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THOT Audit | The MGTOW Academy Show S2E8

So the Internal Revenue Service is now auditing THOTs who profit off of thirsty men. Honestly, I couldn't care less! I think the whole entire thing is hilarious! Check out the episode and don't forget to leave your thoughts in the comments section below ;) Follow MGTOW Academy on Twitter: @MGTOWAcademy Email for contact: I don’t run ads (I never will), but if you’d still like to support me, become a Patron for MGTOW Academy! Get your mugs here and support...


The MGTOW Academy Show | LIVE | 11/02/18

This is an archive of the live show on the MGTOW Academy YouTube channel. If you want to catch the next live show, stop by the channel every Friday at around 10:30 PM EST! _______________________________________________________________________________________________ Hello everybody and welcome to The MGTOW Academy Show LIVE! I hope all is well! Let's jump right into the first weekend of November (No Nut November for me at least), but not before going over recent news and discussions...


The MGTOW Academy Show | LIVE | 10/05/18

This is an archive of The MGTOW Academy Show LIVE on October 5th, 2018. The MGTOW Academy Show goes live every Friday at around 10:30 PM EST, unless otherwise stated on Twitter. Guests can join the show. Just be sure to make it on time. Watch it here on YouTube:


8th grader accused of rape? | The MGTOW Academy Show S2E7

Keith Bailey is an 8th grader in Colorado Springs, Colorado. He performs well academically, plays football, is an honor roll student, enjoys church, is loved by his teachers-and he just could be the next victim of a false rape accusation. Listen to the episode to find out more! article (currently the only outlet covering this story): The defense fund to help defend Bailey...


#Metoo leader is a rapist? | The MGTOW Academy Show S2E6

Asia Argento is big voice in the #Metoo movement, and is a Harvey Weinstein accuser. Now it she who is being accused of raping a 17 year child actor. Jimmy Bennet was paid a “totally not suspicious” $380,000! I could go to a college (college ain’t cheap by the way), buy a decent house, and still have leftover money with that! You don’t just randomly pay somebody $380,000! On top of that, she also sent a RECOVERING SEX ADDICT a topless video of herself! As if she isn’t already hypocritical...


Toxic Femininity | The MGTOW Academy Show S2E5

A biology professor calls out toxic masculinity. Racist and sexist creep Sarah Jeong is a supreme example. Though I didn’t discuss her, she would fit as a perfect example of Toxic Femininity! Heather Heying went over Toxic Femininity, and an article covered it. Read for yourself: We are once again covering an article about the NCFM (National Coalition For Men). Is it time for a #hetoo...


Women don't rape! | The MGTOW Academy Show S2E4

Women dont rape, they’re innocent! In today’s podcast, I go over a couple of stories that highlight double standards, hypocrisy of feminism, and more! The first article is about how Dori Myers raped a 14 year old boy. The media refuses to use the word rape. If a man did it, he’d be called rapist for the rest of his life. Now, this type of stuff is wrong. Doesn’t matter if the teacher is a man or a woman. Share your thoughts with me via email! Link to article:...


MGTOW Stories | Episode 8

See you guys tomorrow


*SPECIAL* | The MGTOW Philosopher | Exclusive Interview

I have a sweet surprise for you guys, as I have an interview with The MGTOW Philosopher! I interview him with a couple of questions, and he gave some interesting feedback, and I’m sure you’d be able to learn a couple of things in this podcast (I sure did)! He’s a great guy and he used to be on YouTube, until they booted his 1st and 2nd channel! Now, he is a full time podcaster, knocking out topics with ease! He also interviewed me, which you can find here:...


The MGTOW Academy Show | The Silent Male Suicide Epidemic | S2, E1

Welcome to the first episode of Season 2 of The MGTOW Academy Show! We’re covering a topic that isn’t discussed as much as it should be: Male Suicide. In fact, men are facing an epidemic. A male suicide epidemic. Or even more accurate, a ‘silent’ male suicide epidemic. It’s important that we recognize all the factors regarding this silent epidemic, which is all packed into this episode! I cover the statistics (they will blow your mind), why the media fails to report on this silent...


The MGTOW Academy Show | LIVE | 1 Year Anniversary | 06/15/18

This is an archived version of The MGTOW Academy Show recorded live in front of an online audience on 06/15/18. The show goes live every Friday at around 10:30 PM EST on The MGTOW Academy YouTube Channel! Viewers can join the show quickly & easily! Just attend the live show and request to come on via the livechat. In this show, we covered some news and went over how women get male attention. That was-interesting. Can't forget the fish taco perfume! (Listen to the show to find out what I'm...


MGTOW NEWS | Sunday, June 3rd, 2018

A woman’s online complaint over a Men Working Sign doesn’t go to plan, an organization aimed at helping women is given a dose of equality for discriminating against men, J.Crew sparks debate over a feminist T-Shirt, and finally, Triggers in Male Suicides are to be studied! All of this & more in this week’s edition of MGTOW NEWS! Please share your thoughts on this week’s stories in the comments below, it’s greatly appreciated by me and our fellow viewers! To communicate with MGTOW NEWS,...


MGTOW NEWS | Sunday, May 6th, 2018

MGTOW NEWS-Sunday, May 6th, 2018 | The University of Texas is treating masculinity as if it were a mental health issue! LifeLine is a suicide hotline, and it is now having a feminist who made it clear that she is anti-male as a keynote speaker for one of their events. We examine College Sex Ed courses, and cover an article relating to Mental Health Month and more, coming up on MGTOW NEWS! Please share your thoughts on this week’s stories in the comments below, it’s greatly appreciated by...


Jaxa 110 Livestream feat. Young MGTOW | NNN | SFM |

This is the edited, podcast version of Jaxa 110's livestream. The link for the entire livestream is at the bottom. We discussed a lot in the nearly 2.5 hours live, including some stories Young MGTOW shared, problems younger men face, how being a man is practically illegal these days, and more! It was a pretty cool stream so I thought I'd share this as a bonus! The full livestream can be viewed on his channel here:


Lauren Southern Podcast

Hello everybody and in today's podcast, I'll be discussing Lauren Southern! Link to Youtube video:


A MGTOWs View On Middle School

Hello everybody, and in today's podcast, I'm going to be discussing my views on Middle School! Watch this on YouTube:


The Future Of Feminism Podcast

Hello everybody and in today's podcast, I'd like to share my predictions on the future of feminism and how it will affect us men! Links to other podcasts are in the YouTube video description! Watch this on YouTube:


The Nice Guy Podcast

Hello everybody, and in today's podcast, I'm discussing the "Nice Guy". I go over why women reject the nice guys for the bad boys, briefly paraphrase a researcher's explanation on women's attraction to bad boys, and finish off by telling you why shouldn’t change your true self! Watch this on YouTube:


The Pre-Wall Prance

Hello everybody, and in today's quick podcast I'm discussing the Pre-Wall Prance. The Pre-Wall Prance on Reddit: Watch this on Youtube:


Signs That The Government Could Start Enforcing Marriage...

Hello everybody, and in today's podcast, I'd like to discuss how I'm seeing signs of the government starting to enforce marriage... Watch on Youtube: (Sources are in the YouTube video description box)