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Join Rick and Julia as they comb through the post-apocalyptic wasteland of George Miller's Mad Max Series of movies.

Join Rick and Julia as they comb through the post-apocalyptic wasteland of George Miller's Mad Max Series of movies.
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Join Rick and Julia as they comb through the post-apocalyptic wasteland of George Miller's Mad Max Series of movies.




Beyond Thunderdome Minute 55 - Mr. Dead chasing them all

Savannah begins telling the shared history of The Waiting Ones by looking back to the fateful day when the world came to an end, the Pox-eclipse. Following the bombs, the air was filled with fallout and nuclear winter which claimed the lives of many, but Captain Walker survived and gathered up a group of other survivors. They gathered what they could from the cities and fled in an aircraft, but before they were able to reach their destination, something happened. Special Guest: Shem Herman...


Beyond Thunderdome Minute 54 - Everything marked, everything 'membered

Max’s confusion over being told that the tribe has been waiting for him leads Mr. Skyfish to suggest that Max is testing them somehow, and Slake takes that as a challenge that they have not kept their history. Still unsure of what’s going on, Max suggests that they may have been slack in their reckoning, which leads Slake to call the entire tribe together for the ritual presentation of their history. Though Slake normally does The Tell, he gives the honor to Savannah. We have a listener's...


Beyond Thunderdome Minute 53 - The waiting ones

Max finds himself stuck between a rock and a large group of kids as the hunters of the tribe return from their latest excursion. The largest among them, a young man named Slake, swings on a line down to meet Max, silencing the children in the tribe and allowing Max to finally get some answers. Slake reveals that the tribe calls themselves The Waiting Ones, and they have been patiently waiting for his arrival. The notion that he is awaited gives Max pause. We have a listener's discussion...


Beyond Thunderdome Minute 52 - Fly, Walker!

Having woken suddenly and tried to escape his situation, Max suddenly finds himself hanging by a rope tied to his leg as he swings above a pool of water. Before Max can orient Himself, Mr. Skyfish cuts Him loose and He falls into the pool below. Max rises from the water gasping for air and is met with an entire tribe of children parroting his every sound. Max stumbles around the camp trying to get answers but is met only with his own words shouted back at him. We have a listener's...


Beyond Thunderdome Minute 51 - What's up Doc?

The painted child, a boy called Scrooloose, retreats to the relative comfort of his grotto and the remains of a pull string toy. Later, as Max continues to lie unconscious, He is moved into a hut and Savannah goes about the process of cutting His hair and cleaning him up from his ordeal in the desert. Some time passes and Max wakes up suddenly, only to be met with startled screaming and a platform that is far shorter than He originally planned for, causing him to fall. Special Guests: Jon...


Beyond Thunderdome Minute 50 - Delta-Fox-X-ray, come in

Max lies unconscious at the center of a large crowd of children as two of them try to wake him up. Mr. Skyfish, the kite enthusiast, is certain that Max is too far gone, but Gekko, who fashions himself a radio operator, is not nearly so quick to give up on Him. Gekko’s counterpart, Anna Goanna, spins a vinyl record tied to a stick as He tries to communicate with Max using old call signs. Meanwhile, another child, painted white, watches the proceedings from a perch high above. Special...


Beyond Thunderdome Minute 49 - I finded him

The boy, named Finn, reaches Savannah and the two embrace as Savannah turns to reveal her prize and inform the child that she has found Captain Walker. Finn is soon joined by other members of the group, children dressed in elaborate arrangements to fur and found materials. The newcomers keep their distance at first, but soon Max is loaded onto a raft and brought back to the children’s camp where he is surrounded by an entire tribe of children. Special Guests: Jon Garcia & Jeb Katt from Toy...


Beyond Thunderdome Minute 48 - One blast means rangers returning

The young woman drags Max to the edge of the nothing, and having stepped to the edge of a vast canyon, calls out to her people. Elsewhere in the canyon, a boy hears the woman’s call and passes it along to his companions. The group, comprised of children and teenagers, excitedly respond to the call and begin moving to meet their friend. The boy runs ahead of the others, excitedly calling out to the young woman, revealing that she is called Savannah. We have a listener's discussion page on...


Beyond Thunderdome Minute 47 - A stranger in the desert

The mysterious figure pauses for a moment, peering out over the sandy expanse in front of them before continuing on. They follow the undulating sands, ultimately arriving at Max’s half-buried form. The figure bends down and brushes aside Max’s long hair, discovering that he is still alive. They collect Max and lash him to a makeshift sled, and proceed to drag him through the night and into the day when it’s revealed that Max’s savior is a young woman. We have a listener's discussion page...


Beyond Thunderdome Minute 46 - Out of water, out of luck

Having been saved by Sally-Anne and her water flask, Max begins his wandering over the dunes. Max walks about as far as he can go until he finally collapses from the heat, wind, and dryness. Max lies unconscious as the desert slowly begins to swallow him up as the wind drifts layers of sand over his body. Night falls and out of the wasteland appears the silhouette of a wanderer, a stranger armed with long spears cresting a dune and approaching Max. We have a listener's discussion page on...


Beyond Thunderdome Minute 45 - The sands of sadness

As Max tosses away the ridiculous mascot head that obscured his sense of direction and quickly discovers that not only has his horse died, but the water that was used to bait the horse into the desert is empty. Max doesn’t get much time to plan his next move as the beast is suddenly swallowed by quicksand and Max is forced to scramble up a nearby dune to safety. Max reaches the top of the dune and is miraculously met by Sally-Anne, allowing Max to take a drink. We have a listener's...


Beyond Thunderdome Minute 44 - A horse with no name

Sally-Anne is on a harrowing quest to find Max out in the desert and deliver life-saving water, against all odds. Elsewhere in the expanse of sand and sun, Max’s horse begins to slow and drops to the sand, exhausted by the effort. Max rolls out of the saddle and frees his hands from the ropes that bound him. Time passes and the horse dies, but despite the setback, Max is able to remove the mascot head from his shoulders and finally take a look at his surroundings. We have a listener's...


Beyond Thunderdome Minute 43 - Monkey Business

At Aunty’s command, Master is pulled up from the pigpen and instructed to do as Ironbar says. Master promises that he will be more cooperative from now on, and Aunty heads back to Bartertown. Meanwhile, in the shadows across the way, Pig killer climbs a large pipe and releases Sally-anne with a water flask tied around her midsection. She scurries away, traveling through the pipes until finally emerging into the open air and starting the long journey to save Max. We have a listener's...


Beyond Thunderdome Minute 42 - Not pigs! No!

All is quiet in Bartertown until a sudden drop in power plunges everyone into darkness, with even Aunty’s penthouse going dark, causing grumbles of dissension. Deep in underworld, the power generator has malfunctioned and though Ironbar insists that he fix the problem, Master is unwilling to cooperate. As punishment for his defiance Ironbar has Master lowered into the pigs, something that terrifies him. This torture is cut short by Aunty’s arrival. Special Guests: Andy Nelson & Steve...


Beyond Thunderdome Minute 41 - Gulag

With his fate decided, Aunty wastes no time in having Max’s sentence carried out, and dispatches Ironbar and Dr. Dealgood to see that he is dealt with. On the outskirts of Bartertown, Max is tied to a baited horse and his head is covered before being sent headlong into the rolling dunes of the desert beyond. With Max in exile, our focus returns to Bartertown where night has fallen and the whole town has settled down, lit by its signature electric lights. Special Guests: Andy Nelson &...


Beyond Thunderdome Minute 40 - A turn of the wheel

As The Wheel spins, lights pass across Max’s fate, each option highlighting a different punishment, some more gratuitous than others, but none of them without their own drawbacks. The air is thick with anticipation as the wheel slows passing treacherously over Aunty’s Choice ultimately settling on Gulag. As Max sees his fate before him the spectators around the Thunderdome begin to chant max’s punishment, as Aunty looks on, satisfied with the result. Special Guests: Andy Nelson & Steve...


Beyond Thunderdome Minute 39 - Bust a deal, face the wheel

As Aunty stands in the lights of the Thunderdome, she shouts to the people of Bartertown exclaiming that she is no stranger to their laws, being the one who wrote them in the first place, and that Max cannot leave because he is a deal breaker and must face the penalty for doing so. The Wheel is brought to the dome and Dr. Dealgood pontificates on the nature of law and how Justice is a mere matter of chance. With no other options available, Max spins the wheel. We have a listener's...


Beyond Thunderdome Minute 38 - Two men enter, one man leaves

As Master weeps over Blaster’s body, Max moves to the exit and tries to leave the Thunderdome, but Aunty’s guards block the way. Seeing that Max is being held, Pig killer shouts the one rule of Thunderdome from the sideline. Soon the entire crowd has joined the chant, calling out that two men entered, and now one man must leave. Seeing that the crowd is starting to turn in Max’s favor, Aunty leaps into the Thunderdome to secure the spotlight and address her people. We have a listener's...


Beyond Thunderdome Minute 37 - You must have tasted it

Master rushes to Blaster’s side, dropping his helmet along the way, pleading with Max to be merciful. Max turns to Aunty and wrongly exclaims that killing Blaster in this way was not part of their deal. Master overhears this and demands to know more about this deal, but Aunty is tight lipped and instead berates Max for his unwillingness to finish the job. Master threatens to cut off Bartertown’s methane, but Ironbar has other ideas and kills Blaster on the spot. We have a listener's...


Beyond Thunderdome Minute 36 - He who hesitates

Max’s whistle proves just as effective in Thunderdome as it was in Underworld and Max unleashes a barrage of his own on Blaster, bringing him to the ground and ultimately knocking off his massive helmet. Exhausted from the fight, Max raises his hammer for the final killing blow, but stops when he sees Blaster’s true face, one as simple and ignorant as a child. The crowd screams for death, with even Aunty commanding that Blaster be killed, yet Max stays his hand. Special Guests: Niall...