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Happy hour's Happy hour


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Happy hour's Happy hour




The DMV Invitational Golf event hosted by the Safari DC Golf

Safari DC Golf Club and The DMV Invitational Committee cordially invites you to The 2019 DMV INVITATIONAL GOLF TOURNAMENT. This is the last National Safari Major of 2019 after the Las Vegas Tournament in March, Dallas Memorial Day tournament May, and the 4th July Jamhuri Classic in Atlanta. We’ll be pleased to welcome you to […]

March 14 2014 – Credit Unions and SACCOs

We were privileged to have Board Director Stacey Walker of XCEL FCU based out of New Jersey who stopped by and dished out information on how Credit Unions work and how helpful they are especially to associations and immigrants. In addition to that, she was able to get us connected with Ralph Kilondu of Kenya...


March 7 2014

Capital FM DJ Joe Mfalme was exposed on Social Media by US premier female Disc-Jockey DJ Shortee for ripping an intro. KCSE results were a focal point of discussion with focus on why the Cabinet Secretary is re-introducing mother tongue in early education. Ugandan DJ D on the decks rocked the audience to amazing beats....


February 28 2014

POST SHOW SUMMARY OneMic spent this past week decoding relationship advice from a mysterious lady in red. On Tuesday Feb 25th, DJ Omosh and Ali attended the debate on the International Criminal Court at the American University. The Debate on the ICC was headlined by a panel of eminent personalities on International Criminal Justice and...


February 21 2014 Interview with Nelson K-Nel Muriuki

ONE MIC SHOW FEB 21ST 2014 HOSTS: OneMic, Micah, Ali HOST DJ: DJ Omosh LOCATION: Matchbox Studios The Politics Segment covered the verdict in Florida’s ‘Loud Music Trial’, and tried to make sense of being a black male Florida. The panel contemplated Boniface Mwangi’s retirement from activism and reasons behind this surprising move. Gov Alfred...


February 7 2014

This is the first show for 2014 after a small break. We had sooooo much to recap from Vegas to the Diaspora conference to the governors doing work and others not doing work to events of 2013 to what is expected to #DemarcoWhisperer. The plate was full. Join the Crew and enjoy. download


Interview with Chief of Mission Kenya Embassy Washington D.C, Ambassador Je

We were humbled to have Chief of Mission Kenya Embassy Washington D.C, Ambassador Jean Kamau, Live and Direct from our Matchbox Studios. The conversation was primarily about the up-coming Kenya Diaspora Conference, 2013. We discussed about Guests, Corporate Sponsors, Kenya Diaspora Vote, Media Coverage, Festivities and the Thorny issue of the **$220 REGISTRATION FEE**. download


November 23 2013 CLOSING DAY

This was to be closing day but things do not go always as planned. However, we had Omosh Faya to close us out. This is the whole recording even with the mishaps. ENJOY and see you DECEMBER 6th for the Interview with Ambassador Jean Kamau. HAU HAU download


November 15 2013

SOOOOO we had Omosh Faya doing a live set. Additionally, we were discussing amongst the FELLAS as to why MEN/WOMEN cheat. It was interesting and the LADIES chimed in. This will be the SECOND last show before we take a break. On December 6th, ….. Stay TUNED to get the announcement THIS recorded show. download


November 8 2012 Sukari’s World and DATING

Ladies and GENTLEMEN we are fast approaching the end of the year and as much as WE ARE HAVING fun doing the show, we shall take a break. But before that, we enter Sukari’s world which is quite interesting. What is it with DATING that is just peculiar? I do not know but the kamkunji […]


November 1 2013 Sukari’s WORLD

Now on this show we had 2 events. One was the MAN behind the movie ‘Baby Powder’ Mr. Abdallah Dallas Mustafa who graces us with his presence and then decided to join us on a Journey into BlackSugar’s world and WAS IT A JOURNEY!!!! There is nothing left to say be LISTEN and yes NOT […]


October 25 2013

Ladies and gentlemen, THIS was truly a RANDOM Friday. We are on the VERGE of taking a break for the HOLIDAYs and come back 2014 WITH A BANG. Here Ali was giving tips on how to save for those going to VEGAS. Clearly interesting stuff. download


October 18 2013

Are you and your family financially secure? In the Best and worst of circumstances? Why do you think so? Is it because you have a job? Are you ready for the day your job ends, planned or unplanned? How far into the future are you thinking? Are you spending more than you make? Are you [...]


October 11 2013 SonkoBesh SAGA

Every new week we get something surprising that is making rounds in SOCIAL MEDIA. This week was Sonko+Shebesh. Additionally we introduced a new segment ‘ Ask the DB’ where we ask DB anything related to anything and he will answer. We had a surprise GUEST, JMB, as she called herself who was very insightful from [...]



Ladies and gentlemen we were fortunate and blessed to have ROSHIE ANNE of ANNECONVENTIONAL. She is a true fashionista and yes she was in the studio to school some of us guys about FASHION. She gained a new following and I learnt VPL, earth tone something, classics etc but I learnt alot. I mean do [...]


September 27 2013

WeAreOne. Remembering WESTGATE download


September 20 2013

This is definitely was a special show. We had ALAINE call into the show and drive the co-host into a frenzy and the groupie mode was in full swing. Additionally, it was her birthday weekend. WE gave out 2 tickets to lucky listeners with simple trivia where one of the questions was asked by ALAINE [...]


September 13 2013

This was one of those RANDOM Fridays that we decided to have. The kamkunji as usual convened by the people was all over yet with a main PURPOSE. To educate the WOMAN/MAN YOU CANNOT TRY AND CHANGE A MAN/WOMAN just like that FUAAAAA!!! The responses and contributions were also very very very interesting. Additionally courtesy [...]


September 6 2013

This was a hot show (as always). First we had mr. John Kiarie Co-founder of who called in from Kenya and gave us insight into a project that has been doing to support the girl child and it is a cause worth supporting. Listen to the interview. Additionally, we delved into what the listeners [...]



Ladies and gents, we had to do a RECAP of the PREZZO/P-UNIT show recap and this time we were looking at the PROMOTION business and this time we had ONE OF THE BEST in the promotion business, KAKA DC, to help us wade through the promotion mathogz. This was a GLOVES-OFF affair. You have to [...]