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Join Rick and Julia as they comb through the post-apocalyptic wasteland of George Miller's Mad Max Series of movies.

Join Rick and Julia as they comb through the post-apocalyptic wasteland of George Miller's Mad Max Series of movies.
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Join Rick and Julia as they comb through the post-apocalyptic wasteland of George Miller's Mad Max Series of movies.




Beyond Thunderdome Minute 83 - We will rebuild!

The terrified wastelanders press towards the exits, but Bartertown’s guards keep them in place as Aunty steps out onto a platform to address the people massing below. She raises her hands to quiet them, and though explosions continue to erupt around her, Aunty is calm and determined, instructing those gathered to chase after Master and those that took Him from them. The crowd cheers and moments later Aunty leads a rolling armada out into the wasteland. Special Guests: Travis Bow & Eric Nash...


Beyond Thunderdome Minute 82 - Post-apocalypse Now!

As the Generator Train breaks free of the pipes and wires that hold it in place, Bartertown has descended into complete disarray. The guards struggle to maintain order but the near constant explosions erupting up from Underworld are making the job quite troublesome. The Collector and Dr. Dealgood quickly find themselves shoved aside as the traders that had come to Bartertown flee with their goods. Meanwhile, in a large vat of pig feces, a figure emerges. Special Guests: Travis Bow & Eric...


Beyond Thunderdome Minute 81 - Hang on!

With Ironbar dealt with, Max, Savannah, and Scrooloose scramble to board the generator train as Pig killer guns the engine. The old generator train roars as it strains against the cables and ducts that hold it in place, but slowly, the connections begin to give way. Topside, Aunty descends from her penthouse as flames erupt from the ground. Sparks leap and smoke billows from ruptured pipes as the generator train laboriously begins to roll forward along its tracks. Special Guests: Pete the...


Beyond Thunderdome Minute 80 - All aboard!

Max and Savannah bar the door holding back Aunty’s guards, but their victory is short-lived as the guards begin cutting their way through with a chainsaw. Max and Savannah return to the main chamber where Pig killer and Master are prepared to depart, enthusiastically blowing the train’s horn, but they’re not in the clear just yet. All of the commotions have caught Aunty’s attention through her periscope and it seems that the feed chute didn’t completely disable Ironbar. Special Guests: Pete...


Beyond Thunderdome Minute 79 - Toreador, Toreador!

Max and Pig killer’s reunion is cut short by the dulcet tones of Blackfinger singing a jaunty tune at the beginning of his day, but He quickly discovers that things are not as they should be in Underworld and high tails it out of there, with Max following close behind. Max is able to keep pace with the mechanic, following him through a set of heavy doors, but after rounding a corner He finds that Blackfinger is no longer alone, and the roles have reversed. Special Guests: Pete the Retailer...


Beyond Thunderdome Minute 78 - No matter where you go, there you are

Ironbar fails to catch Max and the kids in the air vent, but as he returns to the ground He finds that someone has knocked out one of his guards, and spinning around He sees Pig killer standing with Master and Eddie on the generator truck. Pig killer is able to delay Ironbar just long enough for Master to pull a lever and drop a feed chute on Ironbar, knocking him out and bringing Max and the kids sliding down into Underworld from their hiding spot above. Special Guests: Christy Porter &...


Beyond Thunderdome Minute 77 - Okay, Screwy, let's fly!

Scrooloose is trapped up in the pipes and surrounded by guards, but it’s Mr. Skyfish to the rescue as he swings into action and gets them out of there. and back to the vent where Max and the others are hiding. Now fully aware that there are intruders in Underworld, Ironbar grabs a weapon and tries to attack, but he is foiled by the bumbling antics of his cohorts. Undeterred, Ironbar leads his guards to the pipe, but there’s someone else they need to worry about. Special Guests: Christy...


Beyond Thunderdome Minute 76 - No plan survives first contact

Having wandered away from the others, Eddie finds Pig killer tending to the newborn piglets and exhibiting a gentleness that defies his given title. Upon noticing this new face in his prison, Pig killer cannot help but chuckle. Back on the main platform, Scrooloose sits obscured in the pipes that extend above the central platform watching the amusing contest between ruffians below, but his enthusiasm gets the better of him and he is spotted by Ironbar. Special Guests: Christy Porter & Gerry...


Beyond Thunderdome Minute 75 - We're looking for someone

Max closes the opening to the air vent and quickly discovers that the children have gone ahead without him. Crawling along with Savannah and Anna, they eventually catch up to Tubba and Cusha who have found an opening that allows them to peer through to Underworld. Through the smoke and the filth Max is able to spy Master, chained and caged in amongst the pigs. Having found the man he was looking for, Max realizes there are a few kids missing. Special Guests: Jonathan Carlisle & Tabitha...


Beyond Thunderdome Minute 74 - Bartertown, it's our only chance

Scrooloose returns to the group and wakes them up, insistent that they follow him to see what he has found. At the top of a nearby dune the children spot distant lights and they wonder if they have found Tomorrowland, but Max knows that they have stumbled upon Bartertown. Knowing that he was exiled from the town, Max uses an air vent to sneak the children into Bartertown in hopes of finding supplies for the return trip across the nothing. Special Guests: Jonathan Carlisle & Tabitha Carlisle...


Beyond Thunderdome Minute 73 - The second terror of the Fire Swamp

Finn McCoo has disappeared beneath the desert sand and Savannah is close behind as Scrooloose is starting to lose his grip. Luckily for them, Max is there to grab them before they’re both pulled under, but he is too late to save young Finn. Savannah is devastated by the loss of her young son, but it's not dwelled on and the scene fades to the group sleeping on the side of a dune, but Scrooloose is too restless to sleep. Special Guests: Jonathan Carlisle & Tabitha Carlisle from Princess...


Beyond Thunderdome Minute 72 - Like sand through the hourglass

Having walked very far, Anna Goanna, Tubba Tintye, Eddie, and Max have found something in the distance. It’s Mr. Skyfish’s kite, flying high on the wind, but Savannah and the others are in grave danger. Finn McCoo has fallen into quicksand and is being pulled under, with only a length of fabric connecting him to the human chain that Savannah and the others have formed to pull him out. Despite their struggle, they are losing, and Max must hurry to help them. Special Guests: Gary Roby &...


Beyond Thunderdome Minute 71 - He holds his own

Max, Anna Goanna, and Tubba Tintye are deep in the nothing, on the trail of Savannah and the other leavers. The three hear a call on the wind, but instead of discovering someone ahead of them, they instead find that Eddie, one of the smallest waiting ones, is rushing to join them. Max is terse in his assertion that the little one will have to carry their own weight, but it’s soon shown that Max is willing to carry Eddie on his shoulders as they trek all day and into the night. Special...


Beyond Thunderdome Minute 70 - Into the nothing

Having heard Anna Goanna’s request for a hunter, the tribe look to Tubba Tintye, who in turn looks to see that he has been selected to accompany Max and Anna into the nothing. The trio fills their arms with bottles, gourds, and leather flasks before heading out into the dunes. Slake and the other Waiting Ones stand silent as they watch the rescue party disappear into the desert, none of them sure if they will ever see their friends again. Special Guests: Gary Roby & Victoria Cope from Harry...


Beyond Thunderdome Minute 69 - As much water as I can carry

With a dusty ocean of sand in front of him and a tribe of expectant children behind him, Max must make a decision on what to do next. Anna pleads with him to save Savannah and the others, and despite his better judgement, Max finally agrees with a simple request for as much water as possible. The tribe drops all of their water vessels at Max’s feet and as he begins to collect his supply, Anna states that she is coming along and they should bring a hunter. We have a listener's discussion...


Beyond Thunderdome Minute 68 - Savannah's taken them

As Max sits by the fire with Savannah and her crew tied up nearby, he has no idea that Scrooloose is sneaking around behind him. He is shaken awake the next morning by Anna Goanna who informs Max that Savannah and her cohorts were freed during the night and the lot of them have disappeared into The Nothing. Anna drags Max out to the edge of the desert where they find Slake and the other Waiting Ones looking out at the endless expanse of sand. We have a listener's discussion page on...


Beyond Thunderdome Minute 67 - House arrest

Max has Savannah held by the shoulder, but she refuses to yield. Max raises his fist threateningly, but she does not flinch. Finally, Max punches her across the face, knocking her out. Max takes a breath and leans down to pick up Savannah. With her slung over his shoulder, Max tells Slake to get the others. The group of leavers taken by the other Waiting Ones and tied to support posts in a hut so Max can keep watch over them, but someone has other plans. We have a listener's discussion page...


Beyond Thunderdome Minute 66 - We're gonna stay here

Armed with the rifle that was Slake’s walking stick, Max explains to The Waiting Ones that while he’s not Captain Walker, he is still someone that they should respect, and their best chance of staying alive and safe, is to stay in The Crack in the Earth. Savannah stares at Max for a moment then turns again to leave. Max fires another warning shot which is met with spears thrown at his feet. Frustrated, Max chases after Savannah, catching her before she can leave. Special Guest: Cassadilla...


Beyond Thunderdome Minute 65 - Warning shot

Having heard Max’s warning about the dangers, Savannah turns her back on The Waiting Ones and starts to lead her group out. Slake calls after them, pleading for them to abandon this idea, but Savannah has had enough of Max’s words and will not stay. Seeing that the time for diplomacy has ended, Max takes Slake’s spear, actually a rifle, and with some nearby ammunition, fires a warning shot in Savannah’s direction. With their undivided attention, he speaks. Special Guest: Cassadilla from...


Beyond Thunderdome Minute 64 - No easy ride

Slake and Savannah are facing off in the center of the camp. Savannah and her supporters are adamant about being allowed to leave, but Slake is unwilling to let them depart, considering their plan foolish and essentially a suicide mission. Despite this assessment, Savannah and her followers are determined to make the journey, which prompts Max to step in and let them know that there’s more than sand out there in the wasteland, they also need to worry about Bartertown. Special Guest:...