you. In this episode we will discuss how having a bad boss can be really good for you. Although it may seem like an impossible situation, we will shed some light on why it is not necessarily. We'll also talk about some characteristics of good and bad bosses. The episode ultimately serves as a reminder that even...


10 Reasons To Say Goodbye Television

Tune in as we say goodbye television and talk about how it can have a great impact on your life in several ways! We'll cover everything from saving time to saving money. Cutting television provides the opportunity to pursue things you have always wanted to do, but never took the time to do. You may increase your happiness and well-being, without the exposure to advertisements that are made to make people feel inadequate. Without exposure to the news, you will no longer need to be reminded...


Ways To Save On Auto Insurance

Tune in for some tips on saving money on auto insurance! In this episode we will discuss several ways to save money on auto insurance. This includes making sure that you are not under insured or over insured, both which can cost money in the long run. This episode will help you make the best decisions with deductibles, liabilities, and sorting out if you should even carry some coverage options. The world of auto insurance (as with any policy) can be tricky to navigate, but you don't have...


Being Introverted In An Extroverted World

Tune in as we talk about being introverted in an extroverted world! It's easy to feel isolated and alone in today's society. This is especially when we are constantly encouraged to "open up" and put ourselves out there. For some reason, if at a young age we are not extremely outgoing or social, many people want to slap labels and refer to others as socially awkward or worse. This episode is designed to remind you that it is not only okay, but important to stay true to yourself. There is...


Podcast Intro & Social Media

Welcome to the first episode of The Life Awesomeness Podcast. This episode features an intro to the podcast and a little talk about social media. The first episode of The Life Awesomeness Podcast will feature an intro to its layout, style, and message. Following this, because talk is cheap, we will discuss social media and how it can negatively and positively impact your life. Social media can be a wonderful and useful tool in many instances. In a good number of instances, however, it...