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Join Rick and Julia as they comb through the post-apocalyptic wasteland of George Miller's Mad Max Series of movies.

Join Rick and Julia as they comb through the post-apocalyptic wasteland of George Miller's Mad Max Series of movies.
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Join Rick and Julia as they comb through the post-apocalyptic wasteland of George Miller's Mad Max Series of movies.




Beyond Thunderdome Minute 107 - Moving beyond Thunderdome

This is it, we’re finally beyond Thunderdome. As such, we decided to have a little fun and play with some other podcast formats as part of this episode. We’ll share fun bits of Trivia that we may have missed in earlier episodes, Rick shares what he believes it would sound like if Aaron Menke, from the Lore podcast, were a waiting one, and we bring back, friend of the show, Cassadilla for a look at some of the crazy creatures one might find in a post-apocalypse in a send-up to Maggie...


Beyond Thunderdome Minute 106 - What do we do with our lives?

After spending 105 minutes picking apart Mad Max Beyond Thunderdome one minute at a time it’s hard to determine if we’re missing the forest for the trees. So, for the penultimate episode of season 3, we’ve decided to take some time and re-watch the movie. We’ll recap the film scene by scene and try to determine if the whole is greater than the sum of its parts. Along the way we’ll also talk about what we would change and our most, and least, favorite things. We have a listener's discussion...


Beyond Thunderdome Minute 105 - All the children say

We’re rounding out the week with a focus on the most controversial part of Mad Max Beyond Thunderdome: The Waiting Ones. This episode kicks things off with a quick aside about the movie’s theme song, which leads us right into a review of just how effective this element of the story was implemented. Along the way, we ask if Tomorrow-morrow land was worth the effort to get there and discuss any improvements that could have been made to this part of the story. We have a listener's discussion...


Beyond Thunderdome Minute 104 - We don't need another hero

Moving on from our main character, this episode is focused on Aunty, Master-Blaster, and the wretched hive of scum and villainy that is Bartertown. We take a moment to consider who is the real antagonist of this story between Aunty and Master. This leads into a discussion of whether either of those two learned anything from their run-in with Mad Max. Finally the conversation concludes with a bit of a look at how Aunty ran Bartertown, just for kicks. We have a listener's discussion page on...


Beyond Thunderdome Minute 103 - Can’t make the same mistake this time

It’s the beginning of end credits week as we highlight the main character of this story, Max Rockatansky. This discussion begins with an examination of Max’s personal arc over the course of the movie, specifically comparing who he is at the beginning of the story versus who he becomes by the end. The conversation also includes an examination of the first three Mad Max films as a single narrative, chronicling a long trip through Campbell’s Hero's Journey. We have a listener's discussion page...


Beyond Thunderdome Minute 102 - Him that came the salvage

Savannah sits before the assembled crowd, holding a newborn child in her arms, as she tells them of the journey that brought them to this point in their history. As the scene shifts to a shot of the city, great signal fires can be seen in the buildings, as a way to beckon wanderers in from the wasteland, but as is also seen, there is one wanderer in particular who still walks the wastes. We can only assume their identity as the movie fades to black. Special Guests: Crystal Beth & John...


Beyond Thunderdome Minute 101 - I's looking behind us now

Savannah and the other lean out the side of the plane, taking in everything around them, amazed by the sheer scale of what still remains after nearly two decades of calamity. Savannah begins speaking in voice-over and the scene fades to some time later, as a group of the tribe who left gathers in a grand hall to listen to Savannah relay The Tell for that evening. The shot tracks along a group of people, children and adults, all sitting dutifully. Special Guests: Crystal Beth & John Robert...


Beyond Thunderdome Minute 100 - The land of tomorrow

Jedediah diligently flies his Airturk with Mr. Skyfish hovering over his shoulder. The plane banks hard to the right and flies into a massive sandstorm. The thick clouds give way to a canyon, spanned by the remains of a massive bridge. At the canyon’s edge sits a mighty structure with great sweeping lines. Savannah and the others have reached their tomorrow-morrow land, the bombed out remains of Sydney. The buildings stand hollow and grey against the blowing sand. Special Guests: Crystal...


Beyond Thunderdome Minute 99 - Goodbye, soldier

Aunty lets out a laugh and leaves Max to the desert, stopping only to look back at him and say goodbye before mounting her vehicle and driving away into the wasteland. Max rises to his feet and watches her go. He is left surrounded by wrecked vehicles and smoke as the scene wipes to the Airtruk, now far away from where they were. It flies along reliably, despite the massive sandstorm looming in the distance. The minute ends in the cockpit with Jedediah. Special Guest: Brad Mull from The...


Beyond Thunderdome Minute 98 - Ain't we a pair

Despite having just jumped from a speeding vehicle, Max is able to lift himself enough to the see the plane fly overhead, and see one last glimpse of the people inside. Nearby, a charred and broken arm reaches from inside a wreckage towards a mask mounted to an iron bar, raising a defiant gesture before falling limp. As Max moves to stand, he is stopped by Aunty’s guards. She approaches him and smirks, saying “well, ain’t we a pair…”. Special Guest: Brad Mull from The Lost World Minute We...


Beyond Thunderdome Minute 97 - The way things are wont to go

Max guns the engine and speeds ahead of the Airtruk, moving into position between it, and Aunty’s forces. She is unfazed by this development and as if sensing a challenge, Ironbar speeds ahead of the line, straight towards Max. But Max isn’t playing chicken today, and climbs out of the driver’s seat, leaping from the vehicle at the last moment, and sending his camel truck headlong into Ironbar. The plane leaves the ground and takes flight over the remaining vehicles. Special Guest: Brad...


Beyond Thunderdome Minute 96 - There's not enough runway

Noticing that Jedediah has cut the engine, Max climbs up the wing to ask him what’s going on. Jedediah is certain that there’s not enough runway between them and the might of Bartertown, but Max assures him that there will be. As Jedediah starts up the plane once more, Max reclaims his camel truck and the two begin rolling back the way they came. As they accelerate, Max maneuvers his vehicle alongside the plane and shares one last look with the people inside. Special Guest: Jim O’Kane from...


Beyond Thunderdome Minute 95 - Cliffhanger

As junk scatters across the runway, Aunty and her fleet thunder past Jedediah’s grotto, hot on the heels of the plane. Aunty is out in front, leading the charge, but another vehicle, driven by Ironbar, quickly comes from behind to lead the attack. However, the plane has come to the edge of a cliff, and without the necessary speed needed for flight, Jedediah is forced to stop and turn the plane around., which is fortunate for Scrooloose, who rejoins the party. Special Guest: Jim O’Kane from...


Beyond Thunderdome Minute 94 - Ready for take off

With the plane spinning up outside, Max insists that Jedediah’s plane is the one thing that may save his life that day. He understands well enough what Max is getting at, and soon He and the others run out of the dugout and board the plane as Jedediah Jr. begins to taxi away. They make it to the runway, but Jedediah tells Max that they’re overloaded, they won’t get off the ground. Undeterred, Max releases the cargo nets and drops Jedediah’s junk on the runway. Special Guest: Jim O’Kane from...


Beyond Thunderdome Minute 93 - Which way did he go?

Jedediah Jr. heads underground to escape his pursuers, ducking into a series of underground tunnels, but Max and the others are close behind. The boy finds his father lounging on a bed, reading a magazine, and tries to get him to leave in their plane, but he is ignored and as Jedediah Jr. runs off, Jedediah is soon joined by some visitors to his grotto. One of the visitors in particular seems to know Jedediah quite well, and begins to insist that today is his lucky day. Special Guests:...


Beyond Thunderdome Minute 92 - This is a stickup!

Finally free of pursuers, Max has made his way to the front of the train and found Pig Killer impaled by Ironbar’s harpoon. Max makes quick work of the harpoon, pulling it from Pig Killer’s leg, but Savannah catches sight of an obstruction in the distance that forces him to slam on the brakes. As the train comes to a halt, Max and the others find themselves being held up by Jedediah Jr., but Aunty’s vehicles are close behind, sending everyone on the run once more. Special Guests: Karen &...


Beyond Thunderdome Minute 91 - A bridge too far

It’s a desperate tug-of-war between Ironbar and the Children as both hold tight to Master. Max capitalizes on the opportunity and delivers a mighty kick to Ironbar’s face, sending him careening on a pipe out into open air. Dangling and helpless to rescue himself, Ironbar calls for backup, but the sudden appearance of a bridge leaves him up in the air. Ironbar fights to stay on the pipe, hurdling obstacles as they come, but ultimately Mr. Skyfish puts an end to him. Special Guests: Karen &...


Beyond Thunderdome Minute 90 - It’s alright, we’re going home!

With the cabin no longer a safe place, Savannah begins helping the smaller children move onto the Generator Train’s engine, but Aunty is clever and shouts for Blackfinger to disconnect the caboose from the engine. Savannah hears the order and quickly grabs Master, causing Aunty to rescind her order. As Blackfinger holds the train together, Aunty pulls Master away from Savannah, a victory that is short lived as Max snatches Master and they jump to safety. Special Guests: Cassandra...


Beyond Thunderdome Minute 89 - Gritty Gritty Bang Bang

Scorched, soot-covered, and screaming, Ironbar clings to the front of the generator train having inexplicably survived a horrific explosion. Nearby, Max finds himself the target of a Bartertown vehicle intent on doing to him what He just did to Ironbar, but Max is a skilled driver and avoids the train. Up in the cabin, Master and the children are attacked by more guards, led personally by Aunty, but luckily for them, Savannah is nearby and ushers them outside. Special Guests: Cassandra...


Beyond Thunderdome Minute 88 - Warning! Highly Flammable!

Abandoning his hand-powered rail car, Ironbar leaps onto a vehicle equipped with a harpoon gun and quickly puts it to good use against Pig killer. Before He can get off another shot, Max is there to use his cowhide car to push Ironbar’s buggy in front of the generator train. The small buggy is no match for the speed of the train and though Ironbar tries to leap to safety, he quickly finds himself engulfed in a massive fireball as the buggy is completely demolished. Special Guests: Cassandra...