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The Mark Grupe Outdoors Podcast is a show dedicated to the outdoors. We cover a wide range of hunting, fishing and outdoor topics. Every show we try to keep out listeners up to date on the latest in outdoor news, tips and tactics, and of course, throw in our very own brand of humor.

The Mark Grupe Outdoors Podcast is a show dedicated to the outdoors. We cover a wide range of hunting, fishing and outdoor topics. Every show we try to keep out listeners up to date on the latest in outdoor news, tips and tactics, and of course, throw in our very own brand of humor.
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The Mark Grupe Outdoors Podcast is a show dedicated to the outdoors. We cover a wide range of hunting, fishing and outdoor topics. Every show we try to keep out listeners up to date on the latest in outdoor news, tips and tactics, and of course, throw in our very own brand of humor.




Ep. 37- SOLO HNTR & Shadowtrekker: Talking with Tim Burnett & Charles Whitwam

We are joined today by our famous friends; Tim Burnett of SOLO HNTR and Charles Whitwam of Shadowtrekker Adventures. We are talking to both of them about all things solo hunting and filming! Both of our guests are extremely accomplished hunters who are simultaneously very talented content creators. Anyone familiar with filming hunts knows the unique challenges that filming yourself presents, so we talked about some of those, as well as some of nitty gritty business details associated with...


Ep. 36- Troy Fowler- Ranch Fairy

Yes, you read that right. Ranch Fairy. The one and only. Some call him Troy Fowler, but most call him Ranch Fairy. What exactly is a Ranch Fairy? Well it is a man who is passionate about big boars, hunting them, figuring out what makes those pigs tick, and what kind of medicine to prescribe to put big pigs down for a dirt nap. Troy has a YouTube channel (Ranch Fairy) where he takes a deep dive into the best ways to attract and hunt big wild boars, and what kind of archery tackle and setups...


Ep. 35- Charles Whitwam on The Drunk Hunter Podcast

The Drunk Hunter Podcast is BACK! Charles Whitwam was up at the ranch, so we poured a couple glasses of whiskey and talked about hog hunting, life, politics, religion, basically all the things you're not supposed to talk about in hunting camp. We could put a list of everything we talked about, but that would be too long, and frankly, we don't want to type that many words. To summarize a smattering of the topics covered: Hogs, public land hog hunting, deer hunting, elk hunting, a hunting...


Ep. 34- Elias Ruiz w/ Feather-Raft

We had the pleasure of having Elias Ruiz in studio to talk about his Feather-Raft. The Feather-Raft is a lightweight, stable, super bouyant platform that is ideal for a wide variety of water based activities. Weighing in at 70 lbs, and having a carrying capacity of over 600lbs, this raft is the perfect solution for people who want a simple, easy, no hassle way of getting them and their gear on the water. We wanted to get an in depth look at the product, how it is made, where the inspiration...


Ep.33- Corey Abel of Hoblit Motors

ANNNNDDDDD We're back! Today we are talking with Corey Abel of Hoblit Dealerships. Hoblit is a huge supporter of the hunting and sportsman community here in the Central Valley. We speak with Corey about hunting, what Hoblit has done for the community and why they are so outspoken about their support of the hunting community. We also answer the age old question of whether we'd rather fight a 100 duck sized horses, or one horse sized duck, as well as what the ideal hunting rig would be. Tune...


Ep. 32: Kevin Vella: Talking Turkeys with a NWTF Biologist

We stuffed this episode on turkeys so full of information you might as well serve it for Thanksgiving dinner! We are talking with Kevin Vella, who is a biologist for the National Wild Turkey Federation. We cover a very wide range of topics, all of which will certainly come in handy for all of you turkey hunters out there. We cover the types of turkeys we have here in California, the age old altitude question, and what makes good turkey habitat, and get an expert opinion on what to look for...


Ep. 31- Jeremiah Pierce of Central Valley NWTF

Today on the show we are talking to Jeremiah Pierce of the Central Valley Chapter of the National Wild Turkey Federation, named Central Valley Struts 'n Cutts. They recently started this new chapter, and are based out of Manteca, California. We talk with him about what inspired him to start up a local chapter, what events they have coming up, what they are planning for the future, and how people can get involved. We also got a little controversial with the Shotgun v. Archery debate. Go give...


Ep. 30: Live from Elk Camp

We are doing a podcast live from the road, in our mobile broadcast studio, aka, our Jumping Jack trailer. We are in camp with Caleb Copeland (@copecreative) and Chris Irwin (@i.knowaguy). Caleb is a renowned producer in the outdoor industry, and Chris is a highly talented photographer who has been working in the outdoor space for over 25 years. Our topics range from preparing for a hunt like this in terms of the hunting side of things, and the content side of things, to what considerations,...


Ep. 29- Dissecting AB-2805 w/ Charles Whitwam of Shadowtrekker Adventures

Recently there has been a lot of talk surrounding California Assembly Bill 2805. This is a bill that proposes some changes to the regulations and procedures surrounding the hunting and management of wild pigs. Our guest, Charles Whitwam sits down to talk with us about his concerns with the bill. He is particularly concerned about the Humane Society of the United States' involvement in a particular section of AB-2805. Charles has done quite a bit of research, talked to many people and...


Ep. 28- Waterfowl w/ Rob DeCosta

Today we are joined by Rob DeCosta of D.O.A. Guide Service. Rob has been guiding waterfowl in the Sacramento area for 4 years, and we picked his brain about his techniques and what it is like being a guide. Lately, Mark has been having alot of Facebook debates about the the costs of hiring a guide, so we took the opportunity to talk to Rob about his thoughts on the matter. We discussed the financial overhead guides carry, the time it takes to guide, the value a guide brings to a hunt, as...


Ep. 27- Talking Train To Hunt w/ Dennis Klomp

Dennis Klomp is a hunting and fitness buff, as well as just plain buff! We had him up to our ranch to chase some wild swine, and sat down with him to talk about his hunting adventures. He got into hunting after college, and found himself addicted. With trips to Alaska, Mexico, and all over the United States Dennis is full of awesome hunting stories. Hunting provided Dennis the urge to get in better shape, which has fueled his entry into the Train To Hunt world, leading him to a 3rd place...


Ep. 26- Hunting w/ Dean Davis

Dean Davis is our guest today, and we are talking with him about everything from Pheasants to New Zealand Red Stag. Dean has travelled the world hunting for just about anything and everything, so when we had him up at the ranch for a hunt, we decided to talk to him and get some of his stories on air! We hope you enjoy this episode!


Ep. 25- THE Larry D. Jones- Talking with a Bowhunter Hall of Fame Inductee

Today we have on a very special guest, Larry D. Jones. Larry is an expert bowhunter, and a good friend of ours. He grew up deer hunting with his family, picked up a bow at the age of 20, and the rest is history. His hunting excellence earned him a spot in the Bowhunters Hall of Fame, which is to say that he is far and above an one of the foremost experts in the field of bowhunting. Over the course of his illustrious career as a bowhunter, outdoor writer, and video producer he was also one of...


Ep. 24- The Drunk Hunter Edition w/ TJ Downes

We thought we would try combining a podcast with a bottle of bourbon just to see what would happen. What you are about to listen to is the result. We call it the Drunk Hunter Edition of the Mark Grupe Outdoors Podcast, and we think you are going to enjoy it (we certainly had a good time recording it!). Our very first guest on this new, experimental podcast is TJ Downes. TJ is very involved in the California Chapter of the National Wild Turkey Federation, and as such, an avid turkey hunter....


Ep. 23- Predator Hunting W/ JJ Melo of West Coast Predator Hunting

He is from the west coast, and he has a predisposition for predator hunting. Our guest today is JJ Melo of West Coast Predator hunting. We caught up with JJ and got to talk to him about how he got into predator hunting, why he started filming his hunts and we picked his brain about some of his favorite predator hunting methods. We also get a first hand account of calling in a mountain lion and another story that ends with red mist. Don't miss this show, and make sure you check out JJ and...


Ep. 22- Fishing w/ The Rodfather- Francisco Piña

On the show to day we have special guest Francisco Piña. He is one of the original three "Rod Fathers". The Rod Fathers are a group of guys based in Central California with a passion for fishing, and a desire to help people get out on the water and onto some fish! We are talking to him today about why he started The Rod Fathers, where his passion for tight lines comes from, and getting some tips on how to start rippin' some lips. We are also talking about our new web series "The Community...


Ep. 21- Dog Training & Social Media W/ Dennis Hayre

Dennis Hayre is an expert dog trainer and owner of Dennis Hayre Kennels. We get to see him doing what he does best around here at the ranch, so we decided we'd get him in the studio to pick his brain. We cover alot of ground in this show, and talk about how much you should be training your dog in the offseason, if force fetching is really necessary, what kind of dogs Dennis prefers, and about social media, among many other things. Make sure you give this show a listen, and give Dennis a...


Ep. 20- Waterfowl & Striped Bass Fishing w/ Scott Feist

We spent a couple mornings last week snow goose hunting with Scott Feist of Feisty Fish Guide Service, and we knew we wanted to talk with him on the podcast. Based here in the central valley Scott guides for ducks, geese, striped bass, salmon, and hogs. We talked to Scott about his waterfowl techniques, his retriever Striker, and how he fishes for striper. There is a ton of awesome information in this podcast, so make sure you give it a listen, and then give Scott a call to go hunting or...


Ep. 19- Brent Nobles of Fur, Fins & Feathers Taxidermy

Today we have a man on our show who has seen and picked over 11,000 birds this season. That individual is Brent Nobles, the owner of Fur, Fins, Feathers Taxidermy. Brent specializes in wild game meat processing and taxidermy. We're talking with him about his operation, his taxidermy work, and getting some tips on how you can handle your own game for the best results after your harvest. We hope you enjoy the...


Ep. 18- Outdoor Video Production with Caleb Copeland

On todays show we are talking to our good friend Caleb Copeland. Caleb is an all around outdoor media producer extraordinaire. He has worked on shows such as Foxworthy Outdoors, The Crush with Lee and Tiffany, and The Habit among many other projects. He is also the host of The Redneck Tech Podcast. We are talking about his background in the industry, his favorite gear is, as well as getting some tips and advice for anyone wanting to film their hunts or break into the industry themselves!...