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Messengers Are Goal Oriented

In this episode, Addison is joined by Matt Gioia as they discuss the second attribute of being a messenger in the new series—We Are Messengers! Together, they share how modern-day messengers can become more goal oriented. Matt reveals how to find and maintain your goals using practical strategies. Addison explains how to figure out if your goal is worthy of being pursued. Tune in to learn more about how to set and achieve your goals! To learn more about Messenger's All-Access discipleship...


Discover What it Means to be a Messenger

In this episode, Addison is joined by Jordan Lewis as they unveil the new series—We Are Messengers! Together, they discuss what it means to be a modern-day messenger. Addison explains how our lives communicate a story and a message that is being shared with others. Jordan reveals the first vital characteristic every messenger must possess. Tune in to the first episode of this new 5-part series! To learn more about Messenger's All-Access discipleship community, please visit:...


4 Books to Help Your Marriage

In the final episode of the Summer Book Club, Addison is joined by Matt and Austin. They share their book recommendations to help you grow in your marriage (or future marriage!) Austin explains how God's design for marriage is to make you holy. Matt shares the mistakes and joys that have shaped his twelve years of marriage. Tune in to discover how to cultivate an exceptional relationship. Recommended Reading: Marriage! the Journey by Anne TrippeMarriage on the Rock by Jimmy EvansStory of...


4 Books to Help You Trust in God

In this episode, Addison is joined by Sara and Elles. They share books to help you develop your trust in God. Sara explains how to stay rooted in God's process even when your feelings and desires may not follow. Elles gives a powerful testimony of trust even when facing great risk. Tune in to uncover how you can begin to trust God on a deeper level. Recommended Reading: Rooted by Banning LiebscherLiving A Life of Fire by Reinhard BonnkeThe Rest of God by Mark BuchananThe Knowledge of the...


3 Books to Help You Cultivate Your Calling

In this episode, Addison is joined by Chris and Mary as they discuss their favorite books on cultivating calling. Chris shares how he was inspired to continue his work in the ministry by Charles Spurgeon. Mary shares how a few simple (but powerful!) tips from David Cottrell helped her navigate working in the corporate world. Recommended Reading: Lectures to My Students by Charles SpurgeonMonday Morning Choices: 12 Powerful Choices to Go from Everyday to Extraordinary by David CottrellKnow...


Join Our Summer Book Club!

In this episode, Addison is joined by Scott and Jordan as they announce our first-ever Summer Book Club! Together, they discuss their favorite books on prayer and fasting. Jordan shares two books and explains how fasting is a key weapon to unlocking powerful prayers. Scott reveals one of his favorite books (of all-time!) and explains why he is constantly giving it away to people. Recommended Reading: Walking With GodFastingThe Hidden Power of Prayer and Fasting Recommended MI...


RESET | Church - Team Recap

In this episode, Producer Sara and the Messenger Team provide a recap of the most recent series—RESET | Church. They discuss each episode and share how they were personally impacted by the series. Additionally, they give practical takeaways for applying the inspiration and challenges they took from each interview. Tune in to hear more!


How The Church Can Empower Your Calling

In this episode, Addison Bevere interviews Paul Sohn. He is the founder of QARA, an organization that empowers twenty-somethings to discover their God-given identity and calling. Paul is an award-winning blogger, leadership coach, and speaker. His blog has been ranked one of the Top 50 Leadership Blogs to Follow. Christianity Today has named Paul among the Top 33 Under 33 Christian Millennials to watch. Paul shares his journey of discovering his true, God-given identity and calling. He also...


What To Do When Church Leaders Disappoint You

In this episode, Addison Bevere interviews his dear friends Grant & Carly Barron to discuss their call to vocational ministry and experience in serving large ministries and small church plants. They get real about how it feels to be disappointed by your leaders and share tools to help you overcome feelings of disillusionment. Tune in to find out ways you can cultivate your spiritual health and wholeness.


Does Gen Z Care About Church?

In this episode, Addison Bevere interviews Tyler Daswick, senior writer and culture editor for RELEVANT, a national magazine focusing on the intersections of faith and culture. Tyler's feature story "Generation Change," is the inspiration for the RESET | Church series. Listen in as Addison and Tyler discuss how the Church can reach millennials and Gen Z with the true mission and vision of the gospel message. To read Tyler's article, click...


How God Changed A Nation In One Day

In this episode, Addison Bevere interviews Dominic Russo, founder of At the young age of 20, Dominic founded Missions.Me and began organizing strategic outreach campaigns in cities across Latin America. These multifaceted campaigns include hundreds of missionary volunteers, large-scale relief projects, and collaborative partnerships with local political and religious leaders. In 2011, Dominic launched the “1Nation1Day” vision in Honduras – a project that attracted the largest...


What To Do About Church Drama

We are launching a new series called RESET | Church! Over the past few months, we’ve been talking about how you can start this year with strength in every aspect of your life. We discussed ideas for resetting your health, relationships, finances, soul, and work. The goal of this new series is to challenge the general perception of Church. We believe there are amazing things happening in the global Church, but that’s not necessarily the story being told. It seems like every day there is...


The Church's Response to the Abortion Debate

How do we discuss controversial subjects with both compassion and truth? In this interview, Lisa Bevere and Arden Bevere share their thoughts on abortion and how the Church can support and love women in crisis. For more information or help, please visit: If listening from outside the United States, please visit your local church or crisis pregnancy center.


How to Reset Your Career in 2019

In this final episode of our RESET series, our panel discusses how to reset your mindset around career and calling this year. They share personal stories about their career journeys and give practical ways you can overcome discontentment in your job.


How to Reset Your Soul in 2019

In this episode of our RESET series, our panel discusses how to reset your soul this year. They explain the difference between the soul and spirit and share how different spiritual practices will create vitality in every aspect of your life and faith.


How to Reset Your Finances in 2019

In this episode of our RESET series, our panel discusses how to reset your finances this year. Whether it's spending, saving, investing, or giving, our team covers it all! Be sure to tune in as they share their money mistakes and best tips for financial success in 2019.


How to Reset Your Love Life in 2019

In this episode of our RESET series, our panel discusses how to reset your romantic relationships this year! Whether you’re single, dating, engaged or married, you won’t want to miss this. They share amusing best and worst date stories and practical tips for navigating your romantic relationships well.


How to Reset Your Health & Fitness Goals in 2019

This is the first episode of our RESET series and we are talking about health and wellness with our panel of guests. Tune in to find out how digging into your motivations can help you achieve your 2019 goals! This episode is part of our 5-week series called RESET. The purpose of this series is to help you reset every aspect of your life so you can begin the first quarter of 2019 with strength. Our team will be sharing their personal stories of success and failure and will give you...


How to Become a Messenger to Your World

This is the very first episode of Season 2 of The Messenger Podcast! In this episode, our panel team discusses what it means to be a messenger to our world. We also have a very exciting announcement, so be sure to tune in.


The Best Podcast Moments of 2018

In this episode, you'll hear some of the top clips from the Messenger podcast in 2018. Tune to hear some of the top moments from 2018 in case you missed them—or if you just want to be blessed by them again. You'll also hear about some exciting changes coming to the Messenger Podcast this next year! Here is the link to view the Christmas story as told by the children of St. Paul’s Church in Auckland, New Zealand. Here are the titles of the featured podcast episodes of 2018: Episode...