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Ep. 010 | Elias Talbot : Cinematographer

In this episode of THE NOT SO EVERYDAY SHOW, we talk with, Cinematographer, Elias Talbot. Elias talks about his upbringing with his father who was an underwater cinematographer working with Jacques Cousteau. From an early age, Elias had been exposed to the world of cinematography preparing and leading him for where he stands now. He's now worked with artists such as : Dj Khaled, Rihanna, Bryson Tiller, Tinashe, French Montana, Kylie Jenner and Kendel Jenner... The list seriously goes on...


Ep. 009 | Ryan Postas: Director-Cinematographer

In this episode of THE NOT SO EVERYDAY SHOW, we talk with, Director/Cinematographer, Ryan Postas. Ryan shares his unique upbringing in Erie, Pensilvania; as well as, how he fell in love with film making at an early age. With his move to Los Angeles, and his determination to enter the film industry, Ryan shares how he persevered through the rough times to now shooting with names like The Rock, and Will Smith. To say the least, Ryan has accomplished what many fail to do; He supports his...


Ep. 008 | Jamee Ranta: Award Winning Producer

In this episode of THE NOT SO EVERYDAY SHOW, we talk with, Award Winning Producer, Jamee Ranta. In this episode, we talk about her up bringing, her move from Ohio to Los Angeles, along with the women's perspective in the ever changing film industry. In Jamee's story we hear about her determination from a young age, and a will not fail attitude that is absolutely infectious. You have to hear this episode! Enjoy! - Jamee's IG | Jamee's Website | -...


Ep. 007 | Dee Murthy: Co-Founder of The Menlo Club

In this episode of THE NOT SO EVERYDAY SHOW, we talk with the Co-Founder of The Menlo Club, Young & Reckless, New Republic, Oshenta, and Grand AC, Dee Murthy. In this episode, we talk about his up bringing and his choice to go to USC. We talk about today's entrepreneurs, and their choice on wether or not to go to college. Dee shows his incredible insight on trends and what to stay away from. Listen in and enjoy the episode! - Dee's IG | Menlo Clothing |...


Ep. 006 | Possum Hill: Capitol Record's Director of Video Production

In this episode of THE NOT SO EVERYDAY SHOW we talk with Capitol Record's Director of video production, Possum Hill. Possum takes us through his move to California and the struggles and determination of making it in Hollywood. Possum shows his determination and willingness to work for what he wants through his story. Listen in and enjoy the episode! - Possum's IG | Capitol's Youtube |...


Ep. 002 | Adam Ivy: Music Producer

In this episode of The NOT SO EVERYDAY Show we talk with music producer, CEO, and great entrepreneur, Adam Ivy. He speaks on his beginning struggles, his journey, and where he wants to go. - Link to my short film: Email us! Visit for more content! Follow our Instagram Page @NotSoEverydayShow Follow ME on Instagram: @ArthurSCastellano Add me on Facebook Subscribe to our Youtube! Check out...